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The Black Stone Pt. 09

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Mark’s journey into cruel perversion. This story is linked to The black stone, it will help if you read previous stories 1st.

As Mark recovered from another fabulous fuck with his Sister (Mary), he watched his Mother (Ruth) her house keeper (Zena) and Fiona. Ruth laid on her back and Fiona lowered her dripping cunt onto her hungry mouth, Zena spread her legs wide and Fiona feasted on her soaking pussy. Completing the circle Ruth nibbled and sucked on Fiona’s generous pussy lips as she moved up to her swollen clit. Mark always had a high sex drive but since the stone had come into his possession it seemed his cock was always ready for an eager cunt, mouth or arse.

Collette had pointed out that it had made his cock grow to well over 14″ long and almost 8″ in girth when he had carried it in his pocket. Thankfully his increase in size had only been temporary and his cock soon went back to its normal 9. As Mark looked at the orgy happening in front of him it seemed, it also had a profound effect on the girls he fucked.

His thoughts were interrupted as Rachel and her Mother, Sarah, walked into the room. Their hair and bodies still wet from the shower they had just shared. Rachel stopped to watch the circle of girls on the floor, Sarah dropped down to her knees and took Marks cock deep into her mouth. Stroking his cock with long slow strokes she sucked and twirled her tongue around his engorged bell end.

Standing up she grabbed his iron hard cock and mounted him reverse cowgirl. This was her favourite position as she could lean forward and watch his fat cock force her cunt apart as she sat on his length. In just a few seconds orgasm racked her body as she shook and squealed in delight.

Feeling her cunt dump a load of girl cum onto the end of his cock, Mark stood up and brutally banged her cunt. Bending her double, it gave him a perverse pleasure as his cock hit the very top of her cunt. Hearing her yelp in pain just spurred him on. Suddenly Sarah slumped forward as she passed out. Mark threw her to the floor in disgust and motioned for Rachel to come to him.

Looking at her Mothers inert form and his blood-stained cock, Rachel calmed Mark down and they made slow delicious love.

After a good night’s sleep Mark’s mind was made up, he would take Fiona to lunch and explain his plan.

Mark watched as Fiona walked towards the car, “she really is a stunning young woman,” he thought as his cock stirred.

As they drove Fiona chattered excitedly about the life of debauchery that Mark had introduced her to and mused that “only a few months ago she was a totally innocent, homeless virgin.”

As they ate Mark and Fiona chatted about the future. Taking a deep breath Mark told her about the black stone and its strange powers. As he outlined his plans to take them on a life of sex and violence, Fiona’s eyes were like saucers as she nodded in agreement.

Returning to the car Fiona asked Mark if he had the stone with him, drawing his attention to the couple in front of them. Fiona explained that she wanted to be the man. Nodding in agreement Mark followed them out of the parking structure, settling a few hundred yards behind their green Audi, he waited to see where they were going.

Following them out of town they came into a small village and the Audi turned into a driveway. Slowing as he went past Mark saw the car parking outside a large Bungalow, turning the car around Mark headed for a hotel they had passed a few minutes ago.

Unlocking the door to their hotel room Mark grabbed the stone out of his bag, he pointed it at the middle of the room and rubbed the mark in its pristine surface. As Mark looked at the room he could see his inert body lying on the floor with a very concerned Fiona trying to revive him.

Realising that his theory had been correct Mark effortlessly moved around the room, his new form of pure energy unfettered by a physical body. Deciding to test his theory further he merged with Fiona, after a few seconds he realised he had total control of her body and mind.

After a few minutes, he decided to go back to his own body hoping that there wouldn’t be any lasting effects on him or Fiona. Taking control of his own body Mark felt elated, Fiona stood in the middle of the room looking confused but relieved to see Mark stand up.

Handing the stone to Fiona he showed her what to do and in just a few seconds her body crumpled to the floor. Mark waited expectantly for her to take charge of his body, nothing happened. Confused and concerned Mark put Fiona onto the bed noting that, although she didn’t respond to him, her breathing seemed normal.

Sitting on the bed wondering what the hell had gone wrong Mark was startled when the door opened as a woman in her late 30’s strode into the room. Smiling the women said, “Ok I know she’s not the best-looking women but think we can have some fun with her.” Confused Mark asked, “how the hell she had got out of the room” Fiona just smiled and treated Mark to a slow çankaya escort strip show. Appreciating the show Mark stripped off and stroked his cock as Fiona peeled the women’s panties off, revealing a thick bush between her legs.

Mark watched as Fiona danced around the room, feeling his cock stiffen as her large globe like tits topped with long nipples bounced and jiggled. Sitting in the chair opposite him she drew her knees up and wide apart.

Running her finger through the dense pubes and into the slot she soon felt the wetness as her finger moved over her erect clit and along her large pussy lips. Mark could see a few pearls of moisture leaking from her pussy hole as Fiona moved her arse to the edge of the chair and started to rub her clit.

Moving between her legs as she massaged the little nub. Mark watched as she neared orgasm he pushed 2 fingers into her sopping cunt pushing her over the edge as her body shuddered and shook Mark felt her hot cunt clamp onto his fingers. “Dam this bitch cums really hard” Fiona gasped as waves of pleasure continued deep in her cunt.

Fiona stretched the long lips out, pulling her hole wide open as Mark moved his cock to her entrance. Pushing around 7″ of his large cock into her cunt he gasped as he felt her cunt grip him like a vice, pulling out slightly, he rammed balls deep into her cunt. Fiona squealed as she felt him bury himself deep inside her. Mark stayed still for a few seconds, luxuriating in the tight softness wrapped around his cock.

Sucking on her large tits he felt the nipple grow and harden as he twirled his tongue around. As he started to pull out of her he scraped his teeth on her nipple before ramming his cock deep into her cunt, his bell end clattering into her Cervix. Fiona thrashed about in orgasmic pleasure as he rammed his cock into her as hard and fast as he could. Feeling his cock expand inside her Fiona howled as he shot his load deep into her pussy. As they came down from their orgasm’s Fiona explained to Mark that “she had discovered, after leaving her body, she could go through walls and doors and had come across this women in the next room.” Deciding that she would like her own body back, Fiona went off to wash herself before returning the women to her room.

Being careful not to get her hair wet Fiona washed the sweat and spunk of her body. Grinning she pushed the shower head inside her and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water spraying deep into her cunt. Getting dressed she returned to the women’s room. Leaving her body Fiona looked around to see the women looking totally confused, smiling to herself, she thought “you are going to be so sore in the morning.”

Returning to her own body Fiona was surprised at how satisfied she felt “deep satisfaction without the sore cunt in the morning she smirked.” Cuddling into Mark they fell into a deep contented sleep. Waking early Fiona could feel Marks cock pressing into her back, reaching behind her she guided him to her entrance.

Asking him to “stay still,” she slowly moved back onto him. It felt incredible as his rock-hard cock opened her moist cunt. Mark grunted in pain as her cunt slowly yielded, his bell end forced between her lips. Fiona really liked the feeling as her pussy started to pour juice onto his bell end he slipped in almost all the way.

Mark took long slow strokes as he spooned her, reaching down between her legs she stroked her clit and soon felt her orgasm approaching. Ramming her cunt back onto Mark’s cock she shuddered as she felt the warmth between her legs as her orgasm ripped through her. Mark continued with his slow deep thrusts and as she felt him starting to come another massive orgasm racked her young cunt as he spurted his load deep inside her.

Chapter 2.

As they ate Breakfast in the hotel restaurant Fiona whispered to Mark “well here she comes, time to find out if she remembers anything.” The pair watched the lady, whose body had given them such pleasure, sit at the table adjacent to theirs.

They watched as she ordered a small breakfast and black coffee. Fiona studied the women, eventually catching her eye, smiling the 2 women struck up a conversation.

Growing bored with the feminine chatter Mark headed off for a piss.

Returning, Mark found the 2 women sitting at the same table. With a huge grin Fiona introduced him to Sharon. Sitting between the 2 women he listened to their chatter. Sharon was a sales manager and had been training a new sales person the day before.

Deciding he was bored, Mark moved his hand to Sharon’s knee and slowly moved up her stockinged leg to the hem of her skirt. His suspicions were confirmed as she parted her legs slightly. She was under the spell of the stone!

Sliding his hand further up her thigh, his fingers touched the crotch of her panties. Feeling her heat and wetness Marks cock stirred as he traced the outline of her pussy. Sharon let out a small gasp and slid forward on the seat spreading escort çankaya her legs wider.

Winking at Fiona Mark said, “think we need to go back to our room as I need a fuck, care to join us Sharon?”

Gasping as Marks finger rubbed up and down the outline of her cunt “yes, I would like that a lot.” Feeling her orgasm building, Sharon did her best to keep quiet as her cunt gushed cum on the crotch of her panties.

Mark and Fiona led Sharon back to their room. The door had barely closed before Sharon was ripping her clothes off and begging Mark to “put his cock in her cunt.”

Deciding to have some fun with her, he asked Fiona to “get her scissors and his razor.”

As Fiona went to the Bathroom Mark sat in a chair and watched Sharon as she fingered and spread her cunt pleading “please give me some cock!”

Fiona felt the women’s need and lowered and lowered her head to lick her hairy cunt. It took seconds for her to explode, crying “fuck fuck oh my god I am cumming so hard” as cum juice sprayed from between her fat pussy lips.

Hungrily licking up the copious amounts of her juice Fiona told Mark “Get that cock out and fuck me good, I need to make this bitch cum again”

Mark shook his head “told you to shave her, do so now!”

Fiona immediately took her scissors and started to cut the long curly pubes. When Fiona had trimmed Sharon’s pussy as short as possible, she smeared a generous amount of shaving cream onto Sharon’s Mons. Putting a new blade in the razor she gently shaved her, leaving a strip of jet black hair just above her slot.

Fiona asked Sharon to “spread her legs as wide as she could and then bend one leg so she could put her foot flat on the bed.”

Getting between her legs Fiona smeared shaving gel along the side of the women’s gaping cunt. Inhaling the intoxicating scent of pussy Fiona was having trouble concentrating on the task. Mark saw this and reached across, forcefully smacking her left arse cheek.

Fiona gasped as she felt the heat radiating off her arse “sorry Mark” she replaced the blade and carefully shaved the women smooth. Checking, she felt that the skin wasn’t very smooth. Reaching into her bag she found her tube of hair remover.

Rubbing the lotion around her cunt she instructed Sharon to “wait and not move for 10 minutes.” Cruelly flicking the women’s clit, she turned to face Mark.

He was nude and his huge cock was rock hard as he leisurely swept his hand up and down his veiny shaft. Mark was learning how the stone worked and had slept with it under his pillow. His cock was now around 10″ long and 6″ in circumference “perfect” he thought.

Looking at Mark for permission she crawled towards his cock, taking just the tip in her mouth she kissed and licked his sensitive bell end. Pulling her off his cock he told her to “sort Sharon out.” Going back to slowly wanking as he watched Fiona checking between Sharon’s thighs he could see her cunt lips splayed open as her juices poured out of her.

Sending Sharon to wash the hair cream off her pussy, Fiona crawled back to Marks cock. Lying back Mark said, “Sit on it and fuck me slowly” adding “you can’t cum until I do.”

Mounting him reverse cow girl she gasped as his length and girth stretched her pussy. Slowly she forced him into her until her arse was on his stomach. Incredibly full, her cunt stretched to its limit she slowly raised herself up. The relief as she moved until only his tip was at her entrance was amazing the feeling as she forced her cunt down again was exquisite.

Sharon came from the bathroom and quickly knelt between Mark’s thigh’s. Seeing Fiona’s cunt stretch as Mark cock slid in, her instinct was to finger Fiona’s clit. Shaking her head Fiona breathed “concentrate on him, fondle his bollock’s finger his arsehole.”

Understanding that they were only there for his pleasure she asked Mark “to move forward, so his arse was on the edge of the bed.” As her tongue rimmed his arse and she kissed his ball sack Mark knew he couldn’t last much longer.

Fiona felt Marks cock start to expand as he shot a heavy load deep inside her. Ramming her cunt down as hard as she could she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her and she felt her juices spraying out of her stretched cunt.

Feeling exhausted, she fell forward and off Marks cock. Sharon immediately took Marks softening cock into her mouth, loving the taste of their combined juices. Moving down his cock she greedily lapped up the pools of cunt juice on his lower stomach, going back to his cock she was surprised to find it hardening in her mouth.

As his cock expanded her mouth reached its limit and she had to move up to lick and kiss the head and sides of the monster cock. Reaching down Mark grabbed her, “Sit on my cock, I want your cunt, Fiona get up here and sit on my face!”

Sharon worked his cock into her and bounced up and down a few times. Changing position çankaya escort bayan Sharon laid on the bed and Fiona feasted on her cunt, wincing in pain as Mark rammed into her cunt from behind.

As Sharon crested into another powerful orgasm Mark held his cock deep inside her as his cock spurted several thick ropes of cum. Sharon was sure his sperm was going straight to her womb as he was so deep in her.

As they rested on the bed the door to the suite opened and a young maid walked in. Gasping in shock at the scene before her she started to head for the door. Quickly Mark rubbed the small dent on the stone and felt the weight on his chest, looking across the room he saw Fiona rubbing the stone to take charge of his body.

Chapter 3

Rushing across the room Mark checked to make sure that Fiona’s body still had a pulse, explaining that he had never seen a person changed twice in quick succession. Satisfied that she was ok Mark told the others to bind and blindfold Fiona’s body.

Going to the bathroom he slowly undressed his new body. Looking in the full-length mirror he was stunned. Looking back at him was a young girl, maybe 20 with long curly brown hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face. Moving down he saw full taut tits, a flat stomach and trimmed short pubes. Judging his height to be around 5’6″ he admired his long-toned legs.

Putting a finger into his cunt he was relieved to note that the girl was not a Virgin. Walking back into the bedroom he hoped he had been right in trusting Fiona, realising he may not be able to control her in his old body. It came as a great relief to him as she walked over to him and kissed him deeply.

Mark liked the feeling of his new body, asking the others to “sit down and wait” he moved around the suite testing the way it moved. Remembering when he changed bodies with Collette and the discomfort of her period, his hands moved between his legs and took comfort from the moist lips and soft inner folds of his young pussy.

Unable to come up with a clear plan he told Fiona and Sharon to “enjoy themselves.” Fiona relished the opportunity to find out what sex as a man was like, but was disappointed that Mark wasn’t allowing her to show how good sex could be as a woman.

Turning to Sharon she gathered her up in her arms and threw her onto the bed. Enjoying the power of her new body she pulled Sharon’s legs wide open and greedily lapped at her flooded cunt.

Sharon was unsure of what had just happened but as Fiona licked and sucked her clit, she didn’t care. Mark sat in the chair and enjoyed watching Fiona use his old body on Sharon. As he watched, Fiona pushed her huge cock into Sharon’s cunt and he felt his cunt start to moisten.

As Mark paced around the suite a plan started to form in his mind. Sharon was digging her nails into Fiona’s Muscular back as she started to cum. Wailing and screaming Sharon had lost count of how many times she had cum that day, as her cunt gushed she knew that this was the most powerful.

As Sharon’s cunt gripped and rippled around her cock, Fiona experienced her first orgasm as a man. As her cock jerked she felt her whole-body tense as she spurted a load into Sharon’s gripping cunt. The release was incredible, she was surprised at how relaxed and calm she felt.

Mark waited for them to recover, sitting in the chair he was idly toying with his pussy. As his finger found his clit the toying got more urgent and he brought himself to the verge of orgasm. Stopping he asked Sharon to “finish him with her tongue.” Eager to please Sharon leapt between his legs. Deciding to try and give him an orgasm to remember she licked, sucked and used her fingers finding his g spot.

Mark trembled and shook as she expertly brought him to the very edge and held him there for what seemed like hours. At last she flicked his clit with her tongue and rammed 3 fingers into his cunt. It felt like his cunt was on fire as the heat and sparks exploded deep in his cunt and spread out across his body.

The orgasm was so violent that he was sure his cunt was going to turn inside out and his nipples were going to fly off his tits. Then he felt the rush of juice flooding his pussy and a strange glow spread through his body.

Breathing heavily, he lifted Sharon’s head up and kissed her deeply. “Thank you” he managed to say before collapsing into a sweaty heap.

Marks eyes fluttered open as a cool wet flannel was wiped over his brow. As his eyes focused he saw the smiling faces of Fiona and Sharon looking down at him. Standing on unsteady legs he went to relieve his aching bladder. Standing under the hot shower his senses started to return.

Calling through to Fiona “go and check the corridor and hang a do not disturb sign on the door.”

Fiona and Sharon listened to Mark as he outlined his plan.

“I want to keep this body” was the first shock statement. Mark continued that he thought that “Sharon’s body should be disposed of on the understanding that eventually she would take over the young maid’s body. In the meantime, she could use either Mark’s or Fiona’s body.” Mark looked at them waiting for a reaction. Sharon was the 1st to speak “well I have nothing that I will miss, the chance to be 20 again in a pretty girl’s body sounds amazing.”

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