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Teenage Lust

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(A story written together with Nicole Carter, all characters are above 18 years of age)

The keys jingled in the lock as Becky came home from school. She skipped her way through the door, sending it shut behind her, and dropping her backpack in the hall on her way in. She kicked off the heavy shoes her college made her wear, and it felt good to feel the carpet on her bare feet. It had been a long day. During gym class earlier, Becky had gotten in a few extra laps to work off some extra energy, and it had made her late to class, which didn’t make her obnoxious history teacher very happy. Long story short, she was glad to be home.

Becky was a latchkey girl, both of her parents had important high-paying jobs and worked late in the city, meaning Becky was used to spending a few hours alone at home every day. She hopped her way upstairs, shed her thin white blouse and pleated skirt, and got in to take a shower. After letting the scalding hot water wash her clean, she carefully wrapped a towel around her hefty breasts and went back into her room.

There was no hurry to get anywhere and certainly none coming home anytime soon to be dressed for, so Becky idled around her room for a while in the towel, letting her long blonde hair drip-dry, the little drops running randomly down her lengths of exposed skin.

Then she saw him through the window. Tim, the boy from next door. He was about her age, but he went to the public college in the area so she didn’t know him from school. She had a couple of friends from his school and she had attended one of their football games once and seen Tim play. He was an extremely graceful, athletic boy, large, strong muscular frame yet surprisingly agile on the field. Becky had gotten used to seeing Tim outside, because he liked to lift weights and work out in the back behind his family’s pool. His mother and sister were gorgeous women, and Becky couldn’t help but felt turned on from time to time watching them sunbathe outside in their barely-there bikinis, sometimes even topless or nude. But it was Tim that really caught Becky’s eye. He liked to wear these black snug-fitting shorts when he worked out, and Becky could see his massive bulge even from her bedroom window next door. The fat thick outline of Tim’s cock snaked down the inside of his thigh, and Becky always watched him work out wishing he would twist or move the wrong way and the head of that massive-looking cock would escape from the bottom of the shorts and confirm what Becky desperately wished was true.

Becky stared longingly at Tim’s delicious muscular body and his gigantic package. The more he moved and strained his toned muscles, the faster Becky’s heart started beating. Unconsciously, one of her fingers began tracing little circles on her thigh, slowly moving underneath the hem of the skimpy towel, teasing their way towards her pussy. Becky took a sharp intake of breath as she felt her fingertip finally descending on her clit, surprised and very aroused to feel that her pussy was already soaking wet. She gently massaged her sex, her tiny moans softly escaping her lips…

Unbeknown to Becky, Tim had been fucking his mother and sister regularly for the last year. Now at 19, his body exuded pure raw sex. Massive bulging arms and biceps that could put a bodybuilder to shame, chiselled pecs that narrowed into an eight-pack board of arms and strong muscular legs that gave him his renowned agility on the football pitch. Becky started remembering the football game she had witnessed last month. Tim’s team easily defeated the “Cougars” from the next town and Tim had scored most of his teams’ points, through the speed and incredible strength which he had displayed that afternoon. Becky had witnessed him running at lightning speed while three of the biggest Cougar guys were desperately clinging to his massively muscular frame. One of the Cougars been thrown to the ground by Tim’s stride and had sligthly pulled his football pants down, enough to show the crowd nearby that he actually wasn’t wearing a jockstrap! Becky had been confused, since the enormous bulge he clearly displayed was thought by all those ignorant of the fact that Tim was hung like a horse, to be caused by one of these jumbo-straps that some players like to wear for comfort. As she gently rubbed her clit, Becky was more and more convinced that there was even more to this alpha-man than his massively muscular body. Could some of the rumors she hard heard be true? Was the huge tubesteak that snaked down almost all the way to his knees actually be a soft cock of behemoth proportions? Or was he stuffing his snug-shorts with a salami and a pair of oranges? As she imagined what it would be like to hold such a monster dick in her tiny hands and feel its strong masculine essence, her fingers found a particularly sensitive spot on her enraged clit and she screamed loud enough for Tim to hear her and turn his head round towards her window…

Becky clenched her eyes shut, her mouth frozen in a wide O, her head thrown back facing ataşehir escort bayan the ceiling. She gripped the window frame for dear life as the orgasm ripped through her, her other hand pushing hard yet slow circles around her hard little nub. There was one spot on her clit that when rubbed just right made her completely lose control, and she had just hit it without meaning to. One second she was eyeballing the very questionably large bulge in the shorts of the hot boy next door, the next moment her body is being ravaged by tidal waves of pleasure emanating from her pussy. Her knees trembled violently and her knuckles turned white against the window frame as she came, a small spurt of clear hot liquid oozing down the inside of her thigh.

As her bodily spasms and shakes settled, she lowered her head and opened her eyes…. and almost died of a heart attack: Tim was staring straight at her. She launched herself from the window and dove under the covers of her bed, hyperventilating. She had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. There she was, just on the second floor in plain sight, completely naked, hand buried in her pussy, screaming in orgasm, hefty breasts pressed against the glass, nipples so hard she could have cut it, while the hunky boy next door watched everything. He must absolutely hate her. He was probably on the phone with his friends right now telling them all about the stupid loser slut next door. Her entire body blushed and tears came to her eyes, her pussy still throbbing and sensitive from her orgasm.

Then she started to calm down a little, trying to think about how she was ever going to face Tim again. She had been too shocked and mortified to think about it at the time, but she could have sworn that when Tim saw her, he was rubbing that huge bulge in his pants. And had it been growing… bigger? It was definitely fake, no question, no man’s cock was THAT big, not even on her daddies dirty tapes Becky had snuck a peek at on a few occasions.

What the fuck is wrong with me, she said out loud. She had just been busted masturbating and she was getting turned on again. Her pussy was betraying her, getting hot and wet again, uncontrollably begging to be touched. There was no harm in giving in, Becky thought. Her fingertips traced a slow path from her nipples down her flat hard stomach, towards her overactive cunt, softly rubbing a finger against her…


What was that? Was that the back door? Is there someone in my house? Becky dove for clothing, terrified as she heard determined footsteps coming up the stairs, straight for her door…

Becky looked out the window and noticed Tim was gone. She was certain it was him coming up the stairs and her face turned red. Both fear that the next-door boy was going to tell her off and make fun of her and excitement that maybe, just maybe, he was going to show her whether that amazing bulge of his was real…

The door shrieked open and Becky let out a small scream as she covered her nubile body with a sheet. A massive silhouette appeared in the doorframe. Because of the light coming from the alleyway, all Becky could see was Tim’s frame and she recognized instantly the massive bulging muscles of his arms, his broad shoulders that could carry two men easily, the V-shape of his sculpted torso and… What was that moving shadow near his waist? As Tim approached, the light from the window illuminate his frame. The unmistakable sight of an erect cock of mammoth proportions distending his snug shorts almost to the breaking point, extending past his waist in the left direction as well as past his navel, something the size of a large apple poking at the distended lycra, making small jumps. between the chiseled muscles of his thighs, two large lumps, the size of goose eggs, nested low and heavy, themselves distending the material that held them in place. They were also moving back and forth, almost growing right before her eyes. Tim said nothing but just stood there with a smile on his face. Becky was reassured, for the moment…

Becky was trembling with fear, initially from hearing the heavy feet stomping up her stairs and seeing a massive, muscular stud standing in the doorway. Her eyes slowly travelled down his chiseled body and attempted to reason to her brain what she was seeing. Her pussy triggered a mild spasm in her body as it kicked into gear like a racecar, her mouth hanging open, her eyes wide and glassy. She had a million excuses racing around in her head that she had conjured up after being caught masturbating in the window, but now all that her brain could muster was “…. cock ….. big, monster cock….” as she stared, hypnotised like the unwitting subject at a magic show. The longer she stared, little helpless noises squeaking from her throat, she stopped thinking about clutching the blanket to her body, the hem of the sheets ever-so-slowly sliding down, inch after inch of her big D-cup tits on her tiny frame came creeping into view as tiny drops of honey began to escort kadıöy leak down the inside of her thighs…

The uncovering of Becky’s large, firm breasts enlarged Tim’s massive cock even further. The beast now stood at a full 15 inches of forearm-thick manmeat, the vast network of blood vessels pumping at its surface with every beat of his heart, which was, by now, racing with excitement.

“Becky, I never knew you were so hot!” he said as he sat next to her on her bed. Becky was frozen with lust, unable to remove her almost tearful eyes from the sight of Tim’s enormous tool.

“Is this real?” she stammered back pointing at his upright turgid monster dick.

“Sure, would you like to touch it to check for yourself?” Hesitantly at first, Becky extended her arm and her fingers clasped at the huge rigid pole. Her small fingers could not encompass much more than half of it incredible girth. She could feel the blood pumping through the prominent veins.

“Ooh, it’s so warm…” she cooed. She flung her bedcover to the side and Tim saw her in all her glory. His cock lurched forward and a strand a pre-cum dripped down his flared helmet all the way down to where Becky’s hand was mesmerisingly exploring the vast ridged surface of his shaft.

“Grip it tighter and put your mouth on it.” Tim’s words were soft but his manly authority was not to be mistaken. Almost in a trance, Becky sat on her knees and, with both hands gripping at Tim’s shaft, she seductively started licking the liquid offering now pouring from the stud’s cumslit…

Becky’s heart raced and her body quivered as she attempted to grip the cannon of Tim’s shaft, quickly realizing she had to guide it rather than grip it because her little hand wouldn’t fit all the way around.

She leaned down, although she didn’t have to go very far, to wrap her tongue around the massive apple head of Tim’s weapon. The copious precum coated her tongue and lips, trickling down her throat and oozing down the shaft, changing directions with each throbbing vein it crossed until finally drooling over Becky’s fingers. Her hand became slick and slippery, starting to make wet squishing sounds as she slid it up and down the overinflated piston, the skin on Tim’s shaft shiny and slick as her hand moved.

Becky licked in wide circles, the tip of her soft young tounge tracing the ridge around the perimeter of Tim’s giant cocktip, using her tongue to scoop more of his sweet, buttery precum from the ridge on the underside of the head, finally teasing the monster by wiggling the tip of her tongue inside his cumslit.

She pressed her mouth against the cockhead, french-kissing it, before trying to push her mouth down onto Tim’s pole, only to realize that when she opened her mouth as far as it would go, she couldn’t even get all of the tip between her lips! This just turned her on even more, her pussy was churning in overtime now, the sheets under her ass beginning to grow wetter by the second. She brought her other hand up to help control the bucking and pulsing rod, gripping it with both tiny hands in a vain attempt to wrangle it as her mouth slurped and sucked any available square inch of flesh she could get her lips and tongue around…

Tim was really starting to enjoy the feel of Becky’s long tongue sliding all around his oversensitive glans, as well as her tiny hands handling his distended shaft. Soon, precum started to ooze continuously from his cumslit in thick rivulets. Most of the sap was immediately slurped up by Becky who had to swallow repeatedly to cope with the flow of manjuices. Her aching jaw attempted over and over again to engulf more and more of Tim’s massive weapon and she finally managed to fit the whole monstrous head inside her mouth. Tim was gently rubbing her moist mound, while she desperately jerked his lurching cannon in fast, ten inch strokes with both hands. Both teenagers were moaning with lust as both approached orgasms. Tim’s fingers found their way inside Becky’s sex canal and his expert manipulation of her inflamed clit brought her over the edge. While her mouth was still impaled with a four-inch long doorknob of a cock-end, her aching pussy erupted with pleasure, sending a stream of her juice past Tim’s finger and onto the soaked sheet beneath her thighs. A wave of ecstasy coursed throughout her body and she could no longer contain her feelings, releasing Tim’s cockhead from her warm engulf and screaming at the top of her lungs in pure teenage joy.

“Oooh, Tim, I’m cumming! AAAH, so GOOOD! Your cock is so fucking HUGE!” Hearing his otherwise polite next-door neighbour use such sexual language, Tim’s cock bucked with renewed power and his bloated gonads prepared to unleash their content. He felt a massive ring of pleasure emanating from his shaft as the first cum rocket surged up the extra-long sperm tube, blasting with unprecedented force out of his cumslit. Becky watched in amazement as the cum fountain almost hit the ceiling of her bedroom and rained down on her while her maltepe escort orgasm was still building to a crescendo. A second, third and fourth sperm blast coated the wall behind he headboard before she aimed the cum cannon lower… Tim was in the throes of a spectacular orgasm, even by his standards. He hadn’t yet cum today and his balls were as full as they would ever be. Holding the base of his giant shaft, he helped Becky lower the beast as it unleashed load after load of thick potent boycream all over Becky’s face, then her large upturned breasts. Soon, she was coated in his love juice, scooping fingerfulls of his burning seed and slowly gulping it down. Would he ever stop cumming she wondered?

Becky was delirious with pleasure, each explosion of sperm that hit her skin was driving her into more and more orgasms, each more powerful than the last. The amazing virility of Tim’s huge cock and monumental eggs firing sperm up and over Becky made his thick viscous fluid rain down on her from all angles. She wrapped her arms around Tim’s towering manhood like a teddy bear, the tense shaft skewering her large jizzy tits. The head bucked and throbbed powerfully against her chest, spewing heavy waves of cum all over her. Ropes were climbing up her face, across her sticket blonde hair and oozing down her back. Shot after shot of cum splashed into her mouth, a single assault was more than she could swallow and half of the buttery cream inevitably poured down her convulsing little body.

Tim’s fingers were working her aching pussy hard, sliding effortlessly in and out with the wetness of her arousal, the spray of her intensifying orgasms and the waterfall of cream undulating down her young teenage body, her entire lithe form shiny and slick from Tim’s impressive sperm assault.

Tim dropped his hands from her pussy, way too overwhelmed by his endless orgasm to continue servicing Becky, so she took matters into her own hands. She leaned back, sliding her hips up so her soaking wet pussy was pressed hard against the throbbing muscle at the base of Tim’s monster shaft. His massive cum canisters pressed against her ass as she humped the underside of Tim’s cock, watching with wide-eyed wonder as the towering tip continued to spew magmatic volleys of seed all over her stomach and tits, watching it snake in every direction off the sides of her body and down between her legs. The burning hot feeling of Tim’s cum lubricating her pussy as she grinded her hard little nub against his bucking shaft.

“Oh my fucking god, Tim, your cock is so fucking big, your hot fucking cum is all over me… I’m gonna…. cum… fuck….” she trailed off on her string of uncharacteristic obscenities as her back spasmed like she just got hit with a bat. Every muscle in her body tensed and froze and as the last heavy dollop of cum plopped onto her nubile form, her pussy exploded with the culmination of her marathon of orgasms, another spray of fluid spraying hard against Tim’s cock, knocking it out of her hands and making it sprinkle all up and down his body.

The room was a disaster. The two teenagers lay on their backs, pussy and cock rubbing against one another, covered in each others cum. Tim’s mind-boggling display of manliness was evident in the stalactites of sperm dripping from the ceiling and the jizz smearing all over the headboard and wall like a modern art exhibit. Becky couldn’t even open her eyes or think straight, the image of Tim’s mammoth member flooding her with young fresh sperm burned into her eyes forever.

But then she felt it brush against her thigh again… and she could have sworn it felt bigger and harder than before….

Before she could react, Becky felt Tim’s still engorged weapon lewdly rubbing her thighs, a new wave of pre-cum coating her inner sanctum, which added to her copious outflow of girl juice, made her whole genital area moist with lust.

“Are you ready?” Tim asked almost nonchalantly, as he positioned his mighty python right in front of her aching pussylips.

“Yes, please!” was the only answer she could muster, still reeling from the sight of Tim’s monstrous cock spewing endless spumes of boycream all over her body. She felt it, slowly pushing inwards, distending her lips as the sharp end of his rod plunged inside her vaginal cavity. She moaned, Tim encouraged her, she had to open up, open up for that mammoth beast, the largest cock she will ever see in her life by a long shot, now trying to penetrate her eighteen-year old pussy. Would Tim’s oversized phallus spoil her for other men, she wondered? She could not think straight, her whole mind and body was focussed on the task of accepting the monstrous slab of meat of her muscular, next-door neighbour, teenage super-stud. She felt lucky to have met him, lucky to be a receptacle for his mighty cuntpleaser. It was in now, the whole four-inch wide head had managed to sneak past her pussylips. A wave of pleasure and pain coursed though her body. Tim pushed in, another inch of forearm-thick cockshaft, then another, then another. All the while, he was grunting like a wild beast, yet his extended sexual experience had told him not to be brutal at first. He had to get it in slowly and then only would he build up pace and take his conquest to a new-found level of orgasmic bliss.

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