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Teacher’s Pet Pt. 03

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I had been out of town for two weeks and was anxious to see Judy and continue our sessions. But first, I had to see my girlfriend Sue. We had been dating for about three months and she had turned into a pretty reliable fuck, even though we both did not really know what we were doing. We had a pretty good session when I got back with me using some of the things Judy had taught me about going slow and enjoying. In about two years Sue and I would get married, but that is a completely different set of stories.

Sue was leaving on a two week family vacation. This would give me a chance to see Judy. I gave Judy a call on Saturday morning after Sue had left.

“It is good to hear from you, glad you are back.”

“I am glad to be back. Can I see you today?”

“There is a pool party here today, but probably not a good idea if you come to that.”

“That’s too bad, I was hoping to see you.”

Judy was silent for a minute. I could hear music in the background and waited for her to say something.

“What are you doing later today?”, she finally asked.

“I had not made any plans, depending on what you had going on.”

“Can you come by at 4? The Party usually winds down about then and then picks back up later.”

“That works for me. See you at 4.”

“Just come to the apartment, don’t go to the pool again. There are a couple of other teachers from school who live here.”

“Ok, I will try to stay out of sight.”

“See you then.”

I spent the day thinking about what might be in store. Kept me in a pretty constant state of arousal as I thought about getting to fuck Judy again and the lessons I might learn.

Pulling into her apartment complex a little after 4 I parked on the side away from the pool. With my dark sunglasses and baseball cap pulled down I hoped I could go unrecognized if someone saw me. Arriving at her apartment I knocked on the door. It was opened by a hot blonde in a red bikini and wrap around cover-up.

“You must be Dave, Judy said you would be here around 4. I’m Sharon, come in.”

“Nice to meet you, is Judy here?”, I asked as I stepped inside and closed the door.

“She went on a beer run for the party. Should be back shortly. There are some beers in the frig if you want one. I understand you know where everything is,” she said with a grin and a wink.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer, “Thanks,”

“Make yourself at home, she should be back shortly. I am going out tonight so I am hopping in the shower to clean up.”

Sharon made her way to her bedroom and looking back at me she smiled and closed her door. My mind was racing. Sharon was really hot looking, about 5’4″, long blonde hair, blue eyes, petite with nice looking tits and legs. I wonder if I could fuck her too? Maybe one of those threesomes I had heard about.

Sitting there drinking a beer and thinking about it made my cock twitch. I finished my beer pretty quickly and retrieved another from the kitchen. Sitting back on the couch listening to music I started to rub my cock through my shorts thinking about Sharon in the shower.

The door to Sharon’s room opened suddenly causing me to pull my hand from my cock. Sharon came out of her room with her wet hair hanging down on her bare shoulders and a towel wrapped around her barely covering her pussy. She smiled as she stepped into the kitchen and moved out of sight. She rumbled around in the kitchen for a minute and reappeared with a glass of wine in her hand.

She stopped at the end of the bar that separated the kitchen and the living room. I could only see the top half of her body and the towel covering her tits.

“I thought she would be back by now.”

“I’m good, got a beer and listening to some music.”

“Ok, make yourself at home,” she said as she turned and walked to her room. As she walked through the door, she let the towel unwrap from her body flashing her ass as she slowly closed the door behind her.

I was really confused and horny. Did she want me to follow her in there? If I did would Judy be mad at me when she caught us? I decided to stay put, no use risking my opportunity with Judy, but I would like to see more of Sharon.

Judy arrived about ten minutes later. She had a case of beer with her and was balancing a couple of wine bottles and a bottle of scotch on top of it. I jumped up and grabbed the bottles while she put the beer in the refrigerator. Judy was wearing a full cover-up over her bikini. Turning from the refrigerator she moved close to me and kissed me, pressing her body against me. Holding my head in her hands, her tongue probed my mouth as she ground her pelvis against me.

Breaking the kiss, she stepped back and looked into my eyes, ” I am really glad you made it.”

“Me too, been thinking about you a lot,” I said.

“I can tell,” as she squeezed my hardening cock through my shorts.

She turned back to the refrigerator. Pulling a bottle of wine out she turned and asked, ” Do you want another beer?”

“I would like some of that scotch you brought in.”

“Help yourself.”

We ataşehir escort bayan each made our drinks and moved to the living room sitting on the couch, our legs touching. Her skin felt so soft and warm.

“Sharon still here?, she asked.

“Yes, said she had a date. Went in a while ago to take a shower and get ready.”

Judy smiled, “She come out to get a drink after she got out of the shower?”


“Did she have any clothes on?”, she said chuckling.

“Just a towel and it did not cover much. In fact, it fell off as she went back into her room. She has a very nice ass,” I said.

Judy was laughing pretty hard now, “Nice of her to cover up for you. She does not always do that. We are both pretty open around each other, but she likes to a little show for others sometimes.”

“Well I appreciated the show.”

“Would you fuck her?”

I hesitated. Thought I might be in dangerous territory here. Looking at Judy I said, “Yes, but I came here to be with you not her.”

Judy placed her hand on my thigh,”It’s okay, it is not a test. If I was a guy I would fuck her.”

She gently rubbed my thigh as she leaned over to kiss me again, her tongue probing her mouth. Her hand slid up the leg of my shorts and she grabbed my hardening cock. She massaged me while I reached over and slid my hand inside her cover-up and bikini top. Her tit felt warm to the touch and her nipple hardened as I pinched and fondled it.

Breaking away from the kiss, Judy removed her cover-up. She reached down and pulled my shorts down far enough to expose my now hard cock. I reached behind her untying the top of her bikini and it fell into her lap. Grasping my cock she began to slowly stroke it. I pulled her up so I could start to suck on her tits as she stroked me.

She reached around with her other hand to hold my head and press me against her tit. “Suck it, roll your tongue on it,” she said while continuing to slowly stroke my cock.

I did as she instructed and she moaned her appreciation. Lost in the feeling and with the music playing in the room, I did not hear Sharon’s door open. She startled me when she cleared her throat and I pulled away from Judy’s tits.

“You were right, he has a nice cock. Not sure if I will be back tonight, you kids have fun,” she chuckled.

I did not know what to do. One sexy woman was half-naked next to me holding my cock. Another sexy woman in a very short dress and high heels was looking at my cock. Do I try to cover up or just sit there?

Holding my cock up, Judy smiled at her. Then she bent down and kissed the tip of it. Looking up at Sharon she said, “It’s tasty too.”

Sharon took a couple of steps towards us, smiling at Judy.

Judy nodded her head and Sharon moved in front of us. My cock was as stiff as it could be now and precum dribbled from the tip.

Sharon bent down giving me a great view of her braless tits and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. Swirled her tongue around the tip and then stood back up.

“You are right, tasty too.” She turned to the door, looked back at us smiling and left.

Judy released my cock and proceeded to pull my shorts all the way off. She untied my shoes and took them off while I removed my shirt. I was now naked on her couch.

Judy stood in front of me with just her bikini bottoms on.

“She is so horny right now that she will fuck or suck, or both, the first cock she meets tonight. I bet her panties are soaked and she winds up losing them somewhere tonight. Probably sitting in her car masturbating right now. You are the one who made her all fired up like that.”

I just smiled and blushed at Judy, my hard cock bobbing in my lap. “I wanted to touch her.”

“I know, but I just wanted to tease her and I think it clearly worked. But it got me all hot and wet too,” she said.

Judy reached to the sides of her bikini bottoms and untied them letting it fall to the floor. She took her fingers and rubbed her pussy with it. Removing her fingers, she put them in my mouth. I could taste her pussy juices on her fingers.

“Lay down on the couch.”

I laid back on the couch, my cock standing almost straight up. Judy got up on the couch straddling my head. She slowly lowered her pussy to my mouth and I began to kiss, lick and suck it, moving all around her pussy like she had showed me before. Her pussy was completely soaked. Soon she was rubbing her pussy on my tongue and nose while squeezing her tits.

She was really worked up, her pussy was leaking all over my face and running down the sides of my head. Suddenly she stopped and pressing down on my head she began to shake, her breath quick and shallow. My tongue darted in and out of her pussy. More of her juices flowed over me as she came and I tried to lap them up with my tongue.

As she quit shaking, she raised her pussy from my face giving me a chance to breath again. Moving her legs back she slid her pussy down my body leaving a trail of juices on me. She stopped at my cock and reaching back to she lined me up with her pussy escort kadıöy and in one push took me all the way in her with a gasp. Leaning down she began to kiss and lick her juices off of my face. I could still feel twitches from her pussy around my cock as she just sat there impaled on it.

Looking into my eyes she said, “I bet you are ready to explode. I need you to cum in me.”

She was right, I was ready and began to thrust into her tight, hot, wet pussy.

Grabbing her hips I pounded into her as hard as I could. My cock was throbbing, I needed to cum. Judy was riding me as hard as she could now, ramming me as deep into her as I could go with every stroke. Finally my cum burst from my cock as I pushed as far into her as I could and she sat up to take me deeper. I felt like I had not cum in days and filled her to the brim.

She laid back down on me, her head on my shoulder. My softening cock slowly slid out of her cum filled pussy. I could feel the hot cum running over my cock and onto my balls as I held Judy in my arms. She seemed just content to lay there for a while.

Raising her head up she said, “I need to taste us.”

She untangled herself from me and slid down my body. Reaching my cock that was covered in her juices and my cum, she began to lick me clean.

“You ever taste your cum?”, she asked looking at me and smiling.

I looked away blushing. I had tasted it a couple of times when I jacked off, but did I want to admit it? Would she think I was gay? She was still looking at me waiting for an answer. I slowly nodded my head yes.

“It’s okay. Lots of guys do it. Eating your own cum does not make you gay or bi-sexual. If you want to play with other guys, there is nothing wrong with it.

I nodded in agreement, but the world in the 1970’s did not give me the exposure to this area of sexuality that adventures later in my life would.

Judy looked down at my cock and licked at the cum that had leaked onto me. I could see the cum on her tongue as she moved up my body. She was going to feed me my cum. Judy must have sensed I was tensing up. Her tongue touched my lips and I opened my mouth to kiss her as the cum slid from her tongue into my mouth. It tasted a little salty and was slimy as i remembered.

“See, that’s not bad is it? I eat it all the time. It’s only fair that you would eat it if you expect me too.”

“That sounds fair, I just need to get use to it.”

“We can work on it,” she said.

Judy suddenly looked up at me, “I’m hungry. Let’s go get something.”

“Me too. Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s grab a burger at Kellers.”

“That works.”

Judy got off the couch gathering her clothes and heading into her bedroom. I pulled my clothes on and headed to her bedroom to piss. Walking through I saw Judy pulling a short skirt up over her ass – she was not wearing any panties. When I came out of the bathroom Judy was finishing tying her halter top into place.

“You look very comfortable,” I said.

“I am and it is hot outside.”

She pulled her hair back in a ponytail, slipped on a baseball cap, grabbed a purse and sunglasses and headed for the door. I followed grabbing my hat and sunglasses. Walking behind, I watched her ass move, knowing that she did not have any panties on. My cock was stirring at the thought of her being exposed under her skirt.

Looking back she asked, “Where is your car?”

“On the backside,” I said pointing.

“Good, let’s take your car.”

Getting into my car, a big four door Chevy, she slid over in the front seat to sit next to me. As we drove to the diner, she slowly rubbed my leg just below my shorts, occasionally running her hands up my shorts to tickle my balls. By the time we got to Kellers, my cock was straining in my shorts again.

Kellers is a dive, drive in, food delivered to your car kind of place who was not concerned about liquor laws. The carhop, Brenda on her name tag, came out to take our order. She leaned in my window with her tits filling the space. She could see Judy’s hand up my shorts and when I looked over at her I could see her skirt had ridden up and her pussy was partially exposed.

“What can I get you?”, she said as she stared into the car.

We both ordered burgers and a six pack of beer and she left to get our order. I reached down to feel Judy’s pussy. She was soaking wet again with her juices covering the seat under her. It was also still sticky with cum, we had not cleaned up before we left. Judy moaned as I slid my finger over her pussy and jumped as i grazed over her clit.

“I am so fucking horny today,” she said pulling her hand from my shorts and placing it over my hand.

“Follow my motions,” she said as she began to guide my hand around her pussy, teasing her clit and opening her up with my fingers. Judy was pushing against my fingers as they moved around her pussy and clit.

I heard a noise next to me and looked up to see Brenda’s tits sticking in the window with our beer in her hand. She handed me the beer and I put it on the dashboard. maltepe escort Brenda stood there and stared at Judy working her pussy with my hand.

“That is so fucking hot,” Brenda said.

Judy had not even looked up, her eyes were closed and she was totally focused on her pleasure. Her breath was becoming ragged and her grip on my hand was threatening to break my fingers. Suddenly she gasped, her body tensed and she shoved three of my fingers into her pussy. Her head rolled back on the top of the seat as the orgasm rolled over her. Slowly her body relaxed and she released my fingers from her pussy. Judy opened her eyes, looked at me and saw Brenda standing there. Brenda’s hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

“Holy shit, that was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen.”

Judy just smiled at her, the orgasm has wiped her out. I pulled my fingers from her and brought them to my mouth licking her juices from them. From the corner of my eye I could see Brenda shudder slightly and then turn and walk away.

Judy grabbed a beer and almost downed it in one gulp.

“Thank you, I cannot believe how horny I am today. Did you feel how to move around my pussy and push on my clit?”

“Yes, it was amazing doing that to you with just my fingers and I think you might have made Brenda cum a little too.”

Judy chuckled, “I did not realize she was standing there, but it makes it all the more exciting. Maybe we can give her a little show when she comes back.”

“Not sure anything will be as hot as that was.”

She just smiled and ran her hand down the front of my shorts grabbing my cock and squeezing it. I was still hard from her show. Judy leaned against me slowly massaging my cock and looking out the window. Soon she saw Brenda carrying a tray towards us.

“Raise your ass up,” she said as she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my knees, my cock poking up. As Brenda neared the car Judy began to slowly stroke me. Brenda got to the car and attached tray to the door. As she looked in she could see Judy stroking my cock. Seeing my cock out made her glance around making sure no one was nearby.

Judy was looking right at Brenda when she lowered her head to my lap and swallowed my entire cock in one swift move. I heard Brenda inhale and mutter damn under her breath. Judy was bobbing up and down on my cock with her mouth only. After a minute of some of the best oral sex ever she sat up and looked at Brenda.

“You like that?”

Brenda looked at my cock and stammered, “Yes.”

“Then go home and fuck your boy friend senseless or the first cock you can find.”

She just nodded and walked away. Judy reached across me grabbing a burger and fries and began to eat.

“Pull your shorts up and eat, I was teasing both of you.”

I looked at her, she smiled and I pulled my shorts up over my now aching cock.

“Don’t worry, I not done with this yet,” she said patting my cock through my shorts.

We ate and drank pretty much in silence. I was kinda stunned, Judy showing my cock off to Sharon and Brenda, fingering herself in the front seat of my car and deep throating me in front of Brenda. It was a little overwhelming, but I really wanted to learn more from her and was willing to try about anything she wanted to do.

We finished up eating and were leaving. Looking at Judy I said, “Where to?”

“Turn left, go over to White Rock Lake.”

The sun had set by the time we got to the lake. I parked in one of the lots overlooking the water as twilight settled in. Judy and I sat looking at the water sipping our last beers.

I was thinking about Judy’s earlier comments about her and Sharon being very open and about guys tasting cum. Looking over at her I asked, “You ever have sex with another woman?”

She looked at me with a little grin. “No never had sex, but did kiss, fondle and cuddle naked with a roommate in college.”

“How about with Sharon?”

“We have kissed, slept naked together and played with each other tits. We are also around each other naked quite a bit, but have never gone all the way.”

“Do you tease each other like you did with Sharon today?”

“No, that was a first. While she teases guys that come over to see me, like she did today with you, we have never done anything sexual like we did with you. And I never did anything in public like i did with you at dinner tonight.”

“Finger fucking you in front of Brenda was so exciting. I almost came in my shorts when you came.”

Judy put her head on my shoulder. She was quiet for a moment. “It really turned me on when she came out of her room with your cock out, me topless stroking your cock and then kissing it in front of her. Then she leaned in and kissed it almost made me cum right there. That’s why I had to get off so fast when she left.”

“You knew we would get caught.”

“Yeah I think I wanted her to catch us.”

I hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

She looked up at me. “I have never done anything like I did at Kellers and never gone out like this without panties. Hell, I am barely dressed right now. And I am fucking a recently graduated student of mine. It is so exciting to be out like this, my pussy is so turned on. I think I like being exposed, the chance of getting caught, of having someone watch me get fucked.”

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