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The Benefits of a Girlfriend Ch. 01

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Father Daughter

Chapter One: The Masochist T.A.L.E. of Pain

It was Wednesday, which along with Monday and Friday, was one of my short days. I had two classes, a four hour shift working janitorial at the school and one more class before coming home and cooking the dinner that greeted Kristy when she got home from her three classes working, her 1-5 shift in the school guidance counselor’s office, and her daily workout. I was brushing my teeth and Kristy was putting on her nightgown, when she asked, “Honey, guess who I ran into today?”

“Pwho?” I muttered with a mouthful of toothpaste.


I spit. “Oh yeah? What’s he up to?”

“He’s working at the coffee shop. He said he was just getting ready to get off just as I came in.”

“Yeah? And?”

“Well, he looked pretty dejected, so I invited him to join me for lunch. I bought him some lunch since he said he didn’t have any money.”

“Up to his old tricks, I see. Just using you.” The previous semester of this year, Adam was my roommate, and, I thought friend, until he swept Kristy off of me and I returned the favor after he cheated on her.

“It wasn’t like that, I swear. He’s really down on his luck. He’s being evicted next week and needs a place to stay until the end of the semester.”

“You can’t be saying what I think you are…”

“Why not? It’s only a month!”

“Are you serious? Because he’s your ex and we don’t get along…”

“Come on, baby. You two used to be close. If it wasn’t for me, you’d still probably be! But, that fight is over. You won! Please, baby, do it for me?”

“Fuck! You know you’re asking for the impossible, right?”

“Not impossible, baby. Just hard. Doing the right thing, forgiving somebody usually is. But, he forgave you for stealing me off of him…”

“He stole you off me, first!”

“Come on, I wasn’t really yours, then. We only went on one date!”

“Yeah, but I wanted more. You knew that. You both did.”

She laughed, “That was pretty obvious when you made that crazy promise to me ON OUR FIRST DATE!”

“I was just kidding, you know that.”

“No, I don’t and I don’t think you were. I think you meant every single word.”

The summer before freshman year, I met Adam on an online forum looking for roommates. From my research, I learned that, as long as you had a car, getting an apartment off campus was far cheaper than staying in the dorms. After some correspondence, we decided to get a small two bedroom in a rundown area of town. Somehow, based on our conversations, I expected him to be a short, skinny, nerdy type guy. So, I was pretty shocked to meet a 6’5″ guy with ripped muscles, black hair, and these big bright green eyes met me at the door of our apartment. I’ve never really paid much attention to eye color on a guy, but these were weird, almost alien. I came out and asked him if they were colored contacts one day. He laughed and said, “No, all natural. And the girls love them!” There was no denying they loved something about him. He got laid almost every night that first month with at least a dozen different girls.

I didn’t get laid at all, but then I was working the long game. I met Kristy when she sat next to me in my first class. It was Introduction to Logic. For me, it was the easiest course I ever took, but Kristy seemed to struggle with it. She would ask me questions in class at first, but eventually just came out and asked me to be her personal tutor. We both knew she was beautiful; 5’6″ with golden blonde hair, sky blue eyes, an elongated neck, ample breasts, a tight waist, long legs, and a perfect bubble butt from her addiction to the stair-climber. So, of course, I agreed to do it and not just for the classes I was taking, but all of the ones she needed help in, even if I had to spend my nights studying the material. I found out she hadn’t dated since she broke up with her boyfriend of four years, her high school’s star running back. She broke it off with him July 4th after she caught him getting oral from her best friend. Apparently, there was an argument. Her friend said she didn’t understand what the big deal was since he had slept with the entire cheerleading squad. Then he laughed at her saying he enjoyed every one of them even more knowing she was staying faithful to him and thought he was doing the same.

So, when I finally got her to agree to a date with me, she let me know that she would only accept a boyfriend if she knew he was going to be faithful to her no matter what.

Jokingly, I said, “Okay, from this point forward until the end of my days, I shall be faithful to you and you alone.”

I expected her to laugh, but instead she got real serious. “Slow down, okay? This is only our first date. Are you trying to creep me out?” I tried to explain I was joking, but the damage was done.

Back in our studio apartment April of our freshmen year, I just blushed and made my way towards the bed.

“You know, though, I kinda like that you meant it?”

“Really?” I stopped, looking down at her in that silky gown as she slid into our bed.

“Of course. Since the day we met, you’ve been completely faithful suriyeli porno me. Even when I was fucking your roommate in the bedroom next to yours and you could probably hear every moan I made and probably even his grunts, you were keeping yourself for me. I could hear you jerking off on that creaky old mattress, you know?”

“Wait, you heard that?” I asked, flushed with embarrassment, but for some reason starting to stiffen.

She slid up her nighty and glided her hand down into her panties. “Of course. You heard his bed creaking as he fucked me, right?”

I frowned and nodded.

“You know, when we heard you in there playing with yourself, he’d always whisper in my ear that you were in there getting your benefits,” she rubbed herself faster as she said this. “That was a little inside joke. He would call you my girlfriend with benefits behind your back, because you’d drive me around, take me shopping and to the beauty salon and the all the other things he was too macho to do and the only benefit you got was jerking off while he fucked me!” She laughed.

My face showed I was hurt by her words and she quit laughing. “You know it wasn’t like that! Sure, I wanted you, but I did those things to spend time with you. I thought we were friends!”

She looked up at my face and then down at my fully aroused prick where her gaze remained, “We were friends. We are friends. I get that now. But I didn’t quite understand that then. I thought you were just a pathetic jerk off boy I could manipulate into doing whatever I wanted.” When my prick bounced, she giggled.

“What are you doing? Why are you trying to hurt me?”

“You don’t look hurt,” she replied still watching my crotch. “You look to be very happy and every time I say something that should hurt your feelings, you get even happier!”

I slipped off my boxers, crawled into bed and whispered, “Can we fuck now?”

She gave me a dirty look, “Ah-hem.” She pointed to my bare prick. Kristy always insisted I wear a condom when I penetrated her. She was adamant about not wanting a child until after she finished grad school and she wasn’t willing to rely on oral birth control alone.

I put on the condom and got back into bed, going down on her first. She resumed our previous conversation as my mouth was occupied. “If you want to fuck me, I want you to agree to let Adam stay here for a month.” I pulled away to answer, but she put her hand on my head and pushed me back into her wetness. “This apartment is big enough for three people and we have a couch for him to sleep on. If you’re worried about sex, it shouldn’t be a big deal. He’s seen me naked before. It might bother him a little if you fuck me in front of him, but beggars can’t be choosy and he deserves a little payback, don’t you think?”

Smiling at the thought, I kissed her pussy in response. She was quiet for the next few minutes and I could tell she was nearing orgasm. That’s when I did something I’d never done before and backed away.

“What the hell are you doing?” she cried.

“I want to make you come with my cock,” I whispered.

“Okay, but hurry! I was almost there, damn you!”

I rushed to get myself inside her and began thrusting in a steady rhythm.

“Fuck,” she growled. “It passed. You better make me come this time.”

“I will. I promise.”

After about a minute, she asked, “Do you know he fucked me right here in this bed?”

Not knowing what she was talking about but realizing what she wanted, I thrusted harder and faster.

“That’s better. Yep. It was before we were really official, before I took your virginity. He came over looking for you and said he was going to beat you senseless for not only ratting him out in order to steal me, but also stiffing him with the rent on that two bedroom just because he trusted you enough to sign the lease on his own. Realizing he was serious, I pleaded with him not to hurt you. The only thing that worked was when I offered to suck him off.”

I was hurt and pissed, but I took it out on her pussy, which she seemed to enjoy.

“And, then, over the course of the next few weeks, he fucked me seven times right, oh yeah, right, oh fuck yeah, right here in our, o-o-o, mmmmmmmm…”

She caught her breath, “Yeah… he fucked me right here in our bed. Seven times. Before you ever got the chance.” With that final sting, I came myself.

“Wow, baby, you were amazing. You’ve never fucked me that good before. Why is that?”

“I don’t know,” lying back with my head still spinning from the heightened sexual energy, orgasmic bliss, and sting of all the hurtful things she had said. “Can we discuss this tomorrow when we have clearer heads?”

“Sure,” she leaned over and kissed my lips. “I love you. You know that right?”

“Yeah… I think. But I’m too tired to think anymore. I love you too. Good night.”

She started to read as she always did after sex with me. I didn’t quite understand it, but, somehow, sex with me invigorated her and I took pride in that.

In the morning, I still wasn’t ready to discuss what occurred the night before. qiqitv.info I wasn’t that night either, considering it was Thursday which, like Tuesday, was my long day. That included three more classes, a four hour shift, and a two and a half hour once a week evening class. I was taking extra credits to fulfill the requirements for my double major and the extra hours two days a week wore me down.

Even though I wasn’t in the mood to talk, she was. “So, I stopped by the coffee shop today and told Adam you said yes. He’s moving in tomorrow.”

I was watching tv after eating my reheated dinner. She had just come out of the bathroom and it took me a minute to realize what she had said. “You what? He’s what?”

“You heard me. And don’t try to change your mind now. You said yes last night.”

“I did not. I didn’t say anything.”

“No, but you kissed my pussy. That was good enough. We both know what you meant.”

“But I never said yes,” I continued to argue pointlessly.

“Listen, Michael. I don’t want to fight and I don’t want to play games. Do you remember our first real date, on Valentine’s Day, when you told me you always wanted me to be open and honest with you no matter what and we both promised to be faithful to one another or break it off, first?”

“Yes, of course. But you had already been unfaithful.”

“No I wasn’t! There was no promise of fidelity just because you were paying half the rent. You were sleeping on my couch!”

“But I was faithful to you.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you want me to truly be open and honest with you, then you can’t hold me accountable for anything I did before we made our promises. Are you going to be a jerk just because I wasn’t a virgin like you? Or do you want me to be honest? Which one? You can’t have both.”

“I want you to be honest. Brutally honest, if need be.”

“Good. I know you’re feeling guilt and shame for getting so aroused last night by the things I said to you that would fill most men with rage. You’re probably thinking that if you show any more of your true feelings, I’ll reject you. But nothing could be further from the truth. Speaking of truth, I want to play truth or dare again!”

I shook my head, “Truth or dare?”

“Yeah, like we played last night. I told you the truth and dared you to fuck me better than you ever had before!” She giggled.

“Okay,” I smiled, tired, but always horny.

“But I want the truth from you, too,” she grabbed my arm and led me over to the bed. I lay on my back. She climbed up, got on her knees and sat back on her calves right near my waist. “As a future psychologist, I have a theory about you and I want to know if I got it right.” She unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans and boxers down to my knees.

“Now, you’re first girlfriend cheated on you, right?”

“I already told you the story.”

“Just humor me,” she said with her eyes focused intently on my soft prick. I was a little embarrassed knowing I was much more of a ‘grower’ than a ‘shower’, but I said, “Yes, she did.”

“And she cheated on you with your ex-boyfriend?”


“Did you ever get to feel the inside of her tight little pussy like he did?”


“Did she ever give you a blow job like she did him?”


“Did she ever give you a hand job like she did for several other guys she considered to be just friends?”


“Did she ever even let you get to second base, to touch those big plump tits of hers?”


“She wasn’t really your girlfriend, was she? She was just using you to get rides back and forth from work, wasn’t she? When you found out she was gangbanged by five guys at a party and stopped seeing her, you knew you were just used, didn’t you?”

By now, my dick was throbbing and bouncing uncontrollably, “Yes, I knew.”

“And I bet you even liked it, getting used. I bet you jerked off thinking about it, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered reaching my hand to stroke myself.

“No, no, nooo. It’s time to rest for a bit. Close your eyes. Think happy thoughts. Let your erection go back down.”

For the first few minutes all I could think about was that girl and how I’d hear about her messing around with another guy, refuse to believe, but later those nights, I’d jerk off thinking about her doing those things. What made it worse was I had tried to get to second base on four separate occasions, but she pushed me away every time. I probably would have dumped her after hearing about the drug induced gang bang, but her stepdaddy sent her away and I never saw her again. Kristy knew all this, except the jacking off part, and I wondered what kind of game she was playing. Eventually I cleared my head and my penis shriveled back down to its thumb sized version.

“And what about your second girlfriend? Did you ever get to feel or even get to see that sweet little shaved pussy of hers?”

“Please, I think I’ve had enough of this game.”

“Too bad. I want to play. And the only reason you knew it was even shaved was because you became friends with the guy she dumped you for, right?”

“I told you travesti porno this.”

“Do you realize how pathetic that is?”

“Yes, okay. Please stop.”

She was silent for a moment when her words didn’t have the desired reaction on my penis. I guess I had drifted off for a minute when she woke me up fully nude with her breasts hanging in my face and her hand stroking my cock. “Baby,” she pleaded, “I want to hurt you.”

“Wha-what?” I inquired a bit startled.

“Come on, baby. I need this. You need this. Let me hurt you.”


She returned to her previous position near my waist, her eyes once again fixated on my now, thanks to her soft hands, semi-erect penis. “Let’s talk about you second girlfriend, that pussy you could only dream of while other guys got to see it, to feel it. How many were there?”

“Three, I think.”

“Three that you know of for sure, but how many others? Think of all those guys you worked with who used to snicker behind your back because she was flirting with them when you weren’t around and even when you were but she thought you weren’t looking. How many of them do you think fucked her? Or at least got a blow job or a hand job or got to feel her perky little tits like you didn’t?”

I still couldn’t understand why she was doing this. I told her these things in confidence because of her stories about her ex-boyfriend, not so she could use them to manipulate me or whatever this was, but, still, I was completely aroused and I answered her question, “I have no idea.”

“Guess,” she commanded bitingly.

“Nine, maybe ten, maybe more.”

“Oh, I hope it was more, don’t you?”

“Um, no?”

“Baby, I want you to take yourself back to those days when you jacked off thinking about her cheating on you. I want you to think back to those times you made out with her. How many other guys would settle for just a kiss?”

“Not many, I guess.”

“That’s right and we both know she kissed a lot of them. I bet there were times when she’d go off with one of them at work while his buddy watched out for him. She’d suck him off, swallow his cum, pop a piece of gum in her mouth and then get you to the side and French kiss you. And everyone would laugh at you. You know that happened, right?”

“Yeah, probably.”

“And aren’t you glad it happened? That she humiliated you like that in front of everyone all the time?”

“Yes, I guess I am.” I was so horny by this point I’d have probably agreed to anything she wanted me to say, but I couldn’t help feeling like there was some truth to it. I had masturbated many times out of jealousy after seeing her flirt with another guy and it happened more times than I can possibly remember. I also knew that people were laughing at me behind my back every time I believed one of her bullshit stories.

“That’s it, baby. Take the pain. Accept it. Love it. Enjoy it.”


“Think about what happened, how bad it hurt in your chest but how good it felt in your groin. You loved it, didn’t you?”


Once again, she remained silent and let my erection fade. Then she took my arm and placed my hand on her breast, “You know, it doesn’t matter if you got to second base with them, you got there with me, and to third, and even home.”

As I gently squeezed her breast, the thought occurred to me that if things worked out, this would be the only pair of breasts I’d ever get to touch. That thought saddened me at first, then it aroused me, and then, it somehow comforted me. I whispered, “You know, they hurt me but they led me to you just like the guys who hurt you led me to you.”

She leaned over, glided her lips back and forth over mine several times before our mouths opened and we twirled tongues. I never wanted that moment to end, but when it did, I was surprised at what she said, “You know I’m just like them, though. You know I love hurting you, don’t you?”

I was saddened and looked up with her with glazed eyes, “Really? Just like them? Are you going to cheat on me?”

“No. No. Maybe not JUST like them. I won’t cheat. I promised. But, baby, last night I discovered something profound, not just about you, but about me, too. I wanted to test it here tonight and I’m now certain that what I researched in the library today was absolutely correct. I know exactly what you are.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re just not wired like a normal straight guy. A woman’s body doesn’t arouse you the way it should if you were. You’re obviously…”

“Now, wait just a minute,” I interrupted, “Just because I’m different doesn’t mean I’m gay. I don’t care what those stupid books say.”

She started laughing. “Honey, I’m a psychology major, not an ignorant inbred redneck idiot. I’m well aware that the world is neither black and white, nor straight and gay. There are many facets of human sexuality that sometimes cross the wires of sexual orientation, but that’s a different set of wires entirely. You’re not wired like a normal gay guy or a normal bisexual guy, either. I’m not talking about who you like; I’m talking about what you like. Most guys, most PEOPLE are wired to seek pleasure. That’s normal; that’s what we evolved to seek as our primary pathway to sexual gratification. They may enjoy a little pain because it heightens the senses, but most people are aroused by pleasure because that’s the only way to insure genetic reproduction.”

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