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The Madness , The Source

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Thomas had dealt with his private madness for as long as he could remember, or more along the lines of choosing to not remember that time before. At least it was madness to the civilized world to some degree or another and he had worked very hard to maintain control. He did not believe the madness to be wrong, anymore than he believed the world to be flat. His intense desire was just something that was and there could be no reason he could discover to prove him wrong.

His had become a world of programming where he could study humanity from a distance, since most people were a mystery to him. Programs he understood very well and was paid handsomely for his services. It provided him the opportunity to leave the source of his madness to far more openly indulge. Thousands of miles from the physical source did not matter when the madness appeared to him in a far more seductive form than the source ever would.

Upon hearing his source was moving to the city where he called home these past three years he was forced to allow her to stay with him. Though the force was not something others would recognize as such, he knew it to be just that. He knew that the source was coming and he could no more stop it, than stop the world from spinning on his access.

He regretted allowing it to happen, but could not go back on his word. He would just have to make do with the source being in the same house as him once again. Only this time, the source of all of those vivid dreams, the only vivid dreams he had ever had, would not have the safety and security that the previous home provided. Thomas was determined to have the source at all costs, especially with that source changing in his guest bedroom at that very moment.

She had arrived a few hours earlier and went into his guest bedroom to take a nap. Thomas listened at the door to the soft snores as he planned his course of actions as his madness whispered to him through ruby lips. Those lips had promised so much to him over the years and they had never guided him in a direction that took him off course.

Thomas listened to the soft snoring coming from the room behind the closed door. He placed his hand on the knob and started to turn with the determination of having her, but the voice whispered, ‘Wait, my love.’ He closed his eyes and smiled as he felt the breath of his madness on the back of his neck. The words and feel calmed his action at once and found himself releasing the knob. He continued to listen to the sound of deep sleep escaping through the door while waiting for his madness to speak again.

The madness breathed into his ear as she said, ‘You can’t have her while she sleeps. You must wait, my love.’ He felt warmth engulf his body as she said the words to him and he knew he had no choice. Thomas could not fight the madness, but wanted it to be wrong this one time. For the first time in ages, he was on the verge of ignoring the madness. He placed his hand on the knob and started to turn slowly. The madness whispered again, this time the breath against his other ear, as it said, “If you take her now, you won’t have her like you have me, my love. If you want to have her, truly have her, then you must wait.”

He nodded and said, “Your right. Damn it, you’re right. Thank you.” As much as he wanted to have the source now, Thomas wanted to have her in the same way that he had the madness. If he took her before she looked at him in that way, under any circumstance, there would never be lust in her green eyes. The only thing he would see from her is hatred and that hatred would never evolve into his greatest desire. The desire to have the source yearn for him in the bahis firmaları same way his madness did was far greater than taking her by force.

Thomas entered his office and did not bother to close the door behind him. At the moment, he needed to work, rather than spend special time with his madness. As he started typing, he felt the hand of his madness caress his inner thigh. She knew him all too well to know what calmed him when he needed it most. The caress was not distracting him from his work, but helped to focus his mind on the task at hand.

His neck started to bother him and he felt the hands of his madness start to work. As he closed his eyes and felt her hot breath on his ear, Thomas found something off about the touch. He kept his eyes closed and allowed for her hands to work the muscles and felt the hand continue to caress his inner thigh. It took just a moment for this to reach his conscience and opened his eyes. There was no way his madness could rub his neck and caress his inner thigh. Something was very wrong and he had to know what it was.

He looked down and saw his madness smiling up at him and continued to feel the hands work their magic. He could still feel the hot breath on his ear and allowed himself to enjoy it for a moment before attempting to turn to face whoever was behind him. There was no other reasonable explanation other than someone was in the room with him and his madness.

Thomas attempted to turn, but the hands moved to his shoulders to hold him in place. He was starting to get angry, but the smiling vision of his madness showed no sign of alarm. She gave every appearance of enjoying seeing him touched by some unknown figure.

As he calmed, Thomas heard some woman whisper lustily into his ear. “Relax, Thomas,” she said as she gave a soft laugh.” He knew that voice, but couldn’t place it. She let out a soft breath against his ear, then said, “You are really tense. When was the last time you had a massage?”

Thomas closed his eyes and allowed himself to enjoy the moment. He did not answer, because there was no answer he needed to give. The only reason he could come up with was that his madness had found a way to be in two places at once. If his madness wanted to caress his inner thigh and massage his neck, he was not going to complain.

He felt himself being turned toward the madness behind him and found himself looking into her eyes. He smiled, but found something off about the vision kneeling slightly in front of him. Her eyes were very close to those of his madness, as was her red hair, but it wasn’t quite right. Then it dawned on him that he was not looking upon the madness, but the source.

The source had every bit of lust in her eyes as his madness, but he knew he had to be wrong about what he was seeing. There was no way that his source could look at him like that, at least not without a lot of time and effort on his part. Yet there it was and he could not deny what he was seeing.

The source said, “You know, Thomas, mom and dad didn’t want me coming out here.”

Thomas took a breath to steady himself as he continued to stare into her eyes. After a moment, he asked her, “Why not?”

Melany continued to stare back into his eyes as she said, “They thought you might rape me.” He heard no hint of fear in her voice as she said the words.

Thomas was worried that she knew his secret, so quickly said, “I would never…”

She held up a finger to stop him, then said, “You couldn’t rape me, Thomas. You can’t rape the willing.” She gave a laugh that he had only heard from his madness. That unique combination of desire and joy that he had kaçak iddaa never truly experienced until that moment.

There was no doubt in his mind that something was happening, but he was at a complete loss as to what that something actually was. Not believing what he had just heard, he asked, “Rape the willing? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

She kept her eyes locked on his as she said, “It can’t be rape if I don’t say no.” Thomas is about to interrupt, but she holds up a finger. “Let me finish. I want you. I don’t care If you are my brother. Hell, Thomas, we could pass as twins, so I couldn’t pretend you are anything other than my brother that I want. Just like you want me. So what if the whole thing is crazy. Our whole damn family is crazy. I don’t care that you see her and I know she is me.”

Thomas jumped in and said, “I don’t know what your talking about.” His voice sounded far more defensive than he ever intended.

Melany had lost any smile that she had as she looked at him with the most serious look she could muster. She said, “Thomas, I know all about it. I don’t care that she’s watching us right now. I don’t care that she is always there. I know she looks like me and sounds like me. It doesn’t matter. None of it changes the fact that I want you.”

There was no denying anything any longer. Thomas said, “Fine. You know. And you’re right, she looks like you and I do want you.” It was a tremendous weight off of his shoulders to admit it to her and he wanted to smile at the idea that she wanted him. However, there was something did not seam right. There was no way she could be telling the truth, which means she had to be playing some kind of cruel joke. He had a look of anger cross his face as he said, “Let me guess, this is where the laughing starts, Melany. You’re poking fun at me and got me to admit that I want my sister. Well, go ahead and laugh at your crazy brother.”

He did not see a smile cross her lips or a laugh escape her. Instead, she said, “This is no joke, Thomas. I truly want you. I want you to take me. I want you to have me any way you want.” He was shaking his head in disbelief, which caused her to let out a sigh of frustration. She looked a little angry herself as she said, “Fine, don’t believe it. Guess I’ll have to prove it to you.”

She quickly placed her lips on his, which left him stunned for a moment. He quickly recovered and closed his eyes as he opened his mouth and kissed her far more passionately then he ever thought possible. Kissing his madness was one thing, but kissing the source was something far better. Especially when the kiss made him feel like his entire body was on fire. Thomas knew if he had been standing at that moment, he would have collapsed as his legs gave way.

The kiss continued for several minutes, and each second was pure bliss to him. Neither had any interest in breaking the connection until Thomas came to the conclusion that the kiss must be part of the same joke. He pushed her away and scowled as he said, “You’re laying the joke on a little thick, Melany. You don’t have to do anything else. You got me. You got your crazy brother good.”

Her face had a slight smile as he pushed her, but the words caused her real hurt. A few tears managed to escape her eyes as she said, “I told you, this is no joke. If this were a joke, would I have kissed you like that?” She did not wait for an answer as she continued in anger. “Of course not. I would never go that far just to get my kicks.” She clenched her hands into tight fists and placed them on either side of her hips. She continued with the anger in her voice, “Even if you believe I would kaçak bahis go that far to poke fun at you, you know I would never do this.”

She quickly pulled up her shirt over her head to remove it, then tossed it to the floor in order to reveal her braless chest to him. Thomas caught his eyes moving down from her green eyes to admire her narrow frame. His eyes took in her small breasts, which fit her body perfectly. In truth, the size of her breasts didn’t matter at all as she could have been massive or flat chested and it would not have made an impact. It was her eyes and hair that he found intoxicating.

Melany smiled as her brother looked over what had been revealed of her body. After a brief moment, she said, “Why don’t you get off your chair and come over here. I want to feel your hands on my breasts.”

Thomas stood a little shakily as he made his way to Melany and reached out once close enough. His hands touched her breasts and he felt fire engulf him. She let out a soft moan of pleasure as his hands started to caress them. He pulled his eyes up so he could see her face as his hands explored her womanhood.

He closed his eyes and moved his lips to her and felt a shock of lightning as they met once again. The kiss was every bit as passionate as the first, but with his hands on her breasts it added something strangely wonderful to the sensation. Her mouth opened eagerly to greet his tongue that wanted dominance, which was quickly found with no interest from her in fighting him. Throughout the kiss, they both let out the occasional soft moan of joy.

This time it was Melany to break the embrace, but not out of anger or embarrassment or anything that Thomas could perceive as a negative in any way. His hands remained on her breasts, but his now open eyes were locked on her own. She looked into his eyes with more desire than Thomas thought possible and he no longer believed this to be some sort of sick joke.

As his hands continued to work on her breasts, Melany said, “We are going to make love, then I want you to tell me how you want me to act when we’re alone together. I want to be however you want me to be. I want to know if you want me to be innocent, whore or whatever. My body is yours to do with as you please, all of my body. There is nothing I am not willing to let you do. There is nothing off limits. My madness is not just having you, but letting you control everything. That is what I want. But we can work all of that out later, right now I’m going to your bedroom and getting naked for you.”

She turned and Thomas felt his hands yearning to continue their work on her breasts. He watched her slender back as she walked out of his office. He was unable to move until he felt the hand of his madness on his back to give him a gentle shove in the direction of his office door. His madness whispered into his ear, ‘She wants you the way I want you, my love. Now you can have us both.’

The madness continued to push him as he walked without will of his own. The entire ordeal had served to tax him mind greatly and he needed his madness to guide him to his bedroom. He slowly made his way past the guest bedroom and heard something from behind the door. He stopped and asked in a quiet voice, “What was that?”

The madness whispered, ‘Nothing, my love. She’s waiting for us.’ The sound got a little louder and it sounded like someone snoring. Before he could ask anything of his madness, she whispered, ‘There’s no one there. Your sister is waiting for you. Don’t keep her waiting, my love.’ The pressure on his back increased and he was once again moving towards his bedroom. At the door he found a pair of pants that had been tossed aside and he could make out the form of his sister under the blanket. Her eyes were calling to him as she eagerly waited for her brother to make love to her for the first time.

The End

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