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The Set Up

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A/N: This story contains gay incest, bukkake, and name-calling. You’ve been warned.


Bukkake Party – M4M

White, athletic, submissive, 5’10” and DDF. I’m turning 20, looking for a group of men to celebrate with me. I’ll suck your cock, if you cum on my face. Interested? E-mail me back with complete stats. No pic, no response.

Keith Owens eagerly clicked the response button. It was a habit of his, scouring the personal ads on craigslist, looking for new and exciting things to try. He loved experimenting, and ever since his divorce he’d been eager to explore the kinkier side of himself.

Keith would have preferred to go out into bars and actually meet men, maybe find a partner, but this was easier. He could find men that right away were into the same things as him, there’d be no embarrassment. And more than that, he could hide his new dark, kinky side from his son this way.

When Keith and his wife divorced, he’d been granted sole custody of his then 17 year old son, Jayson. He loved being able to spend all of his free time with his son, he really did. But it made things awkward sometimes.

It was a year or so after the divorce when Keith realized that he wanted to experiment with men. It was two years after the divorce when he realized that he wanted to be with men exclusively. All the other kinks and fetishes of his -bondage, power roleplays and bukkake, being the top three in a rather extensive list- came out in the years that followed.

But it’s not as if he was free to enjoy those things in his own home. Keith liked his partners loud, he liked to make them beg. It wouldn’t do him any good if Jayson heard Keith’s partners begging for “daddy” to cum on their face.

White, muscular, 6’3″, 175 lbs., cut 8 inches. Brown hair, brown eyes. 45 years old. Dominant. Very, very interested.

He attached a photo of himself, and hit the send button. Keith exited the page and headed downstairs to make dinner for Jayson and himself.

Jayson’s phone beeped and he smiled, opening his e-mail. He’d posted the ad only two nights ago, but he’d already gotten 17 replies. Three more to go to reach his desired number. He opened the attached picture, his grin widening.

“Looks like daddy’s on board now.” He murmured under his breath, his brown eyes lighting up.

Of course, Jayson had known about his father’s high sex drive and unusual array of kinks and fetishes. His father was out of the house nearly every Friday night, what else could he be doing? Not to mention, his father always forgot to delete his search history.

Jayson had been trying to seduce his father for years, ever since he learned that his father was questioning his sexuality. But his father was always much too responsible (or perhaps too naive) to ever try anything with him. But Jayson knew this would win his father over.

They lived in a fairly small town. There was almost never an ad from a submissive for a bukkake. Jayson knew his father would jump at the chance. Now all he had to worry about was his father leaving after he found out who’d posted the ad. Jayson shrugged, he’d cross that bridge later.

This Friday, 8pm, the motel 7, room 12.

Jayson sent the e-mail then headed downstairs to help his father with dinner.


Keith got to the hotel at 8 sharp. He skipped checking in with the front desk and headed to room 12, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

He’d only ever gotten to participate in one bukkake before, and it had been on a woman’s face. This was going to be so much better. Keith hoped that the submissive lived near him, if everything went well today maybe they could see each other again.

He knocked on the door, his stomach twisting with excitement and anxiety. A man wearing a mask opened the door slightly, sticking only his face out. He nodded to Keith and let him in.

“Put this on, the kid wants all of us to wear them. Oh, and put your clothes over by the dresser.” The man handed Keith a mask. It was just a simple black domino mask. Keith put it on and looked around the room, a large grin coming to his face.

There were a lot of other men here. Including himself there was 20. All the men were attractive, had nice builds, and nice cocks. The submissive hadn’t shown yet. Keith scanned the room, trying to decide whether he’d been with or met any of the other men here before. He didn’t recognize any of them.

The room was pretty basic, there was a good amount of floor space, Keith noted. There was a bed in the middle of the room. Keith wondered if they’d even use it.

“Maybe the kid will take a dick.” Keith thought hopefully, his cock stiffening. He pulled his t-shirt off over his head, and pulled his pants and boxers off. He folded them neatly and put them on top of the dresser.

“Looks like everyone’s here.”

Keith turned in the direction of the voice. And there, leaning up against the door to the bathroom, was his son Jayson, and he was completely bahis firmaları naked. Keith’s heart stopped.

Guiltily, but unable to resist, Keith took in his son’s body. God, he was beautiful. His wavy brown hair framed his perfect, innocent face. His brown eyes were lively, and he bit his lip anxiously- but maybe that was just an act. Jayson’s body was toned, defined- not to the extent of Keith’s, but still, he was an athletic boy, and it showed.

The men hooted as Jayson stepped forward, walking to the center of the room, before going down to his knees. They circled him quickly, shoving their dicks in his face. Keith remained still, not entering the circle.

Keith knew he should leave. He should pull his clothes on, walk away and pretend like nothing had happened.

But his cock was throbbing. He was fully erect, his eight inches jutting out proudly from his muscular body. Maybe he could still participate; after all, he was wearing a mask. Jayson would probably never find out that it was him.

Jayson could still see his father, even being surrounded by the men. His dad seemed to be contemplating whether or not he should stay. Jayson hoped he would. He didn’t want to have to go through all this trouble for nothing.

Well, it wasn’t all for nothing. At the very least he’d still get 19 loads on his face. Jayson smirked at the thought, as the man in front of him slapped his cheek with his cock. Jayson looked up at the man, before taking the large cock between his lips, and bobbing his head down onto it. He took a dick in both of his hands and stroked them quickly. The men were already excited and didn’t need to be warmed up.

Jayson moved from cock to cock, taking them as far down into his throat as he could manage. He kept his hands busy too, stroking the anonymous dicks masterfully.

Keith watched his son. Fuck, it was hot, watching his son act like such a submissive little whore. But he should really go. Even though Jayson may not find out, if he did find out, he’d be horrified.

Keith turned towards the dresser, grabbing his clothes. As he unfolded his t-shirt and prepared to throw it over his head, a thought struck him.

No pic, no response.

He’d sent Jayson his picture! He turned quickly back to look at his son, his eyebrows raised. Jayson was bobbing down on a cock, but his eyes were on Keith, a look of worry filled them.

Keith put down his t-shirt and took a few steps towards the circle cautiously, gauging his son’s reaction. Jayson kept his mouth on the cock, but seemed to be nodding, urging his father to stay. Keith grinned.

Finally, he joined the circle. Jayson popped his head off of the cock and looked up at his father with a large smile, spit dribbling down his chin.

“Suck my cock.” Keith said calmly, looking his boy in the eyes. Jayson obeyed, slowly taking his father’s cock into his mouth. Keith sighed appreciatively, tangling his hand in his son’s chestnut hair.

Jayson licked and sucked at his dad’s cock, tasting with reverence the salty pre-cum that formed at the tip of his father’s impressive member. He took a dick in each of his hands again, stroking the nameless cocks enthusiastically.

The group of men surrounding Jayson were impatiently beating their meat, waiting for their turn to get blown. One of men that Jayson was stroking grabbed the young boy’s hair and pulled it, forcing his mouth off of his father’s dick, and onto his own.

Jayson took the cock in his mouth ambivalently. He loved the feeling of being forced to take this stranger’s prick in his mouth, but was reluctant to stop sucking his father’s wonderful dick.

Keith watched his son with a smile, stroking his pole slowly. He wanted this to last, wanted to be the last one to paint his son’s face. He watched his whore son engulf every single dick, sucking and slurping eagerly, like a good little bitch. Spit ran down his son’s chin and onto his toned, smooth chest. Keith loved the sound of his young son gagging, choking on the large, anonymous cocks that filled his mouth.

His smiled widened when his son managed to take a large cock, probably around eight inches, all the way to the hilt. Keith’s chest filled with pride, and his cock leaked pre-cum generously. It took everything he had not to get in there, push the men away and just fuck his son’s perfect mouth.

Finally, Jayson reached his father again. He took his father’s dick into his mouth, bobbing down on it quickly, desperately trying to take it all. He felt his father’s hands curl in his hair once more, and he relaxed his pace slightly, hoping his dad would get the hint. Jayson looked up into his father’s eyes. Keith grinned.

His hand tightened in his son’s soft hair, holding him still. And then, Keith began to aggressively fuck his son’s mouth. He groaned with pleasure as Jayson’s nose reached his pelvis, Keith’s cock being enveloped completely in the warmth of his son’s mouth.

Jayson’s hands abandoned the kaçak iddaa pricks he was stroking and instead gripped his father’s thighs. He allowed his dad to face-fuck him, moaning and gagging on the cock that helped make him. He loved the way it filled his throat, cut off his air. His father fucked his throat mercilessly, and Jayson took it, like the good little boy he was.

Finally, Keith released his son’s face, and Jayson came off it, gasping for air. He looked up at his dad, deciding with enthusiasm that he wanted to go further.

“Fuck my ass.” He said, staring into his father’s brown eyes, framed nicely by the mask. The men around him chuckled.

Keith smirked, and gripped his son’s hair once more. He pulled on it, leading his son, crawling, to the bed.

Jayson climbed up eagerly, flipping quickly onto his back. He was stretched out horizontally on the bed, his head hanging off the side.

Keith pulled his son’s legs up, Jayson’s ankles rested on his father’s broad shoulders. One of the men moved to Jayson’s face, turning his chin to the side so the boy could suck on his cock. Jayson moaned loudly on the dick, while Keith’s prick moved slowly between the crack of his son’s ass, teasing him.

Another man climbed up onto the bed, and moved Jayson’s hand to his erect member. Jayson stroked it dutifully, his other hand searching for a cock. Once Jayson’s hands were both filled, as well as his mouth, Keith continued.

The father spat on his dick, lubing it. He spit again, this time onto his fingers, and he brought them to his son’s closed asshole. Jayson whimpered around the prick in his mouth as his father slowly pushed his middle finger inside his tight hole.

It didn’t take long for Jayson’s hole to open up, easily allowing Keith to push a second finger into his son. He thrust his fingers quickly in and out of his son’s channel, scissoring them, forcing his hole open. Jayson moaned loudly, as the man left his mouth, and his father’s fingers explored his ass.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” He whined, throwing his head back. As he tilted his head backwards, another man eagerly stuffed his mouth, fucking the boy’s face. Jayson choked on the cock, but didn’t pull his head away, he just took it. Keith beamed with pride. His son was such a good little whore.

Keith filled his son’s ass, pushing a third finger into him, adequately stretching out his son. He pumped his fingers into his son’s bottom, matching the rhythm of the man thrusting into his son’s young mouth. He noticed with satisfaction that his son’s dick was rock hard and leaking pre-cum, without any manual stimulation. He wondered if he could make his son cum too, without having to stroke his cock.

Finally, Keith pulled his fingers out of his son, and placed his cock at his son’s knot.

“Daddy’s got you, babe.” He thought, thrusting his cock deep into his son’s ass. Jayson groaned loudly, his asshole clenching around his father’s thick member.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” The man inside Jayson’s mouth exclaimed, pulling out. Jayson held his face still, looking up at the man as he jerked himself. Jayson opened his mouth, and waited eagerly for the fresh load.

The man came with a grunt, his spunk arching up into the hair before falling in small pools on Jayson’s chin. Jayson smiled appreciatively at the man, his tongue extending down his chin to taste the man’s fresh warm jizz. The man walked towards the dresser, pulled his clothes on and left.

“Next!” Jayson said with a chuckle. His mouth was promptly filled with another cock.

Keith pumped his son slowly, wanting to last while all the other men came. Fuck, it turned him on, watching these strangers spunk on his son’s deceptively innocent face.

“Shit.” The new man cursed, pulling out of Jayson’s warmth. He came almost instantly, spraying a thick rope of cum onto Jayson’s left cheek.

Both men that were being stroked by Jayson pulled out of his hands and went to either side of his face. Both father and son grinned widely as the two men came in unison, one shooting a load across his forehead, the other cumming in short ropes into Jayson’s waiting mouth.

“Two loads at once, you’re a fucking natural.” Keith said proudly, pumping his cock more quickly into his son’s firm ass. He gripped his boy’s thighs, holding them against his hairy chest, while Jayson’s ankles locked behind his father’s head.

“God, more, more, I need more cum.” Jayson moaned, closing his eyes as his father fucked him.

New men took their places. One in Jayson’s mouth, one in each of his hands. The smell of sweat and sex filled the Keith’s nostrils and he breathed it in gladly. The sounds of gagging, moaning and skin slapping against skin filled the air, travelling between the thin walls of the cheap motel room.

“That’s it, fuck his pretty mouth.” Keith urged, watching the man inside his son’s mouth savagely ram his cock down Jayson’s throat. The man looked up at him and smirked, the kaçak bahis two dominant men completely understanding each other.

Eventually the man pulled out of Jayson’s mouth, shooting his load into Jayson’s hair with a grunt.

The remaining men were climaxing faster now, getting pushed towards their own orgasms as the young boys face and hair were gradually covered with more and more spunk.

The next one to climax came on Jayson’s right cheekbone, and as Jayson leaned his head back the jizz travelled up his face. Jayson shut his eyes.

“Fucking filthy bitch.” The next man grunted, his load hitting Jayson’s face in thick, long ropes that travelled across his nose and cheeks. Jayson moaned appreciatively, rocking his hips onto his father’s cock. Keith smirked, watching his son’s cock bounce as he pounded him.

“More, please, please more.” Jayson whimpered pathetically. The men were more than willing to give him what he wanted.

The next man came on Jayson’s left eyelid, coating it in his thick white spunk. Jayson stopped stroking the man in his right hand, and instead starting playing with himself, jerking his cock rapidly. Keith growled, and slapped his son’s hand away.

“Not yet, boy, we’re not even halfway through with you.”

“Please, please give me more.” Jayson begged quietly, as two men took their places beside his face. His father was fucking him roughly now, ramming his entire eight inches deep into his hole.

The men beside his face moaned, the one on the right cumming first, the other following a second after. Their loads shot up his face, streaking his chin to his forehead.

Keith looked away from his son and up at the remaining men.

“Ten more to go, halfway there.” He said, grinning. Jayson’s hands moved to the cheap hotel blankets, and he fisted them desperately as another man moved to his mouth and filled it eagerly. The man slammed his mouth without abandon, while Jayson’s throat constricted around it.

“Shit, fucking slut.” The man moaned, pulling out milliseconds before spunking on the young boy’s cum-covered cheek. The man released Jayson’s hair and the boy’s head fell back as he panted and gasped for air.

The cum ran down his face, covering his eyes, matting his hair. Keith felt a familiar pressure begin to grow in his balls and he slowed his pace, fending off his oncoming orgasm.

“Open your fucking whore mouth.” The next man said, moving beside Jayson’s face. Jayson obeyed and the man began jerking his dick into the boy’s mouth. His large balls slapped against Jayson’s cheek.

“Fuck!” The man exclaimed, releasing into Jayson’s mouth. He spurted four or five times, his sperm pooling inside the young boy’s mouth. Jayson’s lips closed, capturing the spunk.

“Don’t you fucking swallow it. Spit it out onto your fucking face.” The man ordered. Jayson opened his mouth, and tilted his head further back, spit and cum running from his mouth up his face.

Two men who had been beating their meat beside Jayson’s face came at this. One shot his load onto Jayson’s forehead and hair, the other climax on Jayson’s temple, his white seed trailing down to the boy’s ear.

Keith grinned. God, his son was such a fucking cock-whore. It made him so proud.

“Say ‘thank you’.” Keith reminded his son, pushing inside of his son at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Jayson moaned, before his mouth was filled by another sweaty cock.

Keith was amazed at his son. Jayson was such a good little boy, so obedient and so strong. He gave his son’s ass a hard slap, inciting a loud moan from the boy.

Jayson’s cheeks hollowed as he blew the anonymous cock. The man inside him moaned loudly, releasing into the boy’s warm mouth. He pulled out when he was finished, and Jayson let the man’s cum flow freely from his mouth.

“You’re fucking covered in spunk you worthless cock-whore.” Keith said, still pumping into his son’s tight hole slowly. Jayson moaned his response at this, rocking his hips, trying to meet his father’s gentle thrusts.

“What are you?” Keith asked, as the remaining four men took their places, circling Jayson’s face. They rubbed their cocks rapidly above the boy’s face, each one moaning or panting softly as their orgasms approached.

“I’m a cock-whore.” Jayson said quietly, his hands still twisting in the blankets as his father screwed him.

“Louder, bitch.”

“I’m a cock-whore! I’m a cock-whore!” Jayson shouted. Keith rewarded him by slamming his length into his son’s hole. Jayson groaned loudly, his body shuddering at the invasion.

The men came barely milliseconds after one another. The first one came on Jayson’s chin, where the previous jizz had started to turn clear. The next one came on Jayson’s right eyelid, adding his seed to the already existing pool of cum there. The third exploded in Jayson’s hair, creating thick streaks of white in the dark tresses. The last one erupted on his forehead, his seed shooting in jets.

Keith continued fucking his son roughly as the men quickly pulled on their clothes and left. When the door closed behind them, Keith tore off his mask with a growl.

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