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Teaching Study Skills Ch. 02: Tutor

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Blowing Dick

Mr. G was in his room after school grading papers when Maggie walked in. Mr. G didn’t look up from the paper he was on until she was standing next to him. She was an inch taller than him but since he was still sitting, he eyes had a far way to travel to meet her gaze. He took in all of her body as his eyes climbed. First he saw her long pale legs. Then her white short shorts that had a random pattern of blue flowers on it. Tucked into her shorts was a gray cotton short-sleeve shirt. It was pulled tight across her B-cup breasts. There was a wide neck-hole but it didn’t come low enough for him to see any cleavage but he could catch a glimpse of her pink bra strap. Next he looked at her curly black hair and then finally his eyes arrived at her soft blue eyes.

“Hey Maggie, what can I do for you?”

“Mr. G I need to massively study for the fall final.”

“Well it’s a good thing you’re here. You know where you want to start?”

Maggie sighed. “The thing is, I have practice all week. Even right now I need to go soon or I’m going to be late. Is there any chance I can come by after practice?”

Mr. G took a deep breath. “What time will you be back?”

“I don’t know, 5:30 maybe.”

“I’m sorry I can’t stay here that long.”

“I know, I was afraid of that. Is there any chance I can come by your house?”

Mr. G raised an eyebrow. “That wasn’t very productive last time.”

Maggie sighed. “I know, it’s just I’m running out of options. I know a college student that’s been tutoring me, but their semester ends earlier than ours so she’s gone back home for Christmas already.” Mr. G was silent. “Come on, I’ll use the front door this time,” she pleaded.

“Alright, I can’t say no to a student in need. You remember how to get there?”

“Yea, I got it.”

It was just after seven o’clock when she rang his doorbell. “Sorry I’m late, but I decided to grab dinner before heading over.”

“Yea that’s fine, come on in.”

Mr. G led her to a small round table in his kitchen where they both took a seat. “So there’s a lot of material we’ve covered. Do you know where you want to start?”

“I just don’t understand derivatives at all,” she answered.

“The derivative is a measure of how quickly an object is changing. Basically it’s a rate.” Maggie stared at him blankly so he added, “It’s like speed of an object only we’re not always talking about physical motion.” Maggie still looked utterly lost so he grabbed both of her hands, one in each of his. “Right now my hands are in two different places but neither is moving correct? That means they have different y-values, different locations, but they are both not moving so both have the same derivative value of zero.”

Mr. G dropped her right hand and held her left hand sandwiched between both hands. The hand on the bottom stayed still, not moving, while the hand on top of her hand rubbed it gently, constantly in a small circle. “Now both of my hands have the same position, but one is moving while the other is not. So they have the same y-value but different derivatives. The bottom hand has a zero derivative but the top hand has motion and therefore a non-zero derivative value.”

Mr. G now slowly slid his hand up her arm while the bottom hand still held her hand. “My hand is moving up so it has a positive derivative.” Once his hand reached her shoulder his hand changed direction and slowly slid back down to her fingertips. “Now my hand is moving down so it has a negative derivative. The sign of the derivative indicates direction. It’s just a way of being more specific and accurate about describing motion. So a derivative of 1 would mean my hand is slowly moving up and negative 1 would mean my hand is slowly moving down. A derivative of 18 would mean my hand was quickly moving up while negative 18 would mean my hand was quickly moving down.”

“You’re giving me goosebumps,” she said with a smile.

“Goosebumps because it’s crazy how much sense its making, right?”

She laughed. “I guess.”

“Now let’s talk the second derivative. The derivative describes how the position of my hand changes. The second derivative describes how the speed of my hand is changing. If I move my hand up your arm at a constant speed then the derivative isn’t changing and thus the second derivative is zero to indicate no change.”

“But now let’s say instead of putting my hand on your arm I had placed it on your knee,” Mr. G said as he moved his hand to her knee. “Now I move my hand up just like before so my hand has a positive derivative just like before. Only this time I realize reaching your shoulder and reaching the top of your leg have very different implications so now I slow my hand down as it’s moving up. My hand is moving up so its derivative is positive, but the speed is decreasing which means the second derivative is negative.”

His hand had made it three quarters of the way from her knee to her hip during the course of that spiel. Thanks to those short shorts she wore his hand touched bare skin the whole way up. Her skin was soft and smooth.

Maggie ataşehir escort bayan laughed. “You’re actually making sense.”

“Ok review time. While touching your leg just now, would you say my dick had a positive or negative derivative?

“Mr. G!”

“I’ve been inside you; I think we can be a little less formal. Plus, I think these examples will be a bit more memorable than the ones in class.”

“Well negative would mean it’s shrinking, so positive.”

“Exactly!” he exclaimed as he clapped his hands together.

“So what about the second derivative?”

“That’s a bit more complicated,” he replied. “I mean it started off stationary and then it increased so that means the derivative increased which makes a positive second derivative, initially at least. But then it’s not going to speed up forever so eventually the second derivative will have to be negative to slow the speed and stop the growth and its final length.”

“What? I didn’t get any of that.”

“Never mind. Ok next topic.” He placed his hand back on her knee. Sliding it up once more, he asked “So where is my hand approaching?” She looked down at his hands and then back at his eyes. “See this is a limit. The question is, where is my hand going? If there is a limit then that means my hand is approaching a very specific point.”

“I think I know where you want it to go,” she answered.

“Well that’s a limit. It doesn’t matter if my hand actually reaches the spot or not. All that matters is am I approaching that spot.”

“Alright, alright, alright,” she said once his fingertips hit the hem of her tiny shorts. “This is great and all, but you’re tests are usually more practical and less conceptual. I’m going to need some example problems to work on.”

He agreed and wrote out some example problems for her to complete. She worked on them, he checked them, went over the ones she got wrong and then wrote some more. He sat close to her with his knee touching hers, but he didn’t make any more overtly sexual moves. She left at 9:30 and he gave her a hug at the door.

She came over for two more hours on Thursday and another hour the night before the final. Neither of those two times got sexual either. She had learned her lesson from that first test when fucking him didn’t get her that A she wanted. And all that work paid off, because on December 26th she logged into her account and saw she got a 91% on his final.

The next morning Mr. G was still in bed when he heard the doorbell ring. He was dazed and unsure if he really heard anything. Then the doorbell rang a second time. He looked over at the clock and it said 8:15. He groaned and sat up in bed. The doorbell rang a third time while he slid on a pair of shorts. “Yea, yea I’m coming,” he said as he grabbed a shirt to put on.

He answered the door and shivered as a cold wind hit him. “Let me in I’m freezing,” Maggie said as she brushed past him.

Mr. G quickly closed the door once she was inside. “So Maggie, what’s up?”

Maggie dropped her backpack on the ground. She then held her hands up to her mouth and breathed hot air into them. Her bare fingers were red. “Little late, but I guess winter is finally here.” She wore a puffy black winter coat that went down to her knees. Below that he saw she was wearing red knee high socks and matching red stilettos. Maggie caught him staring at her feet. “It’s a good thing for me you keep your front walk well shoveled.”

“What do you have planned?” he asked while still staring at those shoes.

She opened up her coat and dropped it on the ground. Underneath she wore the tiniest satin skirt he’d ever seen. It was red with a white line at the bottom edge. His eyes took in her long creamy legs and flat stomach. His eyes paused on her tiny shallow belly button before moving up to her breasts. Her breasts were contained by a full coverage B-cup bra. It was red patterned with bright white snowflakes. “Merry Christmas,” she said softly.

He quickly approached her. His arms slid around her waist and caressed her back. Their lips met. He passionately shoved his tongue into her mouth. His tongue circled hers. His hand dropped to grab her ass. The satin skirt felt good. She lifted her leg to wrap it around him. Her hands pressed against his back, holding him close. His other hand moved to the center of her back. He felt her bra strap and undid it easily. Her bra didn’t move though since their bodies were pressed together so tightly.

She broke the kiss. She pulled her shoulders back from him. He looked down and saw that her bra was no longer snug against her skin. He leaned down and rubbed his face between her breasts. Her bra fell further as her elbows came down so she could grip the sides of his head. She ran her fingers through his thick hair.

Her leg dropped down to the ground. Then her head lowered as she lifted his head up. They shared a brief kiss and then her head continued to move down until she was on her knees. She lifted his shirt and kissed his belly. Then she lowered his shorts and boxers. His semi-hard escort kadıöy deck sprung out. She eagerly grabbed the base with one hand and guided the tip into her mouth. Her other hand reached down and rubbed the satin material covering her wet pussy.

His cock grew in her mouth. He reached down and ran his fingers through her curly black hair, massaging her scalp. He closed his eyes. His breaths deepened. Her tongue continued to work its magic. His muscles tightened and a moment later he was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed some, but most of it dribbled down her chin and onto her breast.

She stood up and walked past him him. He turned to watch her watched her ass as she walked down the hallway. That tiny skirt didn’t quite cover her whole ass so he could see the bottom curvature of her ass sticking out. He eagerly followed her down the hall and then up the stairs. He saw even more of her ass as he followed behind her on the stairs. As a bonus she was still wearing those red stilettos which made her calves flex, those long legs looked even longer, and that ass of hers just popped out, beckoning him to follow.

She led him to his bedroom. She knew exactly where it was from her first visit to his house back in the fall. She stopped at the foot of the bed. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He fondled her breasts that were lubricated his sperm. His hands glided against her smooth skin. She was nude from the waist up while he was nude from the waist down. His cock slid between her legs, filling the hole of her thigh gap. He rocked his hips, sliding his cock against her bare leg. She pressed her ass into him, and that satin material felt damn good.

She turned her head and whispered over her shoulder, “I’ll be right back. I have to freshen myself up real quick.” She grabbed her backpack off his bed and swung it over her shoulder as she walked towards the master bathroom. He hadn’t even noticed her bring the backpack upstairs; he was too focused on her ass which quickly grabbed his attention once again as she walked away from him.

He laid back on the bed, closed his eyes and grabbed his cock. He was so horny, but he didn’t want to cum without her. It was slow infrequent strokes; he just wanted to keep it hard while he waited.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed when she returned, but it was more than he had expected. He heard the door open and eagerly turned his head. The bright bathroom light was like an angelic glow behind her. She wore an orange lace push-up bra, but that’s not what caught his eye first. She was wearing these orange lace panties that were essentially a two-inch thick belt with a small triangle that wrapped around the front to cover her vagina. The entirety of her legs and hips were exposed.

She walked slowly towards him. Her footsteps made a perfect line beneath the center of her body. Her lovely hips swayed as she walked. Her right hand held an article of clothing that she tossed at him when she reached the bed. It landed near his head and he saw that it was her red satin panties. He grabbed them and shoved them into his face so he could take a deep long breath.

He sniffed the panties until he felt the bed shake. Turning his gaze back towards Maggie, he saw that she was now standing on the bed. From this perspective her long legs looked even longer. She put one foot on his chest, but didn’t shift any weight to it. He grabbed her ankle and pulled it towards his face while he lifted his head. He sucked on her toes and she giggled.

She moved her foot so that she stood over him with her feet on either side of his chest. Then she knelt down with her knees in his armpits and her ass resting on his chest.

His hands ran up and down her smooth thighs. And then they slid to the outside where they continued to rub up and down. He reached back to grab a firm hold of her bare ass. He squeezed hard and she squealed. Her ass lifted off his chest as he pulled her towards him. Her hands came out and she landed on her hands and knees with her pussy directly above him.

He looked up at that lace thong, squeezing her ass once more, he pulled her down on him. He felt smooth bare skin on his cheeks and the lace fabric on his face. Her aroma filled his nostrils. His tongue came out to lick the nearest part of her. At first his tongue slid along her lace panties, but it soon found the edge and touched skin. He sucked on her skin until he was confident that she’d have a hickey there.

Still holding onto her ass, he rolled her over onto her back. His hands grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them off of her. Diving back in his tongue eagerly ate her shaved pussy. She moaned loudly. Her arms were locked, outstretched away from each other. She arched her back. His hands were still on her ass and he squeezed, lifting her up just a half inch off the bed. Her knees were up in the air with her feet planted firmly on the bed, but then her calves flexed and her feet lifted up onto their toes. She moaned louder and louder until she collapsed on the maltepe escort bed with all of her muscles relaxed.

His mouth moved up, kissing her shallow belly button and then moving up to her bra. He briefly buried his face in her cleavage, doing a small motorboat. He then lifted himself higher so that their privates aligned. He poked her pussy with the tip of his cock. She started to say something, but the words never made it out. Instead she moaned loudly as he entered her wet pussy. He vigorously pounded her pussy until he came deep inside of her.

He laid next to her on the bed and closed his eyes. “Don’t go to sleep,” she said to him.

“Just give me one hour and then I’ll be good to go again,” he said without opening his eyes.

“I’m going to take my morning shower. I need you to wash my back before you go to sleep.”

He opened his eyes at that comment. He watched her roll of the bed and walk away from him wearing only that orange bra. She closed the bathroom door behind her and a couple minutes later he heard the shower turn on. He rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling. He took three deep breaths before sitting up and stumbling out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and did a quick headshake before heading towards the bathroom.

He first looked at the empty two-person bathtub and then turned his gaze to the closed shower stall. He took a step towards the shower, but paused when he kicked her backpack. It didn’t hurt, just unexpected. He looked down and noticed all the clothes spread around on the floor around him. Her red stilettos, red skirt, and orange push up bra were all thrown about the floor. The backpack in the center of the floor was unzipped but the flap was folded in on itself so he couldn’t see inside. He pulled it back and saw a wide assortment of clothes in all colors all packed tightly in there.

He pulled off his shirt and added it to the general assortment of clothes collecting on the ground. He pulled back the curtain and found to his surprise that she wasn’t nude. Instead she wore a bright yellow bikini. “Man you have today all planned out,” he said.

She smiled at him as his eyes took in the sight. Water was running down her creamy white skin. The top of her bikini was like a tube top with ruffles on it. The bottoms had three thin strings connecting the front and back on either side.

He stepped into the large shower. The water was hotter than he liked, but it wasn’t that uncomfortable. At this point he was ready to agree to any way she wanted it. His hands glided over her wet hips. She handed him a soap bottle that she must have brought with her because he didn’t recognize it. “Do you mind soaping me up?” she asked.

He poured the liquid soap in his hands and then rubbed those hands all over her back. He massaged her shoulders, kneaded it into her back, and rubbed her sides. Every inch of her back was thoroughly covered. And then he lowered her bikini bottoms to expose her ass.

He poured a large glob of soap onto his hand and then slapped it onto her ass. His hands moved in circular motions as they rubbed soap all over her hips and ass. And then with his hand covered in soap, he slid his hand into her crack. There were so many soap suds that he could barely see his hand. It continued to feel its way, moving up and down but each time it traveled down further than up. It wasn’t long until his hand was underneath her, between her legs and rubbing her pussy. She moaned and pushed her ass out towards him.

The water spray hit her ass now and he watched the suds wash away. They traveled down her creamy long legs. His hands followed his gaze and began to rub her legs. His hands randomly rubbed up and down the inside and back of her upper leg, but after hitting her bikini bottoms a few times he decided it was time for them to go.

He pulled her bikini bottoms all the way down to her feet and she stepped out of them. Then he grabbed more soap and after rubbing it between his hands, he knelt down to grab her left foot. He massaged the sole, pushing his thumbs into the arch of her foot. When he moved to the other foot, he slid his fingers between her toes. She giggled and pulled her foot away. He spent a couple minutes sliding his hands over her smooth calves. After that area he gave her knees and shins a quick rub before getting more soap.

He placed his hands on the back of her knees. His hands moved in slow circles as they worked their way up the back of her leg. He took the time to feel up her ass once more when his hands got to the top of her legs. Then he got more soap and placed his hands on the outside of her knees. Once again his hands moved in slow circles as they worked their way up her smooth legs. Once he reached her hip bones it was time for more soap and this time his hands were on the inside of her leg.

He didn’t rub her pussy when his hands finished working their way up the inside of her leg. Instead he turned her around to work her front. His hands started at her knees and rubbed up her thighs. His hands kept working their way up her leg and onto her flat stomach. His hands continued on their way, grabbing at her breasts. He pulled strapless bikini top down to expose her creamy white B-cup breasts. He eagerly squeezed her tits as he pushed his hips towards her. The tip of his cock rubbed against her pussy.

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