Temmuz 17, 2024

The Forbidden

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Recently remarried and in our 40’s, Michael and I live more like we are in our 20’s. We love to play around all the time. It always sparks arousal. No matter who is around.

One night we were laying on the couch wrestling over the remote. My daughter was watching TV upstairs with her boyfriend, so I was trying not to get aroused. I put the remote under my ass. The more I fought him off to keep it, the more aroused he became. In turn, I also became aroused. I could feel his cock growing against my stomach. We kept wrestling for the remote back and forth until he landed on top of me. It sent a chill through my body! I knew at that point we wouldn’t hold out for long.

I looked into those wonderful brown eyes and felt his hands cupping my ass. His knees were working to spread my legs apart. The heat of my pussy could be felt through my drawstring bottoms. Just as he bent to kiss me in that ” wow baby you make me melt way”, he gave a little squeeze and uplift to my ass. His tongue started twisting and dancing with mine. It was hot, heated lust on the rise. His cock, pushing through the hole in his boxers started grinding into my pants, pushing them inside my pussy. At that moment, so wrapped up in this tongue-fucking dance, the kids upstairs slipped my mind.

The wetness on my pants from being pushed inside my pussy was alluring. The sensual musk alluding from my pussy was exciting him more. He kissed me deeper. His tongue moved in fucking motions. He sucked my lips and started to work down my pants.

I broke from the kiss and whispered, “baby the kids are just upstairs, we can’t!”

He whispered back, ” we can hear them if they come down and just cover up.”

I thought for a second, and then he kissed me again. Our breathing became more rapid. Our slippery wet tongues dancing together. Our mouths were sucking until we felt breathless. My heart was pounding when we broke free to breath and stare in bahis firmaları each other’s eyes.

Ash and Derek came down stairs and went into the kitchen. One room separated us.

At first I thought, “damn why did they have to come down stairs.” Then Michael slipped his finger inside my pussy. The moment was incredible. The thought of getting caught made me want even more. He pushed two fingers in and deeper, rubbing against my inner walls. It was driving me insane to stay quiet until I couldn’t any longer.

I moaned softly and whispered, “baby I want you so bad!”

That is when he dipped a third finger in my ass and stuck his tongue down my throat. Kissing me so hot and wild! It makes my nipples harden to think back on it! I felt his hard cock pushing against my leg. I just wanted to bend down and suck it so bad. The more I thought of the kids in the kitchen, the more I wanted to do it. The more I wanted it the further Michael went.

His whispers! Oh my god, his whispers! If you could hear them! His gruff sexy voice in my ear telling me how he was going to fuck me.

That he wanted to take his nasty slut bitch wife right there! The more he said, the harder he pushed his fingers inside me.

My pussy was so wet and ready for more. I just couldn’t hold back the sounds. Michael brought his fingers up to my mouth and I licked them and kissed him. I slid my tongue over his and gave him my flavor. He had to have more so he slid down between my legs and started eating my pussy like he hadn’t had it in months. When he started teasing my clit I was getting to loud.

I pushed him back and said “come on baby lets go upstairs.”

When we got to the steps I dropped the blanket. I bent to pick it back up and Michael grabbed me and started licking my ass. It felt so good I just froze. He pulled me down on the blanket. My hands were on the step and I was on my knees with ass spread by his hands. Ash kaçak iddaa and Derek were right there in the next room. I was so full of excitement I didn’t even care. I turned around and braced my back on the bottom step. Put my legs up on the door of the stairway and pulled Michael to my pussy. Popping, sucking pussy noise could be heard, and I’m sure the kids did.

I started moaning louder as Michael started fucking my pussy with his tongue. I wanted, needed his cock inside me. I pulled him up my stomach. He licked and sucked every bit of the way. Stopping to roam my belly button. Thumping his tongue over the little silver bead in it. Then he licked between my tits and sucked and tugged each one. I was digging my nails in his hips pulling him closer. I just couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me. He knew this and teased and rubbed his cock around the opening of my pussy. When he leaned to suck from neck up to my chin and then suck my lips in, that is when he drove his cock in deep. Long hard thrust made us both start to moan.

A moan was heard that wasn’t ours. It was Ash! Michael and I looked around the corner and Derek had her on the counter sucking her tit. His fingers were inside her pussy! “They must have seen and heard us,” I said!

We looked at each other and could feel the heat from each other. Derek’s cock was big and hard! The look they gave each other made me feel hot! Michael drove his cock inside me again and started fucking me hot and wild! The sounds of his balls slapping my ass were loud. I looked between us and saw his cock working in and out of my pussy. White milk started to cover his cock, dripping a little down his balls and my ass.

The more we moaned and fucked the more we heard from them. He was fucking her hard. We could hear the smacking of flesh from them too. It was such a turn on! Michael’s cock was throbbing I knew it was close to blowing! I was cumming a steady stream!

He kaçak bahis thrust another long hard push inside my pussy and groaned.

I could feel the cum shoot from him and hit the back of my pussy! He grabbed my hips and squeezed! His load so big it was running out of me.

As we lay in each other’s arms recouping, we listened to them loving in the kitchen right next to us. Kissing and caressing each other in rhythm to the moans. I rolled Michael to lie on his back on the floor. His legs were in the doorway to the kitchen. I straddled his waist and rubbed his cock on my ass. Some cum still sitting on the little hole in the head. Half hard at first but started growing as the moans in the kitchen got louder. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Derek looking down at us. My ass and Michael’s cock were in plain view.

When I whispered he was watching, Michael became instantly ready again.

I continued to play with his cock at my ass, in all the cum. Swirling it all over my ass until the head popped inside. Michael grabbed my hips and started pushing his cock up my ass. It felt so fucking good. I saw hunger in Derek’s young eyes! He wanted to do that too. I could see it! He started fucking Ash harder! The sweat from his brow dropped to her nipples. He was concentrating so intently on what we were doing, as if he were doing the same with Ash.

Michael said, ” Oh my little slut I want to piss in your ass!”

It set me on fire when I felt that hot burst in my ass. The looseness of the sound of squishing, fucking flesh! I started cumming, Michael started cumming, and then as I looked back and gave a sly love to be fucked look to Derek he started cumming! When he braced and sucked onto Ash’s neck, she started cumming too! Although I shouldn’t have been looking, I couldn’t help it. The flushed faces of those two young lovers in the kitchen. It was the most beautiful thing to see. Although it may be wrong to get aroused to know the kids are seeing you fucking, learning from it, don’t change the fact that it was arousing. It led to one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had. And would do it again in a minute!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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