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Swimmer Returns Home To Mom

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This is my first submission and is quite a bit longer than originally planned. The story concerns itself with mother/son incest, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, you should pass on this one. I welcome any constructive comments.

Chapter 1 – returning home

Returning home was bittersweet. He had been away at the university for the past two years and had only made it home for Christmas once. The remainder of the time he had stayed on campus to train or to study. Michael Cross was attending school on a swimming scholarship, but over the past two years the competition had become so fierce that he found himself having to train harder and harder to compete. In spite of what his coach called a great work ethic, his times were not improving and the head coach had indicated that perhaps he might want to consider swimming for a division II school next year. That was his not so subtle way of saying that Michael’s swimming career at the division I level and any dreams of Olympic glory was over. So with a sense of resignation, he had pointed his 1997 Chevrolet pickup truck toward south Florida and was about to spend a summer there without training and traveling to swim meets for the first time in years.

For some reason, he was not devastated by the news. He had left it all in the pool, knew he had done his best, and although the knowledge that he had failed still hurt, he accepted his fate and immediately began to put a positive spin on the situation. But, it would be a big change because for all of his teenage life, and even before that, his only focus was competitive swimming.

After his father’s death in a single engine plane accident ten years ago this past summer, his mother had taken on the role of both parents and had seen to it that he was able to continue pursuing his dream. Since both his mother and father had been competitive swimmers until their late teens, it was logical for her to continue his training. But as any athlete knows, there comes a time when it is over, and as compared to many sports, the shelf life of a swimmer can be very short.

He was ready to turn the page and as his old pickup smoothly rolled down Interstate 95 toward his home in Ft. Pierce, Florida, the late evening sparse traffic coupled with the seemingly never-ending straight stretch of road gave his mind a chance to wander to thoughts of the future. First on his agenda was to simply take two weeks off and lounge around the house doing as little as possible.

He had spoken to mom on the phone and she knew all about the situation, and it was her suggestion that he just loaf for a couple of weeks and clear his mind before deciding what direction to take next. Her voice on the phone had sounded neither disappointed, nor upset. He even thought he detected a hint of relief in her voice.

Mom and he had always had a great relationship. She became pregnant with him when she was 18, and she had told him on more than one occasion that upon discovering she was pregnant, swimming was quickly relegated to an afterthought. As it related to swimming, she was more supportive one with him providing the competitive fire, and she had never been one of those parents that pushed to a destructive point.

As his thoughts went to mom and their relationship, he choked up a little thinking about what she had sacrificed. He pictured her in his mind’s eye: taller than the average woman at 5’9″, lankier than in the pictures of her when she swam competitively, short blond hair groomed in the style many women preferred these days, brilliant blue eyes, small, firm breasts that matched her athletic frame, and a facial resemblance to Sharon Stone, except for her lips, which were much fuller. Growing up, all of his friends seemed to be captivated by her beauty, but to him, she was just his mom. He pictured her now, and strangely, that picture was of her was in the pale blue bikini she sometimes wore that made her eyes jump out at you.

Almost imperceptibly at first and then unmistakably, He felt his cock begin to grow. He felt his face blushing because he was thinking about his mom in her bikini and not some coed at school, but that was only momentary as his hard cock quickly dominated his thoughts. He visualized mom on a horizontal deck chair lying on her stomach with her long smooth legs slightly splayed. He imagined himself at the edge of the pool looking directly between her legs at the strip of blue bikini making little ripples as it molded itself to her pussy. She had always had an incomparable ass, and he could see her bikini rising a quarter of the way up her perfectly rounded globes clearly exposing the soft indentation where her long legs ended and her gorgeous ass began. He felt his cock throb with excitement as he imagined slipping silently out of the pool and dropping slowly to his knees and then burying his nose between her legs before planting a big kiss directly on her pussy.

He shifted in his seat to accommodate his throbbing erection while moving his right hand to the crotch of his blue jeans. He rubbed his cock through his jeans, moaning involuntarily. He quickly realized that he was going to get escort ataşehir some relief soon and it was only a matter of whether it would happen with his cock in or out of his pants. Since he was less than an hour from home he made a quick decision that it might not be too cool showing up at the house with a big, wet cum stain on the front of his jeans, so he unbuckled and unzipped his pants. His jeans were still a little tight because of the extra material his gigantic hard on was occupying, so he lifted up and with a little effort managed to move his pants about halfway down his butt as his cock sprang angrily though the hole in his boxers. Even though he was not touching himself, his cock was pulsing and throbbing like crazy and he could feel the cum in his tight ball sac rising like a barely contained oil gusher.

He absently searched the cab of the truck with his right hand for a tissue or a t-shirt, anything to catch the impending explosion of cum. Wedged between the seat and the backrest he found a small convenience pack of Kleenex with two small tissues. Lifting his knee to rest against the bottom of the steering wheel he covered the fat head of his cock with the tissues in his left hand while he slowly pumped the shaft of his 8 ½ inch cock with his right.

He knew the small amount of tissue would be strained to the limit to contain what had built up in his balls, so he didn’t want to jerk off like a wild man. After his hand had made less than a half dozen trips from his cock head to his balls he felt a tremendous load of cum rush to the top of his dick. He couldn’t help but spasm forward in his seat. After the first two blasts, cum was already seeping out of the entirely inadequate tissues back down on to the thumb and forefinger of his right and in between the fingers of his left. Hot cum kept blasting from the top of his dick running down the shaft. He tried to fold the tissue over to make more usable area, but it was no use – it was completely saturated with cum. The only finger not coated with cum on his left hand was his pinkie, which he used to lower the power window so he could throw the tissue out. He put his left wrist on the top of the steering wheel and surveyed the mess on his right hand and prick.

Now what, he thought. As though it had a mind of its own, his right hand went to his mouth and he tentatively tasted his slippery spunk for the first time.

“Hmmm, not bad”, he said quietly to himself. It smells a little of bleach, but it has only a hint of bitterness. There was something about eating his own cum that gave him a rush. Unhesitatingly, he began to suck each of his fingers clean. When he had that job completed, he circled his hand around the base of his cock and pulled it up until it tightened and came together as it reached the slit at the top of his rod. He had accumulated a fair amount of cum, and spellbound he brought that up to his mouth as well. After getting his fingers wet, they made several trips back to his cock until he was satisfied that it was as clean as his fingers could make it.

He slipped his softening cock back in his boxers and immediately proceeded to slurp the spunk off his left hand until all that was left was the slight odor of cum. After a deep breath, he worked his pants back up and although it was an effort was able to zip and button them up.

Chapter 2 – the reunion

He sat there a few moments breathing deeply and trying to get his head around what he had just done when suddenly his cell phone began to vibrate against the cardboard backing of legal pad in the front seat. It was mom.

“Where are you honey?” she asked in that sultry, somewhat scratchy voice of hers.

“Uhhhhh, let’s see. I think about 15 miles out of town, so about 20 minutes from the house”, he answered.

“Well hurry up baby. Something has come up and I have to go out with clients this evening, but I want to see you before I leave”, she explained.

“Be there as quick as I can. Love you, Mom”.

“I love you too, darlin'”.

Suddenly he felt an urgency to see her that he hadn’t before and he pushed the truck a little faster. Eighteen minutes later he pulled into the drive. He went in the front door and could hear his mom fussing around in the other room. Suddenly she appeared and he thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. She was trying to get the clasp to fasten on an earring as she walked toward him. She had a white silk blouse that strained against her pert breasts and thigh high hose on, but no skirt, so when she stepped forward he could see flashes of her black panties as her blouse fell open at the bottom. If she only knew that he had just shot a massive load thinking about having his lips on her pussy, she would think twice about skipping around in front of him like that, he thought. She fixed her clasp and bounded the last few steps throwing her arms around his neck pulling him close with a giant hug.

“I have missed you sooo much Michael”, she purred. She held him close against her and he immediately felt his dick starting to unwind. Not wanting his mother to feel his giant boner, he gently kadıköy escort bayan pushed her back as she planted a big wet kiss directly on his lips. Quickly she moved her hand to his lips to wipe off any lipstick residue.

“Listen honey, she said cheerily. Come up to his bedroom while I finish dressing. I have to meet the clients in 30 minutes and I don’t want to keep them waiting”.

He followed dutifully behind lingering a couple of steps to try and get a better look at her spectacular ass on the way up the stairs. Suddenly, she slipped and fell forward on one knee. Her blouse rode up her back a little and her perfect ass encased in tiny black bikini panties was on full display. He leaped up the stairs placing his hands on her partially covered hips and asked if she was okay.

“I can be such a klutz sometimes”, she exclaimed not bothering to pull her blouse back down as she moved back up the stairs. “Damn! Now I have a run in these hose and I don’t have time to get another pair”.

Suddenly she realized that her blouse had not slipped back down, she reached to her side and pulled it down over her panties diminishing her son’s view.

” Guess you got treated to a good view of my backside. Sorry to throw my old butt in your face as soon as you got home.”

“Mom, you have to be kidding, right? Not to be too direct, but you have one of the sweetest, most spectacular asses I have ever laid eyes on. You can throw your butt at me any time you want”, he gushed.

As soon as he said that, he thought he had just screwed up royally. Mom looked at him rather severely for a second and opened her mouth as though to give him a verbal slap down, but just as quickly her face softened.

“I think I just got a real compliment, she said smiling. Coming from you, that is very flattering. Thank you!”

We entered her bedroom and she sat down on the edge of the bed. He sat in the chair facing her noting she had a black skirt lying on the bed next to where she was sitting. She chattered away as she started to roll the hose on her right leg down toward her knee, she then lifted her leg until her foot was on the bed. She had her left arm between her legs, but that did not completely obscure his view as he peered all the way up her left thigh to her panties. She continued chattering on about how great it was to have him home and how much fun we would have this summer, seemingly oblivious of the very sexy show she was putting on for him. As she began removing the stocking from her other side, he lost time for a moment and was fixed on her leg like it was the finish line.

Suddenly, she stopped talking and in the back of his mind he realized she had asked a question.

“Well, Mike, what do you think? “

“Ah, sure mom, that will be fine”, he answered, not at all aware of the question.

“Men! Always looking when they should be listening”, she said in mock exasperation.

“I’m sorry mom, He said. I guess his mind was somewhere else.”

“Probably the same place your eyes were, she suggested. Okay, let’s forget it for now. We will decide whether to go to the movies, or out to eat tomorrow when I get back home from my meeting.” With that she stood up, picked up her skirt from the bed and pulled it up her bare legs. Having just been caught looking at his mom’s bare legs, he averted his eyes as she finished with her skirt. She had a small smile on her face as she fished her black high heels from under the bed and put them on. She spun around in front of him and said, “Well, what’s the verdict?”

It was a little like asking the fox what he thought of the hen house. Her outfit was simple, but she looked fabulous. Just knowing how little material there was between her skirt and pussy had his dick chiseling its way down his leg. Lisa pretended she did not see the movement, but when she saw it expanding she could barely suppress the moan that was making its way up her throat.

“Mom, if you are meeting a man, the sale is a done deal. If you are meeting a man and wife, she is going to hate you, and if you are meeting a woman, she is going to envy you!”

She placed her hands on her hips and laughed with glee. “Michael Allen Cross, I will have you know that I am meeting two men, and unless I miss my guess, they are gay.”

“Lisa Marie Cross, he mocked putting his hands on his hips, in that case, both of them will be wishing they had been born heterosexual!”

With a huge smile, she grabbed her purse, threw him a kiss and rushed down the stairs and out the door, but not before telling him she was meeting them at Chen’s, a popular local Chinese restaurant , should be back by 11, and that there was food on the stove.

Michael watched as her beautiful ass encased in the tight mid-thigh black skirt slipped through the door and a couple of seconds later heard the car pull out of the drive. Damn, what a sexy woman, he thought for what seemed the hundredth time today.

He shook his head as though to dislodge the thought, and went to his room to grab a pair of shorts to wear after he took a shower. As he padded to the shower, he decided escort bostancı to unpack his things in the morning. He stripped off his clothes, smiled wryly at his athletic image and stepped into the shower. As the water streamed down his body, his mind drifted involuntarily to his mother again. God, she looked so freaking hot, much better than any of the girls he knew. Not only was she a natural beauty, she was sexy, yet comfortable to be around. How could he have not noticed that all these years? His hand closed around his hardening prick and he began to masturbate again. He thought about this evening’s unwitting show that mom had put on for him, and he imagined running his hands up her beautiful long legs and slowly kissing his way to her pussy. That image was enough to send him over the edge, and cum shot out the end of his dick splattering in large white globs against the shower wall. His knees immediately got weak and he had to lean against the wall for support.

Checking to be sure the water had removed the cum from the wall, he stepped out of the shower and dried himself off before slipping on a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts without bothering with underwear. The several hour trip home coupled with the stress of the last few days was taking its toll, and he was starting to get tired. He went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed some chicken fingers from the plate on the oven and a Coke from the refrigerator and went into the living room to watch TV. There wasn’t much on, so after polishing off the chicken fingers, he put on a music station thinking he would rest until mom returned, and lay back on the couch falling asleep within minutes.

Around 11 Lisa arrived home. She wobbled a little unsteadily up the walk and through the door. Her face was a little flushed from the excess of celebratory wine she had consumed with her two very gay clients who had signed the papers that obligated them to buy a 3.2 million dollar commercial property. The large sale meant a 3% commission and that thought alone had her a little lightheaded. Sharing almost three bottles of wine had done the rest. The two men had been very nice and had complimented her on the professional way she had brought the sale to fruition. She was very excited about the night’s events which not only insured their financial security for the rest of the year, but was going to leave enough for them to take a two week vacation later this summer.

When she reached the living room she was a little disappointed to find her son asleep on the couch. She walked over to wake him, but stopped just as she was about to say his name. Her eyes took in his sun bleached hair and rugged good looks. Her eyes traveled down his 6’2″ frame past his broad swimmer’s shoulders to his chiseled chest, six pack abs and slim hips. She could not help but marvel at how handsome and well-built her son was. As her eyes continued down, she involuntarily gasped as her eyes reached his baggy shorts. As he had shifted on the couch while sleeping, his shorts had ridden up his legs and three inches of his thick flaccid cock was lying on his leg in clear view. She felt her pussy pulse like it had been hit with an electric charge followed by the wet feeling of her juices flowing like a river out of her pussy and into the gusset of her little black panties. Her tongue came out of her mouth to wet her suddenly bone dry lips. Mike moaned on the couch and she took a quick step back in surprise. But he only shifted slightly, and his hand moved from his hip to settle on his cock. Lisa looked to see if he was waking, but his breathing continued steady and deep even though he was now clearly rubbing his cock. She felt her breathing pick up as his cock began to harden and more and more of it appeared below the bottom of his shorts.

Suddenly she had an idea and tiptoed over to the entertainment center where she kept the camcorder. She quietly turned it on and began recording the sight in front of her. She watched in wonderment as his cock continued to grow until 6 of its 8 ½ inches were outside his pants. She continued to film in close up mode as his cock formed a big clear dollop of precum. Very carefully she reached her finger down and scooped it up, imperceptibly touching his dick. She quickly brought it to her mouth, and tasted him, her eyes closing blissfully. She felt a tremendous pulse run through her pussy that all but buckled her knees. Although she was incredibly turned on, she had the presence of mind to manipulate the camera to catch everything including the shot of her putting her finger soaked with his juice in her mouth.

She couldn’t stand anymore and had to have some relief, so she took the camera to her bedroom, stripped off her clothes and rewound the video she had just taken. She hit the play button and watched as her hunky son lay on the couch with his big cock sticking out of his shorts. She began to rub her closely shaved, tight little pussy with her finger. Within a matter of seconds she was fingering herself like a piston and moaning loudly. Seconds later she felt the beginning of a powerful orgasm. She moved her hand down and over her ass bud. The wetness of her finger allowed it to slip in easily and once in another deep moan escaped her lips. When she slipped out of her bud and moved back to her clit, her pussy exploded in a powerful orgasm that had her bucking up to meet her furiously pistoning finger.

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