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The Taxi Driver (not Robert de Niro).

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The Taxi Driver (not Robert de Niro).
“Hello, can I order a cab please ?” When everyone else was heading back home, Rachel’s night was just about to begin.

“Certainly, what name and destination ?”

“Miss C. Payne, for St. Helens.” She had a wicked sense of humour that was often lost on those around her.

“At this time of night a journey that fare will be in excess of £20 ?”

“That’s not a problem.”

“Be with you soon, thank you.” The taxi reception girl rang off with a voice that wouldn’t have been out of place in a posh department store.

Rachel was a confident woman and the thought of a late night taxi ride didn’t worry her, besides, she’d rung it through a reputable agency and it had been recorded. It didn’t seem to take long before the silver Mondeo pulled up alongside her, “DELTA” emblazened across the door.

“Miss Payne ?”

She nodded and climbed in the back. It wasn’t lost on her that she had the full attention of the driver on her womanly curves. Her skirt was short, enough to show lovely, full thighs but not so short as to look cheap. Again, her blouse was tight enough to show off her large breasts to maximum advantage without them looking like they’d fall out at any minute. There was a tiny tummy but no man, and only the most jealous of girls, would have noticed. Her pretty face was framed by shoulder-length brown hair and her eyes had the same, warm colour. This was no girl; she was definitely a woman, 100% woman and all the more lovely for it. She placed her large, leather bag on the floor at her feet; it didn’t seem to go with the rest of her outfit, not that anybody would have noticed; not men anyway.

“Where to ?”

“Near Burtonwood Services please, M62.”

It was a very unusual destination but Bob knew it would pay well and set off. Looking at his shapely passenger and her attire he put two-and-two together; and got an answer of about seven ! It wasn’t quite right, though. Bob often picked up “ladies of horizontal refreshment” but they never looked like this beauty. They were invariably 18 – 25, skinny, rough-looking and aggressive probably because of the d**g habit they were working to feed. This woman was early thirties, voluptuous, and even though her clothing was clearly designed to display her ample charms it was far better quality that he usually had in the back of his cab. Something didn’t quite ring true. Now he was thinking “She’s off to meet someone at the motel I’ll bet”. What he didn’t know was, she’d already met him !

Rachel shuffled across to the middle of the back seat; Bob could now see her in his mirror very clearly. Her short skirt revealed a wonderful pair of thighs; smooth and flawless skin and just enough of her knickers to see they were a tourquoise colour. His cock started to awaken as he imagined sliding his hand between them and her pressing from both sides, an exquisite warm smoothness.

Rachel bent down to examine the contents of her bag. Now Bob forgot all about her legs, there was only one thing occupying his mid now, she had fantastic tits and he had a great view of them. The same sea-green lacy bra was doing a sterling job of containment, pressing them together illegal bahis siteleri to form a cleavage that was have been every bit as inviting to his hand as her legs had been in his over active imagination.

“Yes they are.” Her voice shattered his fantasy.

“Pardon ?”

“They are real, 100% mine, I don’t do silicone or anything else for that matter. Now I think we’ll both get there in one piece if you kept your eyes on the road.”

Rachel moved back into the seat right behind Bob.

“Awfully sorry. Where exactly is your destination madam ?”

Rachel chuckled, “That’s alright, you’re not the first and I dare say you won’t be the last. The end of Joy Lane please, by the old airbase hangers.”

Bob was shocked. “Are you sure, it’s not the safest place for a lady to be ?” Joy Lane was infamous for doggers, swingers and even the odd crack-head.

“Please don’t worry for me, I’ll be fine. The track isn’t particularly good so best take it slowly to the end; for the sake of your car.”

Now Bob was convinced she was a hooker; didn’t stop his cock still rising to full attention in his trousers though. He picked his way delicately along the potholed road to it’s far end. Probably because it was a cold night there was, for a change, no-one else here; only the sound of the cars screaming down the M62 on the other side of the old airbase.

Now he was having to concentrate on not grounding his car he’d finally taken his eyes off the curvacous beauty in the back. He pulled to a stop and glanced at the meter.

“That’s £22 ………”

He never saw the wire come round his throat and pin him to his headrest. In a matter of seconds Rachel had put several turns on it with a pair of pliers and Bob was practically motionless. Although it was barbed wire, it wasn’t the heavy duty stuff used to make fences; it was finer with smaller barbs but still way beyond snapping and sharp enough to dig into Bobs neck in a couple of places and cause a few, small trickles of blood to appear. He did try to struggle but, frankly, couldn’t.

“You just sit still and behave yourself and you’ll be just fine, understand ? Now put your hands round the back of the seat.”

Bob did exactly as he’d been told. She bound his wrists with gaffer tape and cut an extra length off which she stuck to the back of the other seat. Then she used some more wire to bind his wrists to the bottom of the seat; it was clear that the tape was to protect his wrists from the barbs. Why had she gone to the trouble ?

“Look the money’s in the box under the seat, just take ughmmmph…” Rachel applied that extra piece of tape over Bob’s mouth.

“I’m not interested in your money, now you just sit still, there’s a nice taxi driver.”

The last piece of wire was bound around his chest, again tightly enough to restrain him but not enough to cause him any serious harm. She moved into the front passenger seat and reached down to his trousers, unbuckled his belt, followed by unbuttoning of the waistband and unzipping his flies. He struggled about a little and some more blood came from the puncture marks on his neck.

Rachel applied another turn to the wire round his canlı bahis siteleri chest.

“I can do this all day, are you going to behave yourself ?”

Bob nodded as best he could and tried to relax. Rachel carefully took off his shoes and socks and put them on the back seat. Then she slid his trousers down and, very neatly, folded them up before putting those two on the seat behind her. Now she pulled down his old-fashioned, white Y-fronts. There’s something wonderfully middle-aged and working-class about M&S white Y-fronts. Bobs enormous cock flopped out, it’s head still covered by a full foreskin and his balls heavy in their loose bag.

Bob looked terrified !

“If you behave yourself, taxi-man, we’ll both enjoy this … a lot.”

Rachel took off her top and bra; her fabulous tits were now on full view. They hung, heavy and round but not like an old womans; the skin was smooth and blemish-free, they were soft and full with lovely nipples. Bob’s cock was stirring. Rachel grasped it firmly but gently and bent down to squeeze her tits around it. Pressing those lovely mounds together she used them to ease his foreskin back. Bobs cock was almost instantly at full, hard on erection and it’s massive head popped forth. Apart from it’s sheer size Rachel was surprised at the gaping eye. His cock slit had to be almost a third of the full length of his helmet.

Bob relaxed to enjoy the attention his huge manhood was getting and, for a while, he almost couldn’t feel the pain of his restraints. Rachel continued to wank that enormous shaft with her tits, transfixed each time the purple head popped out from with it’s hood. She could see some clear liquid on the slit now and took her tits away; they hung, round and beautiful against his thigh. She used her fingers to part his cock eye and licked at the pre-cum she’d exposed. Bob sighed, still muffled by the tape over his mouth.

Rachel continued to wank his thick shaft, enjoying the sensation of gripping it and rolling the skin up and down. Bobs heavy, pendulous balls were beginning to ride up into his bag. Rachel kindly leant down to help them on their way with her mouth, taking one ball all the way in and rolling her tongue all over it almost as if she was trying to assess just how much cum was in that egg. It would have been fair to ignore the other; she felt obliged to give it the same treatment. Just for good measure she finished the treatment by bathing the entire skin of his ball sac with her tongue. Bobs huge cock was at it’s full 9″ with the foreskin pulled back and his balls completely charged.

Now was the moment Rachel had been waiting for. She bent down again and ran her tongue up and down the full length of his gorgeous cock, completely at her mercy. Besides muffled moans and sighs, nothing came from Bob except the involuntary twitching of his stiff cock. Rachel used the tip of her tongue to fuck his eye while she held it open gently; this curious sort of role reversal amused her. She traced her tongue all over the surface of his cock head, wetting it with her spit as she resumed wanking the skin stretched over it’s engorged shaft. She rolled bahis firmaları the foreskin up trapping her tongue between it and the underside of his cock head. Even though he couldn’t speak it was clear to her that his time was neigh. She now put the whole head into her mouth; it was a big stretch and even a little uncomfortable but she wasn’t going to miss out on the money shot.

She gripped his cock a little harder and wanked it, speeding up and slowing down in time with Bobs breathing while trying to stimulate his head with her tongue, but there was scarcely room in her mouth for that trick. Finally she wanked him full-speed while tickling the underside of his full balls with her fingertips. This touching, so gentle she was barely touching his hairy ball sac at all, was the final straw. Bob went into spasms as his balls shot seemingly endless streams of beautiful, thick, white spunk into her eager mouth through his huge cock.

She loved the taste but couldn’t swallow it all as some ran down his length and onto his emptying balls. At this point Bobs cock head, especially the rim and tip, and balls became unbearably sensitive; the ecstacy had turned to agony. His wife always stopped at this point and he would relax from the intensity of his orgasm. Not Rachel ! She loved to feel a big cock soften in her mouth and didn’t stop sucking and licking him, nor did she stop teasing his, now empty, balls. This was murder for Bob, not only could he scarcely bare the intensity of the pleasure but his movements had made the wire dig in even more.

Only when she was good and ready did Rachel let his big, soft cock, flop from her mouth back over his saggy ball sac again. Bob breathed a huge sigh of relief. His cock lay in a small pool of his cum on his aching balls. Rachel loaded her tits back into the pretty, green bra and put her blouse back on. She changed her shoes for trainers and pulled her skirt back down to hide the soaking gusset of her knickers. She tidied herself up, stood up out of the car, and took out a small mobile phone. Bob struggled to hear what she was saying.

“Which emergency service please ?”

“Police, I mean ambulance, God I dunno. I’ve been attacked, a taxi …”

“Please madam, calm down we need to know where you are.”

“M62, I mean Burtonwood, no, not there, the road nearby, there’s bushes, I’m bleeding I think, he’s still here somewhere, help….”

With that she left the phone connected and put it on the top of the car. She climbed back inside and sat alongside Bob again. His look had changed from panic to bewilderment. Very precisely, Rachel took three £50 notes from her bag and carefully folded them up and put them into his glove box, under the radio set. She cut another, short piece of gaffer tape. Bob looked quizzically and mumbled something. Rachel could see the blue flashing lights in the distance; she knew the cops would figure out where she was without too much effort. She also knew there was a small station the traffic cops used at Burtonwood services; she only had a couple of minutes left. She placed the last piece of gaffer tape over his eyes.

“What was that ? Why ? Well, my taxi driving lover, because when I’m with a man I want him to know that I run the show.”

“The police will be here very soon and you’ll be fine, I can see them coming now.”

With that she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and set off across the fields into the darkness.

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