Temmuz 14, 2024

The Ice Cream Sundae Ch. 02

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Thanks for the comments/messages, constructive feedback is appreciated. I will continue to try to improve the story. Hope you enjoy!


Chapter Two: Secrets

I will admit it. I will admit, maybe only to myself, that I masturbated thinking about my mom and another woman sexually indulging themselves with each other. And that other woman, who I happen to know very well, is also was like a mother to me. But after what I saw yesterday when I stumbled upon Jenny’s Mom, Olivia, eating out my mother in our own kitchen after dressing her naked body up in ice cream toppings, I couldn’t help myself. It was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

I woke up feeling a little paranoid though. My interaction with Olivia afterwards was kind of odd, when she returned my keys to me. I wonder where exactly she found them. It seemed possible that she suspects I saw them.

“I just need to act like nothing happened,” I assured myself, “especially around Mom.”

I slipped out of bed and put on a fresh shirt. There were noises coming from the kitchen, and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee was seeping into my bedroom. Shuffling down the stairs, I found my mother cooking omelets on the stove. Despite wearing a white bathrobe, she seemed to have herself put together for the day already.

“You’re up early,” Mom greeted me, turning her attention the sizzling skillet.

“Unfortunately,” I replied groggily. “I’m too used to waking up before seven for my early AM classes.” I sleepily rubbed my eye brows. “That coffee smells fantastic!”

She acknowledged my request with a smile and reached up to grab a mug from the cupboard. Stretching up on her toes, she struggled to grasp the mug with her fingertips, causing her bathrobe to ride up higher towards her butt and revealing the back of her thighs. I found myself staring, imagining chocolate syrup sliding down them.

Without success, she then lifted her knee on the counter to get more leverage, causing the robe to further rise until I could see the bottom of her black panties. At forty six, Mom still had a pretty nice ass.

With a groan, she was finally able to retrieve the mug, both feet coming back to rest on the floor, her panties again out of view.

“I don’t know why I haven’t moved them to a lower shelf since you went to college,” she huffed, pointing the spatula towards me. “And now that you’re here I should be making you reach them for me!”

Her attention went back to finish cooking the omelet, tossing cheese on it before folding it over. Her robe was loosening up from her activity in the kitchen, the belt coming untied. As she moved about, I noticed she was wearing a black nightie beneath the robe. It appeared short, lacy, and very sheer.

Mom spun around with the skillet, flipping the omelet onto a plate beside two strips of bacon. Her robe was completely open now, and as she pushed the plate towards me, I could see her large breasts through the black lace nightie, hanging freely without the support of a bra. She seemed unaware that she was exposing herself, but her nipples were pointing right at me. The memory of those nipples topped with whip cream like snow caps flashed into my mind. This wasn’t helping me to forget about my mom having sex, or tame the erection that I was hiding under that table.

“So Olivia called,” my mother said, pouring my coffee as she spoke.

“Olivia?” I was paralyzed in terror. Did she tell my mom that I saw them?

“Yeah, you know, Jenny’s mother.”

“Of course,” I replied, attempting to cover my surprised response with nonchalance. “What did she want?”

“Well, she needs a little help around her house. She was hoping you could help her with some things.”

I slumped my tense shoulders in relief. Maybe Mom still has no idea that I saw them having sex, even if Olivia suspects that I know. I hope it stays that way. I still wasn’t looking forward to an awkward confrontation though. I scrunched my eyebrows in a ‘do I have to?’ complaint in response to the request.

“I know you just got here last night,” Mom pleaded, “but I already told her you could. She insisted bahis firmaları it wouldn’t take too long.”

“Okay. I’m going to the gym this morning, but I can swing over right after.”

“Thanks Hun,” she replied, leaning over to hug me. “I know she would really appreciate that.”

I nodded in acknowledgement, taking a long sip of coffee and stuffing a forkful of egg in my mouth.

“Oh by the way,” my mother called on her way out of the kitchen, “I picked up your favorite chocolate ice cream. Help yourself when you get home!”

My mouth hung open, frozen for a moment as the flashbacks from yesterday rushed through my mind. Ice cream at home was never going to be the same.

Several hours later, feeling invigorated after returning from the gym, I found myself again at Jenny’s front door. This time though, I was there out of obligation to help her mother with some chores.

“All I need to do is be friendly and act like everything is normal,” I told myself.

“Come on in Amos,” Olivia greeted me warmly at the door. She was dressed in jeans and a maroon tank top, partially covered by an unbuttoned grey cardigan. “Thanks for helping me out with a couple things around here.”

“It’s no big deal,” I said. “Glad I can help.”

Carrying large cardboard boxes from the basement to the attic, I casually talked to Olivia, nothing seeming out of the ordinary. Jenny wasn’t around, apparently out at the mall shopping with a few of her girlfriends. Even without her here, I began to relax in the company of her mother.

“Alright Amos, you’re almost done. Just one last thing. Are you comfortable on ladders?”

“As long as I’m not juggling and fire breathing,” I joked. “Seriously though, ladders are ok.”

Famous last words.

Outside, it was a chilly nineteen degrees, with the wind whipping across my face making it feel even colder.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to this,” I muttered to myself, yanking out wads of dirt and leaves from the gutter and throwing them to the ground. By now I was a filthy mess, and I felt a little discouraged. I had cleaned out almost the entire gutter, but I could see that it was still backed up with mud at the far end. I climbed back down and grabbed a broom.

At the other end along the roof, I climbed back up the ladder, my feet about six feet off the ground. I poked the gutter with the broom, thinking that I could dislodge whatever was jammed in there. It worked, kind of. Unfortunately, the connecting rain spout detached and came down too, followed by gallons of dirty, sour smelling water that must have been backed up there for months. The rain spout missed hitting me, but the water didn’t, splashing me in the face and pouring down my body. At the same time I jolted in surprise and slipped, falling off the ladder.

The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground with the wind knocked out of me, soaked and freezing in the twenty degree temperatures. Olivia must have heard the clamor of the rain spout crashing to the ground, because it didn’t take long before she was rushing outside to see what had happened.

“Oh my God, Amos! Are you alright?” she cried, kneeling over me, with concern and worry on her face.

I could only sputter and wheeze in response, my lungs still unable to fill with air. “Yup,” I finally choked, unsure of what I had done to myself.

Jenny’s mom helped me to my feet. “Let’s get you indoors and out of this cold!”

Shivering inside the front door, I must have been still in a daze, because the next thing I knew Olivia was stripping my shirt and shoes off, ushering me to the bathroom.

“A hot shower will help,” she soothed me as my teeth chattered, “and get you cleaned off too.”

My bewilderment from the fall was starting to wear off, as I felt Olivia push me back until I was leaning on the sink. Without any resistance from me, she pulled my pants off from my ankles, leaving me wearing only my boxer briefs.

Before I knew it, I was standing in the shower facing the faucet spraying hot water over me, soaking my underwear. I realized that Jenny’s mom was in there with me, and I felt her fingers running through my hair. kaçak iddaa My nostrils filled with aroma of flowery shampoo, and she massaged soap across my shoulders.

I turned to face her, noticing that she was still wearing her maroon tank top and jeans, completely drenched and clinging tightly to her body.

“Olivia, you’re clothes are all wet,” I noted.

“Yeah I guess they are!” she laughed, as if she was noticing for the first time as well.

Without hesitation, she pulled the dripping tank top over her head and dropped it to the shower floor, followed by her denim pants.

I stood speechless and she continued to strip, unclasping her cream colored bra and matching panties. Completely naked now, water streamed down her breasts and off the tips of her protruding nipples. Her normally wavy brown hair was matted down her neck, and her eyelashes clumped together. I must have been holding my breath as I took in the view, gazing down her body and noticing the trimmed patch of hair on her pubic mound.

There was hunger in her eyes staring back at me, checking me out as well. They glanced down towards my boxer briefs, the only thing left on my body. Her stare met mine with a seductive smile on her face, and before I knew what was happening she was pulling my briefs down to my ankles. From her crouched position below me, she looked up at my cock, which sprang up erectly, nearly brushing her face.

I was still wondering if I had a slight concussion from the fall off the ladder, but with the turn of events leading to me being completely naked in the shower with Olivia, there was no symptom that could hide how horny I was.

“Amos!” Olivia exclaimed, “Did I do this to you?”

“I can’t help it,” I sheepishly replied, “You are a very attractive woman.”

“Don’t be sorry, Hun.” She soothed. “It’s my fault this happened to you in the first place. Besides, that is a beautiful cock you have there.”

“Uh…thanks.” I had no idea what an appropriate response would be.

This was all happening so fast. I never in my life thought I would find myself in this situation, naked in the shower with Jenny’s mom, finding each other sexually irresistible. It seemed innocent at first, but I suppose that can change pretty fast when you’re testing that fine line. Even fully clothed, Olivia looked insanely hot soaked under the showerhead. She is a striking woman in her forties, but she also shares a lot of resemblance to her beautiful daughter. A slightly curvier, fuller version of Jenny, Olivia stood a few inches shorter than me, and her breasts, which I could now see in their full glory, seemed to be about the same size, a C cup I would guess.

“I can make you feel better Amos,” she said, still crouched near my waist. She seemed to be licking her lips as she wrapped her fingers around my hard penis.

“Oh yeah? How can you do that?” I asked, daring to provoke her. Our eyes were locked as I looked down on her. The water from the showerhead seemed to be running off of my cock and into her face, but she didn’t flinch.

She smiled again, and without breaking eye contact licked the tip of my dick. I shuddered as I watched her engulf the rest of it in her mouth, sucking slowly.

“Oh God, that does feel good…” a hoarse whisper escaped from my mouth, “Really fucking good.”

Olivia kept sucking my cock as she gripped my hips, only breaking to run her tongue down to its base and along my testicles.

“This is some kind of first aid,” I gasped, leaning back on the shower wall and gripping the glass door for support.

That made her laugh. “You know, Amos, I forgot how much I missed this.”

“Missed what exactly?”

“Being fucked by a man.”

“But we haven’t really fu-“

Before I could even finish the sentence, she stood and grabbed my stiff member, aligning it with the entrance of her vagina.

“Olivia, this is wrong…”

She cut me off by kissing me hard, her tongue invading my mouth. While my words objected, my body offered no resistance as I felt my penis slide across her labia.

“Yess… Amos, it certainly is…” she hissed in my ear.

“But…” I began pleading, kaçak bahis “you don’t understand, I think I’m in love with your daughter.”

“Awww.. that’s so cute,” she said, with no hesitation as she lifted her left leg and pushed my cock into her pussy.

We both moaned as I entered her completely. I held her leg, leaving her open to me as I slowly eased in and out of her. Her breasts bounced with each thrust, and the water continued to splash across our bodies. I passionately kissed down her neck as we melted together.

“Sometimes,” Olivia said between kisses, “your mother fucks me with a strap on in the shower. Just like this.”

“What?” I said, pulling my mouth from her, my body tensing with the surprise information.

“I know,” she spoke between nibbling my ear, “that you caught us yesterday,” she explained. “You left the garage door open and your keys right there on the ground.”

“Oh no, does my mom – ” I started to ask in a panicked tone.

“No,” she casually said, still grinding on me with her leg in the air. “Your mom has no clue that you were there. You’re lucky I found the keys first.”

“Thank G-“I started, before being interrupted again.

“Yes!” she cried out, thrusting her crotch harder into me. “Right there! Harder Amos.”

This was maddening and messed up, hearing Olivia tell me about sex with my mom while I was having sex with her. I have to confess, it turned me on even more.

More aggressively now, I kissed from her neck to her mouth, biting at her lower lip as our fucking picked up pace.

The encounter had turned erotic and primal, and there was no turning back. Our wet bodies were entangled, hands gripping each other, vision losing sight through the steam filled shower.

“I’m going to cum,” I announced, drilling Olivia’s pussy and gripping her ass.

“Wait, not yet…I want to taste it!” she declared, sliding off me and kneeling. She pleasured herself with her right hand and stuffed my cock back in her mouth with other, sucking vigorously to finish me off.

I let out a grunt as the current surged through me, exploding in the release that splashed across her tongue, shooting to the back of her throat. My orgasm seemed to send her over the edge, her hand rubbing wildly on her clit. With my penis still filling her mouth, her moans were muffled. Our spasms slowed and we collapsed into each other, breathing heavy.

After washing every crevice of each other again to rinse the sex off, Olivia shut the faucet off and handed me a towel. I dried myself off but continued to watch Jenny’s nude mother standing there.

“So… is this a secret then?” I asked, trying to figure out what to make of what just happened.

“Yes, our secret, Amos. I won’t let on about your feelings to Jennifer, and you have to keep my other secret.”

“This is suddenly a lot of secrets.”

“And don’t worry, Hun. Just because you fucked me, doesn’t mean you can’t fuck my daughter too.”

“I don’t think she even…” I trailed off. “We’ve never been…”

“Oh kid, she wants you, trust me.” She winked. “A mother knows.”

The next sound caught us both by surprise. We both heard the front door close and looked at each other in horror. Jenny was home.

“Quick, put these on,” Olivia whispered, throwing a pair of grey sweatpants at me, followed by a large t-shirt and a pair of pink bunny slippers. “It’s the only thing I have that might fit you.”

I barely had the shirt around my neck before she was pushing me through the bedroom window. I fell clumsily out onto a bush three feet below the window and rolled into the grass.

“Sorry Amos!” Jenny’s mother called out, her topless figure hanging out the window, tossing the slippers towards me. “I’ll wash your clothes. Remember, our secrets.”

The window slammed shut and I turned to walk down the street in my ridiculous outfit. I looked down at myself to read “Mothers’ Day 5k Run” on the front of the oversized green t-shirt, which made me laugh. The grey sweatpants were too short and too tight, causing me to walk like Robocop, and the pink fuzzy slippers… well they didn’t help either. Hobbling like a chicken, I quickened my pace to get out of the cold, praying that none of the neighbors saw me.

“Some holiday break this is turning out to be.”


Coming soon – Chapter 3: The Elephant in the Hot Tub

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