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The Art of Love Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Multiple chapter stories are difficult to structure because readers discovering a story in its later chapters may not want to go back to the previous chapters because of limited time for masturbation (hee hee). Some writers make each chapter a story that stands on its own; others prefer continuity. I tried to do a little of both, but I believe reading this story from the beginning will help the reader understand the characters better. Regardless of your choice, I hope you enjoy the journey of Allison and Jason.



“I’m ready to finish our session Mother”.

Alli looked up adoringly at her son. His long, erect cock was still connected to her tongue by the tendril of precum she had licked and pulled back into her mouth.

“May I see your work first, honey?” Alli asked as she leaned forward and sucked the rest of his tasty fluid into her mouth.

Jason’s cock twitched when his mother’s sensuous lips encircled the head of his erect prick and vacuumed the precum into her hot mouth.

“Of course you may,” Jason said as he stepped back to allow Alli a path to the canvas on the floor.

Alli slid off the velvet chair to the floor and slowly crawled on her hands and knees over to the painting. As she crawled, she felt her full breasts swaying as they hung provocatively from her torso. Her ass cheeks moved in rhythm to each cat-like move. Alli’s bare pussy lips bunched between her legs and offered a lewd view of her sex to her son.

When Alli reached the painting, she gave an audible gasp. The portrait was realistic but had an interpretive quality that made it seem extremely erotic. The fact that her son, the painter, had no arms and relied solely on his toes and legs to paint was breathtaking.

“Jason, this may be your best work yet!” Alli exclaimed. “I’m so thrilled that you portray me in such a flattering way.”

“Mother, it is very easy when my model is so inspiring,” Jason replied.

Jason silently walked behind his mother and admired her round, shapely ass pointed at him so provocatively. He lifted one foot and balanced perfectly on his other leg like a ballet dancer might do. Jason carefully reached out with his lifted foot toward his mother’s jutting rear end and slowly stroked his big toe from the top of her ass crack down to her pussy lips. When he reached her smooth, puffy lips, he wriggled his toe slightly and spread her moist pink lips pendik escort apart.

Alli groaned with pleasure as her son touched her in such an intimate, yet unconventional way. She pushed back ever so gently so as to not disturb his balance. As she pressed back, Jason’s toe slipped between her pussy lips completely and entered her wet passage. Alli’s thoughts returned to their past as she mentally reviewed how she came to be in this blissful position with her darling son.


Alli’s body was aching with desire as she and Jason stood in the shower, the hot water sluicing over their naked bodies. She had given him release from his obvious need by taking his long, slender prick down her throat and swallowing as much of his pent-up cum as she could before she started gagging.

Alli worried that Jason would have regrets or incestual guilt now that his sexual need had been satiated. The silence between them grew as Alli stood unsurely behind her son. She frantically searched her mind for something to say that would ease the tension. As much as she knew that she should be feeling some instinctual remorse, Alli could not help but feel an overwhelming love and sexual desire for her deformed son.

“Jason, honey, let me finish what we came into the shower for,” Alli stated in a businesslike tone. She reached for the soap and began soaping his back that he had turned to her after his prick had finally dropped out of her mouth.

“What just happened is pretty hard for us to comprehend right now. I hope that we can put it behind us and not let this interfere with our need to get on with our new life together. I have to be your caretaker since we cannot afford anyone right now,” Alli said quietly.

Alli reached around Jason’s body and began to soap his front. Her tiny hands massaged his pectoral muscles and grazed his small erect nipples. She washed his armless torso and marveled again how little it mattered to her how odd he looked without arms. Alli’s hands caressed Jason’s hard abs and then leaned forward to wash his penis and testicles.

Jason felt a jolt of electricity course through him as his mother leaned into his back to reach around him. Her hard nipples felt like tiny tasers as they grazed his muscular back. Even though he knew Alli was concerned about his silence, he could not find the proper words to express himself.

“Mother, I want you to know that what I’m maltepe escort feeling at this moment is not shame. I’m so incredibly grateful for what you have done for me in the past two days and during my whole life, for that matter. The fact that you were willing to take me in your mouth and give me relief makes me feel inadequate. I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay you,” Jason stated in a rush.

Alli hugged Jason ferociously, pressing her naked body against his strong back. Tears filled her eyes when she heard him talk about his inability to repay her. She was his mother and certainly didn’t need nor expect repayment. However, as she clinched their bodies together with the only two arms available to both of them, a germ of a plan began forming in her mind.

“Jason, I do not expect you to repay me for anything that I have done as a mother,” she said with conviction. Alli paused before she continued, “But I will tell you that I have certain needs as a woman that has not been satisfied since your father died. This experience in the shower today has awakened a fire in me that I could use some help with. Maybe I can think of a way for you to repay me!”

As Alli made this statement she cupped his manhood with her hands and gently stroked the length of his semi-erect cock. When she reached the hood of his circumcised prick, she grazed the underside of his cock with her fingernail.

Jason’s knees nearly buckled when his mother began teasing with his still sensitive cock. He was highly aroused from the deep-throat blow-job that she had given him. As his cock began to enlarge, he knew it was time to pay the first installment of repayment.

“Mother, I want you to sit back down on the ledge,” Jason commanded.

He turned around and faced Alli as he gave her the instructions. Alli looked up at Jason with trusting eyes, stepped back and sat on the shower ledge. Jason gracefully lowered himself to his knees which allowed him the proximity to lean forward and balance himself against her knees.

As the steamy water cascaded over their slick bodies, Jason leaned forward and took one of his mother’s nipples into his mouth. Alli gasped when his lips clamped down on her hardened nipple. A surge of passion spread down from her breasts to her pussy as Jason massaged her sensitive nipple with his tongue and lips. She involuntarily cupped her other breast with her hand and squeezed herself with kartal escort growing excitement.

Jason saw what Alli was doing to her other breast and moved his head to her other side. Alli fed her hard nipple into his mouth and stroked the back of his head with her other hand.

“Oh god, honey, that feels so good,” Alli breathed as Jason continued to suck and tease her dark brown, eraser sized nipples. Alli was clinching her legs together to help Jason with his balance which further stimulated her already engorged clit.

“Mother, open your legs very slowly,” Jason said when he finally pulled back from her swollen tits. As Alli complied with his request, Jason showed off his remarkable balance by bending over at his waist and lowering his head toward the open vee of her crotch.

Alli gazed with wonder as her son’s face approached her most intimate body part. She wanted to grab his head and force his face into her pussy to satisfy the lust that had grown since she first helped him pee yesterday. Alli knew that she would upset his balance by doing so, but she did spread her legs as far as she could and sighed with pleasure as his tongue flicked across her inflamed clit for the first time.

Jason’s tongue bathed her slick, bare pussy lips. His abdominal muscles rippled as he dipped up and down licking Alli’s wet cunt. Her pussy lips were so swollen they literally opened up her pink interior to Jason’s fast working tongue.

Alli was nearly panting from the exhilaration of having her sexual desires rekindled. The fact that it was her son’s head between her legs made it even more erotic and thrilling.

Jason could feel his mother reach a point where she needed to be released. Her hips were bucking a little and starting to throw him off balance. He leaned forward as far as he could and lightly bit down on her erect pink clit.

Alli screamed with intense pleasure when Jason nibbled on her throbbing clit. Wave after wave of orgasmic tremors coursed through her body. She had never felt such liberation in her entire life. Alli moaned as Jason continued to bite and tease her. She clamped her legs around his head and grabbed the shower safety bars to stabilize them both.

As the aftershocks of her multiple orgasm slowly died down, Alli carefully released Jason’s head from her thighs, held his head with her hands and gently pushed him away from her sated pussy.

As Alli looked down at Jason, he looked up and they locked eyes. Alli leaned forward and gently kissed Jason’s lips that were covered with her juicy cum.

“Thank you son, I think this means we can both take care of each other,” Alli breathed.


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