Temmuz 14, 2024

Taking It Outside

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Prestyn Michaels stood outside, taking in the beauty of the night. She felt like having a cigarette, but she had promised her son Travis that she’d quit. She always kept her word and he had a valid point, it certainly didn’t fit with the new health regimen both of them had adopted.

Thanks to good timing, hard work on both their parts and a smidgen of luck, things were on an upswing. Prestyn still had occasional bouts of the blues, but Travis was right. The 41-year old had 10 years of misery which were mostly behind her. The courts had finally nailed her louse of an ex-husband for back alimony and she nearly had her Condo paid off. She had graduated University with honors last year, finally getting her Degree and was working at one of the more prestigious chain stores in the area as a Fashion Buyer. Money in the bank, a good job and a degree she had long been seeking — what more could she have wanted?

She sighed and this was why she craved a cigarette. She wanted sex or at least a relationship that might lead to sex.

Working as a single mother since Travis was 9, she hadn’t had much time to date. She’d had a few little flings and a couple of nights with girlfriends that had been naughty and fun, but nothing permanent. Once Travis was in his teens, she’d gone back to University to obtain her degree so she could pursue her writing career. She’d already sold a few small articles to Reader’s Digest, nothing major, but Travis had hugged her and taken her out to dinner to celebrate, using money from his after-school job at the Supermarket.

Now that Travis was working steadily, he put all of his extra earnings into Gym Equipment and he took it seriously. The once-nerdy teen had bulked out and the girls were after him daily, but he didn’t seem to notice. He looked at his Mom and said “Mom, if you worked out a few times a week and walked to work a couple times, you’d have a killer body in no time flat. You’ve still got great legs.”

Prestyn looked at herself in the mirror when her sun said that. He was right. She still had nice legs and there were few lines that showed her age, her hair didn’t have a trace of grey and she had great boobs. Why not accentuate the whole package?

Like everything else in her life, Prestyn went at it with a near-maniacal fury. She didn’t work out a few times a week; she worked out every day, even if it was only just for 30 minutes. She bought a bike and used that to go to work most days, weather permitting.

It began to show. Muscles became taut and lean. Pecs, abs, delts — all that bodybuilder stuff, Prestyn felt like a new stronger, more empowered woman. It drove her crazy that no one seemed to notice — she couldn’t figure it out.

Prestyn had taken to long walks around the neighborhood and sometimes, she would have a good cry. Loneliness — sometimes it made her feel sick right down to her heart. Tonight was just such a night. The tears began to flow and she just couldn’t make them stop.


“Travis? Darling, please don’t … I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“Mom, I’ve seen you cry before. What’s wrong? What’s got you in such a state?”

“You’ll think it’s silly.”

“Bet I won’t. Come on Mom, we’ve always been straight with each other, so spill it.”

She let Travis give her a hug and they sat on the swing in her garden. “Darling, I’ve done all this self-improvement. I’ve got a good job. I’ve got a degree. I’ve worked out and made myself lean and toned again — and no one notices, no one at all. I’m lonely Travis; I haven’t been out on a date in over 3 years!”

Travis hugged his mother close and saw the moonlight gleaming on her now-tanned body. They’d bought a tanning bed a few months back, even though some might say it wasn’t healthy, they both looked good with some golden color highlighting their sleek forms.

“Mom, I’m sorry you’re lonely — no one should be that bostancı escort bayan lonely. As for no one noticing, some of our neighbors have noticed and I sure as hell have, although I can see why some might not have.”

Prestyn turned to her son, who took her hand and squeezed it gently. “Mom, you’re gorgeous — but you dress like a frump. Your skirts could be a bit shorter, you need to buy some heels, sexy blouses and a bit of naughty lingerie — pump it up a notch, strut your stuff!”

“You really think I should?”

“Christ Mom …”

“Language, young man.”

“Geez Mom — you are a drop-dead MILF, so why not let the world see it that way?”


Travis laughed. “It means Mother I’d Like to …”


“Okay Mom, okay — but it’s true. Take my advice Mom, you’ll benefit. Have I been wrong so far?”

Prestyn smiled. “No.”

Her son went inside and she sat outside, loving the night and the beauty of it all. It was a full moon and a warm night; she went for a walk and realized everything Travis said was on the money. Why not splurge on a new wardrobe? She could easily afford it and would be able to use her connections to perhaps get some good deals.

Prestyn called the office early next morning, told them she was taking a personal day, then she got dressed and put on her nicest lingerie and a sexy, loose skirt and heels. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought the looked pretty — but maybe at her age, pretty wasn’t good enough. Maybe she had to go for the MILF look Tristan had told her about.

At 6 PM, Prestyn couldn’t believe it. 5 thousand dollars — 5 thousand dollars on a new wardrobe. You name it, she’d bought it. Skirts, shorts, blouses, lingerie, heels, boots, bikinis — she had splurged and shot the works, not that she had a single regret. She’d worn a soft, brown leather mini home and high stiletto heels, her long tanned legs attracting plenty of attention and even one wolf-whistle. The cream colored blouse she wore was cut low in front and she had on a light beige, floral-patterned bra underneath, but it wasn’t one of the old sensible ones she had worn in the past. This one let a bit of décolletage show and she also had a sexy little jacket on. Her heels clicked as she walked the cobblestone path to her front door.

She called out Travis’ name, then she remembered he was working late. Her son had inherited her work ethic, she was glad of that, so she made herself a nice cold plate, chicken salad and a big dill pickle with a nice Crusty Roll. She went outside to the swing, ate her dinner and enjoyed the evening.

It was a little warm, so Prestyn went inside to change. She was going to put on her bikini, then she decided to have some fun and put on a frilly mauve lace top that went over a lacy mauve bra and panty set. She decided to stay girly and put her stilettos back on and poured a nice glass of White Wine and went back outdoors, feeling very warm, very sexy and content. She stretched out and drifted into a semi-slumber state until she heard Travis’ voice calling out.

“Back here, darling!” She called out.

“Hey Mom, how’d the — MOM!”

She had forgotten about her sexy, frilly little outfit, but then she just relaxed. “Travis, never you mind. You’ve seen me in a swimsuit and tight workout gear, you were the one who encouraged me to dress sexier.”

“I guess you paid attention — that outfit is very sexy Mom, you look great! I wish you could see how gorgeous you look, the moonlight’s playing on your hair and body, it’s a very sexy look.”

“My goodness, aren’t you the charmer. Thank you, Travis. What do you think — am I still a MILF?” Prestyn teased.

“More than ever.” Travis was struggling with his emotions — he’d always had a crush on his mother, a woman he thought of as a highly sensual woman. Since her transformation, she ümraniye escort reminded him of a sexy jungle cat, a lioness, with her mane of ash-blonde hair and tawny body. He reached out and took her hand and he wasn’t sure who had moved towards who, but they were kissing and it wasn’t mother-son … it was two people aroused and needy, two people who wanted sex with each other very, very much.

“Are you sure?” Prestyn said as she broke their kiss.

“Very sure. Let’s go inside and … “



“No. Let’s be daring darling, you only get one first time. You say I look wonderful in the moonlight, no one can see us back here. Let’s make love in the warm night, with the moon lighting our passion. It’s been a long time for me, Travis darling, so enjoy my body, love me, fuck me!”

To hear his mother use the word fuck — his mother, who often admonished him for using profanity — was a tremendous turn-on for the young, virile man. “Play with mother’s tits baby, enjoy my body. This is so naughty, so perverted — tell Mommy, have you been thinking about fucking Mommy?”

Travis caressed his mother’s neck with his lips and whispered in her ear. “Constantly. For the past year, while you’ve been sculpting that body, I’ve been watching you, desiring you. I’ve always thought you were sexy Mom, now you’re magnificent . Younger women can’t compare, you are sensual and sleek and absolute perfection!”

“Oh Travis darling, that makes me feel so desired. That’s it lover, fondle my tits, touch me wherever you want. My lord, where did you learn how to touch a woman? Your father never touched me with this much skill, never!”

“Dad was a fool. If you were my woman, I’d never be able to keep my hands off of you. You’d be in bed from the start of the weekend until the end and every other chance I got!” Travis groaned as he slid off the sexy bra and began sucking his mother’s big, dark nipples. Prestyn sighed in delight and then encouraged him.

“Do it, baby! Make Mommy your woman, make me your slut. I — I want to do all sorts of nasty, crazy things with you, things like this and much more! Oh baby, your hands — your lips — I feel so alive, so sexy!”

“You are sexy Mom — Prestyn — the sexiest woman alive. Let me show you how much I want you, put your hand here.” Prestyn’s hand was pressed on her son’s cock through his pants.

“See what you do to me Mom — you turn me on like crazy. I can’t wait to put my cock inside of you, to live out my fantasy and be your lover!”

“Oh yes Travis, I want that too — very much. But this swing isn’t very stable. Get the blanket from over there, the one we use to have out little picnics and come over here, on the lawn, with me.” Prestyn stood up and posed a little for her son before moving away, now only wearing her tiny thong and stilettos. Travis couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she was a walking wet dream come to life.

“You should always wear heels, Mom. You’ve got great legs, Mom!” Travis said, practically panting.

“Mommy will wear them for you darling — just for you, she’ll be a slut for you. Come over here, I want to get more acquainted with that nice cock of yours!”

Trying to stay cool, it took all of Travis’ willpower not to run over and strip out of his clothes. He brought the blanket and spread it out on the cool evening grass, looking at his mother’s beautiful, round tits and her body now stretching out sensually. He ran his hand all over her stomach and legs, enjoying the sensual feeling of her warm skin under his fingers. Every inch of her was perfect, she sighed as his hands roamed her torso. Prestyn sat up slightly and fumbled with Travis’ shirt and belt, he helped as best he could, but he was a bit nervous and his hands shook a bit. When he was naked in front of his mother, Prestyn was suitably impressed. Not only was his body magnificent, like escort kartal many body-builders he was devoid of body hair, but he was suitably hung. Her years of pent-up horniness overtook her and Prestyn moved close and took him in her mouth, sucking him deep.

The moonlight illuminating their play, Prestyn sucked and licked his cock, frenching it lavishly until it stood up, hard and proud. She expected him to fuck her immediately, but her son wasn’t giving it to that urge right away. He had fantasized about this moment for a long time and intended to draw this out, so he kissed from her ankle up her legs and then he went down on her, her cunt totally devoid of hair, she’d had a Brazilian Waxing that same afternoon. Pussy — the sweetest pussy Travis had ever feasted on — was on his tongue, he dabbed at the nubbin of her clit and was glad for the experiences he’d had with a few of the girls at University. Once the word had gotten around how nicely he was built — everywhere — Travis hadn’t lacked for company, but his ultimate fantasy remained the wanton woman who was now underneath him.

“Oh damn, this is amazing. Eat pussy baby, suck my cunt, eat Mommy’s cunt, you fucking wonderful bastard!” Prestyn snarled, clamping her long legs around her son’s head and holding him in place. It was mere moments and she flooded his face with her spend.

“Time to fuck me, Travis. Time for you to be a motherfucker , young man — I’m going to get on top of you and you’re going to have your cock inside of me. Like it baby? Like your slutty new Mom?”

“Christ yeah, love my new Mom. She’s the hottest bitch I’ve ever fucked, come on Mom, ride that dick!” Prestyn moved on top of her son and steadied herself, then she began to ride the hardest, thickest, most-skilled cock that had ever been in her cunt. She hunched and rolled her body, her tits jiggling, seeing her son’s dark eyes looking into her own sparkling green ones. Their lips met and they kissed and kept kissing and kept fucking. There was a quiet sound of Crickets and the wind rustling, they were quite an erotic show as they fucked out of doors, hoping their neighbors didn’t hear their incestuous coupling.

Travis wanted to be his mother’s equal partner, so once she felt her body tremble, he lifted her off his cock and helped her re-position herself. His cock went in from behind easily and he grabbed her hips and began fucking her with strong, confident strokes. In and out he moved and Prestyn thought she’d died and gone to heaven.

“God, I am never giving this up again. I’m glad you’re living at home Travis, Mommy’s going to be giving you lots of fucking from now on!” Prestyn moaned as her son’s rod continued to move inside of her. She knew there would be other men and she wouldn’t deny him the pleasures of other girls — or women — but she doubted anyone would be able to inspire this kind of heat within her. Perhaps, if they were discreet, she could bring home one of the cute secretaries from her work or he could bring home a coed and they could have a little party? It had been years since she’d been with a woman, but for her lover-son, she’d do it and likely, really enjoy it.

“Mom — you’ve got the best cunt Mom, so tight — a real snapper, but I’m going to cum Mom, I’ve got to!”

“Let me have it baby, let Mommy have your yummy cum!” Prestyn moaned as her son pulled out of her pussy. She lunged for his cock and took it deep down her throat, he shot his load immediately after that.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” Travis sighed as his mother stood up and headed towards the porch, her heels still on.

“Believe it, stud!” Prestyn teased. “You should come inside, the bugs are starting to come out and you don’t need bites on your ass — unless they’re mine. Come inside and we’ll share a shower and then we can go to bed and I’ll show you some more of the naughty, sexy clothes I bought today. A fashion show to get you turned on again, then we’re going to slip into bed and have a nice, long, incestuous fuck. How does that sound?”

Travis smiled. “Sounds like a lot more enjoyable workout than using the Rowing Machine!” he said, closing the screen door behind them.

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