Temmuz 17, 2024

Surprise in Adult Store

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Although I am married to a beautiful and sensual woman who pleases me in every way, I like most men these days, like porn. The pleasure of voyeuristically watching others have sex is both stimulating and inspiring and I often try what I see on screen with my willing wife.

On this particular day business brought me to an office next to an adult store where sex movies, toys and outfits are sold. While I had never considered attending such establishments and always watched porn at home, the thought of going inside and see what went on inside made my loins tingle.

I apprehensively went inside not sure what I was going to find. I imagined places like this to be dark and sleazy places where “weird” and disenfranchised people went to satisfy their sexual needs. However I was surprised to see a brightly lit and clean store with two attractive and young women behind the counter as well as single men, women and couples browsing and shopping inside. Everyone was friendly and matter-of-fact about being there and soon I was at ease.

I looked around at the varied array of magazines, toys, lotions, condoms, outfits and other merchandise and eventually made my way to the back of the store where I found quite a number of coin operated booths were customers could choose to view movies from quite a large selection. The booths were spacious and clean and had locking doors for privacy.

While I was looking around I saw an attractive young couple go inside and lock the door. Before long I could hear the familiar sounds of oral sex. My cock twanged inside my shorts demanding attention.

I was to enter the booth next to couple’s when I saw that the store also offered a theater where four movies were being shown for the price of just a couple of minutes inside one of the booths.

I purchased a ticket from the very friendly and sexy cashier and they “buzzed” me inside. Once inside I found myself inside a red lit hallway which eventually led you toward two separate rooms, each with two large HD screens. In the first room one screen showed a movie, while the other screen showed a gay scene. The other room showed a lesbian movie and another gay movie. However, the second movie showed a man having sex with what is known as a “he-she”; a transgender male who has not yet changed sex, but who is living as a woman. While I’ve never considered myself gay, I found my cock responding to the strange illusion of a man sucking the cock of a “woman.”

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I could see that there were about 15 or 20 leather recliners in the room and a couple of guys enjoying the show. I took a seat on the last row and illegal bahis settled down to watch the show.

Before long I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and realized that the man beside me was frantically stroking his cock!! Through the glint of the screen I could see that he was a man of about 35 years; well built; with muscular thighs. His cock was long and thick and lay flat on his well-developed abs. I had not seen him when I first took my seat, but now I realized that I was close enough that the familiar sense of his manhood reached my nostrils and my own cock sprang to life with a will of its own.

I was surprised and shocked at my reaction as I had never been attracted to men, nor had considered or wandered the possibility and while I had seen my share of naked men while serving in the military, I’d never seen another men with a raging hard-on, except of course, in the movies I watched all the time.

This was different; I could hear his labored breathing as he stroked that large cock. I could feel the heat coming off of his body as he had taken off his shirt and had his pants wrapped around his ankles. And, I could see the glistening of his pre-cum lit by the screen and sense his manly cock smell tickle my nostrils.

Without stopping to evaluate the situation I soon had my own pants and underwear wrapped around my ankles and was feverishly stroking my 7 inch cock too. As we both stroke our cocks within inches of each other we both stole occasionally glances at each other’s tools. The stranger beside me was giving me a show as he pulled on his shaft only to let it go to make a loud slapping sound as it struck his abs; I was hypnotized by this man’s power.

Suddenly I felt the warmth of thigh gently touched mine and my cock jumped even more. The tingle I suddenly felt in my balls and the pit of my stomach was incredibly exciting and I found myself more aroused that I had ever been before.

Instinctively I pressed my own thigh against his as we both increased the speed of our fists. After a while he reached across and wrapped his hands around my aching cock. I was surprised at how soft and warm his hands were considering what a powerful man he was; he looked like a lumberjack.

As he gently spread my pre-cum on the head of my cock with his thumb, an involuntary sigh left my lips. I don’t know why-perhaps to keep me quiet or maybe just because of the lust we both were feeling-he leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips. Such gentleness from such a powerful man!! Incredibly I found myself responding to his kiss and soon we were engaged in a tug of tongues.

He slowly illegal bahis siteleri undid my shirt and caressed my chest and my lower abdomen. His tenderness was driving me crazy and I could not help myself from responding to his seduction by thrusting my hips into his hand as it stroked my shaft.

Slowly he removed his lips from mine and in a whisper which was more like a plea, he asked;

“Can I such your cock?”

“Oh yesssssss!”, I responded in impotent surrender.

With my approval this gentle giant gently kissed my neck, my chest. He then suckled my nipples, making them as hard as rocks. As he teased my balls and ass with his left hand he continued to devour my skin as ever so slowly he moved toward my aching hard cock.

I found myself overwhelmed with lust and desire. I knew I loved women; loved pussy, but here I was being a sexual toy to this stranger. The pleasure of his caresses caused me to further open my legs to his touch and he gently inserted a pre-cum lubricated finger in my ass. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I had never felt so much pleasure.

His mouth finally reached my cock and I was ready, ready and willing to shove my cock into his hot and wet mouth. But he had other plans. He eagerly sucked every drop of pre-cum soaking my cock. He then moved to the sides so he could rescue any drop which had fallen up the head. Then he sucked my nuts into his mouth while he slowly-ever so gently, fucked my ass with his finger.

Finally he took all of my cock in his mouth, passed his throat and I couldn’t control myself any longer; I came in a torrent of cum like I had never produced before, and as I did, a guttural grunt escaped my throat as he licked and swallowed every drop.

As I lay there shaking from the power of my orgasm I opened my eyes and for the first time saw that our actions had gathered a crowd of other men who surrounded us while stroking their cocks!

Finally he let go of my cock which made a loud “popping” sound as it grudged leaving his hot mouth. He then kissed me on the lips and for the first time in my life I tasted a man’s cum; my own!! It was salty but nice and I licked every drop and right then and there I knew that I must suck this man’s cock. That I must smell his musk and feel is pre-cum in my lips as I devoured that monster of a cock.

Not being experienced I copied every move he made which made me crazy; crazy enough to have sex with another man, a perfect stranger in a public adult theater.

I kissed his lips and once again our tongues were wrestling for position, trying to gain the upper hand. As I did I wrapped canlı bahis siteleri my hand around his beautiful cock and realized that it was much larger than it first seemed. My rather large hand could not wrap itself around its circumference and my other hand could’ve easily wrapped itself around its length too.

I also played with his pre-cum and scooping all up with my index finger, I brought it to both of our lips as we kissed. We both hungrily lapped it up and he whispered;

—“More, more….”

I did want more, more of his sweet juice and ignoring everything else I knelt in front of his man’s giant cock and swallowed it all.

I was surprised by its texture; it was smooth and hot and uncircumcised and delicious! And as he had done, I too inserted a finger in his ass as I sucked his cock. Without any experience I was trying hard not to scratch him with my teeth and get into a rhythm that would enjoy. I must have been doing a pretty decent job as I heard him groan and felt him thrust his hips against my mouth.

I crazily caressed his smooth thighs and abs as I sucked this man’s wonderful cock, not getting enough of his masculinity.

Suddenly I felt his cock pulse and hardened and I knew that soon I would have his sweet juice. As he quickened his pace I pushed my finger all the way into his ass and there it was…his cum was filling my hungry mouth. It was bitter and sweet at the same time and I drank it all. I kept his cock in my mouth until he began to soften and gently let his cock come out of my mouth.

Unexpectedly a shower of cum rained down on us as all the other men that were surrounding us let of their own loads.

Soon everyone else cleaned themselves off and left us alone. As we slowly regained our composures he turned and said,

—-“Thank you, that was great!”

Hearing his full voice for the first time and seeing his face in the full light of the screen I realized that I was in for the shock of my life. The man to whom I had surrendered so willingly and unexpectedly was my brother-in-law!!!!!

“Tom?” I asked in total disbelief.

“Harry?” he asked in kind.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!? I said.

“Fuck, I can’t believe this shit. Let’s talk outside”, he said as we both went outside.

We talked in his car where he admitted that because he works close by he often comes to the theater to get his rocks off since he split from his wife. I told him I had no idea!!

“I guess things are going to be a little different now”, he said.

“I guess so”, I agreed. “But it sure is going to be a lot more fun working on your truck!”

“It’s our secret”, we both agreed as he got into his car and left.

“Boy, life sure has its surprises” I said to myself as I drove home looking forward to the next time Tom asked me to help him with his truck restoration….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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