Nisan 13, 2024

The Dirt Road

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He was leaving. It was a “work thing”. She knew it was only for a few days, but she was going to miss him terribly. She had left work early to take him to the airport.

Her night shift didn’t end for another couple of hours, but his plane left early and she wanted to see him off. It was still very dark outside as she pulled up in front of the house. He came out with his bags in tow and put them in the trunk, and they headed for the airport.

The drive was silent. She hadn’t even turned on the radio. She wanted him to say something. She needed to hear him admit that he would miss her too. He just kept looking at his ticket and drumming his fingers on his leg. The tension was thick.

As they neared the airport, he blurted out, “Turn right instead of left and just keep going for a couple of miles. It will turn into a dirt road.”

“Won’t you be late for your flight?” she asked.

“No, I have some time. And I want a few minutes alone with you,” he said.

She turned the corner and kept going. She wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but she was hopeful. She knew that things hadn’t been going well for them in the last week or so, but it was only because she was dreading his leaving. She didn’t mean to make him feel badly about it because it was for his job. But she knew that he did. She could tell when he held her that he was tentative and uneasy.

As they left the pavement and slid into the dark, down a dirt road, she was almost in tears. He reached over and put his hand on her thigh. Immediately, the tears spilled down her face and he reached up to wipe them away. “Please don’t cry. I will be back in no time,” escort bursa he whispered to her.

“I know it is silly. I shouldn’t be this upset. It is just that I am going to miss you,” she told him.

She pulled over on the side of the road and turned to look at him. He pulled her closer, and reached over to turn off the car. He kissed her gently and said, “Let’s get out of the car and I will show you how much I am going to miss you.”

They climbed out and she moved to the passenger side of the car to stand in front of him. He took her face in his hands and kissed her, slipping his tongue between her lips, teasing her and making her shiver. He nibbled at her tongue as she moaned against his mouth. Her hands moved to his chest, feeling his heart pounding. He slipped one hand down between them and caught her hand in his. He moved it downward, placing it on top of his hard cock. “Now do you see what you do to me? Do you understand that I will be trying to get home as quickly as I can?” he asked.

She leaned against him in answer and began to unbutton his pants. The tears were gone and she felt an urgency now. She made quick work of his zipper and slid her hand into his boxers, freeing his hard cock. The warmth of her hand on his flesh made him jump and growl as she wrapped her hand around him and began to stroke him lightly. He reached for her butt and pulled her in close, his hands working the material of her skirt up higher so he could touch her bare skin. He knew she didn’t have on any panties and he wanted to feel her wet slit. His fingers found her opening and she moaned as he touched her.

She pulled bursa otele gelen escort away from him then, and moved closer to the car. She gathered her skirt and pulled it up over her bare bottom. And then she leaned over the trunk of the car, pressing her breasts into the warm metal. She offered herself to him in this position of submission, and he felt himself grow even harder at the sight of her. He urgently moved behind her and pushed his throbbing cock into her crack, sliding it up and down and smearing his precum on her skin. He slipped a hand between them and found her clit with his finger. She pushed back against him now, needing to feel him inside.

He asked her, “Are you ready?”

“Yes! Now please!” she almost screamed.

He pushed his cock into her then, quickly filling her as she groaned and moved hard against him. He began to pump into her, pulling almost out of her with each thrust. Her pussy was wet and hot as he moved inside her. She squeezed his cock with her muscles each time he pulled back. The sensation was incredible and he knew he wouldn’t last long with her walls clinging to him so tightly. He pulled out of her then as she let out a startled gasp. And then he quickly knelt down behind her and began to lick her.

She cried out when his tongue made contact with her clit and then growled as he used his teeth on her. His fingers found her pussy as his lips and tongue continued to sweetly torture her love button. It was throbbing now. And she came with a low moan and words of praise for his skilled tongue. She was trembling as she felt him stand up behind bursa sınırsız escort her again and push his cock back into her spasming pussy.

He pumped into her a few times and then pulled out to place the head of his cock at her other hole. She pushed back a little to let him know she was ready, and felt the head slip inside. He stopped then, to let her adjust, and she could feel his cock throbbing inside of her. She nodded her head then, and he began to move into her, small movements that were gentle and easy. It seemed to take forever, but then she felt his balls against her wet pussy and his stomach pressed against her butt. He started moving with harder pushes now, filling her with his thick cock. She reached down between them and held his balls gently as he continued to pump into her butt. She used her thumb to massage her clit and felt her orgasm coming on her quickly. Her movements told him that she was close and he picked up speed with his thrusts. He could feel her pussy contracting as she came and that sent him crashing over the edge. He growled out, “I’m coming in your ass,” as he pumped his cream deep inside her.

She still lay with her chest against the trunk of the car, panting now, barely able to hold herself up. He was slumped over her back as his cock began to shrink and slipped from inside her. He stood up and reached in his pocket for a handkerchief. He reached down and gently wiped away his cum as it leaked from her. She stood up then, and let her skirt fall into place. She turned and placed her hand on his cheek. He turned his mouth to her palm and kissed it, and then he leaned in and kissed her mouth. It was a gentle kiss, with all of the tenderness she had been looking for.

“I will be back before you know it,” he said.

“And I will be at the airport to pick you up, but we might have to detour back out to this dirt road on the way home,” she said as she grinned at him and raised an eyebrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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