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The Night the Lights Went Out In San Francisco

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This story is about consenting sex between a Mother and her 19 year old son. If this offends you please click away. If not, please enjoy. Please vote or leave feed back. Thank you


I was just coming down the stairs from my bedroom when a clap of thunder hit and a flash of lightening lit up the foyer and POP no electricity. I stopped where I was in hopes of not falling head first down the rest of the stairs.

“Mo-o-o-m,” I heard from the conservatory.

“Yes Mikie,” I said to my son.

“The power went out NO TV,” he said.

“I know baby boy it’s an old house, just got to live with it for now,” I said as I took one-step at a time. I knew the flash light was under the sink in the kitchen so that’s where I was headed next.

“Mikie meet me in the kitchen will you?” I said as I took the last step down to the floor.

“Yep, I’m on my way,” he said.

As I made my way through the dining room and butler’s pantry to the kitchen another flash of lightening hit and I saw Mikie standing looking out the window over the sink. “Honey if you will reach under the sink the flash light is there,” I said to him.

He stepped back and opened the cabinet door and found the blue handled flash light. As he turned toward me he hit the button to turn on the light in his hand.

I gained confidence when the light was on, I could see at least. I walked over to the sink and reached for the flash light that Mikie was holding out to me.

“Here, ya go Mom,” he said.

I knew that I’d have to go to the basement and trip the main breaker switch sooner or later, “preferable later than sooner” I thought to myself. I walked to the parlor to sit down on the couch. I didn’t realize Mikie was right behind me so when I stopped he collided with my ass.

“Oh sorry Mom,” he said as I went face first into the couch. He bent over to help me stand back up and as I stood up my cheek brushed the front of his jeans.

Apparently just that tiny bit of contact with my ass gave my sweet son an erection. Or maybe he had one from what he was watching on TV.

He held my arm as I turned around and looked up into his face. With just a minimum amount of light I could see his facial features and he was looking more and more like his Father every day. Mikie was 19 years old and was starting Berkeley in the fall so he would be living here at home.

We stepped back from each other as I went tumbling to the couch. Mikie just laughed, I must have been a real sight to see. I could come down a flight of stairs in the dark but I couldn’t walk with out falling on my face.

“Mom?” he chuckled “Are you alright?”

“Yes dear I’m fine. I think, I’ll just stay here until the lights come back on,” I said as I joined him with laughter.

The flash light was growing dim so I suggested that we light some candles.

“Where are they?” Mikie asked.

“In the table in front of the window,” I said.

He opened the drawer and pulled out 2 large candles and the lighter as he placed one on the end table by the chair and one on the coffee table and then lit them. I turned off the flash light.

I looked over at Mikie as the candle light filled the room. What a handsome man he had become. As he stepped back in front of the chair to take a seat he put his hand to his crotch to re-arrange thing in his jeans.

He looked up as he got comfortable in the chair and smiled at me. A flash of his Father hit me in my brain. It wasn’t Mikie sitting there it was Cole.

I blinked and shook my head as the vision disappeared. Cole had died just 6 months ago when a robbery had gone awry at a local convenience store and he was shot.

All I had left from Cole was Mikie. It was comforting to know that he would be well educated at Berkeley with the scholarship and the money Cole had left us for his education.

“Mother?” Mikie said. “You look beautiful by candle light.”

“Thank you baby boy, at least you have good eyesight,” I said with a smile.

I just took the blanket off the back of the couch and laid it over my legs as I cuddle down into the cushions. I closed my eyes to try and regain my composer.

In my mind I could see the last time I saw Cole. He had just come in the front door from a long day at work. I was in the laundry room fussing with the washing machine and he came up behind me with a bouquet of wild flowers. I always loved getting flowers. He picked me up and sat my butt on the drier. All of a sudden the vision disappeared from my brain as I felt Mikie move from the chair to the couch next to me. It seemed that thunderstorms still frightened him with all the noise.

I lifted my arm out from under the blanket as I put it around his shoulder and pulled him over next to me. As he lay down he put his head in my lap.

“Mom,” Mikie said as he turned over on his back and looked up at me.

“Yes Mikie?” I said still with my eyes closed as my head rests on the back of the couch.

He didn’t respond all I heard was silence. Mikie’s bahis firmaları hand had reached up to the buttons on my blouse as he tried very gently to undo them. I just thought to myself that he has fallen to sleep as he rested in my lap.

Then I felt a slight breeze on my nipples and wondered “where that came from.” I knew I didn’t have a bra on but I did have a blouse covering my tits.

Then I lifted my head up and looked down into Mikie’s sweet face. My son had unbuttoned every button on my blouse and his hand was covering one nipple as he slowly sucked on the other one. The feelings I was experiencing where traveling deep into my belly. If this wasn’t feeling so good I would have been shocked.

Mikie’s eyes were closed as he nursed at my breast. I know I should have stopped him but he looked so peaceful and content.

My hand was resting on his chest as the other one stroked his hair. He had a head full of black wavy hair that he wore rather long unlike his Father who kept his hair short. I just put my head back down on the couch as I let him continue with the nursing. The feelings creep deep into my belly; I shifted my ass below Mikie’s head. Then a sigh escaped my lips as he sucked harder.

“Baby boy, I’m afraid that there isn’t any milk in there. Even as much as you try,” I whisper to him.

Mikie looked up into my eyes as he seemed to really be enjoying what he was doing. If I enjoyed it anymore I’d have cum in my shorts. I moved my hand from his chest to his head as I feel him suck harder on my tit. He released his lock on my nipple as he looked at it and then licked it.

Mikie shifted his body and let go of my tits all together as I felt him sit up from my lap. I lifted my head up as I looked into his eyes. Mikie leaned back down and picked me up from the couch as he carried me up the stairs into my bedroom. He laid me on the big bed as I felt his body against mine when he climbed into the bed with me.

“Mikie?” I said to him. “You shouldn’t…you can’t do this.”

“Mother, I need you so much,” he said ever so softly. “I have loved you for a long time.”

As he put his head back to my breast I get that same warm feeling in my belly. My hands left his head, and then slid down my belly to lower the zipper on my cut-offs. Mikie got to his knees as he pulled my shorts down and I let my blouse fall from my shoulders. I reached up to the button at the top of the zipper on his jeans. My hand pulled and it opened as the zipper slid down and before I know it his cock sprung free from his jeans.

He was already at a full erection as a gasp left my lips. Mikie stood up and his jeans hit the floor. He was naked right next to me now. He moved over my body as he lowered himself onto my belly.

“Oh Mother, you are so beautiful,” he began. “Your body is ….is…

just..,” His words trailed off into the atmosphere.

He leaned forward as his finger tips trace the outline of the butterfly tattoo on my belly and the one right between my breasts. He lowered his head to my belly as I just closed my eyes in anticipation of what he would do next.

I could feel his hair as it brushed against my skin and goose bumps travel up my belly to my nipples as they spring to attention. My hands reached to his head as my fingers gently caressed his hair. His lips had traveled from my belly and were now snuggling down against my pussy as his tongue snaked its way between my nether lips. I moved my legs farther apart as I heard Mikie sigh as he tasted my wetness.

He moved himself down between my legs as he began to suck on my clit and shivers raced over my body as a climax surged through me. My back arched

as I moaned with the sensations he was creating in me.

“Oh baby boy you make me feel so good,” I whisper.

“Mother,” Mikie sighed against my thigh “You taste so good inside”.

It had been quite awhile since I have been made love to, and never by my own son. But right now the whole of San Francisco could be swallowed up by an earthquake and I’d never know it. All I could feel was what Mikie was doing to my cunt.

A flash of lightening hit a near by light pole and it illuminated my bedroom. I can see Mikie’s hard cock as he moved to kiss his way up my belly to again suckle in my tits. It was so beautiful that I could hardly wait to have him inside of me. He is much bigger than I remember his Father being. Or perhaps it was just selective memory.

All I could do was sigh and moan as he gave me all these feelings of pleasure with his lips. He reached up with one hand and squeezed my nipple between his index finger and thumb as I wiggled my ass down into the bed.

Mikie moved up from my tits as he lowered his lips to mine. I could taste myself on his lips as his tongue slid into my mouth. He touched my belly with his hand and then I felt him move even closer as I felt his cock against my belly. His hand moved to his cock as he lowered himself into my center of pleasure. I felt his cock slide into me; a moan escaped my lips even kaçak iddaa as we kissed.

His lips broke away from mine as they trailed over my cheek and then I felt his sweet tongue slide into my ear and all I could say was “Ohmygawd.”

With the next clap of thunder, Mikie plunged his cock into my dripping wet pussy.

He began to move faster as he pushed up on his arms and looked down into my face. My legs were off the bed as they swung around and my ankles locked around his sweet ass. My hands were stroking his back as my nails dig into his flesh.

“A-h-h-h, Mother, you are so nice and tight” he sighed. “I can’t believe I came out of you there.” His body was moving on its own as he pounded my flesh with his cock.

I could feel my own climax building in my belly and I know it will be just seconds before I came. The only thing that was forming in my head were non-words really, nothing that would make any sense at all.

“Oh baby boy,” I sighed, as with every downward thrust all I could do was exhale.

“Momma,” Mikie whispered, “you feel so good around my cock I just have to cum.”

I moan, “No baby boy not yet. Momma needs more.”

As Mikie pushed up on his arms and he looked into my eyes. “Mother, I …..

Can’t…… stop…..I have to cum.”

I felt him plunge harder into my pussy and then I felt his cock jump as he poured all his sweet juices into me. With spasm after spasm his cock unloaded his cum filled balls into my belly. I could feel the bed move as I shuttered with my climax and lost my grip of his back as my arms fall to the bed. My breathing began to slow as I felt Mikie slow down with his movements in and out of me.

“The storm outside was nothing compared to what was going on in this bedroom,” my mind said as I held my sexy son on top of my body. Mikie rolled over and laid next to me as we cuddled and fall asleep. The last thing I heard was the rain as it hit the roof.

I awoke after a very strange dream and saw Mikie next to me in my bed. The sheet had fallen from his body and he had a beautiful erection lying against his belly. I made a trip to the bathroom and as I got back into the bed he stirred and opened his eyes as he smiled at me.

I whispered, “Sorry if I woke up.”

“No, you didn’t wake me,” he sighed with a smile.

My hand reached to his belly as I touched his cock with my fingertips.

“Oh Mother,” Mikie sighed against my face. His hand was brushing against my belly as he slipped his fingers into my wetness. His lips rested against my tits as he began to suckle on me again. His fingers slid into my pussy and he began to stroke a very, very sensitive spot.

Between the sucking and where his hand was he was creating a marvelous sensation deep in my belly. My back arched off the bed as my climax rushed over my body and I sighed into his ear.

He lay back down next to me as we drifted back into dreamland.

As the morning sun broke through the clouds and shined unmercifully into my face I turned to block it from my eyes.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” Mikie said with a wide smile on his face.

I tried to open my eyes to see who it was talking to me. Then my brain sprang to alert status as I realize it was Mikie’s voice I heard. I pull the blanket up to cover my nakedness as he began to laugh at my feeble attempt to cover myself.

“Mother,” Mikie said as he laughed. “We shared a beautiful night of making love and you are worried about covering your body from my eyes?” He kissed my forehead as he stepped back and lifted a breakfast tray onto the bed.

“Here ya go beautiful Mother of mine,” he whispered with a smile. “You need to feed your body before I ravage it again.”

As I reached for the tray Mikie sat down crossed legged on the floor and lifted a banana from the tray. As he smiled and peeled the fruit I ate the eggs he had made me. “Not too bad of a cook,” I said to myself.

When I was done he took the tray and stood up to take it back downstairs.

I watched him leave the room. His cute little white ass all firm and tight as he walked across the wood floors, then he was gone. I sat up and got out of the bed, I thought I’d have a nice leisurely shower, in private. But I forgot to lock the door and when I bent in to turn on the water I felt Mikie step behind me and press his hard cock against my ass cheeks.

“Oh, Mother, your body is so wonderful,” he said as he pulled me up and pressed his lips to my neck.

All I could do was close my eyes as I felt his hands travel over my body and cup his palms under each breast. I sighed with the sensations he was creating in me again.

I turned in his arms as I brought my lips to his mouth and our tongues pressed hungrily together. This son of mine was a sex starved virile man now. I couldn’t have stopped what I was feeling, as his hands reached down to my ass and he lifted me up as he pulled me to him, even if I had wanted to.

“Ah-h-h, Mikie, I-I-I can’t … I can’t…” I stammered as I tried to put kaçak bahis words together to make sense. They were coming out of my mouth and even I didn’t think they made any sense.

“Shush Mom,” Mikie said as our lips parted. “Just let me love you. Let me make love to you”.

So okay, my son had just told me to shush as he took my body with his again. What was wrong with me anyway? I was letting him do these things to me. I was the parent…I knew better. But I still couldn’t stop him. The things he was making me feel were fogging my judgment. Yeah, right.

He pushed me backwards into the shower as the hot water raced over my back and fell to my ass. His tongue was searching my mouth as I tried to move. Again he lifted me with his strong arms and placed me against the shower wall as I felt his cock press against my belly. His fingers dug into the flesh of my ass as he positioned me just above his cock and then lowered me onto it. I threw my head back as I sighed with the penetration.

“Oh-h-h, Mother,” Mikie whispered against my cheek. His lips were now pressing against my shoulder as I could feel him suck the skin into his mouth. He had me pinned between him and the wall as he pumped his cock into my wetness.

My legs were wrapped around his body now. My arms were holding his sweet face to mine as our mouths and tongues touched. His cock was pounding my body as I shivered with the beginnings of my own orgasm. Mikie pulled his face back and looked into my eyes. He had the hungry look of a man. It was then that I knew he wasn’t a child anymore he was the man I would love for the rest of my life.

I could feel his cock jump inside of me again and I knew he would be cumming very soon.

The only sounds I heard were our moans and sighs as we made this passionate love. With each thrust of his cock into my body it set off rockets in my head. I know it sounds cliché but this son of mine could really make the fireworks in my head explode.

“Ah, Mother,” he sighed softly “I’m … I’m cumming.” Mikie said as he plunged his hard cock into me.

Things like this happened all summer long between Mikie and I. As he got into the swing of college in September I came down with what I thought was the flu. After a week of feeling like total crap I finally decided to make an appointment with my doctor.

Monday morning came with a vengeance and I drug my weary body out of bed to make the trip over the Bay Bridge to the doctor’s office.

Mikie had early classes so he rode his motorcycle to school while I took my car into the city. I just didn’t have any energy. It’s like all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep and eat.

I parked in the underground parking garage as I took the elevator up to the 10th floor I just leaned against the railing in the car. I had the hood up on my coat so I guess I looked pretty imposing. When the door opened a man step onto the elevator as I looked up in my dazed state, I recognized him from high school; his name was David, David Young.

He looked at me like he remembered me but couldn’t remember my name.

I spoke up and said, “Aren’t you David Young? We use to go to Bay High together, class of ’88.”

“Yes, I am. Now I remember your name, Maggie McGuire,” he said as he smiled at me.

Just as I was starting to feel some what better a wave of nausea hit me when the elevator stopped at the 10th floor. I felt like I was going to pass out. I just grabbed on to the railing and held on for dear life.

“Maggie, are you alright?” David said with concern in his voice.

“Dr. Hughes room 1010,” I said to David.

He leaned down and picked me up like a rag doll. I didn’t even have the strength to put my arms around his neck. I remember hearing Heidi, Dr. Hughes’ nurse calling my name but I just couldn’t answer her.

David carried me into an examining room and laid me down on the table as I felt a blanket being drawn up over my body.

Heidi asked David, “Are you Maggie’s husband?”

“No,” he said, “Just a friend from high school. We met in the elevator right before she almost passed out.”

They continued to talk and all I could do was just lay there like a bump on a log. Sarah, another of the doctors’ nurses came in and took some blood and all I could do was make a face when she slid the needle into my arm. Then she placed a band-aid over my arm and left the room. Dr. Hughes came in and was rubbing my hand and then Heidi handed him an ammonia inhaler as he passed it under my nose.

That brought me around. I shook my head and then I heard Dr. Hughes ask me if I knew where I was? I told him “Yes, I think I’m in my doctor’s office.”

As I looked around I saw David standing by the door and Heidi and then I saw Dr. Hughes.

“How did I get in here, please?” I asked.

“This gentleman brought you in from the elevator,” Heidi said.

I looked over at David and then it hit me that we had been talking and then nothing.

Heidi took David and they left as Dr. Hughes picked up my chart and began to ask me why I was there today.

“Well I’ve been feeling totally like do-do, all I want to do is sleep and eat lately,” I told him.

Then Sara came back in to the room and handed him a piece of paper.

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