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Thai Sister Return To You

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Mum and Dad returned two weeks ago from their overseas trip. Don’t get me wrong it was great to see them again, but I knew it was going to be difficult to hide the physical and sexual bond I now had with my sister. The night before they returned Shian and I discussed how we were going to handle the situation. We knew we couldn’t go back to how things were, but we also knew we had to be very careful with the contact we did have. I know I am going to find it the hardest, as my sexual appetite for my gorgeous sister grows by the day.

Today the local Polytechnic reopened for the year, and Shian was to start her new course that I had helped get her into. Like me she was to start down the road of becoming a masseur. We left the house that morning excited to be going to the same school again. We hopped into my car and started down the drive, waving back to Mum and Dad as we went. Shian reached across and took my free hand in hers; it felt good to feel her touch. She raised my hand and gently kissed it, while looking over at me concentrating on what I was going. “I love you,” she said. “I love you too Shian,” I replied. She lowered our hands onto my lap where they remained for the ten-minute journey to the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT).

We arrived early so that a good car park was available to us, and I parked the car. Shian unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over to my side of the car. She looked into my eyes and gave the most gentle of soft kisses on my lips. It felt so loving, and I felt so loved. Shian returned to her seat and opened her door. I got out of the car and handed my beautiful sister her bag before walking beside her to the main registry building. I looked across at my sister and my eyes roved down he body. She was not wearing a bra today and her nice firm breasts bobbed gently up and down against the thin fabric of her blouse, rubbing gently on her nipples and causing them to gently swell out. She was wearing a black skirt that came just above her knees, with long leather boots that came just below her knees. God she looked so professional, and sexy!

We arrived at the main registry building and sat on the bench and waited for it to open. We both leaned back in the seat and enjoyed feeling of the warm morning sun hit our bodies. I was wearing a white crop top, and tight jeans. I was proud of the abs I had developed, mostly thanks to the constant work outs my sister and I had been having, and of my now fully developed 36C breasts. What I was a little self-conscious about was of course the size of my nipples, which were so easily aroused. I felt the warm sun glide over my body and wrap me in its blanket; it was going to be a beautiful Hawkes Bay day. With my dark glasses on I moved my eyes over to my sister. She discreetly had her eyes all over my body, and seemed to be undressing me with them. As she could not tell I was looking at her I decided to have a little fun with her. I moved my hand down and placed it onto my stomach, and gently made circling motions around my navel. Her eyes were fixed on my hand, and I could see her breathing become deeper. My thumb gently moved up under my crop top and touched the underneath of my breast. Shian’s mouth opened and her breathing could now be heard, and she began to squirm in her seat. I could tell she was rubbing her legs together and working herself up to an orgasm. My little finger slid under the waistline of my jeans and found the soft pubic area that lay beneath.

The click of the door startled both of us and made us jump. We quickly pulled ourselves together and stood up. Entering the building, the familiar smell of education hit me. It is strange but all education institutes seem to have a very similar fragrance. I went with my sister to the new student queue, and lined up first. A lady whom I had not seen before came out of the office and smiled gently to us. “Please wont you come in.” Her office had just been redecorated and had that new smell to it. It was here I realised her window looked out to where my sister and I had just sat! “Please take a seat,” she said. We sat down together and I quickly looked Shian over; there was no hiding the state of arousal she had jut been in, with her nipples stretching at the thin fabric. Now I realised mine were too. The lady introduced herself as Sarah, and seemed escort kartal very sincere and honest. She made it clear that she was there for us both; especially new arrivals like Shian, and asked us to return later this afternoon so some uncompleted paper work could be filled out.

The day went smooth for us both. I saw Shian at each break where she told me about her classmates, new friends, and about the grumpy tutors. We had some great laughs that day, and it seemed to go so fast. At 4pm our classes finished at the same time, where we walked together over to Sarah’s office. The front desk staff were just leaving, but showed us into Sarah’s office, asking us to make ourselves comfortable. I had told Shian about the window that looked out to the bench, and I took the opportunity to show her. “You don’t think she saw us, do you?” I whispered. Shian shrugged her shoulders and took my hand. “Don’t worry we didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. Sarah walked in having rushed over to meet with us from some distant building. “I am so sorry I am late, but I got lost in Hetley building,” she said. She looked down at us and sighed “oh it is so good to see two sisters so close,” looking at our joined hands. “My sister and I were close once, until…” She paused, “Come you don’t want to hear about all that do you?” Talking about her sister had made Sarah look a little sad, as she sat down in her chair.

“Now where’s that paper work, ah yes here it is. You just have to sign here, here and here,” she pointed at the spots that were to be signed. Sarah leaned over the table and placed the paper work before Shian. In some era Sarah seemed to have forgotten to do her blouse up properly, as we were both treated with a full view down her top. A white-laced bra supported her 34b cup nicely, and displayed her fantastic figure before us. Shian had noticed what I had as well, and was a little shocked when picking up the pen. Sarah stood up and patiently waited while Shian signed the paper. Sarah was a tall professional looking female, of about 25 years old. She has a small frame, and long legs, that were well hidden under her attire. My mind wandered to other places, thinking about what under garments Sarah might have on, and whether her pussy was shaved as ours was. I forcefully blinked myself out of my daydream, and saw Sarah looking my way with a slight smile on her face. Had she known what I was thinking? I thought. Impossible, but that smile seemed so knowing. Shian finished the paperwork and handed it across to Sarah. “So how was your first day Shian? Did you enjoy it? Asked Sarah. While Shian replied Sarah seemed to glide over to a filing cabinet and bent over to open the bottom draw. Her firm butt presented its self before us, and both of us looked at each other, knowing what the other was thinking.

Sarah came back to her desk with three small hotel type bottles of alcohol. “No one needs to know if we have a quick celebratory drink, do they?” She asked. Shian shock her head, and I answered “No of course not, but just one as I am driving home.” We drank the contents directly from the bottle. I could feel the warm liquid trail down my throat and warm my lungs. There were little more than two mouths full in each bottle, so it was soon gone. “Sarah” I asked. “What of you sister you mentioned before?”

“Ah yes, my sister.” Said Sarah. “Charlotte died in a car accident three years ago last week.”

“Oh I am so sorry” Shian and I both said at once. “Yes so am I,” continued Sarah. “You see we were both lovers like the two of you are.” Silence filled the room. I was shocked! How did she know? I felt myself go red, and I found it hard to breath. “Its ok,” said Sarah, “Your secret is safe with me.” I felt a little more reassured. “Its just…its been so long sine I felt the loving touch of another woman; and when I saw you both together, first of all in the car and then on the bench outside, it just brought back so many memories.” I didn’t have time to think up a reply, as Sarah began to cry before us. Shian walked around the table and placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “Its ok she said, we are here for you.” Sarah looked up into my sisters eyes; I couldn’t believe what was happening before me as Sarah reached up and gently lowered my sisters head down to her own level. They maltepe escort gently kissed before me, their tongues gliding in and out of each other’s mouths, and running their hands through each other’s hair. Sarah withdrew. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” she said. She looked over at me, and her eyes looked straight at my chest, where I realised I had inadvertently run my hand under my crop top and was playing with my breasts and nipples.

“Just a moment,” said Sarah. “I think I know what we all need.” Sarah stood up and went over to her office door, and quietly clicked the lock. As she did do I looked once again over her body. Her thing lace bra was not hiding the fact that Sarah was deeply aroused, as her nipples clearly showed themselves through her blouse. Sarah walked over to the corner and pulled out a large black frame that I recognised straight away as a massaging chair. Sarah opened it out and laid a towel over it for comfort and hygiene.

Sarah said, “I know you are both on your way to becoming experts, but would you mind allowing me the opportunity to show you what I know?” We both agreed to give Sarah the chance. Sarah beckoned Shian onto the table. Shian walked over to the table and stood before Sarah, who removed the outer garments of Shian to leave her standing in her sexy underwear, including her new pink G-string.

Shian made herself comfortable on the chair while Sarah was getting herself ready. She had a selection of oils in her hand. I had one eye on what Sarah was doing and the other on the lovely curves of my sister. Shian was facing me with her head resting in the headrest of the chair; her eyes were lovingly looking at me, and her face had a colour to it that I recognised as arousal. Sarah rubbed some oil into her hands before placing them onto Shian’s shoulders. Sarah’s touch made Shian exhale and close her eyes; I knew she was in bliss.

My eyes roamed over Sarah. Her body was very well toned and she looked very fit. As she massaged Shian her face told the story. Sarah was obviously very lonely since the death of her sister, and needed the time with us to comfort her. Sarah was concentrating on Shian’s back, Shian was concentrating on the Sarah’s wonderful hands, and I was concentrating on the wetness being created by watching the massage. My hand rested innocently on the inside of my thigh, while my forefinger stroked the zip and jeans covering my long legs. I glanced up at Sarah who was clearly watching the slow movements of my hand. My body tingled inside, and I could feel the moisture being absorbed into the material. I parted my legs and ran my finger up the full length of my pussy making my entire body shake. I couldn’t help it, but I was so damn horny, and Sarah’s eyes on me were just adding to the pleasure.

Sarah leaned forwards, still watching me, and kissed Shian’s neck. Sarah was massaging Shian deep and hard, moving from her lower back to her shoulders, and back down her sides; probably feeling the sides of Shian’s breasts as they were pressed into the chair and out from her body.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I needed to touch myself properly! I unzipped my jeans and removed them. Sarah gazed at my well-toned long legs. I lifted my chair up and placed it behind Sarah, so that when I sat down I was right behind her wonderfully shaped, firm and round arse. I gazed at Sarah’s arse, while I felt me body tingle with excitement at the touch of my finger. The moisture my finger received felt like that of a wet sponge. I glided my finger over the soft fold of my pussy, while staring at Sarah’s arse and listening to the sighs of my sister. My body started to heat up with my touch, and I felt myself drifting away in ecstasy. I raised my legs up and wrapped around Sarah’s waist and placed my heels over her crotch. I could feel her wetness through the fabric, and felt her press against my strong legs. Both my legs are wrapped round this beautiful person as she massages my sister, and I run a finger into my pussy.

My body shakes with the entry of my finger, as the scent of my sex fills the room. Sarah is rubbing herself against my heels, and has now moved her hands under my sister and is playing with her breasts. I stand up, a little shaken from my current state of arousal, and stand behind Sarah. pendik escort bayan I mould myself into her back, and wrap my arms around her body so that we become one. My right hand runs over her tight belly, and slowly makes its way down to her hot pussy, whose wetness I can feel through the material of her skirt. My left hand ran over her blouse and felt the firmness of her breasts and erect nipples. Her nipples were not as large as Shian’s or mine but they certainly were larger than the average woman. Sarah’s breathing became heavy, as had my sisters, and her thrusting had increased into my hand as she came to her first orgasm. Her body shook and trembled and her body weight fell into my hand, I couldn’t hold her and she fell to the ground; I fell with her.

My hand was still on her crotch as I fell on top of her. Once on the ground she lay there for a moment, glazing up at me. Then I noticed a change in her eyes, as a thought seemed to go through her mind. She took my shoulders and rolled me over, and placed herself above me. She lowered her head and started to kiss my neck, while running her hands over my body, and gliding her crotch over top of my own. I just relaxed out with her touch as I felt my body climbing to new levels of ecstasy. Sarah was now moving down my body, I could feel her wet crotch glide itself down my leg. It was obvious that Sarah was not wearing any under garments as I felt her wet lips trail down.

Sarah stopped at my wet crotch and immediately started to nibble at the soaked material, running her tongue in and around my lips. I ran my fingers through her soft hair, which seemed to spur her on. I could feel Sarah’s tongue moving around the folds of my skin, in a skilled and sensational way. My body was tingling with excitement as my first orgasm built up, it was like bolts of electricity pulsating through me from head to toe. It was at this moment I felt Sarah’s fingers probe around my butt, and especially my hole. Sarah parted the soaked pants, and placed a wet finger in and around my arse. As her finger brushed past the nerve endings in my butt my orgasm released itself. I thrusted into Sarah’s face with my wet pussy bring into contact with my clitoris with each thrust. I screamed out and realised that at the same time another scream was occurring. I moved my eyes up to see the sexy legs of Shian, fully parted, and her hand thrust deep into herself. I reached back and pulled her foot towards me, and took her big tow into my mouth. I sucked, and nibbled on her toe while Sarah continued to keep my orgasm coming with her skilled tongue.

The room fell silent as we each lay where we were, tired from the amount of pleasure we had given each other. I was lying on my back with my hands rubbing the calves of my sister, and her foot still resting my on body. Sarah was using my pussy as a pillow, and I could feel her gentle breaths tickling my highly sensitive area, and her hands holding my butt cheeks. We were all in bliss and all highly satisfied.

Sarah spoke first saying “Oh my god is that the time”? It turned out she was late for a dinner appointment. Standing up quickly but a little shakily Sarah tidied herself up and fully clothed herself. Shian and I did the same. Five minutes later we were all faced with the difficult situation of leaving one another. I noticed Sarah’s second button on her top was undone, so approached her to fix it. I placed my hand on her chest as she gazed into my eyes and did the button up. Before leaving the area of her chest I made sure her nipples remained fully erect by pinching them through the thin material. I leant in and kissed her softly and delicately on the lips.

I felt Shian stand behind me and place her arms around my waist, and her hand on my crotch. Sarah felt her hand to as it moved slightly between us, and she moved in harder to optimise the feeling. Sarah and I remained locked together as Shian skillfully played with us both and quickly brought us to a very fast orgasm each. Shian was simply rubbing us both up, but it was having an amazing effect with us both kissing passionately, tongues locked and hands probing. “That is what we have to look forward to next time,” Shian said as she removed her hand from our begging pussies. Sarah let us out of the now dark offices and we walked into the car park before saying out goodbyes in our own way.

We haven’t had the opportunity to meet up with Sarah since, but are sure more is to come. It felt strange to share Shian with another person, let alone another woman, but then it seemed our duty, didn’t it?

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