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Taking the Edge Off Ch. 03

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This is the intended finale to the miniseries; what the readers and commenters were waiting for. Breaking the next taboo with his mom, both Michael and Karen really need to take that edge off. Yeah I think I’m gonna come back to these two sometime soon!



Karen’s sweet cries played over, spinning on a loop in his mind. It was still strange to fathom that here she was, his own mother, lying purring in her sleep beside him; and in all her glory. The air was warm, humid, filled with the scent of sex and burnt ozone.

His mother! His lover! Post-sex and with that the best sex of his life to date. Michael’s spent cock still throbbed and twitched, sticky with the drying lubrication of her arousal and then his own seed. And as he lay there he fought the urge to wake her up to go again.

Karen hadn’t in fact sated his lust. She had awoken it and it was a monster in its own right. If Michael wasn’t recovering at that moment then he might not have been able to control himself at all. As far as too far had already gone, he didn’t want to push her where she couldn’t go; to become a beast that his mother could neither physically nor emotionally cope with.

Their cooling skin stuck together, a tangle of tired torsos and aching limbs – it was a good ache, it was a wonderful ache and Michael still felt gratified like he never thought possible despite the sense that he might never be satiable again.

And never in his young years did he know a woman was capable of such confident passion. Neither could he have guessed while lost in the heat of his feverish fantasies.

The early afternoon sun streamed through the bedroom windows and lit the world behind his eyelids a dazzling red. And he pretended to be asleep – breathed low and even – just to be alone with his thoughts, trying to piece the future together. It was difficult enough to try to form a coherent thought.

What did this mean? What would it bring? Was this the end of normality and the beginning of something they would have to hide? Would Karen want to hide? If they didn’t, what would happen?

What kind of shame?

Of course there was no going back now, not to the way things were before. Part of him didn’t care. Part of him was glad. All of him – every atom, every nerve and every inch – was in love with her hopelessly and that feeling had only deepened and intensified when…

‘I need a shower, I’m absolutely rotten,’ she suddenly said aloud, and then stretched until something popped. A sharp intake of air, cut short and then blown out with a sigh of satisfaction, Karen rolled over and looked at her son with sleepy eyes of adoration. ‘You awake?’

Nothing! Michael seemed to be out cold. Well, Karen knew better. Grinning mischievously she stealthily ran one fingertip down the centre of his chest and then diverted to scrape across an erect nipple.

Instantaneously, Michael leapt out of his sleeping prince coma and exploded with laughter.

‘Okay, okay, I’m awake!’

‘We have to get back down to earth, honey,’ Karen said. ‘Got any plans for today?’ She got up and started looking around for her clothes. Her vest still lay hung from the back of the bed. God knew where her undies were. Michael didn’t seem to mind watching her searching back and forth in the nude.

‘I don’t know. I kinda just want to avoid people at the moment. You remember what I said about all the crap I’ve been dealing with,’ Michael grumbled. ‘I’ll just clean up and see what’s what.’

She flashed him a sympathetic smile, pulled on her lost and found panties and then paused for thought, biting her lip. It seemed sensual to him, not surprisingly. ‘I’ll leave you some money in the kitchen then. Get out and about on your own for a few hours. It’ll be good to clear your head…’

‘Maybe,’ Michael supposed. And then she was mounting the bed and climbing up beside his feet, coming for him, breasts swaying freely. He rose to the occasion, which didn’t go unnoticed, but she bypassed his sudden arousal to retrieve the one garment of clothing hung up behind Michael’s head.

‘We’ll do a movie night or something,’ Karen coaxed. Her words of encouragement brought out another smile as their eyes flirted briefly. Then his brazen hands were cupping her endowed chest before taking hold of her sides.

‘Or something?’

To that she offered him a blinking sideways glance. Was it a maybe?

‘I’ll drop you a message later,’ she said taking his hands away. Then she grabbed her vest and ran for the bathroom, locking the door.


“What’s going on with you?”

That seemed to be the question of the day and not just for Karen who had met her friends at Prego for late lunch and a glass of wine. While Karen was phasing in and out of the conversation – and sometimes reality for that matter – Michael had somehow hooked up with two of his friends, Chris and Joey, to hit the town and meander around the stores.

“What do you mean?” did the job for Michael. Chris and Joey were well aware of bursa escort the shit he was being put through with the ex, now laughably renamed Princess Shitpoke for all intents and purposes.

The same did not apply to Karen, whose friends were all women, and because women knew better it wasn’t long before they were asking “who kept you up all night?” and “what’s his name?” and “How old is he and where can we get one?”

Karen didn’t know what was up with her. She couldn’t concentrate. She was having a good time. The food was decent and when she and the girls got together there was never a dull moment. But as soon as those mini-interrogations were over, her eyes were glazing over and she was coming up blank.

Meanwhile over comic books, fries and cokes at the precinct food court, it seemed that everybody but Michael was up in arms about their mutual so-called friend Paul fucking around with the princess behind his back.

‘Two birds one stone, I don’t give a fuck,’ Michael reacted nonchalantly. Life was good. What did he care?

‘I’m surprised you haven’t caved his fucking head in. Bro code, man,’ Chris cried out. ‘It stands for something. You just don’t fuck with a bro’s life because you don’t have what he’s got.’

‘He’s no bro of mine. I’m glad they got together. They deserve each other. And the shit that’ll happen when history repeats itself? I can’t wait to see them ruin each other. I’ve got all the patience in the world for that, whenever it happens.’

‘But “what is going on with you?”‘ Joey begged. ‘This isn’t like you. I don’t like it. You’re too calm all of a sudden. It’s like you wanted this or, I don’t know, you-

Michael flipped shut his comic book and turned to stare at the both of them. They couldn’t get their heads around it. ‘If there’s a problem, it’s people expecting shit of me that they’re just not going to get, like how I’m supposed to act. I’m not obliged to give a fuck. Are you?’

‘No, but we care because you’re our friend, brother,’ Chris piped up. ‘That’s all. Are you truly alright with all this shit?’

Michael stifled a heavy breath but gradually let it slip. ‘No! Of course not! That bitch nearly cost me my relationship with my mom. Relationships should never come between family, am I right?’

They nodded agreeably, seeing clear sense in what Michael said on the matter. And then, ‘now that it’s over and I’ve patched things up, I’ve got all I need and want right now.’

‘That’s cool,’ Chris nodded in agreement. So did Joey, then, ‘your mom is a total MILF.’

‘Dude,’ Chris intervened before Michael could say anything, though he wasn’t counting on having to. ‘Inappropriate?’

Joey shot Michael a look of calm. ‘No, it’s totally appropriate. Is his mom not a MILF?’

‘To be fair, Michael, your mom is smoking fucking hot,’ Chris chimed in.

‘You wish, dirtbags!’

‘Oh we so do wish,’ Joey harped, turning the page. ‘We so-so wish!’


‘So how is all that business with Michael?’ June piped up. They’d been talking about their kids over dessert, which was already hard enough to swallow after the size of the main servings. Karen felt a flutter in her abdomen when she heard his name.

‘Michael’s back at home now!’ Karen fixed her eyes on the tiramisu presented before her, afraid to give anything away. ‘I saw it coming. He went off with that girl so fast and rebounded. She was no good for him. Now she’s with one of his so-called best friends she’d been fucking behind his back. Slut!’

The table fell silent around her. Gasps just about audible, she saw June and Cheryl lift their hands to cover their mouths. Then it was Hilary who began to laugh with that demonic cackle of hers. ‘Say it like you see it, sista!’

‘He is such a sweet boy,’ Cheryl said genuinely and looking for affirmation.

‘Yeah well sweet boys always get treated like shit,’ Hilary responded, refusing to be shushed. ‘Silly young girls want bad boys who have no idea how to treat them.’

‘Oh so sluts want to be treated like shit?’ Karen asked, not offensively. ‘That’s good to know, because she’s got it coming to her.’

‘I know what Michael wants,’ Hilary reacted, and June gave her a stern look. Was she really looking for a reaction? Karen didn’t seem to care. ‘Michael wants an older woman; someone who’ll appreciate his qualities. Someone who’ll be impatient enough to be unconditionally honest at the least…’

‘I think right now Michael just wants to get through his education so that either way he doesn’t end up settling for less,’ Karen corrected before getting up. And by the looks on their faces they all seem to have thought that Hilary had pushed her big red button.

‘I’m just going to see what he’s up to and go to the bathroom. This wine is going through me like crazy.’

And it wasn’t all that was going through her, or making her crazy. Karen took a moment outside to message Michael – “call out for pizza later?” – and then proceeded to lock herself in one of the bathroom cubicles before hitching bursa escort bayan up her skirt, pulling her panties aside and furiously masturbating herself into a frenzy.


Michael made his way home early evening, walking slow in the hopes of offsetting the sudden sense of anxiety that seemed to grow and grow the closer he got. He wondered why. With all the other shit going on in his life, it was dawning on him that maybe he had taken too much on himself. And with that there was nobody else he could talk to about his mother.

He loved her dearly, deeply, meaningfully. He loved her intensely and now not just as his mother but beyond the surface. And he had reached inside her and exploded with emotion the way that family were forbidden to.

What did she think of him now? Did she feel the same or was it just lust beneath the mother’s instinct for unconditional love? If he spoke to her in the manner that he truly needed to, and in part thanks to the hormones of his youth, would she see through it? Would she reject it?

By the time he was at the front door, his hands were trembling so much that he couldn’t steady the keys enough to penetrate the keyhole and turn the lock to get in. He was so lightheaded that all he wanted was to lie down.

It was almost eight o’clock. When he stepped inside and closed the door behind him, he didn’t call out but listened. Nobody was home or so he thought. No TV on in the living room or radio in the kitchen. Michael quietly scanned the downstairs rooms only to find each one empty.

Climbing the stairs he wanted to go to the bathroom to take another shower, but he needed to go get fresh clothes from his room. It was on the way there, past his mother’s room, that he heard the faintest buzz.

He came to a dead halt, cocking his ear to the half-open door, and almost at once he knew what it was. Through the crack of the door at the hinges he could see enough to affirm his suspicions, and especially the picture of his mother’s hand straining driving the pink dildo vibrator jerkily as it disappeared between her thighs. His mouth suddenly drier than cotton, he licked his lips to no avail but chose to back away and retire to his room. She needed her alone time, so he told himself.

Fifteen minutes later she followed him, wearing an oversized plain white t-shirt which cut off just above the knee and left a bronzed shoulder bare.

‘And when did you come in?’

‘Shortly,’ Michael answered, lying down with a forearm covering his eyes. ‘Sorry I’m late. I bumped into a few friends. You can get that pizza if you like but I’m not hungry. I’m just gonna shower and get some sleep.’

‘What’s the matter, honey,’ Karen approached carefully. ‘Are you upset?’

‘I don’t know, mom, but if I am then I’m not upset with you,’ he said truthfully. ‘I think honestly I’m just exhausted. Why do emotions feel so…

What was the word?


What could Karen say to that? She did wonder what he meant. Or more to the point if he meant what she thought he meant. ‘It’s something that wears off over time, especially the more you feel. But it was an intense day for me too,’ she said. ‘Go get your shower. I’ll order a pizza anyway. If you’re hungry later it’ll be there.’

‘Okay,’ Michael said with a nod and then removed his arms so that he could dare to look at her. ‘Are you okay? How did your day go?’

Karen was at a loss for words, wondering now if Michael had heard her on the way in. She could get pretty wet and loud but she’d always been careful to make sure she was alone. She wasn’t lazy in any respect. Slowly she looked to her feet and twisted her expression around.

‘I… found it a little hard to adjust back to the usual routine. I think I caught myself off guard… trying to… think normally.’

‘What’s normal?’

‘Amen to that, babe!’


‘We’ll get over it. We have to,’ he’d said. Karen hadn’t expected those words. She dreaded to think what they meant. Was this destined to end as soon as it had happened? Did he really mean it that way? She had too much thinking to do and yet, like a gateway drug, thinking led to touching, again.

Michael had showered and gone to bed. Then at 11pm he’d ventured down to the kitchen to find her there, with a slice of pizza and a glass of red. She was reading a book and stopped to concern herself with how he felt, unable to tell if he was exhausted or ill.

Michael ha himself a slice and then dug into another, putting her worry at ease. ‘Any time you want to talk, and nothing’s off limits,’ she said after he kissed her on the cheek, briefly holding her, and then retired back to his room.

And once again he couldn’t sleep and neither could she. Her heart raced like that of a scared rabbit as she wrestled with her thoughts and feelings.

Meanwhile Michael was getting to grips with more than just his feelings. In the dark only the faint glow of streetlight guided his hand to his rock solid erection as he thought about being buried escort bursa all eight inches deep inside her and kissing the womb he’d once come from.

And he couldn’t stop. He was so unbelievably hard, stirring with lust for her again and daring himself to do something about it. Through the walls he heard he cough as Karen cleared her throat, still up late reading that same romance novel.

Michael reached over to the bedside table and switched on the light and there it was in all its thick veined glory, standing proud to attention.

He reached for his phone, swiped up the menu screen to the camera function and spat into his one free hand then bathed his raging cock until it was glistening wet and slippery. Then he took the picture and continued to slowly masturbate himself.

To Michael’s surprise, a text came through. And it was his mom…

‘What is there to take pictures of in your bedroom at this hour, hmm?’

‘How did you know?’ Michael typed and pressed send.

‘I heard the camera snap sound,’ was the eventual reply. ‘What are you doing? Can’t sleep?’

‘Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!’ his mind raced. His heart now jackhammered. Michael pulled up the photo and attached it to his text, then wrote, ‘I couldn’t stop thinking of you…’

Karen’s jaw dropped. And from the other room Michael could tell that so did the hefty paperback book as it hit the floor with a soft thud. ‘Sweet fucking Christ,’ she said to her empty room and immediately her hand went between her legs again to plug the dam. And with her free hand she reciprocated with a photograph of her own.

‘Delete your messages!’

‘Oh I’ve gone too far,’ he whispered in the shadows. ‘Stupid, stupid, fucking, stupid…’

‘And I want to see you in my room this instant,’ she sent with finality. And Michael went to her room with his heart trembling in his throat, trapped like a bug in a bottle.


She was waiting for him naked when he opened the door, laid back and propped up against the pillows, thighs spread wide as she petted her glistening pussy. When she saw that he too was naked, and divined towards her by his excitement, she smiled coyly.

Still with her phone in one hand she teased herself, spreading her labia to expose the soft pink tunnel beyond. ‘See what you’ve done to me?’

‘Do you know what I want to do?’ Michael asked.

‘You look like a man possessed,’ Karen said with a mix of lust and fear. She felt so erotically charged that he could do anything to her at that point. She’d come either way. ‘What do you want to do to me?’

‘Not to you,’ he corrected, ‘with you; at least when I’m done…’

‘What?’ she begged tossing the phone aside to attack herself with as many fingers as she could. The wetness wasn’t just visible to the naked eye, it was audible in the quiet of the night and it was driving them both crazy.

Then Michael curled a finger towards himself and mouthed, “come here!”

Soon she was spread eagled at the end of the bed as her son, kneeling on the floor, gathered enough spit on his tongue to slather her burning slit before slowly massaging her to ecstasy with four fingers. He edged around her clit before spreading her wide to release more of her juices, wanting to see just how wet he could make her for him.

And Karen’s eyes rolled back into her head as she surrendered to the first of his gently probing fingers, but he didn’t venture far at first. Not without making love to her with his mouth and gorging himself on her taste, her scent and her furnace-like heat.

She was long lost by the time he was nudging at her g-spot and suckling at her clit like a baby to a teat. The rising intensity and quicker returns of her orgasms were what brought her back to reality to see him climbing onto the bed and taking her with him.

They didn’t kiss. Not at first. Michael’s head was elsewhere at that moment, or more to the point, he was thinking with another head. Karen looked him over with awe and excitement, for his strength, his beauty and the deep caring in his eyes. She was still breathing heavily when she was asking over and over what he wanted to do with her.

Then she felt the swollen tip of his penis kiss her sex, right at the doorway to that forbidden fruit of hers and her mouth opened expectantly before she bit down anxiously on her lower lip. ‘I don’t want to fuck you, mom…’

‘Fucking… funny way of showing it, Michael’ she gasped, feeling robbed, and still he was pressing towards her like he was sticking her up with a hidden gun. And in that sense she couldn’t wait.

‘I’ve been dying to make love with you all fucking day, thinking about how far is too far or if there’s any such thing,’ he whispered close to her ear.

Karen was transfixed by his beauty and the current expression that shaped him in the dim light; something like a struggle between love and torture. Looking deeper into his eyes she caressed him and whispered back, ‘making love is never too far, beautiful. It isn’t wrong. I have a funny feeling I’ll be showing you how fun wrong can be soon enough, but who am I kidding?’

‘Really?’ Michael blurted helplessly. All of a sudden the dark brooding man was gone and the hormonal teenager was back.

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