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Teenage Fuck Machine Ch. 1

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(Gives new meaning to the name “Beaver Cleaver.” With apologies to anyone who never dreamed of fucking June.)

“Wow, Mom,! I sure could use a good fuck!” grumbled Barbi. The cute little teenager spread her legs wide on the couch and rubbed furiously at her clit. “Do you think Dad would throw a fuck into me if I promise to suck off all his friends?”

Sandra smiled at her daughter’s innocence. She might be 18 now, but still seemed as naive as a child. “I don’t know, Honey. Dad has been pretty well fucked up on Jimmy ever since he learned how tight your brother’s asshole was. It won’t hurt to offer, but you may have to wait awhile. Why don’t I go get a dildo to fuck your ass while I suck your pussy for you?”

“Gee, thanks, Mom. You’re the greatest!”

Barbi knelt on all fours as her mother guided the huge red prick into her daughter’s still tight asshole. With all the fucking Barbi got, it was a wonder her ass still closed. Maybe it was her youth or the cheerleader exercises that kept her tight. At any rate, she soon zoned out as her mother rammed the hard 10″ deep within the slick recesses of her bowels. Sandra slid under her daughter and sucked her cunt lips and clit as she slid the red poker in and out of her baby’s asshole next to her nose.

Sandra knew that the best way to keep Barbi out of other trouble was to get her off as soon as she started getting horny. Besides, she really enjoyed bringing her own daughter off by sucking her pussy. She enjoyed fucking her son, too, but Jim had been monopolizing the kid for several days. “Honey, do you think you could get the football team to come back and gang bang me again like they did last week?” she asked her bucking and heaving daughter.

“S-s-sure, Mom,” she blurted between thrusts of the giant dildo. “They told me you fucked better than any white woman they had ever screwed. Besides, I get to suck off the ones who can’t get to you right away. You know, that Leroy sure has got a prick on him, doesn’t he?”

“He certainly does, dear, and when he comes in my mouth, it’s all I can do to swallow all of it.” Sandra reached for a salami to shove up Barbi’s cunt, to heighten the peak of the orgasm she felt her heading for. Barbi was enjoying the salami in her cunt so much that Sandra stuffed another one up her own cunt in hopes that she could ride it over the top at the same time as Barbi.

When Jim and Jimmy sauntered into the room with their limp dicks swinging between their knees, Sandra and Barbi were just hitting the top. Come was spewing everywhere from the two gushing cunts.

Jimmy and his horny father couldn’t resist helping to lick Barbi’s pussy dry. They both still had gobs of each other’s come lingering on their tongues, from their afternoon of mutual fucking, but Barbi’s come was a special treat.

“Hi, Mom, what’s for supper?” Jimmy asked as he finally rolled away and resumed idly stroking his long prick. He couldn’t help admiring the way his mother’s body had kept it’s shape throughout his growing up. By the time he turned 18, he was already aware of how gorgeous she was and how lucky he had been to be born to such a hot and horny mother. She had begun sucking his prick as a birthday gift, that night.

“You’re in luck, dear. Tonight we have Salami ala Cunt,” she told him as she pulled them out of her and Barbi’s cunts, still glistening with their orgasmic juices. “Want some?”

“You bet, Mom! You’re the greatest!”

“Oh, that’s what you all say. Want to stand behind me and stick your big dick up my ass while I fix supper?”

“Sure. You always seem to cook better with a dick in your ass. Besides, I like to play with your tits and make your pussy wet while you cook, too.”

Barbi saw her chance to get her father’s cock down her throat and swallowed it to the balls. She was determined to swallow a gallon of his come before she was finished with him.

Although Jim’s cock was still a little raw from fucking his son’s tight ass all afternoon, he was always ready to have his darling baby girl go down on him. She had a talent for cocksucking and looked so yummy while she did it that it always gave him a quick hardon, no matter how soon it had been since his last go. Besides, once in a while she brought her cheerleader group to the house and had each of them suck him off. He was pretty sure that he and Sandra were the only couple who had fucked the entire high school football and cheerleader teams.

Barbi had sucked her father’s big prick back to it’s full length, now, so she swung a leg over him and settled her guts all the way down the pole. She loved being fucked by her father. He had been fucking her since the night of her 18th birthday party, too. She almost felt empty when his prick wasn’t in her cunt, mouth or asshole. She loved to wake him up like this in the morning and taste his come on her tongue while she ate breakfast.

Jim and Sandra had agreed from the start that their children would be raised to accept sex as a natural part of life. As long as nobody was getting tuzla escort hurt, anything went–and that meant anything! If it felt good, then do it twice!

That night, Sandra smiled to herself as she lovingly guided the pricks of her husband and her son into the cunt and asshole of her lovely daughter. It was so nice to have such a loving family, she thought as she settled her steamy box over her daughter’s face so she and Jimmy could lick her twat while Jim sucked her ass.

The next afternoon, Jimmy brought one of his friends home from school with him. Brad was as nervous as a cat in a doghouse.

“You’re sure your Mom will like me?”

“Don’t worry so much Brad. You’ll do ok. Despite their size, you don’t think that the entire football team is that well hung or such a good lay, do you?”

“No, I guess not, but I’ve never been laid before and I’m not sure I know how.”

“Just do what I tell you and you’ll be ok.”

Brad wasn’t convinced, but his nuts hurt so bad he was willing to go through anything for a chance to blow them. He had seen the beautiful Sandra Welch many times, of course. She was a highly visible member of the community and managed somehow to lead her wild lifestyle in full view of a very straight-laced community. Of course it didn’t hurt a bit that she and Barbi gave regular blowjobs to the Chief of Police, the Mayor and the District Attorney, as well as anybody else in town who might be capable of protecting or persecuting them. Even the local priest was persuaded to keep quiet by being allowed to pump his nuts into Jimmy’s ass every Sunday morning before church.

The women of the community kept silent because of the generosity of the Welch family in supporting all the local charities and civic functions. Besides, what harm did they do? No one was being hurt, the wives of the leaders who appreciated a little help in the sack were happy, as were the wives who wanted a little more, anyhow. Jim and Jimmy, together or separately, depending on the person, were happy to catch up the slack, fucking and sucking the distaff side of the community to ecstasy as often as desired.

Brad wasn’t in on the arrangement between the Welch family and their very good neighbors. If he had been, it might have helped to allay a little of his nervousness as Jimmy’s mother entered the room, looking exactly like Beaver Cleaver’s mom, June. How could this rosy cheeked, intelligent, totally respectable looking woman be the same one that rumors said would give a poor shit like him the time of day?

“Brad, Jimmy tells me that you and he have Algebra together.”

“Uh, yes!” The question caught him off guard. All he could think about was Mrs. Cleaver’s beaver, hidden in the folds of her modest house dress.

“Do you enjoy Algebra?” “Uh, yes.” Fuck this Algebra shit. Bend over, bitch, and let me release this horrible pressure in my balls.

“Jimmy also tells me that you are hung like a horse. Is it true?”

Now she was talking his language!!! “Uh, yeah.”

“Well?” She just sat there in their normal living room, looking normal, and seemed to expect him to pull out his dork. Jimmy was no help. He was just standing there behind his mom, looking vaguely disinterested. Brad had no way to know that Jimmy had his male pride in his hands and had already worked it up to its full length.

Brad squirmed a bit. His “male pride” was also at full stand, which was still embarrassing to him as it always was, and he still could not completely accept the idea that he was expected to whup it out, right here, but he really couldn’t have stopped if it meant his life.

Sandra smiled to herself as she watched the range of emotions flying across poor Brad’s face. He was red faced and obviously uncomfortable, but she knew he would get over that soon. “Well, aren’t you going to show me your prick?” she finally asked, to release him from any remaining doubt about her intent. She almost gasped at the size of the salami he eventually managed to snake out of his pants.

“My, my, Brad. Jimmy should have brought you home a lot sooner. Here, stand up so I can get your pants out of the way and get to that beautiful piece of meat you are holding.” She loosened his belt and dropped his pants to the floor before pushing him back onto the couch. She knelt in front of him and took as much as she could get down her throat without choking.

Almost immediately, Brad’s prick began spewing huge ropes of creamy cum. Of all the times he had blasted his nuts jacking off, he thought he knew how much cum he could produce, but this set a record for him. It seemed like gallon after gallon of prick juice boiled from his aching nuts and down the throat of his friend’s mother.

He was still so uncomfortable in this role and so embarrassed at his inability to hold back any longer, as he assumed he was supposed to do, that he began apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeated over and over.

“Don’t worry about it, dear. Jimmy will tell you that I love the taste of virgin come and tuzla escort bayan it makes me feel sexier to know I can bring you off so fast. Besides, you’ll come many times today and each one will be a little slower. By the time you’ve had enough, I may be wishing for a rest. In fact, Barbi will be home from cheerleading practice soon and maybe she can give me a hand, or a mouth.”

Brad just thought he had blown his wad. At the mention of fucking Barbi, his prick which had shown no sign of getting smaller began blowing another wad into Mrs. Welch’s face. He was on the verge of apologizing for that until she smiled and began to scrape the slimy shit off her face and suck it from her fingers, hungrily, before ramming his prong back down her throat.

“Brad, you may have wondered what this would cost you.”

“Uh, oh,” he thought. “Here it comes!”

“Cost?” he stammered. “I don’t have any money.”

“Yes, dear, everything in life has a cost, but don’t worry. It’s a cost in the sense that you will also have something you might like to keep secret, so you will be less likely to tell others about our experience.”

“Don’t worry. I would never tell.”

“I know, dear, but it will make me feel better if we use the standard method.”

“Standard method?” he repeated dumbly.

“Yes, dear. Everyone who comes home with Jimmy for my special treat has to taste my pussy. Do you mind?”

“Taste your pussy?” Brad was still having a problem coping with all this new experience. He had heard about licking pussy and had very mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it seemed wrong to lick the place where a woman pissed, right next to her shit hole. On the other hand, he couldn’t wait to see a pussy up close and was willing to do almost anything to get there.

“Yeah, sure, if that’s what you want.”

“I do,” and she ran his cock back down her throat as Jimmy threw her dress over her back and allowed Brad to watch as he slid the entire length of his painfully distended prick up his mother’s snatch, inch by careful inch. He had fucked his mother a million times, but these initiations always excited him more than most because of the events that were to follow. After he had sunk his dick to the balls in his mother’s cunt, he began a long, slow, careful, in and out motion, watching Brad’s eyes bulge as his dick disappeared and reappeared in her steaming pussy.

Brad thought he had seen everything until Jimmy pulled the entire piece of meat out of his mother and stood beside her, grinning, his dick waving gently at the ceiling, dripping his mother’s juices onto the carpet. All at once, it dawned on him. She hadn’t said “lick my pussy.” She had said, “taste my pussy juice.”

“Oh, no!” he protested. “I’m no queer!”

“But, dear. Don’t you think it’s a little queer to have your cock sucked by your friend’s mother? Does your mother suck your cock for you?”

“No, but…”

“No buts, dear. The first blowjob was free. If you want any more, you’ll finish your initiation like a man. I hope you do because I can’t wait until you’re initiated so I can fuck you silly.”

What was a boy to do? He had always been told it was shameful to suck a dick, but like she said, it was also considered shameful to fuck your friend’s mother and he would truly do anything at the moment to keep her sucking it, or better yet, to slide it up her cunt as she was promising. He gave one more pleading look into her smiling eyes and glanced quickly one time at Jimmy standing there waving his dong and smiling. He closed his eyes firmly, swallowed quickly and took the head of Jimmy’s dong between his lips. At first he almost gagged. The idea was so taboo and the tastes and smells so foreign that he was afraid he was going to lose it.

Jim watched from the other room, where he had been fucking Barbi in the ass as they watched the scene unfold. He smiled when Brad closed his eyes, as expected. This was the cue for the next stage. He led Barbi quietly into the room, naked, as Brad began to accept the situation enough to start to get into it. Every time Sandra would swallow his prick, he would try to swallow Jimmy’s. From time to time, Jimmy would pull his dick out of Brad’s mouth and wipe the slimy goo across his face.

“Better keep your eyes closed, Brad. Pussy juice can sting.”

“Don’t worry. I can’t look anyway,” Brad replied.

He was theirs! Jim and Jimmy executed their well practiced drill, by switching places during one of the times when Jimmy pulled his dick out and wiped Brad’s face with it. Unknown to Brad, it was Jimmy’s prick on the outstroke, but Jim’s prick replaced it. Jimmy replaced his mother with his mouth swallowing as much as possible of Brad’s huge log. “Wow! The guy really was hung like a horse. Jimmy had seen him in the shower at school with his long pole swinging limply between his knees, but he had never seen it fully erected. It was all he could do to get his head over the mouth. He couldn’t wait to take it up his ass, but that would be later.

When the escort tuzla two men had Brad sandwiched between them, Sandra called him.

“Oh Brad!” she called from across the room.

“Wait a minute! If Mrs. Welch was across the room, who was sucking his prick?” He really didn’t want to know, but he opened his eyes anyhow. He could see a huge prick sticking out of his mouth, but Jimmy was between his legs, where Mrs. Welch had been. “If Jimmy is sucking my prick, then whose am I sucking?” It hit him in a flash. So did the flood of come.

Sandra had waited until Jim signaled her he was ready to blast off before she called Brad. As Brad opened his eyes, Jim began blasting hot, scalding rivers of come down Brad’s throat. The uniqueness and taboo nature of the situation caused Brad to go again, filling Jimmy’s throat with the sticky icky. While the camcorder rolled, Jim and Jimmy pulled out simultaneously, giving full view to the fact that the two pricks were gushing and that Brad was swallowing Mr. Welch’s come.

Brad was so stunned by everything that was happening to him, he simply couldn’t move. His body was totally paralyzed.

The Welch family, knowing exactly what to expect, swung into the next phase of the tried and true plan. Jim and Jimmy backed off and Jim took over as cameraman. Mrs. Welch pushed the immobilized Brad back on the couch and straddled his still spewing rod, as she had promised. As a completely unexpected treat, the hottest cheerleader in Horny High straddled his chest and buried his face in her swampy cunt. They knew that Brad, or any other horny teenager, was much less likely to complain about sucking dick when he had two sexy women fucking him at the same time.

Brad concluded that none of this could possibly be happening. Maybe, just maybe, his friend’s mother had sucked his dick, but he wasn’t entirely sure that was real, either. However, there was no way he had sucked Jimmy’s prick and absolutely no way he had sucked Jimmy’s father’s prick, and the idea that he was throwing the meat to one of the sexiest women who had ever lived was unthinkable. To top it all off, he had never seen any pussy in the flesh, before. Now his mind was trying to tell him that he actually had his tongue stuck as far as it would go into the cunt of the prettiest, sexiest, most popular girl in school. It was more than he could accept.

He looked over at Jimmy, to see what kind of reaction he was having to watching his friend fuck his mother and sister. “Oh, wow!” Jimmy was filming Brad, but he was leaning over the edge of the other couch while his father fucked him in the ass. Brad was no dummy. He knew what was coming next.

“You mean???”

“You got it! Roll over so you can slam that salami all the way up mom’s cunt, and spread your cheeks. Here comes the next phase in your education. I really don’t think you have too much to bitch about at the moment, do you? Besides, I haven’t had a chance to get my gun all afternoon and I’d like to fill your virgin asshole with some juice.”

Uh, oh! “Is it going to hurt?”

“Not if you relax and let me teach you how to take a prick. You’ll want to let me go first, anyhow. Dad’s prick is a little thicker than mine.”

“Oh well. I might as well go all the way. I really had no idea what ‘all the way’ was until now, but I’ve been blowing my nuts ever since I came in the door, so stick it to me.”

Brad got up and let the women rearrange themselves. During the changeover, all four Welch family members knelt on the floor in front of him and took turns trying to swallow his prick. Then Barbi arranged herself at the end of the couch, legs spread wide and tempting. This was the first time he had seen her whole body. The firm tits pointed toward the sky and his saliva still dripped from the pussy she was slowly stroking. Her mother laid down next, on her stomach and buried her face in her daughter’s cunt.

Brad wasn’t sure where he fit in.

“Mom likes it in the ass, too, Brad. You can help her suck Barbi’s cunt while you see how much of that log you call a prick she can take. As long as we’re going to be reaming your ass, it seems only fair for you to ream Mom’s. Let me grease her up for you, first, so she won’t bleed when you give her that horse cock.”

Jimmy knelt behind his mother and slipped three fingers into her slushy twat for grease, then used it to lubricate her asshole. Before starting to assfuck his mother, he took a few strokes in her cunt to grease his pole, then began to press the bulbous tip at her sphincter. Very slowly, it slid in until it was completely buried to the balls. He gave her a little time to adjust, then began stroking slowly then faster and faster until she was pushing back on it, trying to make him go deeper.

Brad felt a little funny while watching them rut. It was exciting, but there were many taboos being shattered here, not the least of which was a grown man he didn’t actually know sucking his dick while he watched the man’s wife, son and daughter fuck each other.

When Jimmy saw that his mother was ready for more meat, he lifted up high enough for Brad to scoot under him. “Do like I did, Brad. Fuck mom a little doggy style to grease up your prick before you stick it up her ass.”

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