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Taking Carrie’s Soul Ch. 04

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Well, watching Tonya’s belly grow to an unbelievable size as she produce twin boys, each weighing just a little over nine pounds each was amazing. Her dumb ass husband never suspected a thing. He actually became excited and traded his Corvette for a Volvo station wagon. Tonya begged me to allow her to tell him, knowing how much he loved that car and how upset he would be. I wouldn’t allow it, destroying her in his eyes would be my revenge for her having allowed Alfred to humiliate me the way she did.

Her breast became filled with milk, stretched and sagging along with her nipples becoming large and thick while her areolas became huge. They changed from being light pink and about the size of a quarter to almost three inches in diameter and dark brown. Her nipples were originally perfect; when hard they would barely protrude though her blouse or tee shirt. Now, they were huge, especially after having two hungry boys feeding from them. They never got soft and stuck out almost three quarters of an inch and looked to be a quarter inch in diameter. They were always visible, even with her bra on.

I made regular videos of her womb, recording the almost daily growth. I had never witnessed all the changes a woman’s body goes through during this transformation. Her once voluptuous lips, nose and facial features changed. Her hips and ass that once looked as if they had been the product of a Greek sculpture, now had stretch marks and were flabby.

However, the most exciting times came when I began making videos of the shapes of hands and feet that were protruding from inside her belly, forcing alien like shapes to stretch and bulge as if they were trying to break through her skin and reveal themselves. Finally the day came; Tonya hired a midwife to deliver them at home. I provided the video equipment so I could stream a live video so we could all watch the look on her husband’s face when he met what he thought were his two sons for the first time.

Tonya’s vagina was dilated to at least the size of a bagel or grapefruit and that wasn’t enough, she began screaming and crying like a demon and was on the verge of passing out as the dark brown orb covered with coal black hair came into sight. I hadn’t ever seen child birth before; it was unbelievable to see that once tight vagina open up that large.

Before I could grasp what was actually happening, a head was hanging out of her body covered in white slime and blood. Without warning, the whole body was laying in her husband’s hands. He turned and looked direct at the camera, mouth wide open and dumbfounded. Before he could say a word, the second one was on the way out, first his head and then an arm. It looked like he was actually crawling out. Her husband had to leave the room, we could all hear the sounds of him throwing up and yelling.

When he returned and seen Tonya laying there with both large black babies on her swollen breast all he could do was just stand there calling her a whore, demanding to know who the real father was. The look on his face was priceless, however; the look on Tonya’s face said it all. I couldn’t wait to ask her how it felt, if it had been worth it.

Her husband stormed out shouting he never wanted to see her again and that she would be hearing from his attorney. I walked into the room, took the video camera and began recording those hungry mouths sucking on her breast as she was trying to get comfortable. I looked into her eyes and could feel the pain as she knew her once perfect life and body were changed forever.

The next day I brought Alfred to see his beautiful twin sons. Tonya couldn’t stand the thought of giving them up and began to beg him to just go away and leave them with her to take care of. Alfred said, “we’ve already made plans darlin’, just as you offered to sell me your boy, he’s made me a deal for you I can’t refuse!”

I told her to just relax, recover and I would take care of everything. Soon as Alfred had left, Tonya began pleading and begging me to leave her and the babies alone, she cried; “Haven’t you done enough?” I laughed and told her I would reveal the plans Alfred and I had for her soon as she was ready to begin her new life. As I walked out I could hear here shouting,” what new life?”

Several weeks later I contacted Carrie and informed her I had a job for her. She had always been great at organizing, managing and making things happen. She went with me to pick up Tonya and the babies so I could explain their future together. I told Tonya all about Carrie’s past and how she was my first soul possession. I went on to tell them both how a lot of money could be made in the child adoption business. Alfred had a few other newborns already and a few more on the way. Our plans for Tonya were simple; she was going to be our cow.

Tonya would breast feed all the newborns and every year we planned on having some young stud pay us for the privilege of breeding her in order to have more children to provide bahis firmaları couples wanting to adopt and to also keep her tits full of milk. She just sat with a blank stare saying over and over aging, “you’re not serious, you can’t be serious.”

Carrie asked, “What do you have planned for me?” I told her she was to manage the books, arrange the adoptions and take care of the cows. Being too old to breed, it would be her job to keep Tonya and all the future cows producing milk after their babies were adopted until the next newborns arrived.

I now had time to focus on my next soul possession. It had to be someone special, more demanding and someone that could provide a new stable of cows. I had discovered with Carrie, the more pure and innocent, the more complete the possession.

It came to me one Sunday morning while watching TV. Of course, who better than a ministers wife! Not being a church going person I set out on a mission looking for that perfect wife, one with a lot of friends that would willingly follow her into my bed. Having read Catholic women don’t believe in birth control, they of course were my first choice.

After visiting a few, I knew that wasn’t going to work, I tried several others congregations and finally, it came to me! One Sunday morning, one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen was on my TV talking about all the dedicated ladies from her congregation that had volunteered to help her feed the hungry in our area. Viola, she would be my next target and if possible, my next love,,,,,,well, lust.

Her name was Brenda, her husband Joel was the minister at the largest Baptist Church in the area. They had several thousand members, a live TV broadcast and a daily radio show. I knew someone with this much wealth and power had to have some skeletons in the closet.

I began offering to help her husband around the church and getting to know him on a professional level. Just for fun I made Carrie dress up and go with me, pretending to be my wife. It was so much fun setting there on Sunday mornings with Carrie dressed up beside me, acting prim and proper. Just knowing she had spent the night in front of a camera having sex with several different men got me excited. Men loved watching her suck Tonya’s large breast with milk seeping from the corners of her mouth, it wouldn’t take them long to shoot their loads and make room for the next in line.

It didn’t take long for Carrie and Brenda to become friends; I made Carrie volunteer to help Brenda with all her social projects. One night while making some videos with Carrie and Tonya, Alfred said he had seen had seen Carrie on TV working with Brenda and made a commit about how fucked up that was. He had known Brenda’s dad and what a bad person he was, that gave me the edge I was looking for.

I did some research and discovered Brenda’s dad had been a preacher and was arrested for child abuse and sexually assaulting children, mostly boys. Joel had paid to cover it all up and even went as far as paying to send him out of the country on missionary work so no one would find out.

When I approached Brenda and asked about her dad, she turned white and stone cold. I told her I knew all about him and how I thought it would be best to inform the congregation, even the local news. She began to beg and plead, offered to pay me whatever I wanted. Well, as you can guess, I did have an offer.

When I began inquiring if she had ever had anal sex with Joel or anyone else, she just stared at me and said, “You’re sick, why would you ask me that?” I began telling her about my obsession with beautiful married women and found her to be the most desirable ever. She asked, “Is that what it will take for you to keep quiet and go away?” I told her I wanted to have sex with her regularly and that no one, especially Joel would never have to find out, just our little secret.

Brenda’s reply was, “Well, I guess I’m screwed either way, how can I be sure no one will find out about us or my father?” I began telling her about how I would soon grow tired of her and move on, taking my secrets with me. She said she wasn’t sure she could but she was willing to try, in her words, “Let’s just get it over with!”

Our first meeting, was terrible, she was so nervous and afraid. I gave her some wine and watched her undress. I was amazed at how beautiful and perfect her body was. Her firm breast were perfect and I could see her stomach muscles quivering, she couldn’t speak, she was shaking and afraid. Unaware of the camera she just stood there like a goddess, begging me to just get it over with. I ask, “What do you want me to do?” She said, “Actually, leave me and my husband alone and go away, but I’m here to do whatever it takes to make you disappear!” I said, “It’s not so bad, you just might like it, but you have to ask!” With a look of disgust and total surrender she said those magic words, “Please have anal sex with me!”

I began playing with her kaçak iddaa breast, trying to insert a finger in her tight vagina. Every time I tried to kiss her she turned away. I knew this was going to be my best soul possession yet! I commanded her to get on her knees and put my cock in her mouth, to make it hard and ready for her virgin ass. She pleaded for me to just do what I had to do and let her go.

I reminded her that she didn’t have to be there; she could leave at anytime and deal with the consequences. She slowly kneeled and with tears in her eyes, took my limp cock in her hand and slowly guided it to her soft, warm lips. She began shaking even more as my cock began to get hard and fill her mouth. She would look up at me with those large blue eyes, it was so amazing watching her face distort and cheeks bulge with my growing cock.

It was hard to hold back, I kept watching the video monitor as her saliva was dripping from the corners of her mouth. I could tell she had given head before but wasn’t really good at it. I grabbed a hand full of her hair, pulled her head back and slowly slid just the head of my cock in and out of her lips. I always enjoy watching a ladies lips stretch as they get tight then drop over the edge of the head. I couldn’t hold back, soon I filled her mouth with my hot cum.

Brenda just closed her eyes tight as possible, made a very horrible face as tears began pouring from her eyes. Her cheeks bellowed out as she was trying not to swallow. I pinched her nostrils together, she opened her eyes wide open and her face instantly went into the most feared look possible. For that instant she didn’t know what to do, I guess she thought I was going to asphyxiate her, she opened her cum filled mouth wide as she could and took a deep breath and began choking and swallowing all my hot cum.

I kept face fucking her as she gagged and chocked, finally I just pulled her face tight against my groin and kept my softening cock inside her mouth until every drop had slowly slid down her throat and she stopped fighting me.

She remained frozen in that position until my soft cock slipped from her mouth. She sat down on the floor and eventually asked, “Why did you do that, I thought you just wanted me to get you hard so you could have anal sex and leave.” I began to laugh as I played back the video of her gulping down my load. I looked her in the eye and said, “In time, sweet heart, in time.” When she seen the video and realized what I had done, she said “Oh my God, you’re an evil person, please don’t do this!”

I told her to get dressed and go home, don’t forget to give Joel a big wet kiss for me! I told her to come back Wednesday night after church service. I wanted to see her in her church dress, looking good and maybe then I would have my way with the rest of her gorgeous body. As she started to walk out I told her, “Who knows, you just might find out you enjoy sex with a real man!”

After church that Wednesday, Brenda knocked on my door looking like a million bucks. She went straight to my bedroom and said, “let’s get this over with, I’m in a hurry.” Knowing she has to ask me to screw her in the ass three times before the soul possession would be complete I decided to stop jerking her around and get on with it.

As I watched her undress and lay across the bed, I got so aroused knowing what the future would be, I went for it. As I started rubbing lubrication on my rock hard penis and around the opening of her virgin ass, I said “Tell me; ya gotta ask, pretty lady.” She didn’t hesitate, Brenda, grabbed the sheets as if she were holding on for dear life and said, “Just do it, fuck my ass and get it over with!”

Good enough, she had asked so I slowly began with a finger. Ah, she really was a virgin, so tight, finally I managed two, then three fingers then I began forcing my cock into her, little at a time. She would jump and lean forward; I would grab her hips and pull her back forcing my cock deeper and deeper. I could hear her crying and praying, so I decided to just get serious and have my fun.

The next time she leaned forward I grabbed her hips, forcing her backward as I shoved the rest of my throbbing hard cock completely into her virgin bowels, She screamed and shoved her face into the mattress crying, that’s when I began fucking her hard as possible. It didn’t take long for me to fill her ass with a huge load of hot sperm. I kept shoving it in and out until the very last stream was jetting from my cock. I held it in as deep as possible feeling it twitching and throbbing inside her; she moaned and called out my name. For an instant, it sounded like she enjoyed it, maybe even had an orgasm, if so, I know she had to be fighting against it.

When I removed my blood coved cock from her ass, she just fell onto her side, covered herself with the sheet and cried. After a few minutes, she sat up, wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “Well, are you satisfied?” I threw her dress kaçak bahis at her and said, “For tonight, I’ll be in touch, now go home to your punk ass husband!”

I began watching her closely at church, several times I seen her talking to her closest friends and pointing at me. I could only hope the seed had been planted and soon others would desire a wicked get away for a sin filled night of excitement.

It didn’t take long for Brenda to inquire about our next night together. She asked about the videos and what I was planning to do with them. I could tell she had been thinking about it and she was still confused. I told her the videos were my insurance and to come over again Wednesday night after church.

Brenda came in and once again went immediately to my bed. I had to make her wait, I wanted to undress her this time, take it slow and feel her amazing body. She didn’t quiver and shake as much this time; she was already wet and excited. I asked her, “What’s going on?” She said, “I know it’s bad but all I can think about is your large, hard cock!” She said, “Would you forget about my ass and just make love to me?”

How could any man refuse? We made love and it was amazing, this goodie goodie church girl needed to fuck and badly. Then I realized what she was doing. She thought if she could please me by making love and being nice, I would forget about the videos, anal sex and get bored with her sooner. I couldn’t tell her just yet that it wasn’t her body I was after, I wanted her soul.

She started to get dressed when I stopped her and said, “That was for you sweetheart, now turn around and beg me to fill that ass with some cock!” She looked defeated but did it, asking if I would take it a little easier but still, she said what I needed to hear, “Please, fill my butt with your cock, take me however you like.”

As I began sliding my cock deeper and deeper into her bowels, I started rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. At first she asked me to stop, soon I could feel her squirming and softly moaning. Just as my cock began to swell and really throb, I shoved my thumb in her still cum fill vagina and began rubbing my cock though the thin membrane separating her anus and vagina. She began to have a huge orgasm; the devil had been a sleep in her too long. She went wild, forcing herself back hard on my cock as I started pumping my load into her, she was screaming like a demon and squirted for what must have been the first time in her life. She just moaned and kept slowly working her ass up and down on my cock softly calling out my name.

When she finished and seen the huge mess she made with her fluids being all over the bed and even in the floor she began apologizing. She asks, “What happened, oh my God, did I pee?” I just laughed as said, “Darlin’ that’s what a real orgasm feels like!” Obviously, Joel hadn’t ever made her feel that way, one more time and her soul would be mine!

It was hard but I made her wait, the longer we went, the more other ladies at the church were talking to me. Inviting me out for socials, fund raisers etc., all the time I was picking my heard of future cows. Large breast put them at the top of the list along with the more arrogant their husbands.

Finally it was time to take control of Brenda’s soul. It started out just as quiet and slow, when she arrived she started straight toward the bedroom when I stopped her. I asked her to just stand there while I slowly started undressing her. With nothing on but her bra and panties I started filming her, asking her to move to the soft music that was playing. Oh she looked so amazing; I could tell she was starting to like the attention.

When I put the camera on the tripod and started removing her bra, her nipples were hard and breast were heaving. I slowly kissed her and began licking and sucking on her nipples. As I ran my fingers down her back, around her hips and between her legs she trembled. I whispered in her ear, “Do you want to make love?”

She couldn’t speak, just wrapped her fingers around my hard cock, went down to her knees and began licking and sucking my cock deep into her mouth. When I was about to cum she stood up and said, “Please, be gentle with me but I want to feel you fill my bowels again with your hot cum.” She said “I feel so dirty, so nasty, so hot, please, take me!”

I put her knees on the sofa, and started pushing ever so slowly, little by little until just the head of my cock was firmly gripped by her tight sphincter muscles. Wanting to enjoy my conquest over this very special lady I slowly pushed deeper and deeper, stopping to allow her body to adjust. Once I was all the way inside her firm round buttocks I just held her tight and listened to her moaning as I flexed my cock up and down and slowly rotating in small circles.

Once I started working my cock in and out she relaxed and began moaning louder and louder, moving her hips back and forth until eventually all I had to do was just stand there, she was actually fucking me! Soon as I began pumping my load deep inside her she lost it. It wasn’t until she was finished having a huge orgasm that she noticed all the other people that had entered the room.

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