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The Cruel Step-Mother Ch. 02

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Timmy couldn’t concentrate on his school work because of what his step mother had told him the previous night. Was his new grandmother really going to go to his bedroom that night and rape him like his step mother had?

After school he went home, got changed and went downstairs to the sitting room to watch television. He walked into the room to see his Dad reading and listening to music.

‘Where are Joanne and Jean?’ he asked.

‘Don’t let them catch you calling them by their names,’ he father admonished. ‘You know they want to be called Mummy and Nanny or Nan!’

Timmy just sniffed and waited for an answer to his question.

‘They’ve gone shopping. I think they will be home soon so I’d better get dinner ready,’ his Dad replied.

Bob thought back to earlier that morning when after he’d showered he had wandered downstairs to the kitchen in just his bathrobe thinking his wife and mother in law would be out and his son at school.

He was surprised to see the two women, dressed ready to leave, standing in the kitchen waiting for him.

‘Hello darling,’ his wife greeted him.

‘Good morning Bob,’ said his mother in law, Jean. ‘Are you nice and squeaky clean then?’

She walked up to him and loosened the belt holding his robe together. Suddenly he felt his wife behind him then felt her ease the robe from his shoulders.

His mother in law took his limp cock in her hands and began to stroke it.

His wife leaned into him and began to kiss his neck as her mother brought her husband to a full erection.

Jean then stood beside him and began to masturbate him while his wife played with his now erect nipples.

‘You do have a lovely cock Bob,’ stated Jean. ‘Does Timmy have a lovely cock too Darling?’ she asked her daughter.

‘Oh yes,’ purred Joanne. ‘Timmy has a really lovely cock.’

Bob gasped. ‘Please God, no……’ he looked towards his wife who was now kissing his ear.

‘Oh yes darling. I fucked him last night and tonight Mother is going to take her turn!’

The thought of these two dominant mature ladies molesting his son pushed him over the edge and he came shooting his seed all over the tiled kitchen floor.

‘Oh dear,’ said his wife. ‘It looks like you have some cleaning up to do as well as your other jobs. Come on Mother let’s go shopping.’

Dinner consisted of grilled salmon steaks, new potatoes and a green leaf salad.

Timmy felt uneasy all evening especially over dinner when both Joanne and Jean smiled knowingly at him.

At bed time Timmy was in his room reading and Bob was in his in his usual position of tied spreadeagled on the bed naked. Joanne was kneeling beside him wearing only silky black stockings and shiny black heels stroking his already hard cock.

‘Timmy is in for a treat tonight,’ she goaded her husband. ‘Mother is going to fuck him senseless.’ Bob groaned.

Just then their bedroom door opened and in walked Jean. Bob’s cock grew harder at what she was wearing.

She had on a black see-through dressing gown over her black satin girdle that held up her silky black stockings. Bob could see her large erect nipples and her dark brown areola through the gauzy materiel.

‘Oh Mummy you look fantastic. I’m sure you’ll have a great time when he see’s you dressed like that.’

‘Well I’d better not keep our little boy waiting,’ she said as she left the bedroom but not closing the door.

Joanne poured some gel onto her husband’s hard throbbing cock to make it nice and slippy for her hand to slide over it’s bulbous head which in turn caused Bob to moan.

‘Hello darling!’ he heard his mother in law greet his son.

‘N.. Nanny, what are you doing?’

‘Oh I think you know what I’m going to do, don’t you?’

Bob could hear everything that was going on in the bedroom opposite and was moaning softly as his wife continued to edge him.

‘Let’s get these shorts off shall we?’

‘Oh God, No. Please Nanny don’t.’

‘Mmmm, look at you all nice and hard for me. It looks good enough to eat!’

‘Oh fuck Nan…..Oh shit!

Bob could hear slurping noises and knew that the older woman was deep throating his son.

He could hear Timmy groaning and begging her to stop although Bob guessed his son didn’t mean it but it added to Bob’s excitement as his mother in law abused the boy.

‘N..Nan you’d better stop. I’m going to. Oh God. Please stop. Arrgghh.’

Bob was silently begging Joanne to wank him faster but she carried on teasingly stroking his erection.

‘That was delicious Timmy. Now it’s your turn to reciprocate.’

Bob heard the bed springs creak as Jean straddled Timmy’s head and he imagined her juicy wet pussy descending on the boy’s face.

‘Your Mummy tells me you are very good at this!’

Bob groaned.

‘Oh sorry Dear. I forgot to mention it,’ said his wife grinning.

Oh God, that’s it. Good boy. Just there. Oh fuck,’ chanted Jean as she rode Timmy’s face.

Bob was close to cumming now.

‘That’s it Timmy. Yes! Yes! Here it comes. Open your mouth bahis firmaları boy. That’s it wide. Keep licking. Oh fuck! Drink it Timmy. Drink my juices.’

Bob knew what was happening to his son as his mother in law had squirted down his throat many times and with that thought he erupted all over his wife’s hand and his chest.

Jean went on to ride Timmy’s cock then had him mount her and they both climaxed with the older woman’s stocking clad legs wrapped around his back as he pounded her.

Bob was brought to two more climaxes at the hands of his wife.

A few nights later and Bob was once again tied to the matrimonial bed although this time he had a red ball gag in his mouth and strapped behind his head.

‘I’m just going to get changed,’ Joanne told him and disappeared into their en-suite bathroom.

Twenty minutes later she emerged wearing a shiny black PVC corset and black silk stockings with shiny black ankle boots.

In her hand she held a thin silver anal vibrator and a slightly larger one. She strapped the larger vibe to his bouncing cock then slid the anal vibrator deep into his arse. She took a vibrating cock ring that she slid over the crown of his cock which she turned on causing Bob to pant.

The bedroom door opened and Jean appeared wearing a similar outfit to her daughter except hers was in white. Her white PVC corset clung to her body and her white stockings shimmered. She wore white high heeled shoes.

‘Are you nearly ready?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I just have to turn these couple of things on then we can play with Timmy.’

Bob grunted then moaned as all three toys began to vibrate.

‘Enjoy listening to the show,’ Jean said as they disappeared into the boys bedroom. Bob tried to beg them not to but all that came out was a series of muffled grunts.

‘M.Mummy, Nanny what’s going on?’

‘Oh we thought we would both come and play with you tonight.’ said his step mother.

‘Why…why are you tying me to the bed?’

‘Oh we’re just going to have some fun,’ came the reply.

Bob heard the snap of a latex glove and a squirting sound.

‘Oh no Mummy. Please not there. Oh God!’

‘He really is tight. We must get him ready for when Judith arrives next week. Pass me the smallest vibrator will you.’

‘No please Mummy, not that. I’ve never had………oh fuck!

‘There that’s not too bad is it? I’ll just switch it on now!’

Bob could hear Timmy’s moans as the vibrator went to work on his prostate.

‘Right Darling, I’ll ride his cock first and you can have his face then we’ll swap.’

On hearing his wife say this Bob came for the first time that night. He lost count of his orgasms over the next couple of hours as the two women fucked and abused his son.

At the end of the following week the ladies were ready to set off on their trip to Paris for a long weekend break.

‘Judith and Zoe will be arriving this afternoon. Do exactly as they say or there will be trouble when we get back. Do you understand?

Both men nodded their acquiescence.

‘Show them to the two guest bedrooms on the second floor. Right Mother let’s be going or we’ll miss our flight.’

Judith and Zoe arrived late afternoon. Timmy heard the car pull up and shouted for his Dad to come and greet them.

Timmy hadn’t really seen either of them albeit very briefly at his Dad’s wedding.

Both men were bowled over by the mother and daughter as they sailed into the kitchen.

‘Ah Bob,’ Judith said handing him the car keys. ‘Fetch the cases in can you? Put them in our rooms and wait for me there.’

Timmy stared open mouthed at the women. Judith wore incredibly tight light blue denim jeans with pale blue high heels and a dark blue t-shirt. She was tall and slim with long blonde hair to her shoulders. Timmy could see she wasn’t wearing a bra as he could see her huge nipples sticking out through her top. Timmy thought she was extremely good looking for a forty year old woman.

Her daughter Zoe was almost a mirror image of her mother but with a lot larger bust. Zoe was twenty two years old and was wearing a short light blue denim skirt with a white blouse and similar high heels to her mother.

Bob came in and lugged both cases up two flights of stairs and waited.

‘So nice to see you again Timmy,’ Judith said as she hugged him to her before going upstairs to Bob.

‘Well Timmy,’ said Zoe. ‘I’ve been hearing some good things about you from Aunt Joanne and Grandma.’

Timmy just blushed.

‘Why don’t you come here and give me a big hug?’ she asked.

A nervous Timmy went to her and put his arms out.

Zoe went in close and pushed her body into his. Before Timmy knew it she’d bent down and kissed him full on the lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth and grinding her body onto his.

‘Oh God I’m so horny,’ she whispered in his ear.

She broke off the kiss and walked over to the large oak kitchen table and faced it.

Looking back over her shoulder she said, ‘Timmy! Come here and remove my panties.’

Timmy kaçak iddaa dare not disobey so he knelt down and slid her white silk panties down her long bare thighs and over her heels.

Leaning forward over the table Zoe flipped up the back of her skirt and ordered Timmy to lick.

Timmy started by kissing the insides of her thighs before moving up over her butt cheeks the her little rosebud that he rimmed causing her to moan. She opened her thighs wider, a hint for Timmy to get his tongue on her pussy. A hint that he recognised and he began to eat her.

‘Oh Timmy, you dirty little boy!’

She was breathing heavily by now but all of a sudden she pushed him off, turned around and helped him up.

‘I must see this cock!’ she said unbuckling his shorts and pushing them off.

‘Oh Timmy you are a big boy!’ she exclaimed as she fisted his cock to full hardness.

Turning back and lying over the table once more she flipped up her skirt.

‘Come on Timmy, give me that thick hard cock of yours. Fuck me!’

He took his rod and rubbed it between Zoe’s pussy lips to get it slick but this didn’t go down well with her.

‘Timmy get that cock inside me. Now!’

Timmy slid his throbbing cock into her as she groaned.

‘Oh fuck Timmy that is so good.’

Timmy began to fuck her. He held her hips and watched as her alabaster arse jiggled as his cock pierced her.

‘Oh yes Timmy. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy from behind. Don’t hold back. Give me your cream. I’m ready to cum when you are.’

He could feel the usual tingle in his balls but he’d never fucked standing up before so he really had to pound the young girl who went into a frenzy as orgasm after orgasm wracked through her body.

Suddenly Timmy grunted and his cock exploded deep inside her triggering one last orgasm.

He pulled out and Zoe nonchalantly found her panties then slipped them back on before walking to the sink to wash her hands.

‘Right!’ she said. ‘I need to get dinner on. Mother is always hungry after sex!’

She found some chicken breasts in the fridge, an onion, herbs and half a bottle of red wine. Soon she had a stew cooking.

Upstairs a naked Judith was on her back with her long legs wrapped around the waist of an equally naked Bob who was pounding into her for the second time since they had been upstairs.

‘Oh Bob,’ she groaned. ‘I think I’m going to enjoy this weekend.’

Bob could only agree.

After dinner both ladies declared they were tired and went up to bed early.

The following day Judith and Zoe took the Underground into Central London to hit the shops of The West End.

That night after dinner they swapped.

Timmy found himself being ridden by Judith who was wearing silky black hold up stockings and high heels.

In the other room Bob was lying in bed and stroking his hard cock in anticipation when suddenly the door opened and in walked Zoe. Bob’s hand froze on his cock, his mouth wide open.

Zoe entered wearing a sheer white baby doll nightie with white hold ups and white high heels. She had applied light blue eye shadow, pink lipstick and had put her hair up in pigtails.

‘Oh! Is that for me Daddy?’ she said staring at Bob’s throbbing tool.

She walked to the side of the bed and leaned over taking his cock deep into her mouth causing Bob to groan loudly.

She worked her glossy pink lips up and down his shaft sucking and licking its purple head.

‘God Zoe, please don’t. You’re going to make me cum far too quickly.’

‘But Daddy. I want you to cum in my little girl mouth. I want your lovely cream. Cum for me Daddy. Cum for me!

Bob groaned even louder at being called Daddy then grunted and exploded.

‘Mmmm, thank you Daddy,’ she mumbled with a mouth full of cum.

Zoe then climbed on top of Bob and straddled his chest before leaning down and opening her mouth to allow its contents to drip out all over his face.

‘Oops, sorry Daddy. Here, let me lick it off you!’ she said as she dabbed his jizz off with her tongue letting it glide over his lips then forcing her cum covered tongue in his mouth, kissing him passionately.

Bob was soon hard and Zoe impaled herself on his throbbing cock.

‘Oh Daddy I am so going to fuck you!’

And she did. By the time she returned to her room Bob was totally spent.

Timmy was now on top of Judith, her long stocking clad legs wrapped around his back as he pounded into her.

A very satisfied Timmy lay back when Judith had left and wondered what would be in store the following day.

He didn’t have long to wait.

The next morning after breakfast Bob was asked to pop out and run a few errands for Judith.

‘It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours,’ she told him.

When Bob had left Zoe came down to the kitchen wearing nothing but a short pink silk dressing gown.

‘Oh, Good morning Timmy. How are you today?’

Timmy said he was fine and tried not to stare at the young girl’s body. Judith excused herself and said she needed to get ready.

‘Timmy, kaçak bahis I’m so horny,’ said Zoe as she undid the belt on her robe opening it to expose her freshly showered naked young body.

She took Timmy by the hand and led him into the sitting room where she told Timmy to strip. When he was naked she shrugged the silk robe from her shoulders and spread her legs.

‘Do you like my freshly shaved pussy Timmy?’

Timmy nodded yes.

‘Get on your knees, I want you to taste it.’

Timmy dropped down and Zoe pulled his head between her thighs as he began to lick her labia and moved his tongue deeper into her pussy seeking out her hard clit.

‘Oh Timmy!’ she said loudly. ‘That is lovely. Keep doing that baby.’

With Timmy’s head buried between her thighs he didn’t see a naked Judith arrive in the doorway lubing up the black six inch rubber cock that was strapped to her waist. She thought it looked and felt like a proper hard cock.

Zoe nodded to her mother to come forward and at that she groaned and wrapped her legs around Timmy’s head effectively trapping him between her thighs.

Timmy felt a hand rubbing his bottom and moaned. Then he felt something cold and sticky probing his hole as Judith sunk her middle finger into him. He felt more gel being pushed into him when two fingers entered and tried to turn around to stop the intrusion.

‘Timmy! Keep still and let Mummy fuck you.’

Timmy realised what was going to happen and remembered what his step mother said about her sister loving to fuck boys up the arse with her strap on. He tried to fight his way out from Zoe’s grasp but she tightened her athletically toned legs around his head and held him securely in place.

‘Oh God no please,’ he mumbled into Zoe’s pussy.

‘Eat me Timmy. It will take your mind off what’s going to happen to you.’

Timmy was now resigned to his fate as he knew he couldn’t get away and he just hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much.

He felt the rubber cock press up against his anal opening and sensed when Judith applied pressure as it slowly pushed into him.

His muffled moans of consternation and panic only served to turn both ladies on even more.

Suddenly the head pierced his sphincter and he gave a muffled yelp and then a groan as the rest of the dildo eased into him.

‘Good boy Timmy,’ said Judith. ‘Now I’m going to fuck you!’

She pulled out three quarters of the way then pushed it slowly back in. She did this several times to let him get used to it before speeding up then steadily began to fuck his arse.

‘Oh fuck, that looks so fucking sexy,’ stated Zoe just before her first orgasm engulfed her.

Timmy was moaning and slobbering on Zoe’s bald pussy.

As Judith’s orgasm was building she started to slam into him then she cried out and came as she fucked him hard.

Seeing her mother cum caused Zoe to have a second, even greater orgasm.

Judith pulled out and Zoe opened her thighs freeing Timmy who collapsed onto the floor.

Both women stood up ready to leave but Judith looked down and said, ‘Timmy you might need to clean that up before my sister gets back,’

Timmy looked down to see a puddle of his cum on the floor and splattered up the front of the sofa.

After he cleaned up he went back to his room and collapsed onto his bed.

The rest of the day was uneventful but after dinner Judith took Timmy by the hand and led him up to her bedroom.

First of all she stripped Timmy then herself before dragging him to bed.

‘How’s your bottom now?’ she asked.

Timmy told her it was still sore.

‘So you don’t want me to fuck you again now?’

Timmy shook his head no.

‘Oh in that case you’d better fuck me. Make it good as it is our last night.’

She lay back with her legs open as he got between them and sunk his cock home.

After wrapping her slender long legs around his back she said, ‘Timmy, why don’t you come and visit us in the holidays? Zoe and I will look after you.’ She could have sworn his cock got harder.

Downstairs in Bob’s bedroom Zoe was riding his cock. Her large breasts swaying inches from his face. Every time he tried to reach forward to kiss them she would move away and giggle, teasing him.

Bob had had enough and with all this strength he flipped her over, managing to stay in her and slammed her on her back, still fucking her.

‘Oh Daddy. I love it when you get all masterful,’ she shrieked as he pounded into her.

The next morning the ladies were packed and after some sedate goodbyes they were on their way home. This gave Bob and Timmy time to wash up the breakfast plates, vacuum and change the bed sheets.

It was early evening before Joanne and Jean arrived home.

They all sat around the kitchen table drinking tea as they told the boys about their trip to Paris.

‘There wasn’t any available men,’ complained Jean, ‘Even our room boy was gay.’

‘Yes, he even had his eyes closed when Mother was giving him a blow job instead of a tip.’ giggled Joanne.

‘He was probably imagining I was the cute Italian barman,’ laughed Jean.

‘Well Bob, I hope my sister and niece didn’t tire you out too much as I’m feeling extremely horny right now. Why don’t we go up to bed?’

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