Temmuz 12, 2024

Taking Care of Business Ch. 02

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Ryan was lying in bed early on a Friday night. He volunteered for overtime the next day and he had to be there early. The last time he worked overtime on a Saturday was that amazing day with Stacy. Her name kept ringing in his mind. It had been a couple months since he had last seen her. Ryan rolled over and pulled out the gift she gave him out of his night stand. Stacy had given him two pairs of panties and a framed picture of the two of them together. He remembered every detail of the day she gave them to him for it was the day she left.

He was sitting at his desk when Stacy came up with several documents. She handed them to Ryan and said, “Here is the contract update, the procedure it affects and my changes.” Stacy filed thru each document as she spoke. On the last document was a post-it note stating to meet her in conference room A at 9:30. Stacy pointed to the note, “It’s urgent we get this done as soon as possible.” Ryan looked up at Stacy and noticed little tears welling in her eyes. He nodded and she walked away in a hurry. Ryan knew something was wrong as Stacy hadn’t spoken to him in two weeks.

At 9:30 Ryan looked down to Stacy’s desk and saw it was empty. He walked casually out of the office and turned into the bathroom. He strolled thru the empty bathroom and out the other door. Ryan hesitated at first but then quickly made escort kartal his way to the conference room. Stacy was standing in the corner away from the door when Ryan walked in asking, “are you ok?”

“No,” Stacy replied, “Deke found out!” Tears started flowing down Stacy’s cheeks. Ryan went to hug her but Stacy stepped back. “Please don’t, this is hard enough already. He doesn’t know who I cheated with.”

Ryan was hurt, he just wanted to hold her, and tell her it would be alright. To his surprise, he wanted to tell Stacy to leave Deke so they could be together. “How’d he find out?”

Stacy sniffed and wiped the tears away, “Well, you know the last time we made love we stayed in bed cuddled together longer than we should have?”

Ryan grunted yes. He noticed that for the first time she referred to their rendezvous as “making love.”

“So I left late and didn’t have time to wash or stop on the way home. Usually I stop on the way home to clean up and change my panties just in case.” Tears started to flow again. “When I got home, Deke was waiting there, angry that I was late. I tried to go to the bedroom to change quick but he followed me. We got into an argument. He accused me of cheating, kept on and on about it. I denied it, telling him he was paranoid, telling him I needed to get ready for the party or we’d be really maltepe escort late. I got my clothes and turned away from him to go into the bathroom to change. Next thing I knew I was on the bed and Deke was pulling my pants off. Then he pulled off my underwear and there was our combined…” Stacy sobbed.

“I have never seen him like that before. I was scared but there was no way to deny it. I admitted to our affair but I never told him it was you. After he calmed down we sat and talked. He said he still loves me so he forgave me but we would have to move. Deke was offered a job in Ohio. Today is my last day.”

Ryan was stunned silent. He knew what they were doing was wrong but it felt so right.

“Anyway,” Stacy sniffed, “it’s not like we were in this to get married or anything…right?”

Ryan just looked at her. The indecision in her voice registered in his mind and saw the look in her eyes that said she was as conflicted as he was. Was this just two lonely people that had some fun, a fling, using each other for intense sexual gratification? Or was this more? He didn’t have an answer. He had never thought about his feelings for her. Ryan didn’t know how to respond to Stacy’s question. Part of him wanted to tell her to stay here but he knew he could not promise her they would be together as a couple. Ryan opened pendik escort bayan his mouth to respond but no words came out.

Stacy put a finger to his lips. She saw the same conflict in his eyes that she felt. “No words need to be spoken.” Stacy handed him a bag with a wrapped box inside. “These are for you. Don’t open it till you get home.” She pulled him down for a quick kiss and walked out.

Ryan didn’t see her after that. He got an email from her just yesterday. Stacy let him know she was alright, had a new job and that she missed him but this was probably for the best. Ryan didn’t reply. He missed her too but he didn’t know if he thought it really was for the best or not.

Ryan took the first bag out of the night stand drawer. These were the panties that Stacy wore the last time they made love. He looked at them and put them back in the drawer. Next he pulled out the second pairs of panties. These were a pair of red satin and lace panties that where his favorite. She had worn them on her last day and fingered herself to an orgasm with them on. Ryan opened the bag, pulled them out and held them to his nose. They still held a faint scent of the perfumed lotion she used. His heart ached. The scent lingered as he looked at her picture on his nightstand. I should have told her to stay, Ryan thought. Ryan shook his head and put the panties back in the bag and then into his nightstand. Nothing I can do now, he thought, she’s made her choice so stop feeling sorry and move on.

Ryan turned out the light on his nightstand, rolled over and drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

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