Temmuz 13, 2024

The Lottery Winner

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I started the van and took another sip of my coffee. My wife Joanne makes the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. She puts a touch of Irish Cream in it to give it that little kick it needs to start my day off right.

I work as a plumber and spend most days dealing with a lot of shit, and I mean that literally, but Joanne sends me out into the cruel world with a smile on my face every day.

As I pulled out of the driveway I also thought of the sweet fuck we had just shared on the kitchen table and the fact that it may have been the one to make the baby we’ve been trying to have for the last 6 months.

I was seriously missing the fabulous deep throat Joanne used to give daily, but I also understood why.

“We won’t ever conceive if you keep blasting your loads down my throat instead of into my pussy.” She would often say after an expert tongue massage.

As I neared the halfway mark of my trip to my latest job, my cell phone rang. It was Joanne.

“Something has gone wrong at mom’s house darling. I think she’s having a problem with her bathroom. Could you be a sweetheart and go over to have a look for me?” She asked.

I said sure and asked her to call the other job to let them know I would be a bit late.

About 10 minutes later I pulled into my mother-in law’s driveway and couldn’t help feeling a few butterflies of excitement deep in my gut. You see…Joanne’s mom, Stephanie, is a long time shower-jerk fantasy of mine. She is every guy’s wet dream come true.

Joanne’s father had split just after she was born and Stephanie had raised her solo and remained single ever since. God only knows how!

Stephanie is a 40 year old red-headed beauty who’s drop-dead gorgeous, at 6ft tall with a massive set of 38DD’s that show no signs of sag whatsoever despite age or the law of gravity! I often thought they had to be implants but that didn’t curb my appetite at all.

Stephanie’s legs and ass are so firm that often just thinking of them makes my cock twitch and pulse. Sometimes when she comes over to our place, dressed-up for special occasions, I teeter on the brink of just shouting, “FUCK IT!” and jumping her.

Once when she dropped her keys in the driveway, I felt pre-cum drip out of my dick when she slowly bent over to pick them up! I often wondered and suspected if she did it on purpose because she often caught me staring at her and never acted like it bothered her at all.

I grabbed my tool belt and got out of the van. As I headed towards the door, Stephanie opened it up and I felt my semi become a tent that I quickly hid with my tool belt.

She was wearing a white silk blouse through which, I could see the distinct pattern of her lace bra straining to hold back its incredible cargo.

She had a form fitting red mini-skirt and 4inch stilettos at the bottom of her endless legs. Stephanie giggled and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for getting here so soon Jim” she said “I was trying to get ready to go out shopping, but the sink upstairs is backed-up.”

“I’ll get right on you Steph.” I said, and paused in horror realising the Freudian blunder I had just made.

“I mean…I’ll get right on it Steph.” I corrected myself and waited, and prayed she didn’t notice my mistake.

Stephanie just raised an eyebrow güvenilir bahis and turned to lead the way upstairs. Oh no I thought. I’ve just let the cat out of the bag. As soon as I’m out the door, she’ll be on the phone to Joanne and I’ll be in the doghouse forever. While going up the stairs all I could do was drool as her tight ass moved slowly only inches from my face. Her long legs and ankles were perfectly formed and covered by white silk stockings.

By the time we reached the top I was intoxicated by her perfume and seriously in danger of blowing a hole through the front of my pants!

“I think it’s clogged. I hope you can fix it?” She pointed towards her bathroom.

“Steph, I have yet to find one I can’t. It’s usually something simple that blocks the drain is all” I said.

I looked into the mirror and could see that she was sitting on the bed behind me watching me work. She apparently had no idea I could see her and didn’t even have her legs crossed.

I glanced again saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all! Her stockings were only thigh-high with lace at the top and her pussy was completely clean-shaven.

The butterflies in my gut were now an out of control stampede and I felt the warm flood of semen shoot out of my cock inside my pants.

“Jim, are you alright?” Stephanie asked. I was so shaken I jumped when she spoke.

“Um..yeah Steph, I’m um..just trying to see what’s going on in this drain.” I turned and answered.

“Jim, what’s that on the front of your pants?” She asked.

Her question left me feeling like a cornered rat. There was no escape or explanation except for the brutal and honest truth because she had seen the cum seeping through my pants when I turned.

I realized I had finally teetered over the brink and had to take a leap of faith.

“Stephanie…I don’t know any other way to say it…you just made me cum in my pants” I said.

She looked completely shocked at my response. I couldn’t do anything but stand there and wait for her to freak-out and destroy my life with a phone call to her daughter.

I think that was the longest moment of my life. I also felt as though a giant weight was lifted, as this woman, my mother-in-law, would finally know how I felt about her for real.

After what seemed like an eternity, I noticed her features start to change. I saw a warm smile start to spread across her face. She licked her lips slowly.

“Jim, what did you just say to me?” she asked.

“Stephanie…I uh, while I was watching you in the mirror you turned me on so much that I came in my pants. I think you are the most sexy creature I’ve ever seen in my life!” I said.

There…it was out…it was finally time to sink or swim.

“Oh my God Jim, do you have any idea…have you ever noticed that I feel exactly the same way about you?” She stammered.

“Do you know that I’ve fantasized about you since the day my daughter brought you home?”

“It’s only natural for men and women to feel attracted to each other when they see something they like.” She said.

“But what about Joanne?” I asked.

“Don’t worry dear, just get those sticky pants off so I can get them cleaned for you.” She ordered.

Without hesitation I unbuckled my tool belt and took off my pants. I was beginning türkçe bahis to feel stupid just standing there in front of Stephanie in my cum-filled boxers.

“We’ll need to get those off too.” She said.

And with that she got down on her knees in front of me and started pulling them down. I couldn’t believe it…at last my cock and my mother-in-law would not only be a fantasy, but a reality!

Stephanie gently cupped my balls in one hand and began massaging my already swelling member with the other.

“Oh Jim, I never imagined I’d get this chance in my lifetime.” She said.

With that, she stuck out her tongue and gently licked the salty remains of the last load off the tip of my cock. I moaned in pleasure and reached down to run my fingers through her hair.

She wrapped her lips around my rod and began pumping me deep into her mouth and eventually down the back of her throat. It was easy to see that genetics were a fact when it came to giving head. She was better than Joanne!

In what seemed like seconds, I was as rigid as a jackhammer, when she stood up and said, “Jim would you like to undress me now?”

I nodded nervously and began pulling eagerly at her zipper on her skirt. Stephanie giggled and said, “Jim, I know you’re as excited as me, but take a deep breath and calm down. I’m not going to run away.”

No sooner had she said this than we heard the front door close and a voice that could only be Joanne’s call out, “Hi mom! How’s it going up there? Has Jim got it fixed yet?”

I thought my heart was going to explode right there and then! My wife was going to catch me satisfying my fantasies with her mother! I froze solid in terror unable to move as she started up the stairs. Imagine…only a few seconds left until the end of my marriage! There was no way I could possibly get my pants back on in time!

Strangely, I realized that Stephanie had snickered and that her snicker was now turning into a steady stream of laughter. I couldn’t understand why she would find our predicament so funny.

I was so confused when Joanne came through the door that I didn’t know whether to shit or piss.

“Mother, I told you we weren’t going to do this just yet.We need to let his sperm build–up for the baby.” She said.

I was speechless.

“Sorry honey, I couldn’t wait any longer. You’ve had your chance and now I need mine. It will only take one to do the job.” Stephanie responded.

Joanne took a few moments to bring me out of orbit by explaining that her mom had finally broke down after all these years of not having a man in her life and had finally asked Joanne if she could borrow her son-in-law to calm her fantasy of being with a younger man.

Joanne, who was more like a sister that a daughter, had agreed to loan me if it was ok. She was not at all upset and the two women laughed together before Joanne left for home.

“Have fun with with mom dear…but keep in mind we’ve still got a baby to make.” Joanne said on her way out the door.

It was like winning the lottery. Not only was my fantasy coming true, but also my wife was completely ok with it. What a woman.

“Now where were we?” Stephanie asked.

“Come on and I’ll show you.” I said.

We went downstairs to the living room where we had more space to play. güvenilir bahis siteleri By the time we had reached the couch I was completely naked.

Stephanie had only her stockings and stilettos left on. Her tits were natural and a true wonder of the world.

“I want to feel your cock between these now,” she said.

I obliged without hesitation. As my mother-in-law massaged my cock with her tits she licked at the head of my dick as it poked out from between them. Each lap of her tongue was like a little bit of heaven to me.

Soon afterwards I buried my face in her pussy. Her juices flowed into my mouth and down my chin dripping onto the shag as she climaxed.

Then came the moment of truth.

“Take me now Jim” She whispered.

I turned her around so I could look at the ass I had fantasized about so much while I fucked it.

As I pressed my cock against her lips and rubbed it up and down letting her juices coat the tip. I couldn’t believe how hot the outside of her snatch was. It was much hotter than Joanne’s had ever been.

Once again, my heart skipped a beat as I slowly pushed my shaft into her depths. She felt like velvet wrapped around me and I couldn’t get over how incredibly tight she was.

We moved together, her backwards and me forwards in a steady rhythm until it became a frenzy of pounding pleasure.

“Cum in me Jim! Fill me!” She cried out.

Just the sound of passion in her voice was enough to send me over the edge. I felt the pressure building inside of me and release was my only means of salvation.

I didn’t even try to pull out and my molten hot sperm sprayed her cervix and flooded her insides.

I wanted those perfect seconds in time to last forever. She came again and the backrush of her juices mixed with my cum gushed down my balls and onto the couch.

I stayed inside of her until the last pulse of our magnificent orgasm together ended.

Two weeks later Joanne came home from her doctors appointment beaming.

“I’m home…DADDY!” she cried in joy.

“We did it. We’re going to finally have a baby.” Tears of joy rolled down her face and she kissed me deeply.

I asked her if she had told her mother yet and she suddenly looked worried.

“Jim, I’ve got something to tell you about that.” She replied.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

She told me to sit down. She then explained to me that she had known for some time that she couldn’t have children. The doctors had informed her of her infertility, and she was terrified that I would leave her for another woman if I found out.

Joanne explained that what had happened with her mother was ok with her because she wanted me to become a father no matter what it took to do it.

Joanne had also heard me speak of her mother in my sleep on a number of occasions and knew I fantasized about what I had done with her.

“My mom is the one who is having our baby Jim.” She said calmly.

“She has agreed to have as many children as she can for us. She has also asked me to tell you that you can fuck her whenever you want.” She continued.

“I’m ok with that if you are because I want a family no matter what.” She concluded. Since that day my life has been almost like paradise. I fuck Joanne at home every night and my Mother-in-law at least three times a week.

There’s one more fantasy that I haven’t fulfilled yet though.

I want them both at the same time.

I’ve heard of people winning the lottery twice in a row…but what are the odds?

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