Temmuz 13, 2024

Texas Summer

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Alina Henessy

The evening was balmy and warm, typical of Texas in August. My clothing clung against me and it was really the coolest, briefest thing I owned. He strolled along at my side, smoking with that incredibly casual air that gives a man such rough attractiveness. The others had stayed at the hotel, claiming exhaustion, sending us out to the nearest liquor store to stock up on booze that didn’t cost an arm and a leg like the mini bar. They were tired but, we two…we seemed to be filled with energy. I knew where that energy stemmed from and I was betting he did too. Pure sexual tension. Our history made it impossible for there to be anything less between us.

On we walked, following the directions we’d been given, both trying not to outwardly acknowledge the increased heat between us, attraction almost like a scent on the air. I chanced a sidelong glance, drinking in his profile as he exhaled a stream of smoke from between his lips. Somehow, I couldn’t stop myself, my gaze slowly dropping along his body, so very much the sort of physique I adore in a man, straight to his crotch. I quickly shifted my gaze, not wanting to be caught staring where I knew that beautiful cock, seen so many times in the pictures he had sent me, lay just out of my sight. Still, my tongue chased across my lips, giving away my thoughts, and I heard a soft chuckle from him.

That was it. The only catalyst I needed to ignite what felt like napalm in my body. The already warm night seemed to deepen around me as I grasped his arm and gave him a forceful nudge toward the alleyway. I caught a glance of his startled, half amused expression, and felt his disbelief that I would actually act on the lust he saw in my eyes. It spurred me on, his denial of my desire and I stepped ahead of him, pulling him into the semi-gloom of the alleyway.

The alley was between two popular clubs, clean except for a couple of dumpsters redolent of alcohol. The pounding of the music from the clubs echoed against the walls, the rhythms opposing but melding with one another in that ubiquitous dance beat, causing my heart to leap. A faint red neon glow from the exit signs illuminated the humidity damp brick, giving everyting a soft pink sheen.

It was there that I took him, letting one of the dumpsters conceal us from the street, pressing him to the wall. I pushed in against him, hips grinding into his and forcing him into the bricks at his back. Taking his hands in my own, I spread them to the sides and held them against the wall, the movement so quick that it knocked the cigarette from his grasp, sending it to the pavement with a flying of sparks. He gave only a token struggle that I quelled easily with the press of my body against his, and I knew he wasn’t going to fight me.

I kept his arms held away from his body as I leaned in to claim his mouth with my own, my tongue forcing escort ataşehir between his lips, seeking out his. There was nothing tender in the kiss, fueled instead by raw lust and a desire to possess him. By the time I pulled away and trailed my lips along his jaw, his breath was coming quickly and, as I pressed my mouth into his throat, I could feel his pulse thrumming beneath the skin. He managed to begin to form some sort of protest, but it cut off at the soft whisper of my words against his neck.

“Shut up. You can’t be a slut and a good boy at the same time, and I know which one you want to be, so just let me do this.” My words were rasping and dark with need as I continued to explore the curve of his throat, opening my mouth against his skin where his shoulder and neck join, biting down hard enough just to leave the faintest impression of my teeth. God, the salt of his skin tasted good in my mouth and I wanted to devour every inch of him. I knew our time was short, though, since we were expected back, and I wanted to fulfill my greatest desire first.

I could feel him, hard against my abdomen as I ground against him, rotating my hips into his. I released one of his hands and moved to take his chin in my grasp, tipping it up slightly and holding him tightly enough that my fingers dug into the skin.

“Listen to me and don’t you dare fucking move. You can cry rape about this later, but I’m going to do what I want now, so accept that. Now stand very still…” I let my words trail off as I released his other arm and began to move down his body.

Hands sliding up beneath his shirt, I jerked it up roughly, exposing his chest and stomach to me, that tender skin that begged for my lips. I couldn’t resist and dipped my head to begin a series of licking nips and kisses along his chest. I paused to take his nipples into my mouth one at a time, grazing my teeth across them, flicking with my tongue and sucking gently, feeling them grow hard in my mouth. He hissed softly at the touch of my teeth, but he didn’t struggle, standing perfectly still as I’d told him to. I began to drag my mouth along the line of his stomach as I sank to my knees in front of him.

Grasping his hips in my hands, I jerked them slightly forward, pressing my mouth against the hard outline of his cock against the fabric. I looked up at him, meeting his eyes as he looked down at me, and I knew my own were drowning blue and lit with a fire he had never seen before.

“Mine,” I whispered against his cock before opening my mouth and dragging my teeth against the fabric. Then I had to see it, had to have it there before me, hard and needing. I made quick work of his pants, jerking the fly open and then slowly dragging them down his thighs. He had on the sweetest boxers and, somewhere in the back of my head I was disappointed that he hadn’t kadıköy escort worn those lovely panties I’d sent. I knew how good they would have looked, how they would have stroked him hard before I even touched him. The disappointment was fleeting, however, and I slipped the boxers down to join his pants.

And there he was. That cock I had wanted so often to touch and lick, hard and jutting out at me, balls heavy and full beneath. I grasped his hips and pulled him forward again as I bent, opening my mouth against the skin of his balls. I paused there, letting the warmth of my breath tickle against his skin, caressing him. I watched his balls tighten at the merest breath, cock twitching upward and a small, clear drop of precome gathering at the tip. My lips curved in a smile against him and then I snaked my tongue out beneath his balls, gathering them and caressing the skin of his scrotum. I licked slowly along each side and then drew them into my mouth, surrounding them in the warmth and wetness before drawing away.

I could see by now that his eyes were closed, his head back, his arms still held out against the wall as if pinned there, hands clenched. He looked so gorgeous like that…surrendered to the pleasure I was forcing on him. My gaze traveled back down, now regarding the cock before me. Lovely and long, thick and pulsing. I could see that more precome had gathered on the head and I leaned forward, slowly dragging my tongue across it, gathering it and savoring the salt-taste of him. He groaned as my tongue touched him and it pleased me, causing things to tighten low in my body. So again I slowly laved my tongue across the head of his cock and he pressed his hips forward, that groan sounding more desperate this time. I smiled to myself and pressed back on his hips, clucking my tongue admonishingly at him. Still, I knew I didn’t too much time to toy with him, but a rushed pleasure is no pleasure at all.

I held his hips gently and leaned down, pressing the tip of my tongue to the base of his cock, slowly dragging it in a butterfly touch along that hard ridge of skin on the underside of the shaft. I flicked gently as I went, from side to side on that ridge, and I could feel his cock swell beneath the touch. Bringing one hand forward, I made an easy loop with my thumb and middle finger around the base of his cock as I pressed my tongue just beneath the head. I held the tip of my tongue there, using my hand to rock his hips back and forth, rubbing the head of his cock against my tongue. After a few moments of this, it was all I could do to stop his hips from their thrusting, forcing him to grow still again.

I chuckled softly and then, before he could react, wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I sucked gently as he let out something that sounded caught between a scream and a moan, again trying to maltepe escort bayan thrust his hips forward. I withdrew my mouth and looked up, shaking my head at him.

“You hold still or we’ll just forget it all together…and I don’t think you want that.”

He grew still almost immediately, but I could hear his breath shuddering in his throat, eyes screwed shut as he tried so hard to control himself. Then slowly he opened his eyes and looked down at me, nodding. And that’s when he said it.

“Yes, Miss.”

I felt something seem to break loose inside of me, white heat and cold rushing along my limbs, and suddenly my pussy was so wet and hot that I could hardly think of doing anything but stopping right there to relieve the sudden arousal. It struck me like a wave and I tipped my head back, slowly stroking my hand along his cock. I took a long breath to clear my head before I could go on.

Drawing my hand back down to the base of his cock, I slipped my lips back over the head, sucking again, but this time swirling my tongue against the soft, throbbing skin. Again I could hear him moaning, and this time there were words. He had seen what he said had done to me, and he moaned repeatedly those words again and again. Unable to bear it, I slipped one hand down to unfasten my shorts, sliding my hand inside. I pushed aside the soft silk of my panties, finding the already slick lips of my pussy, spreading myself open as I began to furiously rub my clit. I couldn’t hold back any longer and my mouth descended on his cock, tongue lashing at the shaft as I began to pump him in and out of my mouth, my free hand following the movement of my mouth. I sucked him deeply into the heat of my mouth, feeling him nudge the back of my throat as my hand, slick with saliva, stroked his shaft.

I could feel it building, an amazing orgasm, and my body shuddered with the impact as it hit me. I shivered and moaned against his cock and it was too much for him, even with all his obediance, and he began to thrust into my mouth. I didn’t care, now, though, and I sucked and stroked him as I came. I felt him twitch and swell beneath my lips just before he let go with a long, loud groan, pumping his hips forward as he came, gushing hot into my mouth. I continued to suck as he came, though my motions grew softer and slower, drawing out the last of his come into my mouth. I could taste him, the salt and heat of him on my tongue, and another orgasm hit me as hard as the first, leaving me shuddering against his hip as I released him.

We remained there a few moments, gasping , trying to regain our equilibrium and Icould feel his hand against my shoulder as I clung to his thigh. Finally, I stood slowly and leaned against the bricks as I fastened my shorts again, watching him as he shakily pulled up his pants and rebuttoned them. I watched with a smile as he turned to me, astonishment and amused pleasure mingled in his expression. Lazily, I looped an arm around his waist, the tension having melted between us, and we began to walk back toward the street.

“So…vodka or whiskey? Or a little something for everyone?”

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