Ocak 28, 2023

The Losers Ch. 07

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To summarize: I’m June, and to keep my twin brother Roscoe from getting asked out by a ‘barbie’, I suggested that he start dating one of the girls in our club, The Losers: Sue, or Sulu, a cute, short Chinese gymnast with a flat chest; Bella, a very tall, pretty redhead; and Larissa, a Native American with huge boobs but an acne problem. Roscoe and I are brown-haired and somewhat average, though my ass and his chest have started to fill out. We’re all 18, in case you were wondering.

In trying to convince Roscoe to choose one of them, the three girls, one at a time, did sexy stuff with him, finally resulting in all of them losing their virginities to him and also taking a load of his dangerous sperm inside their unprotected pussies. I saved the day, though, by giving each of them a birth control pill from my Mom’s old stash. None of us really knew how birth control pills worked, so you can see the problem.

I convinced Mom and Dad to leave us alone in the rumpus room (aka the basement) for the day, and Sue and Larissa took advantage of the privacy, each taking another load of Roscoe’s cum inside their sexy but flawed bodies. Bella and I sat there, squirming, as we watched.

Finally, Bella got up. “I’m gonna go see if my boyfriend can help me ‘scratch an itch’.”

My eyes widened. “You’re already doing that stuff with him?” She had only been asked out by Steve Bauer earlier in the week.

“No…but I’ll see if I can get him alone and convince him.” She winked at me and headed out.

I looked over at the rest of The Losers. They were all cummed out and taking a nap, Sue and Larissa both snuggling into Roscoe on the couch. They hadn’t even bothered to cover up, so both girls had cum dripping out of their snatches and my brother’s somehow still slightly hard cock was just sitting there, bold as you please.

Last night, that cock had been inside me. My pussy thrilled at the memory of Roscoe crawling up my body in the dark, thinking that I was Bella, before he thrust that hard dick into my virginal body and made me a woman. Thank God for my Mom’s old birth control pills, or he might’ve knocked up his twin sister by accident when he came inside. “Mm…” I moaned, and rubbed my pussy through my panties thinking about it.

As I looked at Roscoe’s cock, my fingers slipped under my panties and played with my clit. My other hand joined it and slipped a couple of fingers inside my wet pussy. I could feel some of Roscoe’s cum still inside me, and came a little at the thought of his forbidden seed soaking into my depths. Soon, I was thrusting my fingers inside like a small dick, nowhere close to Roscoe’s size, but it still felt good. In my mind’s eye I saw him thrusting into me, grunting as he approached his own release, and then all of that hot sperm was spurting inside me…

“Unnhh…” I moaned as I came again, my body shaking in pleasure as I felt my pussy grip my fingers.


I snapped awake. I was still in the La-z-boy, but ataşehir escort thankfully my fingers were no longer in my underwear. Roscoe, Larissa, and Sue also woke from their nap. Thankfully, my Mom had called out from the top of the basement steps, so she hadn’t seen their nakedness.

We dressed and headed up to eat. Mmm, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

We managed to convince my parents to let Larissa and Sue sleep over again. When we called Bella’s house, we were informed that she was out on a date…her mother was practically beside herself with joy as she gave me the news.

My parents went out to a party that night. We kids were all 18 and due to graduate from school in a few months, so they trusted us. They really shouldn’t have, in retrospect. I have no idea how he did it, but Roscoe orgasmed four times that night, twice each for Larissa and Sue. Maybe it was because they double-teamed him after the first round, Larissa riding his face while Sue rode his dick. I took advantage of their distraction to rub my own pussy until I quietly came.

My period arrived a few days later, reinforcing my false confidence in how the birth control pills worked.

A week after that, Sue came over after school, very upset. The rest of the group had arrived shortly before her. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“My parents found out that Roscoe and I are dating, and…they forbade it!” She huffed and sat on the couch.

I blinked. “They…what? But they like Roscoe and me. Also, why do they get a say in this?”

Sue looked like she was going to cry, and Roscoe put his arm around her. “I still have to live with them, and they’re going to pay for my university courses. They’re holding out hope that I’ll ‘find a nice Chinese man and settle down.’ OOOH!” She was nearly vibrating with rage.

“They care that I’m not Chinese?” Roscoe asked. “That’s racist!”

She flung out her arms and stood up. “Well, apparently my parents are racist!”

“So what’re you going to do?” I asked.

She started pulling her shirt off. “Right now Roscoe’s going to give me some breakup sex and fuck me hard, and then I’ll tell them it’s over.”

Roscoe seemed torn. “So we can’t have sex anymore…er, after this?” He started unfastening his jeans.

Sue pulled off her own jeans. “Oh, we’re gonna keeping fucking, but I can’t officially be your girlfriend anymore.” Then she jumped onto Roscoe and kissed him while lining his turgid cock up with her tiny pussy.

I looked over at Larissa. With Sue unable to date Roscoe, and Bella with her own boyfriend…

“Can I…join in again?”

We looked at Bella, who was wearing a nice blouse and trousers today. “What about Steve?” I asked her.

We were suddenly distracted by Sue’s gasp as Roscoe buried his cock inside the diminutive girl and thrust hard.

Bella cleared her throat. “I did it with him a couple times, just to make sure, but…it’s not great, ataşehir escort bayan not like…” She gestured over to the couch as Roscoe twisted, pinned Sulu to the cushion, and used her body hard. The girl’s eyes rolled back as she came. “Anyway,” Bella continued, “I broke up with him.”

I looked over at Larissa. She was splitting her attention between the sex on the couch and our conversation. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Then she got up and headed over to the mating couple. Kneeling behind Roscoe, she carefully took his scrotum in her hand.

He paused so that he wouldn’t rip his own balls off and turned to her. “Lariss?”

“You need to fill up that tight little pussy with your seed right now, Ros, ’cause it’s Bella’s turn next.”

“It is? Bella, you’re baaaacccaaauugghhh?!!”

I leaned forward and saw that Larissa’s index finger was halfway up Roscoe’s ass. Somehow this bizarre penetration had caused him to cum.

“OH!” Sulu gasped as she felt my brother’s hot sperm inject itself deep inside her nubile body. “O-HHHH! Yesss…” She wrapped her legs around him, holding him inside her as her own orgasm blossomed from that incredible sensation that I had only experienced once up to that point, by accident.

Larissa pulled her finger out of Roscoe’s butt, and after a bit, he pulled out and stood up on unsteady legs. “That felt strange, but also good?”

Larissa looked at her feet. “I, um, saw my Mom do it to Dad one night when they hadn’t closed their door all the way.” She looked down at Sue, lying there on the couch with a big, satisfied smile. “Well, since I’m not likely to get fucked today…” She knelt down and put her face between Sue’s legs.

Sue’s eyes widened. “Lariss! What are…ohh…woww…”

We gathered around to watch the voluptuous dark-haired girl as she licked Roscoe’s sperm out of Sulu’s pussy, making the smaller girl gasp and shake in pleasure. I had never suspected that any of my friends liked girls, though I remembered a couple weeks earlier when Sue had licked Roscoe’s cum off of Larissa’s stomach, and then she had moved her mouth down to her pubes and pussy as well, but I thought that Sue had just been looking for more of my brother’s semen.

“Ooh, looks like you’re ready for me,” Bella said, and I turned to see that my brother’s cock had rejuvenated from the sight of the girl-on-girl action. “Get on the couch…I want to ride you today.” As she pulled off her trousers, Roscoe did as directed, plopping his tight butt on the other side of the couch from Sue and Larissa. Bella pulled off her panties and climbed into his lap.

“Let’s get rid of this,” I said, and reached around to unfasten the tall girl’s blouse and bra.

“Huhh…” Bella moaned as she sank down upon my brother’s cock. “I don’t really like showing off my body…unh…it’s too tall and skinny, and my boobs aren’t as big as Larissa’s, or even yours, June…ohh…”

‘Thanks,’ Roscoe escort ataşehir mouthed at me as his hands moved to Bella’s breasts as she rode him. “Bella, you are so beautiful,” he told her. “Your breasts are perfect, as is the rest of you.”

“Hey, what about my breasts?” Larissa asked as she turned her head from Sue’s pussy, her mouth glistening with pussy juice and semen.

“Ohh…yours are perfect too, Lariss.” Then he leaned back to look at Sue, who was breathing heavily. “And yours too, Sue.”

She smiled, confused. “But I don’t have any breasts.” She flicked at her little nipples and shook in pleasure.

“They’re still perfect,” Roscoe replied, and we all went, “Aww…”

“Hey, Larissa,” Sue said as she reached forward to caress the other girl’s face, “did your acne clear up a bit?”

Larissa put her hand on Sue’s. “Yeah, thanks for noticing. I think it’s the birth control pills.”

I took a closer look. Sure enough, the voluptuous young woman’s face had cleared up somewhat, and her natural beauty was starting to shine through. “I’m sorry I didn’t notice, Lariss, but it looks good.”

“Thanks. Um, you should probably go get a towel.” She pointed at Bella, who was gasping and riding Roscoe harder as he sucked on one of her nipples.

I rushed to grab a towel from the cabinet upstairs, getting back barely in time as my brother grunted and filled the tall girl up with his cum, which set off her own orgasm.

“Aiieeee!!” she screamed and reared back, shaking. I shoved the towel around her hips and pussy like a makeshift diaper as she let loose. “Uh! Uhhuhhuhuhh!”

“I missed you, Bella,” Roscoe said afterward as he pulled her down for a kiss.

She kissed him back, her body still shaking from afterorgasms. “Mm, you too.”

“So what was it like fucking Steve?” Larissa asked her.

Bella thought for a moment. “Well, he’s not as big as Ros, here.” She rocked her hips, making them both groan in pleasure. “He was, um, enthusiastic? Even with a condom deadening the sensations, he didn’t last very long. We had sex twice…I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t just too excited the first time, but nope.”

“You used condoms?” I asked.

She moaned as she pulled off of my brother’s dwindling cock. “Well, yeah! You’re the one with the birth control pills, and I don’t wanna get pregnant. Plus, I cum so hard when Ros fills me up with his sperm…mmm!” She took the towel and dabbed it at her pussy as the aforementioned sperm started to drip out.

I headed back upstairs to grab pills for Bella and Sue. We were already almost halfway through the second dial, as we had been using two a day for Sue and Larissa. There were three more dials left, but I realized that one of our group would have to approach their parents for more before we ran out, or we’d have to switch to condoms, and by the sounds of it, those wouldn’t be as much fun. Sue was forbidden to have a non-Chinese boyfriend, and Bella’s family was religious, so it was probably going to come down to Larissa or me asking, and I really hoped that it wouldn’t be me. I popped out 2 pink pills and put the dial back in its hiding place. I’d hold off for as long as I could, I decided, as either of our parents finding out that we were sexually active could cause a big problem for our ‘ride Roscoe’s rod’ time.

To be continued…

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