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The Day Has Come Ch. 02

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Just to recap the story is from Molly’s point of view. Liz is her lover, girlfriend, and the dominate one. It might not seem like it but it is true. They have been dating for 7 months and are truly in love. Molly is about 27, while Liz is 29. Everyone knows they are a thing but their coworkers. Their relationship is what I call true love.

This is part 2 of 3. I tried to give the character a little more personality. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy.


For a while now Liz and I have been dating. We rarely fight, except for the time I splurge on her, or the time I tried to make us official. People at the office now are a little suspicious about our “friendship”. Rumor says that we are fucking since we are the only two lesbians that are out. Outside the office we call ourselves girlfriend, baby, and all that. When we spend time at each other’s houses, on a work night, we drive in different cars.

I am now tired of our routine I want to live with Liz, see her every day, not drive separate cars, act as if we are only friends. I figured that since we have been together now, for 7 months, and she was the first to say “I love you” we are moving at a great pace. Now like I said, I want to move in and I know how.

At my normal lunch break, with Liz of course, I told her in a whisper “I want your ass over at my place tonight so I can eat you.” Little softer I finish, “Be there at 8, or there will be punishments.” Seeing her facial reaction made it even better.

Just as I put the last of the meal down on the table, I get a knock on the door at 7:55. Opening it is Liz, she looks gorgeous. Wearing skinny jeans, white button up top, and you look closely enough there doesn’t seem to be a bra outline. “Hey you,” She says.

“Now I want you to sit in that chair and start eating, while I clean myself up.”

I take small strides hoping she get the message that I will manisa escort fuck her, like she was never fucked before. I change into a yellow t-shirt and jeans, as I’m coming out of the bed room I see Liz pouring a glass of wine. She looks up at me with those eyes; those eyes I swear could melt steel.

I take a seat and serve dinner. Once we start eating I take the lead, “people in the office are curious about our “friendship” Liz and I’m thinking about telling people, they seem ok about us being gay.” She stops eating for a moment and looks at me. I can’t seem to read her. “I’ll only tell if you are willing to come out too,” I say to reassure her.

“I really do want to come out with the truth but… I’m not sure about their reactions and how people will see us.”

Reaching across the table in reassurance I say “If they have a problem with their homophobia then they can fuck it and quit.” I get the reaction I was hoping for and we continued to eat in partial silence, only making small talk about our day even though we both knew how it was.

Once dinner finished I cleaned up putting the dishes in the washer, then when Liz was least expecting it I grab her by the waist and pull her onto the couch. I kiss her softly but passionately, it took her a moment to realize what was happening but when her mind came to she kissed back. As the time went by our kisses became hungrier.

I pick her up and carry her to the bed, not letting our lips loose contact. I softly put her on the bed. I jump on top and hold her there so she can’t dominate me. I try to keep my plans to a surprise. Slowly I unbutton her shirt pulling it off, and just like I had suspected she was braless. I pull my shirt above my head, and allow here to see everything. Next I remove my jeans, still holding on I slowly strip off my panties, just to tease her. Next I unbutton her pants, and as I start to remove then, kütahya escort I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties and she also shaved her fine pussy. I finally managed to remove the wretched pants after being shocked not once but twice. I go back to kissing her.

As we kiss I sit on her thigh slowly rubbing it. I slide my hand down her chest and slowly rub her nipples. Making them stick out even more. Leaving her lips for the first time, I kiss her neck then her collar bone, and then between her boobs, she lets a small moan only I would hear. Taking the nipple I was rubbing I put it in my mouth and suck it. Still rubbing her leg I let out a moan, which took her by surprise. My other hand is rubbing her other nipple. I leave her beautiful breast, and start to kiss my way down.

I start to tease her, I stick one finger in and suck on her clit, then slide a second, then a third, and just as she climaxes I stop. I remove my fingers, hearing a groan from her I respond, “I told you there were going to be punishments.”

“I thought you were joking, that’s why I showed up five minutes early and wore a shirt with no bra,” she responds, “I was perfect and loving, why won’t you let me cum?” She demanded.

“I’ll only let you come if you agree to one thing.”

“I agree, I fucking agree, now let me cum.”

“You haven’t even hear my proposition,” I respond, moving up so I can cuddle while I say, “I want us to move in, my rent on the apartment is over in a month and I figured since you owned your condo, you could rent it out and we go buy a bigger and nicer condo, with a view of everything.” I continue on and all I get is silence, once I finish ranting on I look at her. “Well it took you long enough to ask,” Liz said. “I was hoping you would ask me, because I was thinking it’s been 7 months, we are a great match, we never argue and when we do it’s over the stupidest things, and malatya escort I wanted to go at your pace.” She continues on, “Molly, I love you and I hate not being able to kiss and hug you at the office. I was about to go to our boss and tell her. Though I think almost everyone has put two and two together, since we have been spending all of our free time together.”

I was dumbfounded by what she said, I planned a whole night just for her and here she is saying the opposite of what I thought her reaction was going to be. Shaking my head out of my daze I say, “I love you too Elizabeth, and I always will. Now do you want to cum, since I got everything I wanted?”

“I am going to kill you if you ever refuse to let me cum for this long.”

I smile as I straight down. I kiss her inner thighs making my way up to her sweet mound. I rub her clit slowly while shoving my tongue up her vagina. Every little lick and rub, Liz would give a small moan but they louder and louder. I remove my mouth but instantly put three fingers in her. Rubbing her g-spot, she starts to leak so I start to suck her again. I move my hand up along her body to find her breast again I start to rub the nipples. She starts to contract, since she is on the verge of cumming, I pick up my pace. She lets out a loud moan of release and cums harder than I have ever seen her cum.

I move back up and Liz cradles me. I started to cry, out of joy of course. We kiss softly and fall asleep. Throughout the rest of the weekend we never left the bed except to use the bathroom or to shower. And even then we don’t separate.

That next Monday, Liz and I take the same car and enter the office holding had. We are parading our love by making out in the elevator only to stop when we arrive on our floor. Walking out hand and hand we make a b-line to the boss and declare ourselves a couple, not surprised she congratulated us. The only part that was nerve-racking was when she threatens to fire us if our work efficiency decreases, half-jokingly, I think.

“That went well,” Liz said with a grin. I look back at her and said I love you loud enough that people around us could hear me. She blushed.

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