Haziran 8, 2023

Suzy and Tom Chapter 2

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Big Tits

Tom came to find me in my bedroom straightening up.   “I told her it was over,” Tom said “I think she was screwing someone else anyway”   “Can you believe what just happened?” I asked.   I’d just caught my twin brother wanking with my dirty panties on his face, sucked him off, and then had him lick me to a screaming orgasm through my underwear.   It had been a strange twenty minutes to put it mildly.   “It was the most terrifying, and then the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me. ” he said “Was that illegal?”   “I don’t know about illegal, but definitely immoral.   It was so fucking hot though, that these knickers are drenched” I replied.   When did my brother’s cock get so beautiful?   He was stood in the doorway still naked, and I was just wearing pants and socks.   My nipples were like bullets, and I could feel the familiar churning in my pussy.   “Can we do it again sometime Suze?” he asked.   I wet my lips with the tip of my tongue.   My throat istanbul travesti was feeling dry and I think I was blushing.   “I’d certainly like to,” I croaked, “but we stop short of sex.   I’m not sure how I’d cope with full blown incest.”   I watched that glorious cock twitching back to life.   “I need a pee.” He stammered, and went to the bathroom.   I had an urge.   I’d always been fascinated with the erotic side of pissing.   I followed him into the bathroom.   “Do you want some help?” I asked.   For the second time this evening, Tom jumped nearly out of his skin.   “What do you mean?” he gasped.   “Relax” I said, as I knelt next to him and took his prick in my hand.   “Just do what comes naturally.”   “I can’t hold it” he whimpered.   “I don’t want you to” I replied.   I pulled back his foreskin and felt his prick swell in my hand.   A powerful jet of hot piss burst into the toilet bowl.   Tom sighed as if he was cumming again.   I stared istanbul travestileri in fascination as the fluid spurted forth from the eye at the end of his manhood.   The flow began to reduce, and I began to direct the diminishing stream around the bowl.   His cock was beginning to stiffen in my grasp.   As the stream began to break up into drips, I could resist it no longer.   I pulled his cock towards my mouth, the last few drops falling onto my tits.   I glanced down to see a drop of his piss clinging to my left nipple and shuddered.   I looked directly into the eye of his cock, and then probed it with the tip of my tongue.   By now, Tom was fully erect.   I ran my tongue over the head of his prick and around the rim of his helmet.   The piss was slightly salty, but largely tasteless.   Tom had taken one of my plaits in each of his hands, and was pushing his prick against my lips.   “Wait a second,” I gasped breathlessly, “I’m going to suck you off, but want you to cum travesti istanbul on my tits this time.”   “It’s a deal,” he panted as his cock moved into my willing mouth.   “You’ve no idea how many times I’ve fantasised about doing just that.”   I gripped his balls with my left hand, and steadied myself with my right.   I moved my lips up and down the length of his shaft, creating a vacuum.   Tom held onto my hair for dear life, his hips rocking in time with my lips.   I was becoming convinced he’d forget to withdraw, but didn’t really mind.   As I’ve said before, I love the taste of spunk, and my brother’s was pretty special.   Just the Tom pulled his cock from my mouth with an audible plop.   His prick was bouncing up and down with a life of its own.   He let go of my hair with his right hand and grasped his shaft.   I looked on mesmerised as he gripped the shaft, and pulled his foreskin back and forth over the swollen purple head.   I reached around to his arse cheeks with my right hand, whilst keeping a grip on his balls with my left.   Tom began to gasp, and I stuck my right index finger up his arse hole to the first knuckle.   He squealed and jerked, and I watched his delicious creamy spunk erupt from the eye from which his piss had poured just minutes before.

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