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Tender Face Man

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Author’s note: – Thank you for all your feedbacks for my earlier submission. Your feedbacks are always welcome.


My friend Andrew had gone alone to Monte Carlo. It was a beautiful night and I had left the hotel to get a breath of fresh air. I was bored stiff. A gentleman approached me and what a character! He was good-looking and he had such a tender face!

“Are you looking for a client?” He asked me.

I looked at him, searchingly and suddenly, as if forced by sudden flash of imagination, I answered, “Perhaps.”

“Don’t look any further. I’m your man. I will give you ten francs!”

Ten francs! I almost burst out laughing. I, a ten-franc, whore! Andrew gives me one thousand a month just to be with him.

“All right, ten francs.” I said

“I want you to know that I’m married. I do not wish to insult you, but one might run into bad luck. I do not want to do the usual thing. Not because I don’t like it, but I have to be very careful. Imagine, if I were to bring a disease home to my wife, I want you to suck me off!”

To suck him off! His big prick in my mouth, he could keep his ten francs. It was what he wanted me to do that made decision to go with him. All day I had been dreaming about Andrew. Sucking Andrew’s cock had been my first erotic experience.

To suck, to suck a throbbing prick, I was dying with desire to do it. I had been thinking about it all day and here, out in a clear blue sky – or should I say out of the dark of the night – a man offered me ten francs for doing it to him. I could only stammer, “I understand. I will do it.”

He took me into a hotel room and after I taken off my big, ostrich-plumed hat, I knelt between his legs. He opened escort ataşehir his fly, pulled up his shirt and took out his tool.

I looked upon it with tender love. I caressed it with a soft, flicking tongue. I heaped little, nibbling bite upon its darling, rosy head. It jumped up quickly, joyfully stretching towards me; I gave another tender kiss upon it.

“Ooh, you are the best cock-sucker I ever met!” exclaimed the good- looking man.

“You know what to do to my thing. I can feel it…I’m almost ready to cum.”

“Oh, please, please…not that quickly” I implored.

“You, sweet little thing, you are a darling. Do you cum too when you are sucking cock? Take off your blouse and corset, so that I won’t spoil them when I cum. I would love to squeeze your marvelous titties.”

I obliged by taking off my clothes very slowly. Fascinated, he stared at me. His prick was throbbing and his eager hands squeezed my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples till they almost as hard and stiff as his jutting cock.

“You have marvelous tits,” He sighed. “You know that you are very beautiful. I didn’t notice that at all even when I picked you up.”

“You mean that you didn’t select me?”

“Oh, no…you were the first one to come along. Please, will you show me your ass?”

He amused me. I got up, pulled my skirts about the waist and dropped my panties. I showed him what he wanted to see.

“What a pity that I’m a married man. I would have loved to screw you. I would even have given you fifteen francs.”

“Oh, please, don’t change your habit for my sake. Besides, I’m in sort of a hurry.”

“Don’t talk about hurry. You will have enough time left to suck kadıköy escort a couple of more cocks tonight, but I would like to feel your whole body.”

“You can grope me as much as you please, but after you I won’t look for anyone else tonight.”

“You are a funny girl. All right, kneel down and start sucking.”

I went down on his cock and gave him few slow strokes. I gave few licks as well. He moaned loudly when I did that. I did it again and again, this made him mad. He started grinding his hips. To my surprise, his hand went between my legs. He gave a quick rub to my pussy and buried his middle finger inside me. It was getting hard to kneel in front of him and do the job.

“How on earth you expect me to kneel when your finger is digging in my pussy?” I asked him.

“Oh, you little devil, you!” he exclaimed happily. “You have a ready answer for every occasion, haven’t you?” Well, little darling, I’ll take out my finger so that you can kneel down again. See how big and long it is. Isn’t it beautiful dong?” Open you r lovely mouth as wide as you can.”

“Do you want me to eat it, or suck it?” I could not resist.

“No, no…I want you to lick it very tenderly. Kiss the tip and then go down the shaft with your tongue, take my balls in your mouth and massage my ass and my belly with your fingers, then go up the shaft again with your tongue and suck very slowly.”

It was all mine now. This whole marvelous, erect tool was for me to do with as I pleased. It swelled and quivered under my expert caresses. This long, tall flesh pole exuded the smell of a man. I inhaled it deliriously, his strong smell. It was as penetrating as shit, only at that particular moment maltepe escort bayan it was more precious to me than the most delicate perfumes. I squeezed the big knob with my lips, opened my mouth and allowed the whole thing to disappear into my throat.

I let it carefully slide out again and even rubbed the huge tip with my nostrils. Believe it or not, I felt huge spasm in my own quim, but I was smart enough not to show this to my “client”. I did not want him to have a feeling that he possessed me; I wanted to have him at a mercy. Slowly I sucked the throbbing penis. His eyes closed and he leaned comfortably back in the easy chair.

His pants were completely unbuttoned and my forehead bobbed against his hairy belly. Aah, I might have served his passion, but surely did not neglect my own. The moment his seed squirted deep into my throat, I too had my orgasm very copiously. I will never forget that delicious climaxing moment and the erotic experience.

He was in seventh heaven. He was a very decent gentleman. He helped me dress and dutifully paid his ten francs. I took ii because I didn’t want to disappoint him.

Many honorable, married men get their kicks more because of the payment they hand to the girl of the moment than out of the fact that they had sex. It seems to do something to their ego and I did not want to destroy the good-looking man’s simple faith that he had driven a whore to after satisfaction. It does something to them. When they come home to their daily drudgery, to wife who takes them for granted, they can thrive for weeks on the thought that a strange woman was fully satisfied with their prowess. It gives them the strength to withstand the bitchery which usually follows failure in the conjugal bed.

We parted at the hotel entrance. When Andrew returned from Monte Carlo, he told me he had won a rather large sum – thirty thousand francs in fact. He was very please and gave them to me, but I was very happy with my ten francs.

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