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The Power of Naked Pictures Ch. 01 Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Chapter 1: Leslie

Part 3

The week that followed Leslie and I’s illicit experience was awkward, to say the least. From that Saturday evening to the next Friday I saw my sister all of four times. Each time she hurriedly escaped the room that we were sharing. I never once made eye contact with her, not because of guilt however, but because I couldn’t stop staring at her curvaceous body. Now that I knew what she hid underneath her clothes she was all I thought about. I ceased contact with every girl I had been chasing and I jerked off more than I would like to admit. I replayed the evening in my head over and over. I imagined what it would be like to have her mouth on my cock and what her sweet, soft, plump pussy would feel like stretching around me. I knew I needed more, but I needed to do it differently this time. I needed her to want to come to me next time.

Friday morning came, our mom was due to arrive the following day so this was my last chance. I awoke and carried out my usual routine of working out, showering and eating. Leslie was out of the house, avoiding me no doubt. I had concocted my plan, Leslie went out just about every Friday and she would always shower before she left. I would take advantage of the time before she was dressed- just as last time- to make my move. I remained in my room most of the day, frequently ogling the pictures I had of her, doing my best to resist jerking off. I didn’t need to last long tonight. I just needed to get my tongue right where it counts.

Fate seemed to be on my side. On cue I heard Leslie arrive home and head straight to her room. Moments later she left her room for the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on. After I heard the water I went to her room, wearing only my boxers and sat on her bed. While I waited I imagined what she would look like in the shower. Warm water flowing over her gorgeous, plump body. Washing over her tits the way my cum had. Running down her beautiful belly and over her smooth pussy. I imagined myself behind her, cock sliding between her large ass cheeks, soaping her huge tits. Her kneeling before me with a bar of soap, lathering my massive member and playing with my swollen balls until I blew my load into her mouth and all over her face. I was pulled from my fantasies as I heard the shower turn off. All of my dirty thoughts had caused my cock to grow within my boxers to the point of pain. I needed release, but I was kept calm by the knowledge that I would soon have it.

Leslie walked into the room, hair still dripping slightly, moisture evident upon the skin not covered by her towel. She looked at me and jumped slightly, surprised by my presence. Her eyes went to mine, then to the very evident bulge in my boxers, then back. She glared at me, knowing I would surely ask something of her again.

“God dammit Jake we are not doing this again! Get the fuck out!”

“Look Leslie, I swear this will be the last thing I ever ask from you okay? It’s just…” I looked down, feigning shame. “It’s just I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Day and night you’re on my mind. You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Just do me one final favor and I’ll never bother you again, I swear.” I lifted my head to look in her eyes, crocodile years in mine and a confusing array of emotions in hers.

She stepped toward me, with purpose. She now felt she was in control, just as I wanted. “You promise? Never again will you act like a sick little fuck around me?”

“I promise.” I forced my voice to sound choked up, as if I was fighting back crying.

“Promise me one more thing then.”


“You’ll delete all the pictures.”

“I will.”

She seemed please with herself. She felt she had out maneuvered me and I was happy to let her think this. I was being honest when I said I would never ask her again. If everything went according to plan, I wouldn’t have to.

She dropped her towel to the floor and at the sight my cock grew even harder. Her areola were already tightened and her small nipples konyaaltı escort erect. A thin layer of moisture set across her entire body, causing her belly and tits to glisten. The view was heavenly. She walked to her nightstand and I got to see what she looked like from the side. Her tits jutted out from her body a great deal, her belly sat out a bit less. Her back curved inwards from the shoulder blades to her waist, making her ass appear to pop out even further. Every part of her body jiggled while she walked.

As she was about to pick up her lotion I stopped her. “We won’t be needing that tonight.” She gave me a puzzled look. “Tonight I don’t want your tits. I want your mouth.”

She hesitated for a moment, frozen in place, one hand reaching for the lotion, slightly bent over causing her tits to dangle a couple inches from her body. I wanted her tits almost more than anything. But tonight wasn’t going to be about my pleasure, it was about hers. As the moments stretched on without anyone speaking I decided to make the first move. I pulled my boxers to my ankles and threw them on the floor, releasing my huge cock as it sprung to attention already hard. Her eyes widened as if she were seeing it for the first time.

“I can’t fit that thing in my mouth.” She didn’t sound angry, just matter-of-fact.

“I’m sure you can do more than you think, just give it a try.”

She moved to kneel before me very slowly, never taking her eyes off the huge cock popping up from my pelvis. She looked at it as if she were in a daze, entranced by it. As she knelt she slowly moved her head closer, I grabbed the base and placed the head right before her lips. She looked at me right in the eyes. Her’s were glazed over with lust once again. As our eyes were locked together she opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against the underside of my cock head. She placed both of her hands around my shaft and I let go. She broke off eye contact and licked from the base, right above the balls, to the very tip, flicking her tongue around my small hole. She did this several times, providing more spit and licking new areas. She placed her lips right at the head and spit, grabbing the spit with her hands and stroking my entire length. My cock now glistened with her saliva. She squeezed tight, just before the point of pain and slowly moved her hands up and down. It felt like I was caught in a warm, wet, soft vice. As she stroked, her whole body moved, her tits brushing against my thighs. I wanted to feel them so badly but I knew I had to hold back.

“Jake,” her voice sounded as if she were trying to seduce me, “I really don’t think this monster is going to fit in my mouth.”

“Just try the head.” I urged her on.

She repositioned herself so that her head was now above my cock, her tits now pressing against my cum filled balls. She spit on the head once again but this time she took one hand and massaged the spit into just the tip. Readying it for an easy entry to her mouth. She placed her lips against the small hole in my cock and very slowly moved herself downward, letting her mouth open as I entered it. She stopped after the head was entirely inside her mouth then began to bob. Her lips lifted above the ridge of my cock head and then back down. Her hands stroked to the same rhythm and I could feel her tongue swirling inside her mouth, licking and engulfing the head over and over. The sensation was going to make me cum soon and I didn’t want that.

“Can you take more?”

She looked at me without pulling the head from her mouth. Her eyes said “I’ll try.”

She gripped with one hand at the base and one hand mid shaft. She shifted her weight backwards pulling my cock to point forward a little a more. She pushed her head forward till I could feel the tight walls of her throat, she pushed on as the head slipped in. I felt her gag reflex kick in and she quickly pulled back. She looked at me with tears forming in her eyes, not from sadness just a natural reaction. I sat up on the bed and pushed my cock down so it was at kültür escort a 90 degree angle from my torso.

“Try again.”

She repositioned herself again. This time she was on her hands and knees, ass sticking up in the air away from me. I couldn’t see her asshole but I could see the two cheeks, round and gorgeous. I could see her massive tits hanging with there full weight below her. I placed one hand on her head, not pushing or pulling, just resting there. She let my cock back into her mouth and pushed until I felt her throat again, she didn’t get it any deeper but held me there longer. She pulled back until only the tip was in her mouth, tongue swirling around, then took me back in without any encouragement. This time she took a little bit more and moved her head slightly from side to side, as if shaking her head “no”. I placed my other head between her shoulder blades and reveled in the soft, smooth skin. She pulled back to the tip and let me in again. Establishing a slow sensual rhythm, each time shaking her head while I was in her throat and swirling her tongue around my cock head. Each time I felt a little more of her throat tightening around me. As she carried on I kept one hand on her head and the other slowly sliding down her back, causing me to bend towards her more and more. I decided to test the waters, slowly. With my hand I grabbed her ass, her rhythm didn’t change. I squeezed each cheek and gave them a few light spanks, watching the shockwaves move up her ass and slightly in her love handles. Her rhythm continued unhindered. I slid my hand in between and placed one finger on her asshole, sliding it around the ring but not inserting. I slid my finger lower, feeling her perfectly smooth, and wet pussy lips. This was going perfectly. Still she remained un-phased, so, in one swift motion I leaned forward as far as I could and slid two fingers into the wet, velvety folds of my sister. As I plunged them in and out I felt her rhythm stop, with my cock down her throat. A low vibrating feeling reverberating through my shaft, she was moaning onto me, her pussy was dripping onto my hand. I continued with my fingers, her body began to move against them, as if she were really being fucked. She pulled my cock from her mouth, let it rest against her face while licking my balls and moaning.

“Is your brother making you feel good Leslie?”

“God you’re sick Jake.” As soon as she finished her sentence she let out a moan went right back to my balls.

“Is that a yes or no?” I moved my fingers faster and deeper within her.

“Uhhnn! Yes!”

Her orgasm was growing close. But this wasn’t enough. I needed to give her more if I wanted her to come crawling back. I felt the walls of her pussy begin to tighten and her moans grew louder. As I had her on the brink I pulled my fingers from her and sat up straight. She looked up to me, still on her hands and knees, my cock resting against her face. She looked at me with puzzlement. Was that really all she got? I lifted a leg over her head and scooted back, laying on my back in the middle of the bed.

“Come here.”

She crawled onto the bed, still on her hands and knees, face positioned to suck my cock again.

“No, I want your pussy right here, I want to taste you while you suck me.” I looked deep into her eyes as I said this. As a man would say to his lover. Her eyes were glazed as she began to move into position. First she straddled me, her knees on the bed on either side of my thighs. She leaned forward so she was now on all fours, her giants tits pressed against my chest, my cock trapped between my hard abs and her soft plump belly, her face just inches from mine. Then she crawled forward, bringing her tits so they hung on either side of my face. I felt her soft pubic area slide along my cock until she had moved just past the head. My cock was still laying on my stomach when she moved backwards just slightly, pressing my rock hard cock head through her fat pussy lips and hitting her clit. She began to grind very subtly, moving her clit around my markantalya escort head. I licked and kissed at her tits that hung around me. I placed my hands on her knees then slid up her thighs to grab her ass, to increase the speed and intensity of her grinding. Soft moans began to escape her mouth. If just the head of my cock was doing this much, I couldn’t wait to see what I could do to her with my tongue.

“Come here Leslie.”

She ceased her grinding and propped herself up higher on her hands and knees. She twisted her body around so now her knees were on either side of my head. I saw her pussy for the first time, perfectly pale white skin surrounded her pink pussy lips. I could see the moisture on them and smell her scent, it was very sweet and slightly musky at the same time. I reached my arms around her and placed my hands on her ass, pushing her down, causing her knees to slide further from my head and her clit to arrive right at my waiting tongue. I could feel her belly pressed against my chest and her tits hanging on my stomach. As soon as I began, her moans filled the room, that is, until she gagged herself on my cock. She resumed her rhythm of gagging, shaking, pulling back almost all the way and swirling her tongue. I established my own rhythm of licking, sucking and nibbling her clit. I moved one hand off her ass and down her side, grabbing an enormous hand full of the side of her tit. With the other hand I began to move my finger in small rings around her asshole. Before long she was softly rocking back and forth with my cock in her mouth, forcing her pussy onto my face then just far enough that only the tip of my tongue could touch her. I shoved two fingers deep within her, as she pulled away causing her to let out a groan, it came from deep within her throat and vibrated through my cock. She stopped her rocking so that I could thrust my fingers in and out of her, still working hard on her clit. We enjoyed several minutes of her groaning and shaking her head on my cock, and me fingering and licking her. Then, I felt my balls and her pussy walls begin to tighten. She placed both of her hands at the base of my cock and began to stoke me just as I inserted a third finger into her dripping wet pussy. She started to grind her pussy against my fingers and face, I started to move my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth. Just as I felt my cum rush from my balls through my shaft and out the head into her mouth, I felt liquid begin to gush within her and her walls tighten to the point that I could only wiggle my fingers within her. She stroked my cock at opposite intervals with my thrusts, forcing every drop of cum I had into her mouth. We both moaned loudly as we came together, right into each other’s faces. The moment felt like it wouldn’t end, spurt after spurt of my cum shooting into her mouth, so much that she couldn’t take it all, I could feel it sliding out and down my cock. The walls of her pussy spasming erratically and a stream of juices flowing right into my mouth.

We both came down from our high at the same time. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and rested both hands on the sides of her belly that were pushed out from resting on my chest. She pulled my cock from her mouth and began to lick my shaft and balls clean of the cum that had escaped her mouth.

“Leslie, that was amazing.” I panted, feeling out of breath from the incredible orgasm we had just shared.

A small giggle was her only reply as she rolled off of me. Laying on her back to my side. I stood from the bed and looked at her. Hair disheveled, cum still at the corners of her mouth, enormous tits pulled to her sides, resting on her arms, belly flattened by gravity, legs spread to show me her dripping wet pussy.

“I love you sis.” This caught her off guard, she looked at me as if attempting to find a hidden meaning in my words. She found none. I did love her as my sister, and hopefully after tonight as my lover.

With a small bit of reluctance she replied, “love you too.”

With this I walked out and to my room, closing the door behind me. I laid on my bed thinking, hopefully she now felt the same desire for me as I felt for her. Twenty minutes after, I heard her leave the house, and I drifted to sleep, head filled with thoughts of my sister.

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