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The Indian Agent

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I moved on to the reservation in 1887 and it seemed like it was very safe. I lived there for 3 months before I brought my wife out to join me. I can’t tell you how happy I was to have Angie join me. We both started working in the office and as time went on I noticed lots of the young men hanging around her in the office.

Angie chatted and even flirted some with them. My wife is a very pretty young woman, with dark hair and strikingly blue eyes. Plus she shapes in all of the perfect places. I had noticed Angie was leaving two buttons undone at the neck of her blouse each day showing just a bit of cleavage for the visitors. I found it very sexy.

And a few mornings later I suggested she unbutton more just as we walked into the office. I had not looked at her, but out of the corner of my eye I had seen her smile and reach up towards the front of her blouse. I was a couple hours later when several young braves hung around her desk I saw she had unbuttoned three more buttons. You could see flesh below her cotton bra and as her blouse gapped open more I could see that her bra was thin enough you could see the darker of her of her nipples peaking through. It was even more sexy.

The braves were getting a very sexy view of my wife. And she was enjoying it. More young men began to hang out around Angie’s desk more and more. I finally told her I felt it would be very sexy if she left her bra in out quarters.

“My God David do you want them to all see my bare breasts?”

“Well Sweetheart they are beautiful maybe, just most of them?”

“David as far as I am unbuttoned my nipples will show lots.”

“Well maybe button one button up.”

I was busy the next day and had little time to see what Angie had done or not done. When I did finally look over when the 6 braves around her desk parted enough to peak at her, I saw her bra was gone and her blouse was still unbuttoned where it had been and her nipples were on show part of the time.

The young men began to show up more and more and finally one morning the old Chief came into my office and stood beside my desk. He stood there a long time. I finally turned to him.

“Can I help you Chief?”

“You trade woman?”

I had no idea what he meant and decided I needed help. There was an old man who sat outside Kolej Escort the building all the time and I knew he spoke good English. So I got up signaled the Chief to wait and went out and sat beside the old man.

“The Chief just ask me if I would trade the woman, what does he mean?”

“The young ones want your wife. The Agent before you traded his wife for young Indian wives. Some young ones got drunk every night and others fucked their wives. The agent traded his wife to them and finally she just moved into the hut in the center where the two squaws live. The two are tribal whores every body fucks them. They are from another tribe no one likes so they are whores. The agents wife joined them and she became another one. They want you to donate her like he did. If you do not give her up to them, they will never trust you and will say you are like the old agents who were stealing everything from the Indians.”

“Is there anything I can do to earn their trust other than give her up for them?”

“You can try but I doubt it. She is flirting and shows her pretty breasts for them. They feel it is getting closer to her becoming theirs. Show more and it will show good faith?”

“She need to show them more?”

“Maybe if she gives them her breasts and works with out her top? Who knows the want her badly. You may just have to let them have her. Let her become their whore too.”

“They will all fuck her?”

“Yes there are 52 men in our tribe. Every man will fuck her. The Chief even wants her. I will fuck your wife if she is in the hut. But you will become trusted and the whores will be yours to enjoy. Plus some will feel sorry for you and a few of the young wives will come to your bed too.”

I thanked him and went back inside to where the Chief stood waiting. And again he said.

“You trade woman?”

I nodded and pointed over towards the hut in the center of the village. He nodded big time now.

“Yes, trade her for over there.”

“Okay I trade her tomorrow?”

Again he nodded.

“Yes this is good trade her tomorrow.”

He left the office.

On our way down to the office the next day Angie ask what the Chief had wanted yesterday. We stopped and I looked at her. I then explained in detail Kuzey Ankara Escort what was going on.

“Oh my God David. you mean you may have to turn me over to them as their whore?”

“Yes Honey there may be no other choice. I had no idea this was going to be a problem. I admit I had heard rumors of Wilma being sexually active with the braves.”

“You knew Wilma Bradly was their whore?”

“No but I did know some of the young ones fucked her while they were here.”

“And what about me did you know it could be the same for me?”

“Yes I did.”

“You knew I would likely be with some of the braves?”

“Yes I did.”

“And you want me to be?”

“Yes, I do want you to do it.”

“Maybe just a few of them?”

“No Angie they will all want you.”

“Oh God is that the way it is?”

“As soon as we get in there this morning Angie I want you to just take your blouse off and sit there at your desk with your beautiful breasts bare for them.”

“You told him they could have me this morning didn’t you?”

“I didn’t have a choice Angie, they want you in the hut.”

“I am to become their whore?”

“Yes in a few minutes they will take you and begin it.”

“Oh God let’s go in and I will show them my tits.”

“Then they will take you.”

“I know and I am ready.”

“You knew didn’t you?”

“When you were outside with the old man. The chief came to me and he pulled my blouse open and touched my breasts. He said tomorrow we want you.”

“And Angie does it excite you?”

“It scares me silly, I have never thought about being sexual for a large group of men, but yes it does excite me.”

“Sweetheart let’s step into the office and you slip your clothes all off and you sit down at your desk I will open up and they are going to take you over the twenty feet to the whore’s hut and it will start.”

I opened up and she did as I told her I looked out and could see them coming for her. I turned and looked at her as she sat there waiting. I crossed to her and kissed her hard with tongue fondling her beautiful breasts.

“Okay I am opening the door now and they will take you. Just go and become theirs now.” I stepped over unlocked the door and opened it. The Chief Maltepe Escort stepped through first.

“You trade woman to us?”

I swung my hand toward my nude wife showing they could have her as she sat nude waiting for them.

“Yes, You make trade.”

He gestured to the young men behind him to take her. And we watched as they took her out the door and towards the hut standing so centered in their village. The focal point of where all the men of the tribe went and now Angie was the center of it. I was amazed that nearly the whole tribe was out to watch it like some type of major event. As they were taking her through the doorway Angie turned her head and looked back at me.

“My God David, can this really be happening to me?”

The Chief stood looking into my eyes. It was quiet for a bit and then we could hear her.

“Oh My God his cock is going in me. He is fucking me now.”

The chief nodded sharply.

“It is good the trade has been made and they have started with it.”

I watched as he walked slowly over and entered the hut. It was very quiet for a few seconds and then.

“Oh my God Chief your cock is huge. Oh my God yes, clear in my, Oh yes fuck, me fuck me.”

I had to smile as I turned to my desk and went back to business. Several minute passed before the door opened and a very naked Chief walked up proudly in front of my desk I saw the very wet juices of my wife dripping off the very large end of his penis fresh from the depths of her vagina.

“Very good trade is made she now belongs to us. many will be with her today. I will send my youngest wife for your bed tonight. You will enjoy her many times.”

I heard my wife cry out several times that day as they fucked her. Not in pain but in passion, and the joy of sexual bliss.

It was nearly dark when the Chief brought a beautiful young woman nude to the office.

“You take young wife home to enjoy tonight enjoy she still needs to learn much. But like your wife she will learn much.”

We watched as he slowly walked back over to the hut and entered it. We stood looking at each other listening.

“Oh yes Chief I was hoping you would come back again. Oh God yes you feel so good, yes fuck me yes.”

We started off for my quarters with my arm around her and a very firm little tit in my hand. She giggled

“My husband is fucking your wife so good right now and soon you will fuck his wife as well I hope.”

And she spoke perfect English.

“They will all fuck her many times in the coming years and we will enjoy it together many times too.”

I hoped they both learned much.

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