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Sweet and Naughty Cat Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

This is a continuation of the “Cat’s Birthday” Series and will further tell the story of Cat and Chris and their budding romance.


Chris sat quietly at his desk. He had a ton of work to do, but was having a hard time focusing. While his brain should have been focused on work, it was instead focused on Cat. It was almost 8:00 a.m. and she would soon be in.

As if on cue, Cat’s heels clicked on the hard floor as she made her way through the building to her office. It was early and the office was still mostly empty. Every little sound echoed through the halls, amplified by the emptiness. Chris perked up in his seat and tried to act like he was focused on his work. Cat paused for a moment as she walked by and set a folded piece of paper on his desk. She placed her fingers on the back of his hand and let them run up his arm as she walked away.

Chris couldn’t help but stare as she did. Cat had out done herself today. Her tight black skirt fell to about mid-thigh and her low cut blouse didn’t leave much to the imagination. It was sure to grab everyone’s attention. But it was the black leather high heel boots that came to just below her knee and black diamond patterned tights that caught and held his attention. The way the boots hugged her calves, like they were molded to her body, the way they made her long legs look like they reached all the way to heaven. Chris watched as Cat disappeared out of sight. By the time she had rounded the corner, his cock was throbbing and creating a bulge in is pants. He smiled and returned his focus to his desk. Chris cautiously opened the note she had placed there and read it.

“My office, noon. Don’t be late. I’m not wearing panties.”

What was she up to this time, he wondered. Chris couldn’t help but chuckle as he folded the paper back up and put it in his pocket. It wasn’t something he wanted to just leave laying around. While they hadn’t yet announced their budding relationship to the rest of the office, it wasn’t as if they were hiding it. They had spent many evenings out together since her birthday and surely they had been seen together. Still, until word had spread, they agreed to be cautious around the office.

Chris refocused his attention back on his work. The morning went excruciatingly slow. Minutes seemed like hours. He couldn’t help but think about what was in store for him at noon. Cat seemed to make more trips than usual out of her office. He began to suspect she was doing it on purpose. Every time he would get the thought out of his brain, he would hear her heels kartal escort bayan clicking down the hall and the thought of her walking around with no panties on under that skirt and tights would again preoccupy him. His cock would stir and strain against his pants, begging to be released. Somehow he managed to fight back the urge to march right in to her office, close the door and take her right then and there. He knew she had other plans. And he wasn’t about to cause a scene and bring their relationship to light.

Chris glanced at the clock. It was 11:55. His leg bounced nervously in anticipation of their lunch time meeting. He was about to get up and head to her office when again he heard her heels clicking across the floor.

“Chris, would you please come in to my office?” Cat asked loudly enough so that others would hear and not suspect anything was going on between them. “We need to discuss this report.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied. “I’ll be right there.”

Cat returned to her office and took a seat behind her desk. Chris was not far behind. He entered Cat’s office and took a seat in the chair across from her. She stared quietly at him for a moment, then stood and walked around the desk to shut the office door, being sure to talk work as she did in case anyone else were to be walking by. Chris’s eye were focused everywhere but on her. He held his breath as he heard the office door close and lock. He exhaled when he heard her draw the blind on the small window beside it. Cat slowly walked back to where Chris was sitting running her fingers teasingly across the back of his neck and shoulders as she did. She took a seat on the edge of her desk in front of him, her long legs crossed. Chris’s eyes were transfixed on her legs.

“I see I wore something you like today,” Cat said pointing at the bulge in his pants with the toe of her boot. Chris shifted nervously in his seat and blushed as he smiled a devilish grin. “You always wear something I like,” he replied.

Cat rolled her eyes as she slowly unzipped one boot and then the other and removed them. She stretched her legs placing her feet on his bulging cock. “Those things make my feet hurt. Will you rub them for me?” she asked wiggling her toes. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

Chris smiled as took one foot in his hand and began to rub it. “Mmm,” Cat moaned, her eyes closed. “That’s just what I needed.” He continued to rub her aching feet. First one, then the other. It was the best foot massage Cat had had in a long time. “If this happened every day, it escort maltepe would be worth wearing heels,” she quipped.

As good as the massage felt, this was not at all how Cat had planned to spend her lunch hour. Cat reluctantly pulled her feet away from his magical hands.

“Come here,” she said as she leaned in to kiss him. “And get your pants down, we don’t have much time!”

Chris struggled to get his pants down as quickly as he could while she kissed him. Cat’s hand found his hard cock, finally freed from its constraints. She stroked it a few times, he was more than ready for her. She could feel it throb with every beat of his heart. A long string of slippery precum hung off the tip. “I have an idea. Sit back,” she whispered.

Chris did as he was told and took a seat as she sat back on the edge of her desk.

“Mmm, I see these tights really get you worked up,” she cooed as she placed her feet in his lap. Chris shuddered. The feeling of the tights against his skin sent a shiver down his spine. It was electrifying. “Just relax,” she told him. “Let me tease you for a bit.”

Chris closed his eyes as Cat used her feet to tease his cock. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. Her nylon tights felt silky and smooth against his cock. He watched as she pinned his cock against the top of one foot with the other and teased the head with her toes. It was getting to be too much. Chris started to squirm in his seat. Cat knew he was close but she wasn’t ready for him to cum. Her pussy ached. She needed to be fucked. Fucked like the day he teased her with her toy. She released his cock from her feet, being sure to tease his balls with them, but only for a second.

“Fuck me,” she begged as she stood up and leaned over the desk, shaking her ass at him. Chris stood and grabbed her by the waist. His hands slipped in the waist band of her tights, but she stopped him. “Leave them on. Fuck me with them on. I can see how much you like them. Fuck me in them!”

Chris grinned as he gave her a playful smack on her ass before placing his cock between her legs, rubbing it against her nylon covered pussy. The crotch of her tights was dripping wet and his cock slipped easily between her legs. She humored him for a bit, letting him continue to slide his cock against her covered pussy. But Cat’s pussy ached for his cock and she quickly grew impatient with his teasing. She needed to feel it. Cat whirled around and sat back on her desk, her legs spread wide. She looked him in the eyes as she ripped a hole in the crotch of pendik escort tights. She leaned forward and grabbed his cock, pulling him close to her. Cat lay back, placing her legs on his shoulders. She teased her pussy with is cock, rubbing it on her wet pussy lips before guiding it inside her.

Cat gasp as he began to fuck her, kissing her feet and calves as he did. He fucked her slowly at first, savoring the moment. Cat lowered her legs, and wrapped them around his waist, using them to encourage him to quicken the pace. As her pleasure built, she tried to moan as quietly as she could, they were after all still in the office, but she was getting close to cumming and it was getting more and more difficult. Her hand found its way to her swollen clit. She rubbed it furiously as he fucked her harder and faster. She was almost there…and she could tell by the look on his face, Chris was almost there as well.

“Fuck!” she cried out, for a moment forgetting where she was. “Fucking cum on my feet! Cum all over my tights!” she begged as her pussy started to spasm. Her orgasm quickly triggered his. Chris pulled his cock from her cumming pussy just as the first spurt of his cum rocketed from it, landing on her thigh. She raised her feet and he took careful aim, unloading the rest of his seed on her pretty nylon covered feet.

Chris fell back in the chair out of breath. Cat propped herself up on her elbows on her desk. She couldn’t help but giggle when she saw him and the mess he had made. Every inch of her feet were covered with his cum! She had never seen so much! She rubbed her feet together spreading it around. It was one of the most erotic things she had done in a long time. His warm cum felt good as it soaked through her nylon tights and on to her skin.

“Mmm, that felt wonderful sweetie,” she cooed. “Will you hand me my boots? We need to get back to work, lunch time is over.”

Chris did as he was asked and handed her her boots before pulling up his pants and straighten his shirt. He watched wide eyed as she slipped her cum covered feet back in to them and zipped them up. Cat used her finger to wipe the cum from her thigh, licking it clean, before standing and straighten her skirt. She kissed him deeply before escorting him to the door. He could taste his cum on her lips. She gave him a quick pat on the ass before unlocking it and opening it for him.

“I expect that report to be fixed by the end of the day,” she announced as she guided him out of the office.

“Yes ma’am,” Chris replied as he made his way back to his desk.

Cat made many more teasing trips past him as the afternoon went on. Each time she did, Chris’s cock began to stir. He couldn’t help but get excited by the thought of her walking round the office with her feet covered in his cum inside those high heeled boots.

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