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Surrogate Mother-in-Law becomes Wife

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I have a daughter who has a happy married life. She and her husband wanted a child but due to medical condition she could not conceive. They had gone through treatment in vain and one viable alternative is through surrogate motherhood. She is my daughter and I offered to help them carry their child through in-vitro fertilization program. I wanted her to have a child and experience a warm connection with her child like I had with her. I offered to be surrogate mother to daughter who had a radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer. Before the surgery, doctor had harvested and stored her eggs. After a process that included psychological evaluation and hormonal manipulation to prepare me, doctor implanted my uterus with an embryo created with egg and sperm from them.

The thought of not being able to have children just broke my heart. Initially I had worries I couldn’t carry to full term. The doctor assured me I was a fertile woman and perfectly able to conceive a baby naturally myself. I worried about the physical toll pregnancy might take on my body. I wondered how well I’d bounce back after giving birth.

But everything did not turn out well. After numerous IVF implants I was still unable to conceive. Daughter’s eggs were not healthy. Though fertilized by her husband’s sperm could not take on life in my womb. They were devastated. I wanted so much to bring a joy to them but unsuccessful. This is a continuation of everything that I had done my entire life for her, which is to make sure that she has the best life possible. But I never gave up and continue to undergo IVF hoping doing it often might be successful. They were beginning to lose hope as the cost was high.

My daughter was upset she could not fulfill being a mother. I could only console and comfort her with words. I tried to help but in vain. I got her interested in some outdoor activities and taking a positive outlook. As both had hectic work schedules and travel, it added stress to her and affected her health thus her fertility too. Her husband went on business trips frequently so I moved in to stay with them to keep her company.

We went out shopping, concerts, movies and other activities to divert her thinking of the issue. Meanwhile I continued with the IVF with the remaining embryos. I wanted to do my best for them though the chance appeared slim. As days gone by, life more or less got back to routine. She seemed less stressful, went about her work and business travel. I would spend time with her; occasionally together with her husband we would take driving trips to the country side. I knew she still thought about having a baby though seldom mentioned that. We left it at that.

They got back to their routine life. I still went for the IVF. I didn’t quite like it as it was cold clinical process. So many failures led me to disappointment. However, it was her only hope. The medicine she was taking and work had a toll on her health. We were hopeful it would go into remission and she is healthy again.

Often three of us would go out and had a great time wining, dining and dancing. He would dance with me to the fast beat or slow music holding my hand and waist. It was all fun to pass time away. It made me felt young. My daughter felt tired easily. She would sit watching us dancing after a few dances. Things got onto a good start. It was a sensational feeling dancing with my son-in-law. He was most gentleman without doubt, barely touching me besides holding my arms, held my gaze for a couple of seconds respectfully without being too imposing as we whirled on the dance floor. We had never got that close before. I felt a thrilling sensation by his touch and holding my hands.

I didn’t get close to a man since my divorce though I went on casual dates with no long lasting affair. The outing got me into a socializing mood again enjoying a man’s attention. I felt apprehensive with restrain as he was my son-in-law. I didn’t delve over it telling myself I mustn’t get overboard emotionally. Maybe he was polite without too much implication. Anyway peoples hold each other while dancing I thought. No big deal though I felt edgy. I let the matter rest as we continue with our lives trying to make my daughter as comfortable as possible and ease her from thinking about her illness.

Somehow as we went out more often in threesome to take her mind off her illness there were opportunities to trend closer. He appeared more attentive to both of us. When we danced slow romantic songs, he would hold my waist tight as we glided slowly on the dance floor, often brushing his cheek on mine. I thought it was unintentional our cheeks contacted. It happened too many times to think he did it on purpose touching my cheek with his. In time to come he would kiss me most gentlemanly lightly on my lips at the end of the dance.

I couldn’t help feeling swooned over by his action. Maybe I was too sensitive or I have not had a man’s attention for quite some time. I reasoned I ataşehir escort was his mother-in-law and his behavior was quite normal and not too invasive. I hope my daughter didn’t see the intimate action as we danced. We were happy going and time spent together enjoyable. I was happy my daughter accepts her illness and understands my effort in encouraging her to be positive. The only concern I had was I couldn’t conceive using her embryo. I continued with the IVF hopefully there was result but it was not to be.

We carried on with our jobs and spent whatever time together to liven up the atmosphere. Both of them travel quite often on business. At times either one or both were away. So quite often I was left with either of them in the house. It was alright staying with my daughter but different alone with my son-in-law. Somehow I felt he might be coming a bit close to me and I was uncomfortable. Being alone together in the house was a perfect environment for a simmering passion to burst up like a tinder-box if we did not restrain our emotion and behave wildly. I was afraid though I admitted I was flattered by his attention. Or I was sensitive and really nothing to worry about. I wanted to return to my home when daughter went overseas but she reasoned we could keep each other company. I didn’t pay much attention to the matter and carried on normally.

Nothing untoward happened the few times we were alone in the house. He was quite a gentleman, driving me to and from work when possible. I would cook meals. On days I was tired, we went out for dinner. On weekend we had more time to chat and mostly on conceiving a baby. I was still game despite there was no positive result. I told him I would continue IVF and hopefully conceived. The doctor had told us I was healthy and could conceive. On occasion we dined out we would go to the lounge to relax and enjoyed the night dancing away. We would dance to fast music and slowed down to soft music into the night. The music and wine did get me into exciting mood. He would hold my hand and placed his other hand on my waist drawing me close as we glided on the dance floor. He would on occasions place his cheek on mine then tilted as if intentionally brushed my lips as we danced.

Somehow I enjoyed the way he held and smooch me. I felt an electrifying sensation running down my spine. It was a long time since I had such good time with a man. If only he was not my son-in-law, I would have thrown myself at him. I got awakened from my long celibacy. I knew I should control my emotion and suppressed any erotic feeling. I tried but the burning sensation surged through to my groin. I felt uncomfortable. I am a woman and there was a man holding me close to him. I merely behaved like any hot blooded woman. But for the sake of my daughter, I needed to keep an arm length before the surge became unbearable and uncontrollable and I did something regrettable.

We talked about the IVF and he expressed appreciation for my support as a surrogate mum. I told him love for daughter made me to volunteer for the role adding that love and support was a major part of our lives in our household. I gave unconditional love to both and he didn’t need to thank me. Only disappointment bugged me. I didn’t like the cold clinical IVF treatment but I didn’t voice out to them. I endured for my daughter. Without success bothered me but I never gave up. I pressed on with the IVF since it was the only hope. He appeared touched leaning forward to hold my hands looking intensely in my eyes in a sober mood.

It was an emotional chat and as he left the table he came forward and pecked me on my cheeks lingering as if to smooch my lips but hesitated. If he did I didn’t know how to react. I began to accept his attention as appreciation for my support to them. I was not apprehensive any more not forgetting I was his mother-in-law. He simply showed affection as son-in-law. I should be at ease in his presence. The atmosphere in the house with him alone was more relaxed after our openness.

My daughter got busier with work, traveling often leaving me and him alone. He did travel and most occasions I was with one of them fortunately. I went socializing less after I took on the surrogate mother role thinking fewer activities might help conceiving. I was less positive IVF could work as time ticked away without result. I had more open interaction with him and comfortable discussing matters affecting family. At times when we sat and talked he would touch my hands when he wanted to convey his opinion. I didn’t feel uptight any more about his actions. Instead I tapped his hand at times to emphasize a matter. We carried on close terms as family did. I didn’t feel he was paying unwanted attention on me. Just normal caring behavior by a son-in-law to his mother-in-law. There was less tension whenever he came before me. I won’t feel awkward when he touched me.

I felt progressively we were drifting closer to a chummy relationship. kadıköy escort I was beginning to have great feeling whenever with him. We spent time going to concerts, movies, enjoyed fine dining, dancing and healthy outdoor lifestyle walking, biking. It was never a dull moment. I always had things to occupy me and time to share with him when daughter was away on business trips. Likewise I enjoyed times with daughter together. She was more cheerful and I tried to bring back the positive attitude in life to her. I wanted the best for her. And a baby was her wish. I must do my best for her.

On one day a dramatic thing occurred. I thought I was alone in the house. I went to shower and came out covered with a towel carrying my soiled clothes to the washing machine. I dropped some walking along the hallway. I bent down to pick them when the towel slipped off and dropped as I stood up leaving me naked. I gasp seeing he appeared unexpectedly, picked up the towel to wrap me up, intentionally or otherwise brushed my breasts for a few seconds. It was far too long seconds to be unintentional. I was embarrassed he must have seen me nude then touched me. I felt ecstatically sensation, nipples hardened. Seeing me blushed he told me to relax, calm down, it was an accident, and he complimented me I had a nice figure I should be proud of. He apologized for taking a look at me naked unintentionally adding he was proud to have a beautiful mother-in-law. I stood there stumped as he hurried off to his room.

For the rest of the day we did not see each other to avoid further discomfort. At evening time he approached me offering to take me to dinner as an apology for causing the embarrass situation to me. To put him at ease I told him I accepted the offer and he already apologized. It was a small matter nothing to brood on. He was delighted I was not mad at him. We had a wonderful dinner. After we went to listen to music and danced as usual. As he held me dancing he said indeed I looked charmingly lovely. I felt more embarrassed at his flattering than being seen naked. Maybe he was merely being nice lest I was still mad at him. We had small talk leading to him wondering why I did not have a permanent relationship with a man. I replied simply I had yet to meet a nice man. I did go on dates and it led to nowhere. So I never bothered.

“Be natural and let things take its course. Come what may, everything happened for a reason,” I added.

With the bantering he was relieved I didn’t mind seen in the nude by him. He cheekily said like earlier in that day,

“It happened I saw a well endowed nice body. I just knew my mother-in-law was so beautiful to behold in her natural human form.”

I giggled sharing his corny joke.

“Could I see your natural beauty again?” he pitching in naughtily.

I took that in good faith and nothing else. I didn’t reply and kept quiet pretending not to hear him. Looking intensely at me, he asked could he have the next dance with me as he reached for my hand. I smiled holding hands to the dance floor.

On the dance floor he held me close and seeing I didn’t push him back as we glided, he drew closer in the next song. He held me closer than before gently fondling my back. I noticed he peeked down my cleavage as I wore a low cut dress. I enjoyed his action as the wine made me loosened up and got me into a happy acceptance mood. I moved into his embrace unconsciously. I felt his hand on my bums, slowly massaging lightly. I didn’t resist him. I was enjoying his touch.

The wine had a soothing effect and with his maneuver I too held him closer. I could imagine he was in a flirting mood albeit with his mother-in-law. I enjoyed his flirting attention though I was quite reserved with man. Somehow I caved in to his seduction unwittingly. He placed his cheek on mine, shifting to plant a kiss on my lips slipping his tongue into my mouth at the end of the music and I knew that was done on purpose. I was thrilled.

We danced into the wee of night without a care. That was the night I was scared would lead us to an intimacy out of control. With wife outstation and alone with mother-in-law whom he saw in the nude, in the house, it was a cozy atmosphere for a spark to ignite a flame of desire. Then I consoled myself. What will be will be. Worrying only sour the relationship which might just stopped short of full blown affair. I should enjoy the moment, nothing else to worry.

The next morning things appeared normal. I made breakfast in the kitchen as he walked in, pecked me on the cheeks. He placed his hand on my waist asking if I needed help and before I could answer I felt his hand went down to my bums squeezing gently, Sensing I didn’t objected he carried on stroking. To avoid encouraging him I moved away to wash the vegetable for salad. He came over and offered to wash. He would have his hands full and won’t lay them on me I thought. I felt peculiar by his attention. A flash crossed my mind. bostancı escort bayan Was he lonely, having a crush on me being alone with wife away on business? He laid the table and we settled down to eat breakfast. He was chatty fixing eyes on me as we talked.

I began to feel he was beginning to take an interest on me. I thought I was sensitive knowing I was uncomfortable he was flirting with me even though I enjoyed his attention.

After breakfast he suggested going to the beach. I missed the dip in the sea and sun bath. It was healthy soaking up the nature surrounding. I packed up and off we drove to the beach. We picked a shady place, lay out the mat. I undressed to a bikini swim wear. He ogled at me and it was no brainer what went on in his mind. He took out sunscreen and asked if I wanted on my body. I lay prone and without asking unhooked the top piece. Then he applied it on my whole back and began massaging. I felt so soothing. With the hot sun, I got dizzy and dozed off as he continued. He rubbed near to my bottom piece and pulled it down to apply on my bums. The breeze plus his massage on my bare back and bums was sensational. He continued to my thighs and feet. I tweaked slightly. Without pulling back my bottom piece he flipped me over to lie supine. I closed my eyes enjoying his touch unaware he was admiring my frontal and exposed groin.

He took off the top and cupped my breasts. My nipples turned hardened as he massaged them. Then without a word I felt him suckling my nipples. That woke me up and I pushed him off meekly. He didn’t stop on my breasts, sensing it was no more than a modest gesture. I was thrilled and relished the pleasure. He applied the sunscreen on my arms, bust, belly dipping down on my groin. I wanted to stop him going further down but my flesh was willing and the good feeling overcame my modesty. He got bolder. He fingered me slipping a finger into my vagina which was dripping wet already. He knew I was opening up to him and he could continue without me objecting though my hand was pushing his away. The enjoyment I got was too pleasurable for me to want him to stop. I quivered and climaxed.

I opened my eyes smiling approvingly at him. I didn’t realize my behavior was a turning point in our intimacy to come. He was highly steamed up judging from the bulging on his swim trunk. I came to my sense and told him to stop as we were in public space and we might meet familiar peoples and invited gossips. I sat up pulling up my bottom piece and hooked my top. I was tingling itchy down in my groin and his bulge still visible which he was not hiding from me. Taking my hands he led me into the water. We swam and our hands groped each other private parts under the water.

It was a turning point in my life and I knew it was difficult to maintain our relationship of mother and son-in-law. We had crossed the line and thrown all inhibitions overboard at the beach. I never expect the beach outing would lead us to an intimate relationship I was afraid to end up in the first place. How wrong I was. My flesh was willing though my mind disapproved. I was feeling guilty that I betrayed my feeling and hurt my daughter’s in the process by allowing her husband to venture sexually on me. I needed to tread carefully if not I would lost my daughter.

Though we didn’t have sexual intercourse then, I knew it would be hard to fend him off should he pressed onto me. I had showed my feeling to him unknowingly. He was able to see I was vulnerable to his seduction. Not that he took advantage; I was at fault with weak will power to stop him. I thought we still had not crossed the threshold of no return so long we did not have sexual intercourse. But it was difficult to endure facing him daily while the mind reminisced the pleasantries.

Fortunately daughter returned the day after we dallied on the beach. The circumstances prevented us from indulging further. We behaved our normal selves as if nothing had happened.

But things took a turn when daughter complained of tiredness and fainting spell and needed to be hospitalized. As if opportunities arose for us to indulge. I was worried for her. I had no desire to dally. But he was tempting me. I was of two minds and confused as he closed up on me relentlessly. I went to hospital to see daughter and then came home to shower.

As I stepped out to the hallway wrapped with a bathrobe he came home. I was not embarrassed but still didn’t expect him. He hugged me. I didn’t push him off as he slipped the bathrobe off my shoulders and let it dropped to the floor exposing me naked. He complimented me I had a nice curvy full body, a delightful sight to behold. I didn’t blush. He had seen me though not in complete nude. He kissed me hard. I responded with tongues lashing in our mouths.

We took the step towards intimacy and into stage of coupling as he lifted and carried me to the bedroom. No turning back. All inhibitions and restraint cast aside. I was willing. He did not need to force me. I was under his spell.

I sensed he was going to have sexual intercourse with me that night. I was itching to be fucked. We became intimate on the beach. I wanted to offer myself to him and tonight could not be better.

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