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The Airline Stud Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: A woman in every port

One reason that Alvin never got married was experiences like the one with Chloe. Chloe was the kind of girl that Alvin acquired. He acquired them, used them and moved on, dozens of times, all over the world. It was not uncommon for girls to have their best sexual experience of their lives with him. Chloe had her first two orgasms with him, two different ones. But he rarely went back for seconds. He was a conqueror, not a lover.

On many occasions, he would meet a woman, take her for dinner, start making out with her in his car (or hers) get her hot, maybe finger her to orgasm (or not) and whip out his cock. All of the women in this situation were honored to suck him off. He got his rocks off plenty of times this way.

If nothing else, the women could claim a similar sense of success in using him. It was mutually beneficial. Alvin was working out at LA Fitness during one of his days off on a weekday morning, working hard, sweating and checking out the eye candy.

On one of the thirty or so pieces of electrical equipment was a gorgeous young woman in pink yoga-style pants and a matching pink top. He walked around the gym to find a better place to spy her. As luck would have it, there was one piece of equipment open and that was the stair master directly behind her. Alvin grabbed it for the full view of her ass. She was working hard and was sweating from the portions of her brown skin that were exposed. She was Asian, had magnificent features, long hair in a pony tail and was wearing headphones, likely watching TV news or soap opera. She had rings on a few of her fingers but none on either ring finger. She had a tattoo on the middle of her back between her clavicles. He had to meet her.

He did not use the gym much on account of his traveling so he felt he had to meet her today. Maybe that is why he pendik escort did not develop many long-lasting relationships. He could tell by the counter on her machine’s timer that she was almost finished so he got prepared to finish his workout as well. When she finished, she went upstairs to the weight room. He followed. She did a few set of calves and hamstrings and had great legs to show for it. Alvin hung back and followed her into the dance studio where she was stretching.

He followed her into the studio, pulled up a yoga mat and stretched about ten feet away. They struck up a conversation. She had a boring job in an office but was impressed with his career. They agreed to have coffee but could not make plans since he was often away. “The next time you are in town, give me a few days notice so I can make plans to get together.” She was interested too, and why not. Great body, great career, sweet personality, he had everything.

They met for coffee one Saturday morning. She wanted to go to the beach so they made plans to meet at her apartment at 1:00 pm. They had a great time in Venice, on the beach, walking the boardwalk so made plans for dinner. Her name was Amber and she was gorgeous. His car was parked in a structure and when they got there, he held her tight for a kiss, which lasted for several minutes. She moved her hands to his ass and his chest. He leaned into her and pressed her against the passenger-side door.

“Amber, I don’t have too many opportunities with women since I am always in the air. Would you come to my place tonight so we can get comfortable?” She agreed.

They drove all the way to his place in El Segundo where they first sat on the couch and continued to kiss and explore each others’ bodies. He put his hands under her top and pushed his hands under her bra to feel her breasts and nibbled her neck and shoulders. maltepe escort She was wearing a jeans skirt and he rubbed her legs and thighs. She squeezed his hardening cock. They went into the bedroom where he undressed her and he stripped. They kissed while standing. She felt his cock.

“Sit on the bed,” she pleaded. He did so and she dropped to her knees sucking him hard, too hard. He much preferred a gentler touch. He did not like it that much.

“I like to give head too. Get up here.” She got on the bed.

Her body was fantastic. He got between her legs and licked her to orgasm. She grunted and sighed. They fucked and he took her home. That was the nature of Alvin’s love life but he was not happy about it.

One of the reasons that Alvin liked the pilot lifestyle was that it afforded him opportunities all over the world. His airline had routes everywhere and since he was on long haul flights he had layovers. The saying ‘a woman in every port’ applied to him.

He was most happy getting an opportunity to make it to Australia and bid for or traded for those flights often. In Sydney, he had a couple of girlfriends. His favorite was Aubrey, a member of the ground crew for another airline, a counter agent. She was a perfect ten, light brown hair, blue-gray eyes and a perfect body. She knew that he was a playboy but she loved the lifestyle as well. As soon as he secured a flight down under, he would email her. She would be waiting. He had a key to her apartment. He rang her bell many times during a long lovemaking session. She usually was sore afterward. It was a soreness that she craved. He would worship her body and lick her everywhere while massaging her with his strong hands. He was the first man to lick her anus while rubbing her clit. This always made her come hard. Once when he was going down on her, as she kartal escort was beginning her flight over the edge of climax, he jumped up from his position with his mouth on her ass or pussy and pounded her bareback, making her orgasm last for a minute or more. He had good control so he never came inside her but she left him with finger nail scratches all down his back that time.

There were other girls in Sydney who he could call on if Aubrey was not around. His dick was never soft when he was in Australia.

One more story is worth telling. He often had flights to Bogotá, Columbia. He met Olive once when he was checking into the crew hotel. She was a front desk attendant. She had incredible brown eyes, as big as saucers and a perfect body. He had completed checking it, was holding his key but she could not stop staring at him. She wore her hotel uniform so well, red suit, pearl white blouse with the top button undone so he could see a tiny bit of her big breasts.

“Senior, do you like staying here? There are many benefits.”

“I know one, seeing you once or twice per year.”

She leaned over so she could speak in a whisper, “If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I have special customer service skills.”

“What kind of skills?”

“The kind of skills that make a man feel good, the kind of skills that makes a man like you help out a poor little girl like me. I sure make you feel good.”

“What does it take?”

“I finish my shift in 50 minutes. I will call you.”


Alvin got to his room, unpacked and rested on the bed but did not think anything would happen. The phone rang. “Senior Alvin, this is Olive, do you have $500 American?”

“Si, seniorita.”

“Five minutes”

She arrived. He never paid for it, didn’t have to. However, this girl was something else. Perfect brown skin, smooth as silk, (probably fake) 36D’s and a hungry sparkle that was difficult to find. He would know. They fucked each other silly that first time. It went so long he emptied his bottle of lube. That happened a few times. It was worth it, so exotic, so hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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