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The Extended Family Ch. 14

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Alex Harper

Chapter 14 — New Year’s Day Frolics For the Eight Then Back to “Normal”

I had a strange sensation during my mediation at the beach the next morning — New Year’s Day. I really got into my meditation — in touch with my Inner Self. When I replayed the messages after I’d stopped, they were the same ones I’d had before — help someone other than yourself, be a friend, love, and be thankful — plus a new one: ‘You are complete.’

When I thought about those words, they did indeed describe how I felt. I was openly in mad passionate love with five women, and they loved me back with their hearts and souls: Lynn, Karen, Lynn’s daughter Mel, Karen’s mother Bev, and Karen’s sister Rachel. Mel’s new fiancé and Rachel’s husband Carl were my good friends, and intimate friends with each of the women — a fact I enjoyed. I guess I was complete.

I’d brought Bev with me to the beach that morning. She was sitting holding her knees and looking out at the Gulf of Mexico when I was ready to go. I held out my arms, and she rose and came to me, hugging and kissing me, then we walked the length of the beach with our arms around each other.

When we got back to the house, no one else was up. Bev and I went into the living room, stripped off our clothes and partook of a nice quiet lovemaking session on the sofa. Bev was a little loud when she came, and I expected everyone to appear at the doors of the bedrooms, but everything remained quiet. I’d cum with Bev, and we just lay there coupled and talking quietly. She was leaving the next day.

I asked her, “So, I never did ask. Did you go without underwear for the month you were away?”

“I was wondering when you’d ask. Yes, and it felt sinful and delightful. I swear half the world knew. I know some of the men I work with — the straight ones anyway — looked at me with a new glint in their eye. I think I was oozing sex appeal for the month.”

“Well, don’t stop on my account,” I said, giving her a little thrust with my semi-hard rod. “Maybe you’ll get lucky.”

She squeezed her pussy around my tool, and I nearly shot out of her. “Now, there’s an idea,” she said. “I did feel I wanted to fuck most of the men I met during the month. I could have been a real slut at a couple of Christmas parties, but I held back.”

“Everyone including you happy?” I asked. “We’ve had a busy time since you arrived — even busier since Rachel and Carl got here.”

“I’m a VERY happy woman. My only regrets are that I didn’t find you all years before. I think of all the sex I could have had if I’d adopted this life style earlier.” She started to stroke my body and face with one hand.

“I guess I could say the same thing. This was all the law of attraction at work as far as I’m concerned. I wished to be loved, and I got all of you. I hope I return more than I get.”

Bev rose over me slightly without disconnecting and then kissed me passionately. “Oh, you do — you do,” she assured me.

Later that day, Robbie and Mel said goodbye to everyone and left to spend Mel’s remaining day at Robbie’s apartment. Both thanked me for everything, and I felt that our relationship was strong. Mel wouldn’t be back until Spring Break.

Bev captured Karen and Rachel and took them shopping; something a mother’s supposed to do with her daughters from time to time.

Carl, Lynn, and I sat around on the patio for a while then Lynn started to come on to Carl and me. We were both responsive to her needs, and soon the three of us were in the bedroom stripping her clothes from her pert body and then shedding our own.

Lynn pulled us onto the bed, turned, and inhaled Carl’s growing cock into her mouth. She waggled her butt in my direction; I didn’t need a second invitation. I started lapping, and tonguing her very exposed clit and pussy. She was dripping and clearly had been thinking about a sexual union with us for longer than the few minutes since we’d come in the house.

Carl told Lynn he wanted to fuck her and not blow off in her mouth. Lynn nodded but didn’t let go of his ice hard dick. I had hardened just watching the two of them and being able to perform cunnilingus on her. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and I rose and thrust my cock into Lynn’s pussy. She moaned with delight into Carl’s cock. I started to pump into her, aiming to please and pleasure her as she passed the same on to Carl.

Carl finally held Lynn’s head and pushed her up and off him. “I’m too near. Let me cool off for a minute.” He reached down and started to massage her breasts; Lynn brought her body more over his face so he could suck on them while I was thrusting into her doggie style.

After a while, Lynn moved even further forward, pulling herself off me. She positioned her pussy over Carl’s cock and sank down on him. She reached back and grabbed my rod and started to masturbate me then she said, “Do my ass while we fuck.”

“My pleasure,” I responded. Lynn was very wet and many of her juices still coated my cock, so aided only by sincan escort a little saliva I spit on her ass I could work my way into her while Carl was in her cunt.

When we were both well inside our respective holes, Lynn said, “Now, I really want to be fucked by you guys. NOW!” With that she started to wiggle and move her body around urging us to stroke into her. Carl was also sucking on her breasts. I got turned on by the whole scene.

Lynn had a couple of small climaxes, and then her Big One started to arrive. She started to spasm into Carl’s body, I could even see the contractions of her abdominal muscles as she leaned forward, threw her arms around his neck, and started to violently hump his cock. As she started this, I could feel muscular contractions in the tunnel I was in.

Lynn’s voice was screaming release, “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck … OH MY GOD … Ooooooooooh” and on and on as her release to heaven swept over her. She often moaned when we had sex, but vocalizing was Karen’s thing and usually not hers.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I released my jets of cum into her ass, hammering the last several thrusts into her squirming body. Carl was trying to hold her still so the two of us didn’t lose penetration. As my last jet erupted from my body, the two of them jerked away from me, and I got expelled from her ass; my last shot and a couple of dribbles covering Lynn’s ass and falling onto Carl’s balls.

Lynn pulled her legs back and dropped onto Carl, yelling in little shrieks. She couldn’t get him any deeper. Finally, her sweaty body fell forward, and he caught her in a hug, her breasts flattening across his chest.

“Ooooooh, my God,” she exclaimed, “that was a GREAT FUCK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I needed that.” She turned and held one arm to pull me to her. I went and hugged her hot body that remained impaled on Carl’s cock, reaching in and mauling one of her breasts as it rose off Carl’s chest. She leaned up and kissed me passionately.

“I watched you guys do this to Rachel last night,” she said, “and I’ve been horny for a double fuck ever since.” Lynn was still panting as she spoke. She paused as we all caught our breath and added, “Now, I’m not so horny. In fact,” she added, “I’m pretty happy.” She grinned at the two of us. She wiggled her cunt into Carl, and then pulled up and away from him; there was definite “pop” as her pussy came off his deflating rod. Lynn rolled beside him and let him cradle her in his arms.

“I’ll get us all some washcloths,” I said, leaving the bed. I returned with a couple of warm ones a minute later, passing them out to my bedmates.

We all cleaned up, dressed in our shorts and t’s again, and were back sitting on the deck a mere twenty minutes after we’d left it to come in the house. Lynn was nestled between the two of us on one of the large chaises beside the pool. She reiterated her thanks to us for the sexual interlude we’d just provided her. I commented on how seldom I thought women thanked me for any sexual contact; whereas, I thought guys always were grateful for whatever they got. This provoked a long discussion about sex, and its frequent use as a household currency.

Karen, Rachel, and Bev eventually returned from their shopping trip with enough shopping bags to fill the entire rear seat of Karen’s car. Lynn joined them in the living room, and a fashion show of sorts started as they shared their discoveries with her and then Carl and me. Lynn considered this a big bonus since Karen and she could usually wear the same clothes.

Carl and I got a round of beers and returned to the patio. I finally asked, “You OK with the last few days and all? You seem to be, but I’m just testing again. It’s not everyday a man watches his wife become a lead player in an orgy.”

“Oh, hell yes,” he said with a big grin. “This will be a tough act to follow when Rach and I get home tomorrow. I mean we’ll have kids and all my relatives around — they would never be into anything like this. The only time we’ll really have to ourselves is at bedtime. We’ll just have to be more inventive than we’ve been. As for frequency, I’ve had more sex in the last four days than I did all last year; well, it seems like that anyway. We’re just going to celebrate it more now too.”

“Is there anything you want to do that you haven’t?”

Carl responded, “Not that I can think of.” He paused in a thoughtful manner, “I’ve fucked my wife, her sister, her mother, a nineteen-year old, and another woman my age eight ways from Sunday and I’ve eaten more strange pussy than I ever have. I’ve done anal. I’ve had fantastic blowjobs including being deep throated. I’ve fucked in your bedrooms, living room, kitchen, your patio, and your pool;” he gestured to the pool. “Hell, it’ll take me a month to recover from this — and I’ll be grinning every day and no one will know why.”

“Yeah,” I said, “you might want to be careful who you tell about this kind of stuff. Many people don’t sincan escort bayan carry as liberal attitudes about sex as we do. If you want to talk about it, call me up and you can replay the entire trip with me. For that matter, any of us will be your sounding board if you want to blow off some of the heat.” I paused, “By the way, Karen is superb at phone sex and I bet she’d take great pleasure in bringing you off over the phone.” I laughed at the delighted look on his face.

“What am I good at?” Karen asked as she slid onto the chaise next to me.

“I was just explaining your oral skills at phone sex, and how you’d be delighted to help your brother-in-law get off when you’re here and he’s in Denver.”

Karen rose and slid onto Carl’s chaise, “Well I don’t have to wait until he’s in Denver do I?” She took a hand and slid it up his leg and into his shorts. Carl straightened as she grabbed his cock.

Carl said in an embarrassed tone, “Errr, we had a little bout with Lynn while you were gone. I may not respond right away.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” Karen said as she unzipped his pants. “I’ll just play here for a while … and think about phone sex … and you masturbating and cuming all over yourself while we’re talking … and I’ll be fingering my cunt … and putting some fingers in my little hot box … and thinking about how nice your cock would feel … in my mouth … and in my warm, moist pussy …”

We could see Carl’s rod hardening as Karen pulled it out of his pants and slowly stroked it with her hand. He might have thought he wasn’t ready, but Karen had a knack of overcoming odds like that all the time. She kept cooing sexy thoughts to him as she stroked his cock and occasionally kissed him, sometimes running her tongue around his face.

She went on, “I love this cock, and I’ll remember what it looks like … and feels like … and how it can shoot cum all over me … and inside my mouth … or deep inside my pussy … or up my ass. I’ll remember how it shot cum into my mother’s hot, moist, open pussy … and into Mel’s young, tasty pussy … and into Lynn’s beautiful tight pussy.”

“Maybe I’ll have to help you remember what we all tasted like … and how I’d clean all the pussy juice and cum off your cock after you’d cum in one of the fine looking women here … or how you’d suck the juices from my pussy after we’d fucked …”

Carl couldn’t stand it any longer. He picked Karen up, his cock sticking straight out from his open zipper, and carried her into the house. He kicked the door to the guest room closed; it was the closest bedroom, and he was not a man to be put off at this point.

Lynn, Rachel, and Bev came onto the deck and looked at me with a “what’s going on” look. I explained that Karen had been teasing Carl sexually — asking for a good fuck and that finally he couldn’t stand it any longer. They all smiled.

I added as an afterthought, “I’m sure he wouldn’t object if you all joined him.”

The women looked at each other AND then headed for the guest bedroom shedding their clothes as they walked along. Before they got there, I heard one of Karen’s louder orgasms float through the closed door. I heard Carl wail loudly as well. The new arrivals would be disappointed.

A couple of minutes later I was called. “Oh Jimmmmmmmmm,” Bev called out. “Can you come in here and help us?” Rachel appeared nude at the door, “Weeeee reeeeeeeeealy need you.” I got up showing great reluctance and went to meet my end with the two remaining unsatisfied women in the house. I, too, stripped my clothes off as I entered the house.

When I entered the guest bedroom, Karen was splayed out on the bed and Lynn and Carl were down by her pussy cleaning the cum from where Carl had made his most recent deposit. Karen was enjoying the attention and writhing with little climaxes still making her jerk around and pop off.

Rachel knelt on the floor in front of me and took my cock into her mouth and commenced to deliver a wonderful blowjob. She had honed her ability to deep throat a cock and was using her new skills with great agility now. Bev stood beside me and rubbed her nipples across my chest, and French kissed me when I wasn’t watching the erotic scene on the bed.

Finally, I asked, “Do you want to be here with them or take it to another room?”

Rachel pulled off me and said, “Big bed — other room.” We left Lynn, Karen, and Carl, and went to the other side of the house.

As we reached the bed, Rachel and Bev lay next to each other and presented their sweet pussies to me. I plunged my tongue into each one, spending a minute with one and then a minute with the other. In the interim, they were smoothing and stroking one another. What a nice mother-daughter relationship I thought.

Bev reached her little orgasmic plateau and popped first, aided by Rachel’s stroking of her clit. We then returned the favor to Rachel, bringing her to a climax. I kept my oral attentions going escort sincan back and forth.

Finally, Rachel said, “I want you to come up here … kiss me … fuck me.” I didn’t need a second invitation.

Bev said, “We made love this morning. You get him now.” I slid into Rachel’s open pussy and she wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me deeper into her cleft. Bev stroked my back and Rachel’s breasts. The sight picture of Bev sitting beside us, naked and rubbing her pussy, Rachel splayed out beneath me using her hands to pull me forward so I slapped into her pussy, was one I shall never forget.

At one point, Rachel asked for Bev to move so she could eat her pussy. Bev shifted and lowered her pussy onto Rachel’s tongue. I could see the tongue vibrate as she tried to deliver sexual delight to her mother.

Rachel built. I urged her to cum. She said, “Noooooo, I’m going to cum with you …when you do. Cum in me. Fill me. Explode in me. Give me your juice.”

I increased my pace. Her words and the sight picture excited me to a peak again. I slammed into her, the sound of our bodies slapping together filling the room. Then, I felt my fluids start to leave my balls, following the trajectory through my body, triggering the rapidly rising feelings of ecstasy that were exploding within me. I came, thrusting deep in Rachel’s pussy as my jism spurt into her. She was with me; her body arched and her breathing stopped as she caught her own orgasmic wave. I finally fell onto her; rolling us to our sides so we were nestled against Bev.

We panted and stroked each other, again remaining connected. Our kisses proved our love to each other. Bev joined us.

Rachel finally said, “You know, I meant what I said last night. I will be your slut — your whore — any time, anywhere, anyway you want me to be. God, you are a magnificent lover. I am so grateful for what you’ve done for me this weekend — and for Carl — for us. You’ve turned me into a raging sex machine. All I want to do is fuck all the time. Carl and the kids better get used to some unusual events around how we live and what we do.” She grinned at me.

Bev chimed in, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” She leaned in and kissed Rachel then me. “I would love the job as ‘Jim’s Slut’. I hope you have several positions available. Can I apply for one of those positions? I hope the job frequently involves your cock in my cunt or your tongue deep in my pussy.”

“All right!” I said. “You’re both hired. You join an exclusive team of wonderful women, and you’ll be called upon from time to time to display your wares and your expertise. Now, let me up, I have to play host, and it’s the cocktail hour.”

We strolled nude into the other part of the house where our clothes had been discarded, picking up and dressing when we found one of our own things. Carl, Lynn, and Karen were there too, although Carl looked a little tired. My observation was that all six of us smelled like sex — that lovely aroma.

After dinner and some liqueurs, the whole group of us were pretty mellow. We took a walk around the neighborhood then came back to the patio. We put on some jazz and had it playing over the patio as we went into the pool — naked, of course. The men had revived with our rest and the passage of time so when the time for choosing our bedmates we all reverted to the groups we’d had in the afternoon. I was just as glad since I figured I wouldn’t see Bev or Rachel for a while, and I wanted to spend their last hours with them before they left. I knew Lynn and Karen felt the same way about Carl.

Our lovemaking was soft, loving, and unrushed. I pleased both women. After it was over, Bev, Rachel, and I curled up together in the big bed and went to sleep, each of us feeling good about ourselves and loved.


In the morning, I woke to go to the beach. Bev had urged me to take Rachel since she needed the last bit of time with me. Bev reminded me that she had a week prior to Rachel’s arrival to be around the girls and me.

We sat close together at the beach, touching one another and being quiet as we closed our eyes and listened for what our Inner Voices might want to tell us. We stopped as the sun started to turn the gray clouds into brilliant oranges and reds of a spectacular sunrise. We walked to the dunes again, spread out the blanket in the cool morning air, stripped our sweat suits off, and made love much the way we had the night before.

Rachel came over me and rode me to our mutual heavenly orgasms. We lay together staring up at the morning sky after our union and our climaxes were over. When it was time, we dressed and went home. We said little to each other.

Unlike the other days of the holiday, today the house was a buzz of activity. Rachel ran off to shower and dress. Bev was flitting around collecting her possessions and packing for her flight back to Boston. She said she was off to Rome the next day after to see the fashions for the coming fall. Lynn and Karen were fixing breakfast for everyone, and I joined them to lighten the work. Carl had established a corner of the living room as his packing zone and been, to quote him, “trying to stuff ten pounds of shit into a five-pound suitcase.” Rachel finished packing on their bed; she was quiet.

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