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The Kiss Ch. 02

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Note From The Author

This short story is a continuation of The Kiss.

The earlier piece was non-erotic, appearing in the Romance category, but here Emily and Gemma’s feelings for each other develop further.

As before, “Gemma” is another Literotica member (whose name has been changed) and again my thanks to her for allowing me to publish these intimate scenes.

Having marveled at The Falls, Gemma and Emily drove back to their Niagara hotel. Emily was at the wheel, the automatic transmission allowing her to hold hands with her friend. Gemma’s mind was racing as fast as her heart. Closing her eyes she recalled Emily’s soft lips on hers, Emily’s curious tongue meeting hers, then it moving deeper into her mouth and Gemma’s own tongue, shyly, falteringly reciprocating. She remembered parting, only to embrace and stroke and kiss cheeks and bury faces in shoulders. Above everything else, she knew she had wanted more, she knew that she still did. Opening her eyes, Gemma squeezed Emily’s hand and her friend turned her head briefly to flash a smile at her.

Emily pulled over close to the front of the hotel. Gemma still thought more Addams Family than what she would call Victorian, but the place certainly had charm. The reception desk was unmanned and so Emily reached up to get their key. There was a elevator that seemed to date to the 1800s, but the girls opted for the stairs to the first floor instead. Emily fitted the key, turned the crystal doorknob and opened the door. After both girls had entered, she closed it again, leaning against its wooden panels, beaming at Gemma.

“Now I have you to myself, beautiful.”

Gemma could feel her face flush, but was unclear whether this was due to embarrassment or excitement, maybe it was both. She was certainly not used to being addressed as beautiful. Emily discarded her winter coat and pulled bursa escort off her boots, Gemma did likewise. The two girls embraced, lips pressing, mouths open, tongues entangling. Gemma stroked Emily’s hair. Emily, held Gemma’s face as they kissed urgently, then she dropped her hands to hold Gemma’s waist, pulling the two of them together. Breaking momentarily, Emily whispered in her friend’s ear.

“I really want to see you naked, angel. Is that OK?”

Rather than answer, Gemma took a step back and pulled her sweater over her head. She unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled them to the floor. Suddenly aware of what she was doing, Gemma felt herself blush even more. She raised her eyes and met the same steady gaze with which Emily had surveyed her at The Falls. Locking eyes with her friend, Gemma pulled her T-shirt over her head and stood self-consciously in bra, panties and socks.

“It’s OK, angel. You look gorgeous. Let me help.”

Emily stepped towards Gemma and stroked her face. Her other hand caressed Gemma’s side, running down from her rib cage to her hip. Emily was the smaller of the two girls and lifted her heels off the floor to kiss Gemma again, hand still on her face. The she stroked down the younger girl’s neck and across her shoulder, fingers looping her bra strap and easing it over her shoulder. Emily lent forward and kissed where Gemma’s neck met her shoulder, thrilling her, making her sigh and close her eyes.

Emily pulled the semi-naked Gemma to her, placing her hand in the small of her back. Again their lips and then tongues met. As she pushed her tongue into Gemma’s mouth, Emily moved her hand higher on her back and unclipped her bra. The garment was briefly held in place by the two girls’s bodies, but Emily moved back and it fell sideways, hanging from one just one strap and revealing Gemma’s breasts.

“Oh, hun. Look at you. Why does every girl I meet have much bursa escort bayan nicer breasts than me? You are perfect, angel, just perfect.”

Gemma slipped the remaining strap off her shoulder and cuddled herself, wrapping her uncovered breasts in her arms, self-conscious, but also trembling with excitement. Emily kissed her again and Gemma opened her arms to hold her friend to her. Emily bent slightly, stroked each of Gemma’s breasts in turn, running her fingers around her areolae. Then she made the same circles with her tongue before enveloping a soft nipple in her mouth, sucking softly, biting gently. Emily did not neglect Gemma’s other breast, leaving her nipples erect and glistening with saliva.

Emily knelt down, holding Gemma’s waist and kissed her stomach. She played with Gemma’s belly button with her tongue, before moving her hands down to Gemma’s hips and then down further, dragging her white lace panties down as well. Gemma’s embarrassment returned, she hugged her breasts and crossed her legs, trying to protect her nudity. Emily smiled, sensing Gemma’s shyness. She moved her hands to Gemma’s ass, leaned forward and placed a series of soft kisses onto the younger girl’s smooth, shaved mound.

“It’s OK, hun. It’s all OK. You are so beautiful. It’s OK.”

Gemma felt herself unfurling emotionally and physically as Emily’s soft words stroked her ears and her soft tongue stroked her body. She moved her feet slightly apart and put her hands onto Emily’s head, pulling her to her crotch. She felt Emily’s lips touch her hooded clit and then her pussy lips. Emily ran her tongue up and down Gemma’s pussy and then, at the limit of a downward lick, pushed it gently into her friends opening, which was very wet by now. Gemma breathed in hard as she felt Emily probe her. She pushed her friend’s mouth onto her harder and closed her eyes as Emily’s experienced tongue worked its magic.

Emily escort bursa moved upwards to Gemma’s clit, pulling its hood upwards with a thumb and licking the exposed pink dome as her friend began to moan. She slipped two fingers into Gemma’s dripping vagina and began to move them in and out, in and out. Emily could feel her friend’s body tremble as she continued to lick and finger.

“Em, that’s so good. Please keep going. You are amazing. Please don’t stop.”

Gemma parted her legs further and stroked Emily’s hair as the latter upped the tempo of her stimulation. The only sounds were Gemma’s heavy breathing, punctuated by moans and quiet yelps, against the rhythmic backdrop of Emily’s hand slapping against her lover’s pussy as she repeatedly thrust her two fingers in hard and knuckle-deep.

“Oh Emily, just like that, please. Oh please more, just like that. Don’t stop, you are going to make me… oh God, please, please, please…”

Emily flicked her tongue rapidly over Gemma’s clit and her fingers became a blur, fingering her friend hard and deep and fast. She felt Gemma’s body tighten Gemma’s hands push harder on her head. Gemma didn’t scream, but she uttered a deep, protracted moan and her body quivered, then spasmed. Emily felt juices flow over her hand. Withdrawing her fingers, she lapped up the creamy, translucent, gray-white liquid from her fingers and then directly from Gemma’s pink vaginal opening.

Standing again. Emily embraced her naked friend, who was still shaking a little. Gently she guided Gemma to the bed and lay her down. Gemma curled into a ball. Emily removed her own clothes, save for her socks, the floor was cold, and curled up spooning Gemma. She wrapped an arm round her friend, her hand on Gemma’s stomach and nestled behind her, softly kissing the nape of her neck. Emily pulled the covers over them both and snuggled up to Gemma’s warm, soft body.

Gemma breathed slowly and deeply, recovering, savoring the feelings, enjoying the proximity of her lover’s body. Emily waited patiently, caressing, kissing, knowing that she had found something special and looking forward to the next chapter.

To be continued…

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