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The IT Boy

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His finger trembled in trepidation above the mouse. Its underbelly emitted a soft red glow, enticing him as if he were a mere moth bound by instinct to gravitate towards the enchanting flame. Although Rafa had been called and contracted to service the homeowner’s faulty internet connection, he couldn’t help but notice the minimized document labeled “The IT Boy”. Perhaps it was a message she’d left with further instructions. After all, she’d greeted him at the door clutching her robe’s opening, motioned him to the study, and then vanished behind adjacent, opaque doors. Despite her skimpy garb, she was meek, her gaze fleeting downward. And for a geek like Rafa to deem her “meek”, he figured she was especially shy, perhaps even a social recluse. The woman had barely uttered two words before scurrying away.

Supposing the document was meant for him, he expanded it. His cocoa colored eyes latched, at random, onto a sentence that read, “Her sex clenched around his cock with each deep thrust, releasing from within a steady drip and a delicious, sudden lust for a plumber to join them and address her inner leakage.” Forcibly blinking was the only manner by which Rafa was able to break his riveted eyes’ contact with the erotic words. He learned simultaneously that there were over 20,000 unread words in the document and that, with just a handful, he’d managed to become fully aroused.

As he hastily made to minimize the alluring document, the computer froze, leaving the cursor poised futilely above the minus sign and his nerves in a panicked frenzy. Rafa quickly deduced that shutting down the wizened machine was his smoothest course of action and prayed that the document was backed up. Despite his technological knowledge and agility, his nimble fingers never reached the power button. Instead, a rope wound around his slightly stubbled throat suddenly as a silky voice whispered in his ear, “Caught ya.”


Rafa awoke in a sea of slowly dissolving purple stars with his wrists and ankles bound to the swiveling armchair. His mind swam and throat burned, raw from the chafing rope as he gingerly drew his head upright. More alarming than the bondage was the frozen computer screen that faced him accusingly, undeniable proof of his sleuthing. His hands jerked toward the glowing mouse, itching to fix the stalled machine, only resulting in the knots tightening, further constricting his blood’s circulation. Finally, survival instincts overtook his hazy confusion and shame and he thrust his body forward in a flight reaction. His attempted escape served only to intensify the knots’ strength, prolonging his imprisonment. Rafa winced at the pressure and gritted his jaw in a determined effort to remain still and channel his mind’s chaos into a focused brainstorm.

A disembodied voice behind him caused him to jump. “They haven’t come yet.” Furrowing his brow in confusion, he tried turning to meet the voice but was immobilized in the chair. For half a second, he panicked that ‘they’ were the police, until his rationale remembered that he couldn’t be charged for expanding a document. Fired? Perhaps. But arrested? Never.

“What are you talking about?” he spat in annoyance. Masking embarrassment and bewilderment with indignant irritation helped boost the computer tech’s his non-existent confidence in the bizarre situation. Rafa prayed that the ropes binding his body would also contain the anxiety that coursed through his constricted blood vessels. Despite his wishes, he sensed his fear permeating the aura around him, palpable and unsettling like ions coursing wildly in the humidity before a thunderstorm.

“The characters,” the voice breathed into his ear. The sudden, hot breath jolted his left side body to attention. “And I can’t cum until my characters do.” She punctuated the sentence with a soft suck to his earlobe, releasing a shudder of pleasure.

Popping his eyes open in disbelief at the strangeness of his position Escort bayan he saw the voice’s body sitting on the desk across from his imprisoning chair. The computer screen glowed behind her black silk robe, illuminating her already striking features and figure in a hypnotic blue tone. Her filter had dissolved. The demure eyes that’d greeted him at the door earlier shone intensely, like the sun on seawater. He blinked away, saw her chest evenly rising and falling through the silk slit and then tore his gaze towards her slightly parted legs, casually dangling off the desk. Gone was the polite meekness that welcomed him into her house. Her body was poised in relaxed, confident dominance, a cougar ready to pounce. The only shroud of discomfort came from her eager eyes, impatient for the feast to be had.

Somewhere along the way, anxiety had morphed to attraction and all of Rafa’s internal desires had synced up, committing to the odd circumstances like an actor slipping into character. “And I supposed you’d like me to troubleshoot that as well?” he guessed. His client studied him with a poker face though he was sure he saw a flicker of excitement spark in her eyes.

“Do you really have a choice?” the woman asked as she nodded towards the ropes. Her lips curled, revealing teeth that expressed more hunger than happiness.

Rafa looked down at the cords confining his body to the chair and then said, “Even without the ropes my choice would remain the same; to satisfy my client’s needs to the best of my ability.” She tilted her head sideways in apparent contemplation, then rewarded his agreement and dedication by untying her sash and removing the robe. Beneath, her breasts plunged deeply into a black lace bra. Immediately, the young man urged to hold them in his hands, imagining their supple softness. This desire, followed by the aggravating recall that his hands were imprisoned resulted in his cock swelling and lust blossoming. Fondling would no longer suffice; he wanted to fuck those plush tits with his increasing hardness. He bit his lower lip, aiding her efforts of confinement with his own self-restraint. She studied the desires passing through his widened eyes if she were reading a news feed at the bottom of a television. But rather than a bored, disinterest in the monotonous drone of negativity that spewed from the news, she was transfixed by his reactions, relishing his surrender.

Robe discarded, she slid off the desk and then sank to her knees in front of the chair. Rafa’s mind conjured images of her thin, pink lips parting to take his cock into her mouth in her position of servitude. He could feel his loaded penis entering her mouth and sliding into her throat, her warm saliva trickling down his throbbing shaft. When he imagined unleashing the massive load of cum that was building inside of him all over her foxish face, a surge of blood engorged his sex. Instead of fulfilling his fantasy, she brought the rim of her bra towards his hands. He lunged eagerly, then gritted his teeth as the knots tightened their grasp on his wrists and his fingers failed to find her skin, landing instead on the bra’s lace cup.

“You have no choices,” she said, rising to her feet, retracting the beautiful bosom away from his itching hands. “Your monkey mind will swing from one vine of desire to the next in an endless journey of wanting to touch, kiss, bite, squeeze and fuck me,” the woman listed as she placed her hands on the arm rests, hovering above him. “But you will listen, obey, service, and pleasure me.” She paused momentarily, letting Rafa’s sex-mad mind comprehend the new terms. Then, she draped each of her thick thighs on either side of his waist and settled her finely toned, thonged ass over his bulging groin. When she rocked her hips slowly over his mound, he pulsed back thirstily, meeting her carnal gaze through his thick, dark eyebrows.

She brought her mouth towards his and he opened his Bayan escort mouth in anticipation. Instead of a kiss however, she took his lower lip into her wet mouth and sucked hard. She rolled it between her teeth and Rafa let out a soft groan of hurtful delight. Slowly, like honey dripping off a spoon, she released it from her esurient teeth. “Even this,” she began, brushing his reddened lip with her pinky tip, “is mine. If I want it sucked, kissed or bitten, I will do it or give you permission to.”

Rafa rubbed his lips together and was surprised to feel them bathed in a soothing balm. “Yes,” he agreed automatically as he pondered as to how she produced the ointment. He understood a moment later as her hands disappeared behind her back to a belt fastened around her slim waist that attached to her thong in several complex straps.

“Good. Now then, a reward,” she said as she rummaged through the belt. Her hands reemerged with a pair of scissors that Rafa initially believed were the keys his freedom. Upon seeing her eyes shine wickedly however, Rafa realized that they were not for rope cutting. He nearly bit his lip in trepidation but, restraining himself, swallowed instead, unsure of the ‘reward’ in store for him. She lowered the shining instrument to his abdomen, eliciting a sudden, sharp inhale as he instinctively withdrew his belly. Rafa released his breath when she snipped his t-shirt twice. Setting the scissors aside, she gripped the fabric in fists and tore his shirt open with a satisfying rip. Her long fingers traced the grooves of his golden abdomen and she began to rock her hips once more over his cock. As her fingers inched towards his waistband she ground harder into him. Rafa matched her hardness with his own, using what little movement the bondage allowed him to thrust into her. She tossed her head backwards, allowing a soft moan to escape. If he’d had the permission and mobility, he would’ve sucked her pulsing neck and trailed his tongue to her ears to softly bite. Instead, he ran his tongue over his teeth sharply.

Without warning, the woman rose from her throne and resumed a kneeling position at Rafa’s feet. After unbuckling his belt she commanded, “Up.” He raised his hips obediently and she slid his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, springing his erection free from the confines of the clothes. Rafa enjoyed watching her eyes rove over his inches, appreciating his size and girth. ­­With her hands in the same silky ointment, she began rubbing circles around his knees. An avid runner, he sighed in relief as her surprisingly strong hands eased his consistently sore joints into blissful relaxation. She wound her way closer towards his still swelling cock. The woman massaged around his arousal, pointedly avoiding his penis and causing the computer tech to form fists with his hands.

When she began to close the gap between them with her mouth, Rafa couldn’t help but aid her efforts by thrusting his hips towards her open mouth. The woman peered at him through her dark lashes and licked her lips tantalizingly before opening them towards his rock hard head. There, she paused, her jaw slack as if in disbelief. It was Rafa, however, that was left in a state of incredulity as he watched his cock pulse towards her moist lips as if bewitched by her balmy breath. His hardness was mere millimeters from her tongue that shone with saliva. He felt her fingers press under his balls, swirling circles and stimulating his prostate as her alluring mouth said, “Come into me,” releasing hot moisture onto the tip of dick. The pressure increased on his perineum and he groaned loudly as his head fell back in agonizing delight. Somehow, seemingly defy the laws of physics and biology, Rafa’s cock obeyed and expanded into her awaiting opening. Feeling her lips wrap around his head, his hardness meeting her smooth tongue was near orgasmic. The woman moaned with his member in her mouth, sending vibrations escort down his thick shaft. She slowly worked her head up and down his cock, tightening her lips with each thrust, which produced from her captive a throb and moan as he sped towards climax. Her hungry gaze pierced him and he longed to pull her skull deeper onto his dick. He bulged with mounted, hard pressure and felt the slightest trickle escape from his tip. The mouth fucking stopped abruptly as she stood back up. Of course she wasn’t going to let him cum that easily.

Rafa sent her a piercing gaze of agonizing, stifled desire. “You teasing slut,” he moaned.

“What are you going to do about it?” she asked, amused at his overwhelming horniess in the confined position.

Without missing a beat Rafa responded, “Bend you over that desk and fuck you hard.” With his body bound and near bursting, it felt empowering to use his voice and satisfying to imagine taking the vixen the way he wanted. He didn’t stop there. “If you told me to stop I would, only to slide my cock into your ass and fuck you there too. I’d spank your thighs harder and harder til my hand was tattooed on your body.” The images reeled in his mind, releasing a devious smile across his face. “And if you continued to protest, I’d call up that plumber from your story and have him plug your mouth to keep you quiet. After he’d unload down your throat, I’d pump my own load into your ass. I know you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from clenching around my cock and cum hard, being the hungry whore that you are.” Marginally relieved, he smiled at the woman whose eyes were shining with ravenous want.

“At last,” she began as she once again resumed her straddle, “the perfect ending to my story.” Grabbing his shoulders she hovered her pussy above his erection, pulled her thong string sideways, and slowly slid her wetness around his arousal. Rafa groaned with relief as she coated each inch of him with her slick pussy. He wanted nothing more than to grab her supple ass. Instead he focused on his cock pulsing inside her, the wetness that dribbled to his bulging balls. The woman fucked him in alternating speeds, slowing considerably each time he neared climax. She licked his neck and bit his pulse, undoubtedly leaving a mark. When Rafa thrust against her in his hunger, she retracted slightly until only his head was inside her. Gazing at him intensely, she squeezed her walls around his throbbing head, which released another trickle of precum. He met her eyes with his own unbound fire and yearned to drive her hips downwards, swallowing his dick.

“Not yet,” she commanded. “I’m going to squeeze it out of you, each last drop. I want you to get every last bit of it into my pussy. I want to feel you dripping out of me next week.” Slowly she slid back down his shaft and began to clench around his hardness. A moan escaped his lips and she responded by clenching his throat with both her hands. The constriction of breath and blood resulted in blood rushing to his needy cock and it ballooned inside her, stretching her even more. She began to bounce lightly, each time clenching at his broad base. Rafa sipped air and gripped the arm rests. The woman’s expression of wicked delight slowly melted and she began to shudder. “Now.”

As she released her hold on his throat he sucked in fresh air, filling his lungs with relieving satisfaction. She cried out in orgasm, grasping his hardness so tightly that he shot his load deep in her shaking cunt. Shots of hot cum filled her moistness and Rafa nearly screamed in the sweet relief. He pulsed several more times, giving each drop that she’d demanded. When he was empty, he slumped in the chair, overwhelmed in pleasure.

Swiftly she cut the ropes and massaged his wrists, further delighting his body as his blood coursed regularly again. The woman removed herself and turned to retrieve her robe. Despite his utter exhaustion, Rafa seized the window of opportunity to launch himself from the desk chair grab her waist in her hands and press her torso onto the computer desk. He savored her body tensing in apprehension. Grabbing fistfuls of her hair towards him, he growled into her ear, “I’ll save this for the next time your computer needs servicing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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