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The Babysitter Ch. 2

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After I had dropped her off last weekend I could not stop thinking about how sweet her pussy tasted. I could hardly stand being at our dinner date with friends tonight. The whole time we were out, I was thinking about the drive to take her home. My wife had to get my attention a few times by saying my name.

She wanted to know why I was so distant, I said I just had a project at work that was giving me troubles and couldn’t get it out of my mind. She bought it and moved on with the conversation with our friends.

I was lost in thought about that sweet tender pussy and how I wanted another taste. I had plans for her tonight when I took her home! Something I have been thinking about for a while now, I am finally going to do. I wanted our dinner date to be over with as soon as possible so I could give my cock the satisfaction it was wanting.

About an hour later, the other couple said they needed to get going because they told their baby-sitter they would be home by 10:00. I almost jumped for joy when I heard those words. I wanted to get our baby-sitter alone.

We said our good-byes and went our separate ways. As I drove home my cock started getting hard just from the anticipation. I am glad it was dark so I didn’t have to try to explain why I was hard. As we pulled into our garage, my wife said she wasn’t feeling well and was going to lie down.

When we walked into the house, she was sitting on the couch watching television. My wife greeted her and said I would give her a ride home. A smirk went across my face as I thought to myself … yeah, I will give her a ride all right.

After my wife had gone, she looked at me with those soft green eyes and smiled a wicked smile. I could see the lust all over her. Her eyes had a glimmer in them and her nipples were erect, as was my cock.

We left the house and as soon as we were around the corner, she had my raging hard on in her mouth. DAMN, this girl knew how to suck cock. She was swirling her tongue around the head and stuck the tip of her tongue in my pee hole. I moaned a soft moan to let her know I liked what she was doing to me.

She took my cock into her soft hand and stroked up & down while sucking just the head. Twisting her head like a cork screw as she sucked more & more into her hungry mouth. Taking her tongue and licking the length of my shaft like a lollipop.

We got to our usual spot, and instantly she was stripping her clothes off. She said “I have thought about tonight all week.” She leaned over and kissed me with such force & passion all at the same time. I could feel the heat radiating from her body, felt like she was on fire.

Our tongues met and she bit it playfully, reached up and licked the tip of my nose. At that moment, I knew I was in for some wild sex! I got my clothes off and we went to the back of my mini-van. She was kissing and licking my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. She made her way back to my mouth and I kissed her with great desire.

I looked into her eyes and I told her I had a surprise for her under the seat. She was excited and reached under and took out the sack I had put under there earlier pendik escort that evening. She opened the sack and had a shocked look on her face. I lay there and watch her as she takes out a 7 inch dildo, a vibrating egg, a small butt plug and a tube of flavored lubricant.

She looks at me and says “what are these for?” I smiled a calm smile to her and said “I want to explore your whole body tonight.” I reassured her I would be slow and gentle with her, and at any time she wasn’t comfortable I would stop. She agreed with that and gave a small, unsure smile.

She came back onto the seat and lay on top of me looking in my eyes, searching for answers on what was going to happen. I reached up and moved her hair back out of her beautiful face so I could see her eyes in the moonlight. She is so precious and sweet.

I tell her to lay down on her stomach, she does and I start kissing the back of her neck to relax her. I move downwards along her spine placing kisses and licks all over her back. She lets a small moan escape and I know she is relaxing a bit. I take one of her shapely ass checks and give a squeeze. I make my way down and kiss it. Her skin feels like silk, soft and smooth.

I tell her to get up onto her knees. She looks over her shoulder at me and I wink at her with a smile telling her it is OK. She gets on her knees and has her head resting on the seat. I take both my hands and spread those luscious ass cheeks of hers apart.

I get a very hard erection as I see her puckered hole. I let out a sigh of pleasure as I lean forward and lick that soft spot no man has been before. She gasps as my hot tongue touches it and I feel it get even tighter. I keep licking and she loosens up a little and relaxes. I go under and give her wet, dripping pussy and quick lick. My tongue goes into her soft folds and she twitches at the touch.

Moving back up to her asshole, I reach over and grab the lubricant, I put a glob of it at the top of her crack and let it run down to her bum. As it gets to her tight hole, I put my finger at the opening and push slightly giving her some pressure, but not entering. She moans with approval.

Then I slip my finger in, to the first knuckle. She jerks, and says “OH” and I feel the muscle get tight around my finger. I tell her to relax and start kissing her ass cheeks.

I hold my finger there for a few minutes to let her get used to it. I slowly push it in a little farther, it is up to the second knuckle now and she is a bit nervous. She said “I am not sure I really want to do this.” I start moving my finger out and pushing it back in a little more each time while I am talking to her and kissing her back and ass cheeks.

She starts to melt under my touch and after a few strokes with my finger she is telling me to put it in more. My finger is all the way inside her tight ass and I feel as if I could shoot my load right then and there.

I pump her ass with my finger slow and easy, but she is begging for me to fuck her ass faster. I pick up the speed and she is starting to move back against my hand with each inward thrust. I pull my finger out and maltepe escort she asked me why I stopped. I smiled and just told her “shhhhhh” as I picked up the vibrating egg.

I turned it on and put it against her tight opening so she could feel the vibrations. She instantly started to moan and rock her hips. I put some more gel on her hole and smeared it around with my finger sliding into her relaxed hole. I took the egg and slowly inserted it into her ass. She pushed her ass backwards to try and get it in deeper.

“OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS GREAT” she said looking over her shoulder. I smiled and said to myself … this is easier than I thought it would be. I left it there and worked my lips up her back, to her neck and around to find her mouth. She was so hot and horny she couldn’t stop moaning. Our tongues went wild exploring each others mouths.

I went back down and took the egg out. Her tight ass now was a little loose and it looked so inviting I almost didn’t finish what I had planned. But, I put the egg aside and picked up the butt plug, put some lubricant on the end and put some more on her hole. I inserted the plug to the first knob and let it stay there for a minute. She wanted more, so I took it up to the second knob. I was getting so excited watching her asshole stretch.

I worked it in and out of her and then I put the butt plug all the way to the base. Her ass was full and tight. I reached under to feel her pussy and it was almost to the point of dripping. I could smell how badly she wanted to cum, so I touch my tongue on her clit and that sent her into a very intense orgasm. She shook and bucked against the plug like a wild woman.

I stuck 2 of my fingers inside her while she was cumming. After she had stopped cumming, I took my fingers up to her mouth and stuck them in so she could clean me off. I rolled her over onto her back and spread her legs. I aimed my cock for that wet pussy. As I put the tip to her steamy cunt the heat was unbelievable. I stuck the head in and she arched her back with a smile.

I shoved my cock inside her all the way to the hilt. It was so tight and hot. She has a tight pussy as it is, but with the plug in, it was INCREDIBLE! I started to fuck her and knew I wouldn’t be able to do that for long or I would cum fast. I rammed her hard a couple times then pulled out.

She grabbed my hard cock and pulled it to her mouth. She took me and was sucking the life out of me. I had to make her stop, I wasn’t ready to cum yet, even though I wanted to badly. I had her go back to her stomach and I removed the plug. Her ass looks so inviting, like it is calling my name.

My mouth needs to be where the butt plug was, I lean over and stick my tongue into her asshole. She gasps for air and moans saying “OH BABY, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE, MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A DIRTY SLUT.” I start fucking her faster with my tongue and she is rocking back & forth.

I reach over and get the dildo and her eyes grew wide when she saw it. I could see she was hesitant about it. So, I gave it to her and said “fuck your pussy with it.” She was all for that game! I sat and kartal escort watched her fuck herself with the lifelike dildo. She took almost all of it inside her cunt. I could tell when she hit bottom, she would growl and her eyes would flutter.

She fucked the dildo until she was cumming again. I had her take the dildo and suck it clean as I stroked my hard rod. She took it in her mouth until it almost disappeared. Sucking and licking like it was the real thing. She licked from the base to the tip very slow and teasing, while looking at me.

I took the dildo from her and got more gel. By this time she was begging for me to fuck her ass hard! I squirted the gel on her, ready to fuck, hole and slid it in. There was no hesitation whatsoever now. Her hole opened right up and was wanting more. I fucked her gorgeous ass, she had all of the dildo in her except about 1 inch. Just enough for me to hold onto it.

I rammed her ass hard and she was going crazy, screaming “FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS HARD.” I took my other hand and pinched her nipple. Squeezing it between my fingers and rolling it. She bowed her head and licked my fingers.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I have tortured myself long enough. I took the dildo out of her ass and replaced it with my rock hard cock. I was slightly thicker than the dildo so it stretched her even more as I slid in her gapping hole.

She lost her breathe as I entered her, but I knew she was loving every minute of it. My mind was like jelly, I loved the feel of her hot ass surrounding my cock. I slammed her ass hard with every thrust, my balls bounced on her clit. She was on her hands and knees now so she could get my cock in deeper.

I felt her asshole get tighter and I knew she was nearing another orgasm. I grabbed her hips and pounded away at that sweet young ass of hers. She started bucking and screaming “OH YES I’M CUMMING BABY … YES YES OHHHHH YESSSSSSS” It was all I could do to hold onto her as she got off. What a wild one she is!

About that time I could not stand any more, I reached around and grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed. I leaned down and bit her on the shoulder. She moaned and said she liked that. I straightened up and grabbed her hips again. I was pulling her backwards as I thrust my cock deep into her hot, wet ass.

I could feel my balls getting tight and I told her “I AM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR SWEET TENDER ASS BABY”


I gave one long hard thrust and was all the way in her fuck hole and I let out a big moan as I shot my load. I came so hard I had a chill go down my spine. I collapsed onto her back and stayed there. I didn’t want to remove my cock from that pleasure hole of hers. It started going soft and popped out on its own.

I sat up and told her stay right there. I watched my cum ooze out of her stretched hole and smiled. It was a beautiful sight to see. That once virgin ass of hers is now gapping and dripping.

I got some paper towels that were still in the sack and wiped up the mess we had left. She rolled onto her back and grabbed my arms, which made me fall forwards. She wrapped her arms around me and looked into my eyes, saying “you can fuck my ass anytime you want lover” and then she kissed me.

We got everything put away, cleaned up and headed for her house.

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