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The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 08

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If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


Walking back to the room after watching Dad get into his Taxi made me smile. Now I was alone with my hot sister, mom and aunt, all of which were clearly willing to have sex with me. Just the thought of this made me slightly hard. My phone dings as I receive a text. It is from Mom and reads, Come to my room.

I smile, maybe she wants to get dirty already… or she could just want to talk. The rational part of my mind and the horny part of my mind debate this as the elevator opens and I begin walking to the room. I open the door with my key card and go inside. To my disappointment, Mom, Aunt Anne and Kenzie are all clothed and talking about Dad leaving.

“What’s going on guys?” I ask.

Mom sighs, clearly sad Dad left, “We were just talking about what we were going to do tomorrow. There’s the beach like always or we could try that club.”

Looking at Aunt Anne I ask, “What exactly goes on in this club?”

She smiles, “All kinds of sexual activities. Since it’s a weekday, it will only be us there. Or we could always go back to my house and be alone…”

I shrug, “Mom, you’ve had a pretty rough day. Your call.”

Mom sighs, “Anne… what do you think?”

Aunt Anne gives a small smile to Mom, “Well my house we could all have some fun. Plenty of stuff to do there. Besides, I probably should go home soon, I do have a job to get back to.”

Mom nods and gives a small smile, “Well… let’s try your house, if that’s what you want.”

Aunt Anne nods, “Sounds good. Let me go and get set up for you three and I’ll see you all tomorrow.” We say good bye to Aunt Anne and once she leaves, Mom, Kenzie and I are alone in the room. Mom sighs.

Kenzie gives her a small smile, “It’s okay…”

Mom sighs, “Is it? He’s my husband and…”

Kenzie gives me a look, before getting up and leaving. Mom and I are alone together in the room. I move close and hug her, causing her bathrobe to shift and expose her one breast. The sight, along with the image of Mom being pounded hard earlier makes my cock become semi erect. She quickly covers it up and I laugh. “What’s so funny?” Mom asks.

“Well after everything this vacation… Kenzie and I, me and you… and your still worried about me seeing your tits.” I answer.

Mom lets out a small laugh, “Just a habit I guess.” Then she looks and sees the small bulge in my shorts. She sighs, “Let me guess… I did that to you?”

I nod, and put on a fancy accent, “Well a very sexy woman like yourself only gets more beautiful with age.”

Mom laughs, “Well it probably doesn’t hurt that I let you fuck me.”

Once again I nod and brush a stray strand of hair out of her face, “I don’t think that hurts at all.” Then I move in and kiss Mom on the lips. She is hesitant at first, but quickly enjoys it and begins to kiss me back. As we kiss more passionately, I begin to remove her bathrobe, exposing her breasts. I begin to massage them, feeling her large nipples harden under my touch. The feeling causes my cock to become fully erect, and Mom begins to work off my shorts and boxers.

I slip a hand down her body and begin to rub her pussy. It is wet, and Mom pulls away for a second to let out a soft breath at the stimulation. Finally, I tug the robe off of her, reveling her mound and she drops her head and takes my cock in her mouth. Her tongue expertly works my shaft and her spit coats my cock. I smile at her as she looks up at me, “Looks like I need to return the favor.”

Mom pulls her mouth off of my shaft and smiles, “Make me cum… it’s been a bad day!” She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, exposing her large outer pussy lips to me, her soft inner lips mostly concealed. I move close to her and slide my fingers over her pussy, causing her to moan softly. I look up and make eye contact with her as I lower my mouth to her pussy and begin to work it. Her juices quickly begin to flow and her breathing grows heavier, with an occasional moan mixed in. I pull my mouth away from her pussy and begin to use my hands. I place one of them on her lower stomach and use that thumb to rub her clit, and using my other hand, I begin to slide two fingers in and out of her.

“That’s it Tom! You’re going to make me cum…” Mom gasps out. I keep working, and a second later Mom cries out, “That’s it!” Her eyes close as she cums. I feel her cum coat my fingers as her pussy hugs my fingers.

As her orgasm subsides, I smile at her, “Sounds like you needed that.” I slide my fingers out of her pussy and suck her cum off of my fingers, enjoying the taste.

Mom nods, smiling, “I really did. Now if only there was someone here to fuck me…” She says this and moves to the edge of the bed and spreads her legs wide. I move between them and line my hard cock up with her pussy. Her slit glistens from her juices. I grip the base of my shaft pendik escort and rub my head over her slit, causing her to moan in pleasure. As I do this Mom looks at me with pleading eyes and says, “Fuck me as hard as you can. If you’re a good son and fuck mommy right, maybe you can have another go after.”

I smile, “Don’t worry Mom.” I grab her hips and then, not giving her a warning, I push the tip of my cock inside her, making her moan. Then I rapidly begin thrusting in and out of her. Her pussy grips my cock, trying to squeeze the cum out of me. As I fuck her pussy hard, Mom moans loudly, clearly enjoying it.

“That’s it Tom… fuck me…” Mom moans. I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as she cums once again. Her cum coats my shaft and my rapid thrusting pulls it out of her. Her juices and cum coat the outside of her pussy and both of our pubic regions.

As her orgasm fades, Mom sits up and sighs, “Fuck me from behind…” I nod and pull my cock out of her. Some of her juices drip off and onto my thigh. Mom rolls over and gets on her hands and knees, looking back at me. I kneel on the bed behind her and guide my cock into her dripping cunt. “That’s it baby… use me like a whore…” Mom calls, as I once again resume thrusting at her slit.

Her words make an idea pop into my head and I slap her ass hard, leaving the outline of my hand on it. This makes Mom cry out, then continue moaning in pleasure. She looks back at me and her mouth is open slightly and her face is red, with some sighs of sweat dripping down it. I feel my own orgasm building, and I gasp out, “Going to cum…”

Mom gasps, “My face…” Then she slides off of my cock and lays down in front of me, face up. I climb over her chest, stroking my cock, causing some of her cum and juices to dribble off on her stomach and tits. I then stroke my length several times before shooting strand after strand on my mother’s face. Most of it lands on her chin and cheeks, which are red from the workout she’s getting. Once I finish cumming, Mom grabs my now soft cock and begins to suck it. She just works the tip, making me gasp in surprise. As she continues her work, I feel my cock begin to grow hard again in her mouth. After maybe 10 minutes, my cock is once again fully erect.

Mom stops sucking and smiles up at me. “Guess I did a good job.” I say.

Mom nods, her lower face still soaked with cum, “You did… now just lay back and let mommy take care of the rest this time.”

I oblige and lay back. Mom straddles my body and reaching down with one hand, guides my cock into her pussy. She is still dripping wet and a lot of her cum is now oozing out of her slit. She begins to ride me, slowly at first, but she rapidly picks up speed. I watch as her tits bounce up and down very quickly as she rides as fast as she can. My cock sinks deep inside her tight pussy over and over again. Mom’s breathing quickly grows heavy as she maintains her fast pace, and her moans grow more frequent. My cum that I left on her face begins to drip off of her chin and down onto her tits. Some of it lands on top of them and some of it lands in the gap between, continuing to slide down her chest.

Mom impales herself on my cock completely and cries out, “Cumming again…” I once again feel her already tight pussy clamp down on my hard cock. I also feel the warm rush of her cum as it coats my cock. She stops bouncing up and down, instead just enjoying her orgasm. Once she recovers, Mom catches her breath and begins to grind on my cock. Her ass feels amazing rubbing on my thighs as she moves in small circles.

“Ready for more?” Mom asks, brushing a stray hair out of her eyes.

I smile, “You know it!”

Mom leans forward and places her hands on my chest and begins slamming her pussy down on my cock. Each time my whole length slides inside her and she grunts loudly. The force from there makes the cum on her tits and chest begin to drip down onto my body as well as some of her sweat. I sit up and begin to suck on one of her nipples. It tastes salty from her sweat and a little of my cum. I pull away and say, “Please ride me again… you look so hot!”

Mom straightens back up and once again begins to ride, this time using one hand to play with her clit. She once again begins to moan loudly as each time her pussy hungrily swallows my whole cock. Her breasts bounce up and down as fast as she rides. Her large, pink nipples clearly hard as she enjoys this as much as I am. Finally, I gasp out, “Mom… I’m close…”

Mom, who once again is red and sweaty gasps, “In me.” Mom throws her pussy down on my cock and this causes me to cum. I feel my cock become coated with my own warm cum, deep inside my mother’s pussy. Mom slowly lifts off of my cock and moves off of the bed, until she is standing next to it. I move to the edge of the bed and sit up.

“I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time.” Mom says with a smile.

I smile back, “Well you certainly seemed to need it.”

Mom laughs, “What I need right now is a shower. Wash maltepe escort some of this off of me.” She motions toward my first load of cum that has started to dry on her sweaty chest. Then she motions a bit lower and her pubic region and thighs is covered with some of her cum that splattered from the hard fucking.

Mom begins to make her way to the bathroom, her ass swaying side to side as she walks. The sight makes my cock twitch slightly and I follow her. Mom steps in the shower, not yet having noticed me. Before she can turn the handle, I’m in it behind her, my semi hard cock brushing against her soft ass, and my hands feeling her breasts on the other side of her body.

Mom says, “I forgot what it’s like to be young and ready to go again so quickly.”

I kiss the side of her neck and pull away saying, “Come on Mom. Just one more time today?”

Mom sighs, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow… you know what, fuck it! Give mommy another big load.”

I smile, “As you wish…” I feel her ass and reach between her legs and run my hand over her pussy. Mom leans forward slightly, giving me better access and I see my cum slowly starting to ooze out of her. Some of it has passed her pussy lips, which now hang slightly open, and is beginning to make its way down her upper thigh.

“Are you just going to let all that cum go to waste?” I ask, jokingly with a laugh.

Mom giggles, “Maybe I just need someone to feed it to me…”

I reach in between her legs and scoop up the glob that running down her thigh with my fingers. I hold it up and she greedily sucks it off, making a mmmhhhh noise. I reach my hand down this time scooping my cum off of her over worked pussy. Mom shudders at the touch, but slurps the cum off of my fingers once again.

Feeling her pussy with my hand I ask, “Did you ever think it would go this far?”

Mom sighs happily, “I honestly had no idea how you and Kenzie would react. Maybe when we get back…”

“What?” I ask, using my thumb to stimulate her clit.

Mom turns sideways and gives a mysterious smile, “You’re just going to have to wait and find out. Now, are you going to fuck me or just keep rubbing that hard cock on my ass and thighs?”

“I think you know the answer…” I say, sliding my cock between her thighs several times. The top of my shaft rubs over her wet slit, coating part of my cock in her juices. Mom leans forward against the wall again, which spreads her ass and gives me access to her pussy. I aim my cock into her warm pussy, feeling her juices coat my shaft. I begin to slowly slide in and out, enjoying the feeling of Mom’s pussy.

“Tom, remember when I asked you to fuck me hard?” Mom asks in between her soft breathing.

I thrust deep in her pussy, making her gasp, “I do.”

“Pound your mother’s pussy!” Mom begs. I reach around her, grabbing her breasts and begin to thrust in and out of her as fast as I can. Mom begins to moan loudly from the stimulation and force. I feel her cunt begin to get wetter as she gets ready to cum once again. She gasps out, “That’s it baby!” and her pussy clamps down on my cock, trying to milk it for my cum. Having already cum twice, I continue to slide in and out of Mom’s dripping cunt, her cum coating my cock. As I slide in and out of her, her cum is forced out of her pussy and begins to drool out of her slit and off of my cock.

I begin to pinch Mom’s nipples, making her cry out in pleasure. “Oh god Tom… give it to me…” I thrust as far as I can inside her, causing Mom to squeal, and I begin to catch my breath. Mom’s breathing begins to slow as well as I rest, my hard cock buried in her dripping cunt.

“Ready for more?” I ask after a minute.

Mom looks back at me and gives me a tired smile, “Did you really think I was just going to let you get this far and not let you cum?” I smile and grab her hips, as I once again begin to pound her pussy, feeling myself about to cum. Mom’s moans fill the air as I fuck her well worked pussy. I once again thrust into her with such force that my balls swing up. Mom calls out, “Oh my fucking god!” I release deep in her, feeling my already drained balls tense up trying to produce more cum. I feel several strands shoot deep inside my own Mom. Again, my cock goes limp inside my mother’s pussy and I slide my now soft cock out, it dripping her juices and some of my cum.

Mom turns to face me and leans against the shower wall. Her face is red and there is some sweat on her face and chest. Her pussy lips hang wide open and is slightly red. It has a constant strand of her juices, my cum and her cum dribbling out of it. Her inner thighs are coated in cum and her own juices. On the floor of the shower, there is a small puddle of cum and some of it sticks to her feet. After a minute, she catches her breath and smiles, “I haven’t been fucked like that in… way too long. And today I really needed it.”

I smile back at her, “Happy to provide! Earlier you said something about when we get back…”

Mom sighs, “I guess I’ll kartal escort tell you, but don’t tell Kenzie. Sometimes your Dad and I go to swinger parties.”

I nod, “That sounds pretty hot. I bet you’re the center of attention.”

Mom smiles, “Thanks, but you’d be surprised. I was thinking maybe you and Kenzie would potentially be interested. I just need to find the right time to ask her.”

I nod, “Well I won’t tell her, but I’d consider going to one of these.”

Mom smiles, “I’m glad. Listen, you should probably go back to your room. I bet Kenzie is wondering what we’ve been doing.”

“Your probably right. We still doing dinner later?” I ask.

Mom shakes her head, “After the past… however long, I’m going to spend the rest of the night relaxing and resting.”

“Alright. Love you.” I say, leaving the bathroom to go dress.

“Love you too. And thanks again for the fun!” Mom says, turning on the shower.

Pulling my boxers over my limp cock, I call out, “Anytime!” I quickly finish dressing and walk back to the room Kenzie and I share. I walk in and Kenzie laying on the bed, plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy, while using the vibrator on her clit. Her finger’s glisten with her juices and her fingertips appear to have a little cum on them. Her mouth hangs slightly open as she appears to be enjoying a very recent orgasm.

After a second, Kenzie looks up at me and frowns. She twists the bottom of the vibrator turning it off and stops fingering herself. Kenzie gives me a look of disappointment, “I got bored waiting.”

I give her a small smile, “Well seeing as I’ve fucked all three of your holes you don’t need to worry about me catching you anymore.”

“What took so long?” She asks.

“Mom wanted to feel try to better… so we fucked. Three times.” I answer.

“Back to back?” Kenzie asks, almost sounding impressed. I nod. “Poor girl.” My naked sister adds.

“She seemed to like it.” I say, the image of Mom’s pussy worked over and dripping cum.

Kenzie nods, “I’m sure she did… but I guess I’ll have to wait for tomorrow to get some of that cock of yours.”

I laugh, “Assuming you don’t get sore after whatever Aunt Anne has planned for tomorrow.” Kenzie nods as I into the bathroom with the goal of washing the cum and sweat from my body.


The next morning, I wake up hearing whispers between Mom and Kenzie. Mom is dressed in athletic shorts and a tight tank top, which her nipples are easily visible through. Kenzie is dressed in a very similar way. I look sleepily between them and Mom frowns down at me, “About time you woke up. Your sister and I were getting worried you’d make us late.”

I get out of bed and begin to quickly dress, pulling on a pair of boxers after having slept naked, “You could have woken me up you know.” I say, finishing dressing and going to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Mom calls, “Yes but then we couldn’t have had girl talk.” Once I finish getting ready, I leave the bathroom and look expectantly at my mother and sister, who weeks ago, I would have felt weird seeing them both dressed like this. “Alright. Let’s get going. I want to see what my sister has planned!” Mom says, sounding excited.


A little while later, we pull up to a fairly nice looking house, located inland from the ocean. It looks fairly large and is located fairly far away from other houses. Mom, with Kenzie and I following, all get out of the car and walk up to the door. Mom’s ass is hanging out of the bottom of her shorts, making Kenzie look modestly dressed. Mom knocks and a moment later Aunt Anne appears in the doorway, wearing jean shorts and a very tight tee shirt. She is not wearing a bra and her pierced nipples are clearly visible through her shirt.

Seeing the three of us makes her smile, “I’m so glad you could make it!” She hugs each one of individually as we walk inside, finally closing the door after hugging me last.

Mom looks around, “I haven’t been here in… forever!”

Aunt Anne nods, “Living on the other side of the country makes that difficult but… I hope we can spend some quality time together today.”

“What did you have in mind?” Mom asks, slipping a hand in her shorts.

“Jesus Sue! You can’t even wait until we get started?” Aunt Anne laughs.

Mom shrugs, “Everyone in this room has been in my pussy at one point or another.” Kenzie makes a gagging gesture at this comment.

Aunt Anne nods, “I guess. Well if were getting started already, let’s go downstairs.” She leads the way down the hallway into the kitchen, then opening a door on her left. Mom goes down first, followed my Kenzie. I follow my sister and Aunt Anne brings up the rear. Aunt Anne flips the light switch and the basement lights up.

This room is a sexual heaven. There are toys, ropes, a large bed and many cabinets of different sizes all around the room. Kenzie and I look around in awe, while Mom says, “You got even more stuff for here you slut.”

Aunt Anne smiles, “You know I’m a sucker for a good time. Speaking of…” Aunt Anne goes into a cabinet and pulls out a 24-inch-long, 1.5-inch-wide blue double headed dildo. “Remember this?” She asks Mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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