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Terri’s Great Experiment

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Monica’s Adventures: Terri’s Great Experiment

The summer ploughed on, hot and muggy, into the dog days. Art classes ended and most everyone, at least everyone I took an interest in, including Carl, left for vacation. I spent my time about the house doing chores in the morning when my father was most likely to take notice. In the afternoons and evening when he and Terri were working I sketched, frequently in the isolation of the adjacent woods. There at my favorite spot I set myself up with pencils and paper and wiled away the time. When I stopped for a break I always did he same thing. I would lie on the grass, let my imagination stray and beat off. I was sure one day some guy would stumble upon me. That never happened but it made the heat bearable.

August was oppressive. Even the nights closed in with very high humidity, high temperatures, no breeze and, of course, no air conditioning. In fact my father would not allow us to have an electric fan. I would lie on top of the sheets and sweat. Every crease in my body oozed sticky, salty sweat as I tried to force myself to sleep.

It was a Friday night, just after sunset as I suffered to escape the heat in the darkness of the room. I heard the front door open with a distinctive quick turn of the knob and then an easy soft swing of the door. I could tell it was Terri. She always would sneak in, even if no reason to.

Catlike she tripped up the stairs, entered the room and disrobed as she always did. Some articles she let fall to the floor, some she hung on the bedpost and some she tossed haphazardly towards the laundry hamper. Naked, she stood up and stretched, silhouetting herself in front of the window.

I presumed she thought I was asleep but she stepped over to my bed and flopped down beside me. “Did you get laid?” This had become her normal greeting ever since she eavesdropped on Carl and me in the basement.

“No. Did you?” I answered.

Terri did not reply but propped up on her elbows and cupped her chin in her palms.

“I have a problem” she started. “Do you come easy?” Before I could think of something to say she continued. “That’s OK you don’t have to answer. But I don’t. I bet for every ten times I fuck I only come one, two or three times at most, and those I need to help myself. And yet, every time the guy comes. Some of them come fast, some of them take a while longer but they all come. Me, I am not consistent and not often enough. I have even experimented with blowing him first, a lot of foreplay and then working him up to see if that would help. But I have developed a theory. I either work to hard at fucking; in which case the guy shoots first. Or I don’t work hard enough and leave myself frustrated while he gets all that he really wants.”

I loved my sister’s monologues. The sounded so ‘off the cuff’ but I am sure she prepared them or at least turned them over in her mind for some time before she spouted off.

“If I can’t figure this out, I will just play with myself, he can watch if he wants, and then give him a blow job. That way we both will be happy. But I don’t want to resort to that just yet. I need to figure this out.”

She paused, trying to seem deep in thought but I knew that whatever it was, she had it all worked out in her mind.

“Here is what I want to try. If I can measure how much effort it takes for me to make a guy come, and then measure the same effort when I do come and compare the two, I can figure out if I am doing too much or too little. Does that make sense?”

The last comment was rhetorical and she knew I could not answer. I also knew what to expect when she acted like this. The bed swayed slightly as she slipped her hand under herself on to her mound. The outcome was predictable although the method was not always exactly the same. With her head resting on part of my pillow, she started playing with herself. Her attitude would determine how she completed this activity. Sometimes it would be slow and easy usually resulting in her falling asleep before she came. Other times a slight catalyst caused a violent orgasm.

I watched her rocking gently next to me. The smell of sweat and self-induced sex lingered in the humid air. Out of sympathy, I reached over and touched her on the back. She responded by rolling away towards the edge of the bed onto her back, which was followed by her scudding back towards me to avoid falling out. All the time keeping a hand adroitly positioned between her legs.

With her eyes closed and both hands pressed firmly against the intersection of her thighs, she throbbed and moaned as if in a dream. She pulled her elbows close forcing her taut tipped breast higher. With each slow rocking arch of her back I could sense the warm, self-induced desire permeating her body, slowly accelerating towards that ultimate sensation.

I was just a voyeur in this one actor play. From my front row seat I could see the drama unfold but was not part of the event. Just an observer caught up in the plot anxiously awaiting the outcome but with no ability escort ataşehir to affect the climax. This may be frustration in its purest form.

My gaze fixated on her bobbing breasts. The nipples, backlit by the glow of the streetlamp through the window, were rising and falling in harmony with the rest of her body. Without any warning and without disturbing Terri’s sensuous contortions, I leaned over and touched my lips to her nipple. First just lightly, but as she responded I spread my mouth and took it in completely. My mouth closed over the aureole taking it between my teeth and biting. Terri exploded. I loosened my bite and hungrily sucked. Electricity seemed to course from my mouth as her body writhed beneath me thrashing and squirming. She came but still I did not relent. More and more I sucked and bit, pulling and tugging violently on her tit. She fought but did not resist as she accepted the torture to achieve her ultimate goal. After she came a second time I eased off causing her to decompress.

The room settled down and the humid night returned. Silently we lay next to each other in the heat. Like a zombie, Terri sat up, rose to her feet and softly walked to her bed. Whatever big plan Terri concocted remained in her mind as she eased onto her bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next day we resumed our unorthodox coming and going without much interaction. The calendar work schedule our father taped to the refrigerator showed a checkerboard of random “X’s”, defined tasks and blank squares that made no real rhyme or reason. The hot, humid days and nights passed with an equal amount of illogic.

That evening, tired of sketching and reading, I decided to go to bed and masturbate with just my imagination, hands and naked body sweating and gyrating on the damp sheets. There was no real ‘start’ as I played casually with my tits and twat until my desires raged. Then I fired up my fantasy and picked up the paced until an orgasm overwhelmed me. Tonight I had at least two hours to indulge myself before anybody returned for the night . . . or so I thought.

I was not quite excited when I heard the backdoor creaked open. It followed Terri’s trademark soft footsteps as they crept across the kitchen and up the steps to the room. There was a different bounce in her step and her carriage as she made her way to the edge of her bed. Rather that performed her ritual striptease she took a cotton robe from the bedpost and wrapped it about her. There was something peculiar about this. It lacked Terri’s usual spontaneity. Even when she acted spontaneous, her actions were always well rehearsed, at least mentally. This was no different.

“I figured out how to do it”, she whispered coyly across the room. “Do you want to hear?”

I did not have a choice. She was about to tell me.

“Measure how much effort it takes for me to come and how much it takes for me to make somebody else come”. I caught the emphasis on somebody. “So how do I do that? Well, I can’t do it alone. But here is my idea.”

She stood in the shadows and tiptoed at an awkward angle toward my bed. She appeared to be hiding something under the robe and I strained to figure out what it was. At the edge of the bed she turned towards me and announced “Ta Da” as she opened the robe. There protruding from the intersection of her legs was a lengthy appendage which she waved in my directions. Her actions were so sudden and unexpected I was taken by surprise. I strained in the darkness to see what was what. Dramatically she turned sideways and thrush her hips forward. In shadowy profile it showed as an erect cock rigidly extending from her lower belly.

Terri turned on the low lamp on my nightstand. “What do you think?” she asked as she arched her back to show it as much as she could. “It is a strap-on, an artificial dick! Watch me jerk off!” With that grabbed the shaft with her fist and pumped up and down energetically. “That doesn’t seem like much of a thrill to me. I wonder why guys like it so much.” She laughed as she continued playing with the rubber organ.

“You know,” she continued, “I have a head ache. And the only relief for that kind of head ache is a good blowjob”. With that she thrust the dangling appendage in my face. I laughed as it wobbled aimlessly before my face. To play along with her act, I grab hold and place my mouth over the pink head. I expected the smooth, silken feel of the head of a hard cock lightly covered with warm, viscous precum. Instead I felt a textured surface more like the skin of a lemon with the aroma of a tennis ball. Still, I played along and began to take it deep in my mouth. “Oh Yeah” Terri exclaimed in mock excitement as she placed her hand on the back of my head and pumped my face with the fake cock.

I broke free and rolled on my back laughing. Terri pulled back the sheet and slipped in beside me, the prosthetic penis erect and vertical. I reached over and mechanically stoked it hoping to generate at least a slight sensation. It did nothing for me. It was kadıköy escort like playing with a broom handle or a long neck beer bottle but I continued in a slow even cadence.

“See how it stays hard all the time. It never gets tired and never goes soft. That is why I can use this for my experiment.” Terri’s voice was subdued but animated. “With this I can have somebody fuck me until I come. I won’t have to worry about a hair trigger or pulling out early. Just ride me, ride me until I come my brains out. And on the other side, I can do the same. With this I can pound some cunt until it explodes. I will be hard and don’t need to come, just use my pile driving ass until you come.”

“Me?” I asked, a bit taken back by her presumption, “why me?”

“I wouldn’t want to try this with some stranger. It is not like I know some guy who can do this, at least not both parts of it.”

My mind wrapped around the idea. It may be a little kinky but it is not really perverted I thought. It would not be like getting butt fucked or doing some animal, neither of which had yet entered my repertoire.

“It won’t hurt and who knows it may be a real good time.” Terri smiled as she spoke. “You’ll never know until you try.” Terri’s arguments didn’t need to convince me because I had made up my mind. I just wanted her to plead a little.

“Ok” I said, “how do we start.” Terri bounced up to her knees on the bed. The strap-on looked more and more natural and I had a strange feeling that Terri relished having a penis. “This is what I was thinking.” Her voice was animated and well rehearsed, not spontaneous. “I will go first. I don’t want to tell you what to do but I will get on top, work it in you and then pump away. If it is too dry I can slop on some gel or you can use your own natural lube.”

Just listening to her enthusiasm and the bouncing of the bed while she prattled aroused me. I reached out and grabbed the cock and pulled it towards me. As I did, she felt for the belts and tightened them a notch. The adjustment made the cock more stable and not flopping around. As I pulled at it, I took control of Terri and the situation. I felt a feeling of power and I wanted to exert it. As Terri knelt beside me on the bed I spread my legs slightly and tugged the cock towards my pussy. Terri responded as I thought and positioned herself on her knees between my legs. With my hand still caressing the fake organ, I pulled my knees up and massaged the strap-on. Terri became more responsive as she took hold to guide the rubber champion toward my twat.

The head eased in my lips and I released my grip. Terri pushed gently with her hips to get some penetration. The beast balked. The dry latex was too much friction to glide in easily. Terri reacted with more pressure painfully driving at my hole. I reached out to push her away and ease the tearing sensation. She let up as I softly grasped the cock and directed it towards me. I held it with one hand while with the other I separated my lips and worked my hips to take in the head. Terri was passive as I worked my cunt farther down the rubber shaft pressing ever closer to her pubic region.

As my thighs consumed the fake beast Terri leaned forward and clutched my body. I held her until I felt my body lubricate the prosthesis. When I was wet I pulled her ass closer. As I did she worked me like an unsure guy trying to escalate the rhythm but not sure of how much. We became comfortable rocking lazily on the bed. Terri resting her head on my breast and I holding her ass close between my legs. We seemed to be lost in a daze almost in a dream.

My lethargy was suddenly overcome by frustration. I wrapped my arms about her waist and pulled her harshly towards me. With a violent twist, I rolled pinning Terri below me as I straddled the rigid member. Terri relented. She gave a squeal as I pressed my hands firmly on her tits and roughly pulled her nipples. She squirmed and tried to free herself from under me. I would not give in. Mounted on her I began to ride the strap-on fiercely.

The fake organ penetrated smoothly and deeply into my sloppy honey pot. My mind blocked out the fact that this was artificial. Mentally I pretended it was just another cock and Terri was just some guy trying to score. Faster and faster I rode the cock. The bed creaked and rocked as I bounced on Terri’s willing body. Sweat began to pour from my forehead and my voice broke with squeaky grunts. Terri was barely participating. To push me to the limit I grabbed each of my nipples with my thumb and forefinger and pulled and kneaded them. That provided the spark. An orgasm coursed through my body, radiating out from my pussy to all my extremities. It passed in a spine tingling rush of physical release.

I relaxed with the forever-hard cock still in me. It was only now that I focused on Terri as she lay sprawled beneath me with a look more of amazement than ecstasy. I dismounted the rigid steed and flopped beside her on the bed. Silently I lay there waiting for my body to return maltepe escort bayan to normal. As I did so, I became aware of the sweat that saturated the sheets. It was sticky and smelly but exuded an aroma of feral sex. It was nirvana.

Everything seemed surreal as if we were moving in slow motion. We stared at each other lost in a narcotic fogbank, aware of everything but not quite in touch with our surroundings. My trancelike gaze followed the contours of Terri’s body down to her lower waist still bedecked with the male organ glistening in the dim light of the room. My hand glided across her, grasped the wet rod and tugged. Terri turned towards me. “OK! Now it is my turn”, I snapped.

Terri roused from her lethargy. “Huh?”

“It is my turn. I want to try it now. That was part of the experiment wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, Yeah, That is the other part of the experiment.” She replied with newfound enthusiasm. She fumbled with the belts and buckles as I continued to tug. When she undid them all I slowly pulled it free of her. “That tickles” she chortled as I pulled the loose straps from under her.

The contraption was not difficult to figure out. Put the dick part in front and tighten the straps. I sat on the edge of the bed and stood up to make the final adjustments. With the artificial erection came a feeling of power. It was different then the control I felt while riding Terri it was a raw feeling of that I could do harm in the name of pleasure. I posed at the side of the bed waving the member in Terri’s direction. She giggled softly, jerked her knees apart and pushed her pink taco towards me.

I took a position to the bed that would guide me between Terri’s outstretched legs. On the bed, I moved on my knees between her thighs wagging the firm joint above her. She dug in her heels and raised her hips to give me a better target. As she did a beam of moonlight shone past me and illuminated her fragrant gash. The sight thrilled me. Not the novelty, I have looked at mine often enough, but the impending sense of conquest. I was about to take her in away she had never experienced

I leaned forward until my tits brushed hers. She hummed in pleasure. I caressed one of hers and worked the nipple into excited firmness. Terri responded by grabbing the cock and pulling it towards here hole, brushing it against her hair and lips as she did. I let her continue playing, gradually easing the rubber rod, first between her cunt lips and then further into her. She grabbed my hips to pull the dick and me closer.

I resisted, letting the member gyrate slightly while lodged inside the wet orifice but not penetrating. Terri grabbed the nylon belt and pulled while she thrush her pelvis to force me to penetrate deeper. In response, with a powerful charge of my ass I rammed the synthetic organ deep into her cunt. I felt the resistance of her lip as I impaled her with my new weapon.

Terri gave a short sharp scream and tried to roll over to escape the pain of beast. I relented. She pulled herself off me and turned her back to me to crawl away. As she did I grabbed her about the waist from behind. Again she gasps partly in pain partly in fear. I press her face down in the bed and worked my knee between her thighs. She fought but I had a firm grip and my weight pinning her. I maneuvered her thighs apart and lurched back, pulling her by her waist up on all fours.

Terri suddenly became engaged and fumbled between her legs to get control of the cock. She lowered her shoulders and eased back while guiding me into her. I had no sensation just the friction of the disembodied organ as it glided roughly in until her ass pressed against my belly.

Terri was now animated. She gyrated and churned her body the same way she did when I played with her pussy. Pushing, rubbing, pumping and coaxing as she worked towards the frenzy of an orgasm. On my knees from behind her I worked the strap-on like a battering ram. I felt like an active spectator. As Terri buried her face in the pillow and clutched the sweat soaked sheets, the strap-on continued its slurp, slurp, slurp melody. Mechanically I worked until Terri changed. Her pelvis revved up with short choppy thrust. She gasped and whined, “Don’t stop, Oh god don’t stop” until culminating with “yes, yes, yes”, and then melting in a heap.

We lay together arms and legs intertwined; sweat, pussy juice, saliva mingled; heat and dampness mixed and the smell of sex wafted about the room. “God you are good,” she said sincerely. “If I knew a guy that fucked like that I would never let him out of my sight, at least not out of my bed”.

Time was suspended as we lay there. We were both satisfied. Terri basked in the aura of a “Class-A” orgasm, and I reveled in power that comes from mercilessly wielding a cock. Nether of us had regrets.

A car door slammed and footstep echoed up the front walk as our father made his way to the house. A quick glance at the clock showed us how much time had slipped by. Terri hurriedly and quietly made her way across the room to her bed, pausing to push the curtains aside in the hopes of dissipating the linger scent of out frolic. I pulled the damp sheet up and lay on my side to keep a furtive eye on the door. I was still wearing the strap-on and was careful not to roll over on my back.

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