Temmuz 13, 2024

The Vacation House Ch. 15

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I walk into the kitchen, mid morning light floods the room.

“Hey there Tonto, how are you feeling? I see you’ve found some cereal, the coffee smells good.”

“Rob, my stomach was growling so loud I thought it would wake the dead. Coffee’s still in the pot on the burner, help yourself, would you top mine off too? Can’t get up and down so easily yeah know.”

Looking down at Tag’s heavily bandaged ankle causes pangs of guilt. Turning on my heals, head, into the galley area of the kitchen. Fingers wrap around the black handle of the Bun coffee pot, steam rises, aroma of fresh brewed java.

Exhale, liquid gurgles, cups full to the rim. Right, then left index fingers placed inside the opening of two full mugs. Feet shuffle toward the scrub wood table. One mug is placed in front of Tag, lowering myself, sore backside, onto the long flat bench seat.

The word inside my head is so loud, I pray it doesn’t become audible; “Ouch!”

“Hey Rob, I have an idea, would you mind staying over my house today, helping me out with things so I don’t have to get up and down too much? We both have the same classes this week pretty much, can kill two birds with one stone going through our own notes together. Whatcha think?”

Not sure if Dad is going to be as receptive to my suggesting I stay out tonight at Tag’s, especially after the whole lying, belting situation last night.

I really should just bite the bullet, take the chance that he might be still angry with me even after what we just did. Owing it to Tag to help him out, after-all he would not be in this predicament if it were not for my stupidity.

“I’ll go ask him right now, see what he thinks but don’t get angry with me if he says no. He might have his own reasons not to allow me. I’ve given him some grief recently, might come round to bite me in the butt.”

Shit, what the hell did I just say, sometimes I am such a jack-ass. Gotta learn to keep my mouth under control, heck I’m lucky Tag didn’t hear last nights punishment session let alone what Dad and I just did in his bedroom. Just have to be a whole hell of a lot more careful.

Lips pressed lightly to the ceramic cup, hot coffee fills my mouth, runs down my throat, soothes the beast within me.


Standing up, place the mug on the table, a light thunk.

“I’ll be right back, cross your fingers.”

Left leg swings over the bench, stands up, walks with determination across the kitchen, down the hallway. Right lower arm raises, hand balled into a nervous fist, knocks gently against the master bedroom wooden door.

“Yeah, who is it?”

“Me Dad, can I come in and ask you a favor?”

“Come on in kiddo.”

Fist relaxes, lowers to aldatma porno the brass knob, turns slowly, “Click” light pressure pushes forward, crisply laid sheets reflect bright light, the room is filled with ethereal brightness.

Dad’s hulking silhouette stands in the doorway of the master bedroom. Right arm rises above his shoulder level, leans against its flattened, outstretched paw. Left arm bent outward at an angle, hand firmly planted on a Terrie Cloth covered hip. Thick white fluffy fabric drapes down below his knees.

My gaze lowers to where the bright white towel ends, dark, hairy, sun-kissed muscular shins, calves begin. His left foot crosses over the right, barely up on it’s toes. God damn, sexy, just can’t be any more sexy could he be?

“Close the door behind you, OK Robbie? Bit of a draft in here.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that.”

My back to the bedroom door, left foot lifts, with a little nudge of the heal, thunk, click, the door closes behind me.

“What is this favor Robbie, just gotta let you know that if it has anything to do with me needing to go anywhere today, it’s gonna be a no go. Lee is coming back in a little while with a flat bed of sod and a Dump Truck filled with Top Soil. Carlos and Louis from the crew are going to help us lay down our lawn today. Gotta get it done before the cold weather sets in.”

“?. I didn’t know we were getting a lawn put in this weekend. Had I known,” pausing for a moment, rethinking what I am just about to say, “No, what I was hoping is; would you allow me to take Tag home, stay with him tonight. He can’t get around too easily with his bad ankle. We have tons of studies to get crammed for tomorrow too. What do you think? Is it OK?”

“Yeah, I’m cool with that kiddo, I think it’s taking some responsibility for what your actions caused. You boy’s just make sure that homework is the priority, no partying, no friends over, got it? I’ll call you later to make sure things are all right.”

Dad walks toward a chair in the dark corner, bends forward, muscular mounds of ass flesh covered in white Terrie cloth jut out at me. Hardly able to keep the swelling in my pants, eyes turn away momentarily, drawn back, notice the outline of a deep crevice between the monumental rounds of glutes. Damn, the outline of his ball sack, hanging low between spread thighs. Tingling in my groin, sweat beads on my forehead, upper lip. Raise my arm, backhand wipes across dampened flesh.

Standing up, Dad turns toward me, stretches out his hand. $20.00 bill, crisp, just from the bank is presented to me.

“Get something for lunch and dinner. I don’t have any more or I would have shared it with you. Go, get yourselves ensest porno going, once Lee and the crew get here, it is going to be an unholy disaster area. I’ll call you later OK? Be good, or else!”

“Thanks Dad”, feet carry me to him so quickly that when I wrap my arms around him, we both nearly stumble into the wall.

“Go on you goof, get a move on.”


A hard spank to my ass cheeks echoes around the room, searing pain, tiny spots of light dance before my eyes. Turning around, heading toward the bedroom door, a light squeak as it opens, reveals the hallway, closes behind me.

Tag is still sitting at the table, looks up at me with those big eyes, concern on his face.

“Well? what did he say?”

“No problem, hell, he gave us $20 bucks for food too!”

“Wow, gotta be our lucky day Kemosabe. Now get down off your high horse, help ole Tonto here get up, will yeah?”

“Yeah, well don’t think I am going to be your nurse maid, I’ll help you, just don’t push it.”

Limping out the garage door, heading out to my truck. I open the passenger door, help Tag scoot his way up into the cab, close his door tightly, double check to insure that it will not open, god forbid he somehow tumbles out, gets run over. With my luck lately, he’d be road kill!”

“Slam, drivers door closes, click, lock pressed down, key placed in the ignition, “Silver” comes to life with a throaty growl. Gravel pelts the under-wells, fenders. Smooth pavement replaces rough drive, windows lower, super comfortable late summer air floods the cab.

Tag leans forward, fingers fumble the buttons of the radio, Maroon 5, static, Maroon 5 pours out of the speakers, crisp and clear. “Love his voice, love this song.” Music blends well with the hum of the Perelli’s on asphalt pavement. Neither of us talk, just relax let stress and trouble of the past 24 hours melt away.

“Done! man, I’m so exhausted, just want to hit the sack, how bout you Robbie?”

“Yep, can’t even see the words anymore. Everything is blurring into a single blob of mumbo jumbo.”

“Which one? Top or bottom.”

My ears must be playing a trick on me, that or I’m more tired than I thought, hallucinations occurring.

“C’mon, I’m really beat, top bunk or bottom? Your choice as the guest.”

Getting a grip of my filthy mind, gazing toward Tag as he limps toward the bunk beds across the room, a single crutch under his right armpit.

“Top, you’re in no shape to climb up and down with that club foot.”

“Way to go, good thinking, guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks…”

“Yeah, big bucks, $1.45 left over, maybe I can take someone on a romantic date with escort porno this booty!”

Climbing up the ladder, the upper bunk seems much closer to the ceiling and the poster of Ron Gretzky than it appeared from below. Crawl under the top sheet, pillow engulfs my head, dreams float by instantly.

It must be hours since I fell asleep, bolting upright too quickly, “BAM” forehead slams into the low ceiling. PAIN! Hand raises, presses against the quickly swelling spot of collision.

“What the?” What happened? Robbie, you OK?”

“Yeah, something woke me up, forgot how low the ceiling was, decided to make a sun roof with my forehead!”

“Been there, done that Kemo… Think I have a flat spot on my head from the bazillion times I’ve done that. Yeah learning curve thing and all.”

“Tag, sometimes you are as dumb as a post, yeah know that?”

“ME?” You’re the one who just tried to bust up my bedroom with your face!”

“OK, OK, enough, neither one of us is the brightest crayon in the box, admit it.”

“Yep, known that for some time, welcome to the enlightened club.”

“Robbie, can I ask you something? You know, something personal? You don’t have to answer, it’s really none of my business, just thought, well you know, like, you might like, I mean need someone to talk to about it.”

“About IT? No, I don’t mind you asking. Heck, if I don’t think it’s any of your business, I’ll just take a leak up here and flood your bed below…”

“Shit, you are sick, one sick puppy.”

“Robbie, no seriously, is everything OK between you and your Dad? Are you alright?”

Stomach muscles grip tightly, panic, buzzing in my ears. Face flushes, the room begins to get hot, claustrophobic, need to move but where to?

“No, I mean what are you talking about Tag, things are cool between us, something I don’t know about that you do?”

“Nah, I was just wondering, you know, I’m not sure what I was thinking anyway. Just go back to sleep, ignore me, I’m so tired that things are falling out of my mouth and I don’t know what I’m saying, that’s all.”

Damn him, he knows something, just put it out there, just not sure what Tag’s picked up on. OK Robbie, stay cool, make like ice man, just play it cool, everything will blow over when I wake up after a good nights sleep.

“Go back to sleep Robbie, don’t even worry about me, I must be talking from the pain meds.. Those things sure do make things seem to be something that they just can’t be. Night dude.”

“No problem, do you need anything while I’m awake?”

“I’m good, just sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.’

My head laying heavily into the pillow, wide awake for hours, breath coming as shallow as possible. Motionless, not wishing to wake Tag again. Silence, darkness, fear beginning to give way to sleep.

“Hey Rob, are you still awake? Just want to put it out there if you are; If you are in trouble or need a place to stay, you know, just in case, the bunk is always up there. Night.”

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