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The Family Ch. 02

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A few hours later…

Marcus, Age 20

I woke slowly remembering the dream I had last night. My sister and I had the most amazing sex ever, something deep down that I have wanted ever since I was old enough to know what sex is. Once again, my mind had teased me with the thought of crossing that line with her. It was just then that I realized that I was holding someone… a naked girl… no way. It hadn’t been a dream.

I slowly sat up as to not wake the sleeping form up and looked down, confirming indeed that it was my sister. I stared for a moment, wondering how the hell we had allowed it to happen. She of course had an excuse, as she had been drunk. But me? I had been tempted, by something that I had wanted for a long time. I should have known better, but even as I stared down at her sleeping form letting a hand caress her exposed backside, I felt no regret and knew that if I could do it all over again I would.

“Good morning big brother,” Sasha whispered turning over and letting me see her lovely body again.

“Good morning lil sis,” I bent down to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she took my head in her hands and pulled my lips to hers.

“I hope you don’t regret what happened last night,” my sister whispered after breaking the kiss. “Because I don’t. I want more of you bro. I know it’s wrong but everything felt so right with you.”

“I know, as crazy as it sounds I feel the same way,” I said moving down and kissing her harder. “I want to stay here and make love to you all day lil sis.”

“Yesss…” Sasha moaned pulling me tighter to her, and starting to slide her hand down to my slowly growing erection. “Do it brother. Fill me again with this lovely cock.”

“I can’t right now,” I said breaking away and extracting a disappointed whimper from her, followed by a pouting face. “I have to go see who’s here and who’s away. If people are up and here, then that means we can’t. Besides, I need some coffee. I’ll go downstairs and check to see if anyone is here ok?”

“Fiiinnneee,” my sister whimpered oh so cutely as I climbed off the bed.

I pulled the sweats I usually wear to bed on though I had the feeling I was being watch. I turned and caught my sister staring, biting her bottom lip. I grinned. Most of my girlfriends had told me that I have a nice butt. Guess she thought so too.

I told her that she should get dressed just in case and then walked out the door. I made my way through the halls and too the staircase. I headed down and made my way into the kitchen and over to the keurig. I place a pod in, set my cup under it and let it brew as I poured myself a bowl of cereal to wolf down. I had just finished my cereal and was brewing a second cup of coffee when my mom walked in.

“Hi honey,” my mother said coming in and grabbing one of the to-go coffee cups.

“Hey mom,” I nodded towards her, and looked over her outfit.

My mom was thankfully dressed up, which meant that she would be leaving out for today. She didn’t work, but she pretty much ran all the errands that needed to be run. She did a few of the chores in the house but when all of us kids got to be a certain age, she demanded that we do the majority of them.

My mother, Carol, was still quite a beautiful woman despite just turning the big four-o. She was slightly thick, in a curvaceous way, her breasts I’m thinking had to be double Ds, and her ass was plump and round, her long red hair fell in curls down to her ass. She was wearing a multi-colored one-piece dress that barely covered to the bottom of her booty cheeks. The dress hugged her curves, accentuating them. She always wore things like that, so comfortable in her body. Dad was a lucky guy.

“You ok Marcus?” My mother snapped me back to reality, making me realize that I had just been staring at her.

“Yea, sorry,” I shook my head turning to pull my coffee from the keurig. “Just zoned out there for a second. Long night.”

“It’s ok,” my said placing her cup and choosing her pod. “Up studying late again?”

“Yea,” I nodded taking a sip and trying not to stare again. “Hey, who else is home today?”

“No one unless Sasha is here,” my mother told me. “Your sister and brother are at school and your father is at work. I’m about to head out and get some errands done. If you see Sasha tell her I’ll be back to pick her up at two for our hair appointment.”

“Will do mom,” I said casually taking a sip as she picked up her keys and walked away.

I sincan escort finished drinking my coffee, listening to my mom’s car start and the leave. I made another cup to take with me before walking back up to my room. I opened my door and smiled after walking in. Lying on the bed, face down and naked, was my sister. She hadn’t listened to me about getting dressed. Naughty sister.

I set the cup of coffee on my desk and pulled off my sweats before kneeling down next to the edge of the bed. I grabbed my sister’s hips and pulled her back to me, making her gasp in surprise, before I lowered my face into her bare backside. After inhaling her scent again I set my tongue to work on her pussy lips.

“Oh, why hello there bro,” my sister giggled as my tongue explored her. “I guess we’re in the clear to fool around some more.”

I didn’t answer at first, letting my tongue travel over my sister’s cunt, which started getting wetter by the second, while I left my nose buried in her ass. I traced my taster through her folds, over her clit and pushed into her hole. She moaned, gasped and squealed as I fucked her with my tongue. She tasted so good I was addicted to it. But I eventually pulled away from her.

“Everyone is gone,” I gripped one of her thighs and flipped her over onto her back. “We have to house to ourselves until two when mom will be back to pick you up.”

I lowered my face back to her pussy, licking and sucking on her wet lips and sensitive clit. She bucked and jumped as she squealed which forced me to hold her down. Suddenly she threw her head back and screamed, her juices coating my tongue as she came. My cock was throbbing now, needing to be inside my sister again, so I didn’t wait another moment.

I climbed between Sasha’s legs, gripping my cock and rubbing the head over her lips a few times. I looked into her eyes as I pushed into my sister’s cunt once more, and moaned as the velvet tightness of her muscles opened and then clamped around me. I sat on my knees and pulled her into my lap, letting us sit there for a moment before starting to thrust. I moved slow at first but slowly began to pick up speed and soon I was slamming into cunt. Apparently not hard enough though for my sister.

“Fuck me harder brother!” My sister squealed looking into my eyes. “I couldn’t tell you last night, cause we had to be quiet, but I want you to pound me. Give me that cock Marcus!”

I smiled at my little sister and gripped her hips tight before starting to slam into her cunt. It looked liked she was shocked for a second as her eyes opened wide and her mouth opened into an ‘O’. Her muscles gripped and squeezed me as her juices made sexy sloshing sounds. My cock head pressed against her womb with each thrust. I grinned, debating like I did last night if I should fill her cunt up with my seed.

“Oh god bro… don’t stop!” Sasha screamed as I pumped into her. “Gonna… cum!”

I nodded, continuing to fuck my sister before she suddenly started to scream. If felt her pussy grip my cock as she started to cum, and smiled not stopping fucking her through it. She gasped, smacked my hand, tried to slap my hand and looked at me, pleading with her eyes for me to stop. I slammed into her once more and held myself, as her orgasm continued to shoot through her. Her body bucked and shook, she looked so hot as she came.

I pushed my sister back further so she was closer to the headboard, my head fell to her neck kissing and biting as I slowly began working myself in and out of her. I couldn’t believe how hot I was for this girl, my own sister! As soon as she calmed down I took her legs into my arms, pinning her to the bed.

I looked into my sister’s eyes as I started slamming my cock into her. She never broke from my gaze, her mouth still open in the ‘O’, slight gasps escaping her with each thrust. I could see that even though she just had one, she was already gonna cum again. I picked up my speed, hips slamming against hers yet again.

“Come on sis,” I half growled. “Cum on my cock again.”

All Sasha did was nod repeatedly before she threw her head back and screamed in another orgasm. I felt her pussy pulse and grip me once again and suddenly felt myself on the edge as well. I kissed her lips muffling the squeals before moving my lips to her ears.

“Fuck you feel so good sis,” I moaned grinding my full length inside her. “You’re going to make me cum a very big load soon.”

“I want to sincan escort bayan taste it…” she moaned out in a gasp clutching me tight. “Stand next to the bed big bro. I want to do something special for you.”

I grinned before pulling out of my sister’s tight pussy, but instead of climbing off the bed right away I slid down and attacked her cunt with my mouth again. She squealed, yelped and begged me to stop as I sampled her cum drenched pussy. She twisted and pleaded for several seconds before I broke away and slid off the bed, standing with my pussy drenched cock hard and waiting for her. I watched Sasha, as she smiled and slid over to the edge, still on her back and dangled her head over the edge.

“I love having my throat fucked big bro,” she said before biting her lip and sliding a hand down to start playing with her pussy. “I want you to shove this hard cock down my throat. Use it like a pussy and fill my mouth with your cum.”

I stood there shocked for a few seconds before smiling myself. I moved to take my place, my cock perfectly lined up for her to suck on me. I offered her the tip which she eagerly began to suck on. She moaned as I pushed deeper into her mouth, rubbing her clit furiously is I pushed more into her. I remembered how far she took me down before so I didn’t hesitate to keep sliding myself in till my entire cock was down her throat.

“Fuck yes sis,” I said pulling out and sliding my cock back in, watching in amazement as her throat bulged from my cock inside it. “That’s it… take that fucking cock!”

I slowly began fucking my sisters throat, let her take the whole thing in and out of her throat. Suddenly I had a very nice idea, pushing my cock all the way inside her, pressing my balls against her nose, and holding myself there. She gave a muffled cry but held herself, still rubbing her clit. I had started to count to see how long she could hold still… six one thousand… seven one thousand… eight one thousand… nine one thousand… ten…

“MPFFF!!” Sasha gasped and started bucking her hips, growling around my cock.

“Good job sis,” I pulled from her mouth letting her catch her breath as she came down from her orgasm, her body shaking from the spasms. That site suddenly put me on the edge. “Fuck sis, hold your mouth open. I have a special treat for you.”

Sasha smiled before opening her mouth wide to receive my treat as I began to stroke my cock furiously. It only it only took me long enough to place the head next to her open mouth before the first blast of cum erupted inside it. I growled and groaned as I filled my sister’s hungry mouth with my cum, stroking until every last drop had dripped inside.

My sister waited for a sec before lightly wrapping her lips around my head and sucking gently the last little bit. She the showed me all my seed, pooled inside her, letting her tongue swirl it around, before closing her mouth and swallowing. That was so hot, I didn’t care that my cum had just been inside there, I knelt down and gave my sister a deep kiss.

“Did you enjoy your snack little sister?” I asked while I stood back up.

“Oh yeah…mmm,” that mmm came from a dribble of cum that dripped from my cock, which she of course gobbled up. “Now that I’ve had my protein, time for some fruit!”

With that Sasha sat up and smiled, stretching her arms out. She climbed off my bed and grabbed her clothes. She started to the door but stopped, turned and walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tight against me. When she broke the kiss she looked me right in the eyes.

“I just want you to know, I meant what I said when I told you that I don’t regret anything big brother,” she broke away from me.

With that one statement she turned and walked out the door to my room. And suddenly the feeling hit me, the taboo of what we had done. But did I regret it? I shook my head and decided to think about how I felt later. I pulled a pair of jeans on, and headed downstairs.

I had figured since my sister had grabbed her clothes maybe she put some on… nope I was wrong. I walked into the kitchen and she was still but naked, eating from a container of strawberries. I took a moment to look at her, her toned body, that tight but still very pronounced ass. I chuckled which made her turn and look at me.

“What’s so funny?” Sasha asked me with a knowing smile.

“Guess escort sincan you enjoy being naked?” I said moving towards her.

“Yea I do,” my sister shrugged. “When I’m home alone I usually walk around the house naked, in panties or sometimes in just my long shirt. Why, you like what you see?”

My sister giggled, placed her hands on the counter and shook her ass at me. At that point I confirmed something. I had no regrets. Not now. Not ever. I smiled as I stepped up to her, lifting my left hand and giving her ass a hard smack. The small yelp she gave me with her smile, made my cock throb in my pants. My other hand slipped between her ass cheeks, sliding down to her pussy and stroking her lips.

She spread her legs, giving me better access and I quickly pushed a pair of fingers inside. The horny little thing was still soaking wet, her juices dripping all over my fingers. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and dropped to my knees, giving her a long lick from her clit to her asshole. God she tasted divine and it made my cock throb in my jeans.

I undid my pants and slid them off before standing up behind my sister and guiding my cock to her entrance once again. I slid inside her making her instantly gasp. This round I concentrated on long, hard and deep thrusts. Her ass clapped each time I slammed into it. It didn’t take very long before she was throwing her head back and screaming in another orgasm. It was at that point I was on the edge.

I gripped my sister’s arms, pounding into her pussy, my balls slapping against her clit. I increased my pace, my need great. I reach that peak and at that point made a decision. Gritting my teeth I gave three more thrusts before pulling her tight against my and thrusting as deep as I could go. My cock exploded, cum pouring into tight and wet cunt.

“Oh fuck Marcus!” Sasha gasped as blast after blast filled her pussy. “I’m coming again!”

“I don’t regret anything Sasha,” I moaned as bit her neck. “Not last night, not this morning and not now. I won’t regret anything tomorrow, next week, months from now or even years from now. You’re my sister… my family. I love you.”

“Aww, I love you too,” Sasha said.

I smile before giving her neck another kiss and stepping away. As my cock slipped out a stream of cum poured from her pussy. She stood up straight and giggled before placing her hand against her cunt, feeling my cream drip from it.

“Damn, that’s a lot of fucking cum bro,” she brought her hand up to her mouth sucking on her fingers. “Better be thankful I’m on the pill.”

“Good,” I gave her ass another smack. “Cause you can expect me to be filling that pussy on a regular basis.”

“Mmm, sounds great,” my sister gave me a deep kiss. “I hope you’re ready, cause I want another load right now. Let’s head to my room.”

I smiled as I watched her walk away, ass swaying and my cum dripping down her leg. My cock started to swell again as I followed after her. No regrets what so ever.


Brent, Age 18

I stood in shock as I watched my brother pull his cock from my sister. His cum dripped from her. I couldn’t believe it. I ducked against the corner as they began to talk. What did they think they were doing? Brothers and sisters weren’t supposed to have sex!

“Let’s head to my room,” I heard my sister say which made me jump a little.

I rushed back to my room and softly closed the door, leaning against it and listening. I heard them talking and laughing as they passed my door. Once I was sure they were inside her room I creeped back outside and over to my sister’s room… they had left the door open. I peeked inside and gasped.

Sasha was on top of Marcus, riding his cock, moaning about how much she loved it. I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy. My sister and brother obviously felt a great pull to each other and hadn’t been afraid to embrace their feelings. I don’t think I could ever be that brave.

As I watched them I felt my own cock suddenly stir and rushed back to my room. I sat at my computer and brought up a picture on my computer. I pulled out my dick and started stroking the picture of the object my fantasy. I imagined running my hands of her generous breasts, tasting the sweet pussy between her legs and finally sliding my cock into her sweet folds. I came in a second, my cum shot so hard it splashed across the screen. And there, it looked like my cum had splattered across the woman’s breasts.

“Oh my god, you look so hot with my cum on you,” I muttered to the picture of my nude mom.

That’s right, my brother and sister weren’t the only ones that had taboo feelings. And as I stood there, I came to a decision. I would find a way to confess my feelings to her. My only fear is how she would react.

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