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Swing Choir Competition Ch. 03

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Megan had always had an ability to put everything else out of her mind when it came time to perform. It was one of the reasons her swing choir director, unbeknownst to her, considered Megan one of her favorites. (And only one of the reasons, but perhaps we’ll get into that a bit later on in the story…) As she and the rest of the group found their homeroom for the day and put their personal effects there, her mind was racing. What the hell just happened? Why did I do that? What did Peggy mean by “return the favor?”

As the group made their way to the changing room, the potential answers to that question had her turned on to the point that she was very careful to position herself so that no one could see the front of her body as she stripped to her underwear. Looking down at herself, she noticed that–just as she’d feared–her nipples were hard enough to be seen through her bra, and there was indeed the beginning of a wet spot on her panties. Someone came up next to her just then, and she started to panic–until she realized that it was Peggy, probably choosing her position just as carefully. Megan turned enough to sneak a peek at the other girl, noticing that Peggy’s nipples were erect as well, and that her panties were definitely wet.

Peggy looked up, and Megan froze. Busted! But Peggy just smiled, and let her gaze drift down Megan’s body in turn. Oh, God, Megan thought, feeling herself get wetter, I hope “return the favor” means what I think it does.

All too soon, their performance costumes were on, and they were marched down the hall to the warmup room. The standard vocal exercises helped Megan calm down, and as the horn section played the opening notes of their first piece, she lost awareness of her horniness and went on autopilot. She hit all the right notes, made every move of the choreography, and nailed her solo in “Respect.”

As they made their way to the gym for the performance, she idly wondered if all the nervous energy–not to mention the sexual energy–she’d generated that morning was putting a little extra spring into her performance. Maybe I should get myself all hot and bothered before every performance.

With Peggy? asked a voice in her head.

Another voice replied, With Peggy. Or Ben. Or Sue. Or–what’s the cute sax player’s name again?

Jesus, she thought, what kind of a bisexual slut am I turning into here?

Fortunately, she didn’t have time to answer that question, as just then the MC introduced them, and the music started again. You know, was her last thought before concentrating on the show, that sax player is cute…

* * * * *

As Megan and the rest of the swing choir made their way back to their homeroom, the exhilaration she felt wasn’t sexual–well, not entirely, anyway. They’d done an excellent job, and she was sure they’d be performing again in the finals. The problem was that, with eleven other choirs to go, the finals didn’t start for another nine-and-a-half hours. That silivri escort left them with a lot of time to kill. And hopefully, Megan thought as she sank into a chair, Peggy and I will be killing at least a little of that time together.

As if summoned by Megan’s thought, Peggy brushed by her just then, perhaps a little closer than necessary even given the amount of people running around the room. A piece of paper appeared in her hand, and she pressed it into Megan’s hand before breezing out the door in the direction of the restrooms. Megan waited three minutes before excusing herself to follow, and as she sat on the toilet, she unfolded the paper to reveal a quickly-drawn map.

After three trips to this school for the swing choir competition, and other trips for concerts, plays, and such, Megan had a general idea of how the school was laid out, so she realized that the map was leading her very near the gymnasium where the performances were being held. Indeed, as she carefully opened the door of the “practice” gym behind the main one, she could hear another group performing–and could dismiss them as competitors. The practice gym was dark except for the emergency lights, so it took her a moment to find the women’s locker room entrance.

And then several more moments to build up the courage to go through it.

The locker room was almost as dark as the gym. Only one bank of lights was on, and at first glance Megan couldn’t see anyone else in there. “Hello?” she called softly, ready to make an excuse about being lost and desperately needing to use a bathroom.

Peggy stepped out of the shower area. “Sorry–wanted to be sure it was you before I came out.” They stood there looking at each other for a moment. “I, uh, wasn’t sure you’d come.”

“I figured at the very least we needed to talk about what happened this morning.”

Peggy smiled, and stepped closer. “And at the most?”

Megan blushed. “I was afraid to think about that.”

Peggy came over and hugged her. A good-friend emotional-support kind of hug, not a sexual one, and it was just was Megan needed. “You’re a little confused about all this, aren’t you?”

Megan nodded, forgetting that Peggy was too close to actually see her do it, but Peggy felt the movement. “Okay, then the first thing you need to know is that it’s perfectly normal for girls to experiment with other girls.”

“It is?” Megan asked. “I always thought that was just what boys said to try and convince you to give them their two-girls fantasy.”

Peggy laughed. “I thought that too, but my mom told me the same thing, and I don’t think she was trying to get in my pants.”

“You asked your mom about it?” Megan knew that Peggy and her mother were close, but she couldn’t imagine any level of parent/child closeness that would discussions of teenage lesbianism.

“Well, I was a little confused by certain events, too.”

“Certain events?”

“Oh, şirinevler escort that’s right, you weren’t at Lucy’s birthday party, were you?” Sensing that Megan was much calmer now, Peggy released the hug, as the thoughts of what happened at the party were starting to light her fires again.

“No, I was sick.” Lucy was a classmate of theirs who had just turned 18 the month before, and had promised all her friends a huge, my-parents-are-out-of-town bash to celebrate the occasion. Megan had spent the entire day puking, on the second day of a four-day bout with the flu, and had missed the whole thing. “What happened?”

“Well, for now, let’s just say that some things happened there that confused me a little.”

“Like what?”

Peggy ignored the question. “So I went to my mom to ask her about it, but I chickened out and couldn’t say anything. The weird thing is, she figured out what I wanted to talk to her about anyway, and told me it was normal. In fact,” and Peggy couldn’t believe she was about to tell the other girl this, “it almost seemed like she might have done some… experimenting… back in her younger days.”

“Holy shit,” was all Megan could say to that.

“Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that it’s OK to have these sorts of feelings. And,” Peggy said softly as she leaned toward Megan, “to act on them.”

As soon as Peggy’s lips touched hers, all the horniness that Megan had been trying to suppress for the last couple of hours boiled up in her at once. She started unbuttoning her shirt, and Peggy’s hands slipped inside, pushing her bra out of the way and going straight for Megan’s breasts. Megan moaned into Peggy’s mouth as Peggy rubbed her nipples with her thumbs, giving them the attention they’d been craving all morning.

Peggy broke the kiss, and moved her head down to Megan’s chest. As she sucked a nipple into her mouth, one of her hands kept rubbing the other nipple as her other hand made its way underneath Megan’s skirt and pulled her panties down. It suddenly occurred to Megan that they were both still in their choir outfits, and they should be careful not to get any incriminating evidence on them, but that sort of rational thought fled when Peggy’s finger ran across her lower lips and ended up right on her clit. “Oh, fuck,” Megan moaned. Peggy’s mouth left her breast, and Megan watched as Peggy sank to her knees. Megan reached down and unfastened her skirt, and Peggy quickly whisked it away. “Oh, fuck,” Megan whispered at the first touch of Peggy’s tongue on her clit.

With one of her last rational thoughts, Megan realized that something very wild must have gone on at Lucy’s birthday party, because Peggy had definitely had some experience in going down on another girl. Sue had been good, but Peggy was better. The sound of the choir performing only a few hundred feet away, the risk of getting caught at this, the slight sense of weirdness şişli escort she still felt about doing this with a girl–they all started to fade away as Peggy continued to work her tongue over Megan’s clit.

As Megan’s orgasm continued to build, she dropped her hands to Peggy’s head, and grabbed the other girl’s hair. Not to pull her closer or guide her in any way–Megan had had that done to her before by guys, and hadn’t much cared for it–but just, she realized, to reinforce that it was a girl doing this to her. Yeah, that’s right–I’m getting my pussy eaten by a girl, and I fucking love it!

Megan opened her eyes and looked down, drinking in the sight of Peggy’s head between her thighs. Just then, Peggy looked up, their eyes met, and… something… was communicated between them. Megan wasn’t exactly sure what, but she knew one thing: this wasn’t going to be the last time she saw Peggy between her legs.

Well, actually she knew two things, the second being that she was going to come very soon.

“Oh, God, Peggy, don’t stop,” she said softly. Not that she expected that Peggy would, but because she wanted to show how much she was enjoying it. “It’s so good, you’re gonna make me come so good.” She moaned as the orgasm hit her, a nice one, but not the big one she needed to release all the energy she’d worked up.

She was going to try and explain this to Peggy, but the other girl already seemed to know. “Let’s get a little more comfortable,” she said, guiding Megan to a mat on the floor. The rest of their clothes disappeared along the way, and Peggy climbed on top of Megan in the “69” position. Megan closed her eyes for a moment as Peggy’s tongue found her clit again, then opened them again to look at Peggy’s pussy, right above her face. She knew instinctively that Peggy was perfectly positioned so that all Megan would have to do was lift her head slightly to be in perfect position to put her tongue on the other girl’s clit…

And that’s exactly what she did, just a quick tentative lick at first. Encouraged by Peggy’s moan, she did it again, and again, and again. Each lick caused a louder moan, and the last was followed by Peggy begging, “Don’t tease me, babe.”

Megan felt a thrill run through her entire body. Any misgivings about being attracted to girls as well as guys were gone, replaced completely by a desire to make Peggy feel as good as the other girl was making her feel. She moved her tongue back to Peggy’s clit and kept it there until Peggy announced that she was coming. As soon as she had recovered, Peggy went back to work on Megan, who was so worked up from making Peggy come that it wasn’t even a minute before she came again.

Peggy turned herself around and kissed Megan hard. Megan kissed back, and they spent a long while making out and stroking each other’s body.

“That was amazing,” Megan said.

“It sure was,” Peggy replied.

Megan kissed her again. “Thanks for helping me through this.”

“No problem.” They kissed again, but Peggy broke it off all too soon and said, “We should probably grab a quick shower and get back before anybody misses us.”

“Okay,” Megan said as she got up and followed Peggy into the shower, “but while we’re showering, you need to tell me about Lucy’s party.”

To be continued…

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