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The Weekend Chapter 3

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The Weekend Chapter 3
Chapter 3

(Please read previous chapters to get the whole story. Hope you enjoy.)

As we laid there naked. We hugged, Carrie snuggled in to me. She needed a little bit of time to recover. I got up, she watched me walking around naked as I went to the kitchen with the mugs to make another cuppa. Carrie laid there and thought about what I’d just done to her, the way I made her feel. She smiled contentedly to herself as I walked back in. She watched me as I put the mugs down. I joined her back under the duvet and we snuggled and chatted.

We were so comfy we both let our eyes close. We fell asleep in each others arms.

An hour or so later, I opened my eyes, looked down at Carries head on my chest and smiled. I moved my head and kissed the top of hers. Carrie stirred, opened her eyes and snuggled further into my side.

I noticed it was starting to get dark and realised it must be about seven o’clock. I didn’t want to move but knew we’d have to eat at some point.

We both started to wake up properly. Mmmm it felt brilliant waking up next to her. To have her in my arms, for her to be the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes made me feel amazing.

I turned and whispered to her to look in the bedside drawer, she did and found a negligee, güvenilir bahis siteleri she got it out and held it up. It was sexy and slightly see through. Carrie didn’t normally wear something like that but she put it on. It looked amazingly good against her skin. She looked at me and saw my reaction. I wolf whistled at Carrie. My bulge was growing the more I looked at her. I put on a baggy T-shirt and nothing else.

We started to move to the lounge area. I walked behind Carrie looking at her sexy body and cute bum. I tapped her arse gently as we took the few steps to the large corner sofa. I flicked the lights on as we walked.

Carrie could clearly see how hard I was. The T-shirt didn’t really cover my hard dick. She laid down on the sofa. I started caressing her through the thin material. It didn’t take long for me to lift it up so I could feel her soft skin. We kissed passionately. Carrie felt my tongue gently push on her lips. She opened her mouth and felt my tongue touch hers. That felt so so good. She reached down and grabbed my hard cock. She really couldn’t wait for it to be so deep in her pussy. She felt herself twitch as she felt me get harder as she stroked it up and down.

Carrie laid down on her back. I laid next canlı bahis to her. I played with the inside of her thighs. She turned to me and started nibbling my ears, she saw and felt the goosebumps she was giving me. She then whispered to me “make love to me right now, I want to feel you inside me”.

I didn’t need asking twice. She opened your legs, I positioned myself above her. I felt my head on her pussy lips. Carrie moaned in anticipation. my breathing changed with excitement. Carrie felt herself getting wetter with every microsecond that passed. I looked at her, looked deep into her eyes. I gently started to put myself inside her. Carrie felt her lips start to be opened by my head. She yelped a little. I started to slide inside her. I slid slowly in, deeper and deeper. I moaned as she took all of me. She felt my warmth inside her, her lips stretched around the base of my dick. I felt the warmth all the way round me. It felt like heaven.

We just laid in that position for a minute. I hadn’t had any sex for months, never mind making love. It felt fantastic to have all of me inside her pussy. We kissed, it felt so exciting, almost like the first time I’d ever kissed. The feelings were so much more intense now we knew each other güvenilir bahis better. I started kissing and nibbling her neck, I moved towards her ears. I moved my shaft slowly in and out. Carrie instantly got wetter. She had been dreaming about this and it was finally happening. Carrie felt an orgasm starting already. It felt like it was going to be a good one. I moaned as I pushed myself slowly all the way back in to her. I start nibbling her ear. She felt the tingle go all the way down her back. It somehow felt like her ears were connected to her pussy. As I licked and nibbled her ears I carried on sliding in and out. Carrie started to feel herself cumming. She whisper to me “oh my god, I’m gonna cum”. I said “mmmm I want you to”.

The next minute or so felt like nothing else. Carrie couldn’t remember an orgasm like it. While she cumming I carried on nibbling her neck and ear. I pushed myself what felt like even deeper inside you. I was getting harder and harder as she was cumming with my dick so deep in her pussy. I throbbed my dick inside her, she felt it move. This just heightened her orgasm. Making love like that in such a slow and sensual way felt amazing. Her body was shuddering from longest orgasm she could remember. I was now the hardest I could remember. I was all the way inside her. Carrie felt like screaming, she realised she could. Carrie shouted “fuck” at the top of her voice as shcame over my hard dick.

Wow. That was amazing. I realised how much I love making her cum.

(End of chapter 3)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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