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Surprise Honey Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

When I woke up the strange surroundings had me befuddled for a bit. Then I remembered the events of the days and laid back. May was up running the boat. I had slept quite some time. The sun was out and I could hear stirrings around me.

“Hey sleepy head…how are you this morning?”

May had stepped into the room to check on me. She was wearing her uniform and looked very sharp. I could feel a stirring down below as she walked around the bed heading towards her dresser.

“What time is it? I must have really been tired out.”

“Yeah, you must have been. It’s after noon. I was beginning to get worried about you so I thought I would check in to see if you were all right.”

“Umm…where are we?”

“Just pulling into Alaska waters. We’ll be in Ketchikan late tonight. I am taking us out and around Prince of Wales Island instead of heading straight in. I figured you needed some time alone with Charlene…I mean Julie.”

“Oh. That wasn’t a bad dream I had then was it?”

“No sir. It was not.”

“What do I do now? I mean…I had sex with her. I didn’t know it, but still…I feel sick.”

“Hey Bill, she didn’t tell you who she was. She didn’t say anything until her anger showed up after the fact. You cannot blame yourself for this. Besides, I don’t think it is the end of the world. For you to have had sex with her in these circumstances does not make you a bad guy. Your daughter was seeking to trap you into this. That much is obvious.”

“Well, I need to figure out what she wants. What I want too. Guess I’d better get up.”

It was at that point that I realized that I was totally naked under the sheets. May stood there, watching and waiting. Embarrassed, I help the sheets up to my body and just looked at her.

“Oh, come on Bill…it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. Besides…I like eye candy too.”

“Eye candy? Hey…I’m still the boss here.”

“Yeah…suuurrree you are. Well, if it makes you that uncomfortable, I will let you be alone. Your clothes are in your room and Anne and Julie are still in there. Heh heh heh. Have fun.”

“Um…do you have a robe or something I could borrow?”

“Yes, but it will cost you. I liked what I sucked last night and I want a piece of you before this trip is over.”

“A piece of me? Yeah, right. Oh all right…I promise that you and I will uh…you know…later.”

“I will hold you to your promise buster. Here.”

Tossing me her robe she stood back to watch me. I stood up and let the sheets fall. I heard her slight intake of breath. I pulled her robe on and tied it.

Feeling quite foolish wearing a very frilly robe, I walked to my room. Julie and Anne were sleeping in my bed, covers pushed aside. I could see their nakedness and I averted my eyes from them as I slipped over to my dresser.

Opening the drawer to pull out a T-shirt, it squeaked. I hunched my shoulders, not wanting to wake them. An arm went around my waist and I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Morning Bill. Fine day isn’t it? You look a bit…silly in that robe. Why don’t you take it off?”

Anne had gotten up and stepped in close behind me. Her hands were busy trying to find their way into the robe I was wearing. I grabbed a T-shirt and then tried to break away.

“Please Anne, stop. I…you…Julie…uhh…”

Her hands had found their way into the robe and one was stroking my cock as I tried to push away. Anne had a good grip on me and her other hand was fending off my attempts to break free.

As she pulled me to her she whispered in my ear.

“Bill, you want me. I can tell. Julie is sleeping, so we can go down to my cabin. I want you. I want you real bad. I like your cock…I really like your cock.”

“Anne…stop that. We can’t. I…can’t. After last night…”

“Forget last night Bill…think of the present and me. You want me. You want to suck on my tits. You want my tight pussy. Feel it Bill…I am all hot and wet…for you.”

She had taken my one free hand and pulled it to her pussy. It was so hot, so wet. She was serious about wanting to fuck that was for sure. Fearing that we would wake Julie and perhaps more than a bit turned on, I let Anne lead me down to her cabin.

Walking in the door she pulled me off balance and then pushed me onto her bed. I hit on my back; the robe opened exposing me to her feasting eyes. My hard cock bobbing in the cool air.

“Now that is what I like to have for breakfast. Nice, fat, foot-long hotdogs.”

She pounced on me and her lips began to touch me all over. My chest, my face, my stomach, up to my nipples, down to my balls, then in a very measured and determined slow pace she began to lick my cock.

Her tongue was driving me nuts. Feather soft yet a firmness that explored every little bit of my erection. Her hands lightly cupping my balls and stroking my shaft. Soon her lips enclosed the head of my cock. She began to take more of me into her mouth.

I could feel the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Soon the tightness of her throat. She bahis firmaları took all of me in one slow steady swallow. When her lips crushed against my pubic bone I just about lost it. She held me there for a bit then slowly came back up.

She looked into my eyes the whole time she took me like that. I could see twinkling and a certain lust in them. She moaned and then started to plunge her head up and down on my cock.

Her mouth and lips would smack into my pubic bone and then she would tightly grip my shaft in her lips as she pulled back up to the head. Loosening her lips grip she would plunge back down and repeat the motion.

I was about to cum in just a few strokes. She felt it in my cock somehow and hesitated…letting me calm down a bit. After a bit, she would start again. She kept it up like that for quite some time.

I had not been idle all that time either. I had fingers in her pussy and on her tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks and I had been rolling them between my fingers and gently tugging on them. My fingers were wet from her juices.

Suddenly she pulled off of me and moved to straddle my body. Sitting upright above me she positioned herself and putting the head of my cock into her pussy lips she hesitated for a bit.

Looking into my eyes she smiled and then let herself fall onto my erection. I could feel the hot wet lips of her pussy slipping down around my cock as she came down to slam into my body.

This was not a sweet soft fuck; this was all out hard fucking. Her hips would rock as she bottomed out on me. Then she would pick herself up and almost pull off of me completely before plunging back down again.

I soon felt that tingling in my balls and she was shaking hard. As she dropped down on me I started to erupt. Anne held herself tightly against my body as her orgasm washed over her. I felt her pussy milking my cock as I shot off into her.

Collapsing on my body Anne fell forward and her lips sought out mine. Soon she was kissing me with a lot of tongue. Impatiently, her tongue was exploring my mouth and then my face, neck and on down.

As she pulled off my body her mouth, lips, and tongue were busy. She was soon back to sucking on my cock. I didn’t think that I would be able to get an erection again very soon, but with her talented mouth working on me I soon found out I was incorrect in that assumption.

As she worked me into another hard-on I could see her nipples getting hard again. This sweet creature got turned on sucking on me. I got turned on watching her too.

Wanting to be more of a part of the lovemaking going on now, I pulled on her hips until she got the idea. She moved so that she straddled my head. I could see our juices seeping out of her pussy.

I leaned up and ran my tongue lightly through her slit. The taste was indescribable. I ran my tongue from her clit all the way back and up around her little anal bud. I began to play with her tight rosebud, my tongue running little circles and then pushing into her.

I heard her moaning each time I would do that. Soon I decided to pay some attention to her very wet pussy. I slipped my tongue down and played with her lips and clit. Light little caresses, deep explorations and firm lapping. I alternated between her brown bud and pussy for quite some time.

I had her shaking at several points and like she had done to me earlier, I would back off, not letting her cum. Anne, on the other hand, decided to try to get me to cum. I could tell she was trying to get me to finish her off too.

Her hips got lower and lower. Soon she was grinding on my face and my chin would sometimes slip through her pussy lips, like she was trying to take my whole head up there.

I felt my cum boiling and grabbing her hips I held her up off my face as I began to cum. She locked her lips around my cock, swallowing all I had to give her. She continued to suck on me after my orgasm, cleaning and milking all of my juices out of me.

I still held her hips off my face and was taking light licks of her pussy and ass. One long slow lick from stem to stern. Soon she was mewling. Moaning, she begged me to finish her off. I slipped out from under her, my cock still surprisingly hard. I pulled her around and kneeling in behind her I slipped the head of my cock into the lips of her tight and hot pussy.

“Oh…yesssss. Please Bill…fuck me. Give me that cock. Come on…fuck meeee.”

I held off for a bit more letting her build herself up into almost a frenzy. She was almost crying by the time I finally decided to let her have her release. Pulling on her shoulders I rammed my cock into her.

I heard her breath gush out and a sharp intake as I bottomed out in her. Her hips were thrusting and her whole body was slamming into mine. I held still and let her thrust back and forth for a bit.

“Oh…god…Fuck…Oh…y-e-e-a-a-h. Fuck.”

Anne was almost yelling as she posted on my hardness. Suddenly I pulled away. She cried out in frustration.

“NO…Please…Bill I need kaçak iddaa it…more…please…fuck me.”

I repositioned my cock. I put it at that brown little bud that had tasted so good earlier. She felt the head of my cock at the entrance of her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

“Oh…yeah…fuck my ass. Ummmm…yessss…Fuck my ass Bill…take me.”

I started to push. Being afraid for her and not wanting to hurt her I was being careful. Anne on the other hand, had other ideas. She reached out to her dresser and opening a drawer she pulled out some lube.

“Here…use some of this. Put it on your cock. There…now put some on your fingers and push some into my ass. Ummmm…yeah…like that…ohhhh…baby…ummmm…OK…get your cock up there.”

Doing as she directed, I pushed my cock up to her asshole. She reached back, grasping my hardness and began to work it into her tight little hole. Soon I was half way up into her. She held me off with her hand, then after a bit of getting used to the intrusion, she started to push back against me.

“Let me do this Bill…just hold still. Ummmm…ohhhh…just a little more…uh…mmmmm…there. Oh God…you are huge!”

Holding still I felt her ass enveloping my cock. I was all the way into her. It was so tight and hot. She held us there for a bit…then slowly started to pull off of me. Slowly she continued the motion of fucking. In and out…slowly, steadily.

After a while she began to get more forceful and a little quicker. Her thrusts began to get more intense and her moans changed from that of some pain to those of enjoyment.

“Ok Bill, start fucking me. Come on big boy…fuck me like you were earlier. I can take it…fuuuccckk me.”

Her voice was that of a woman in the build up to an orgasm. Her breathing was hard and fast. Her hips were ramming against mine as she stroked against me. I felt her loosen up a bit and then I started to stroke on my own.

“Oh Gawd…yesss…yesss…fuck me, fuck me. Oh…ummmm…cock in me…fuck…ohhhhh.”

Her moaning was starting to really get to me. All the feelings and senses I had coursing through me started to come together in one focal point. Anne’s ass. I held her hips and with one hand, reached around to her pussy. She had juices running down her legs. I rubbed her clit a little bit and soon she fell into her orgasm.

My cock was now ramming her and her butt cheeks would roll at the impact of our bodies crashing into each other. Her orgasm shot through her and she almost fell face down. I held her up and continued pumping.

I felt my orgasm welling up inside me and as I began to shake, Anne pulled away from me. Spinning around, she took my cock into her mouth and I began to cum. I never even had a chance to try to stop her…I just shot off as her lips closed around the base of my cock.

She swallowed my cum for the second time that day. Her lips tightly holding my cum all in her mouth and throat until she could swallow it. Her eyes were on mine as she did this too.

Falling back on the bed I lay on my back. Anne slipped up along side of me and kissed me. Our tongues intertwined, I could taste everything. Anne broke the kiss and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Thank you Bill…that was the greatest time I have ever had. It was all…great.”

“You’re welcome Anne. But I should be thanking you instead of you thanking me. You are fantastic and sexy.”

“Lover…I am thanking you because you have a cock to die for. It’s just the right size for…well. everything. I love your cock. I really do.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. It isn’t that big and all and…”

“Not that big? Honey, you have a huge cock. I have had a few men in my life and I can safely say that while you are not the biggest, you most certainly have been the best. No doubt about that. Trust me sweetie. You have the perfect cock. Not too big, not too small. Just right.”

“Well…if you say so Anne. Then you are welcome.”

We fell asleep for a bit. I woke to hear a shower running. Thinking it was Anne; I slipped into the bathroom and opened the door. Standing naked behind her I reached out to caress her body. The yelp that came out was obviously not Anne’s voice. I stepped back in a bit of bewilderment.

As she turned around I found myself looking into the eyes of Julie, my daughter. Stunned again, I began apologizing and backed out of the bathroom as quickly as I could. I felt someone behind me as I tried to back out of the bathroom. Anne grabbed me and pulled me out.

“Oh god, I am sorry Bill. I didn’t think you would wake so soon. Julie wanted to shower up and all her stuff is in this cabin. I should have waited to get up until you were awake.”

“Shit…what do you think she thinks of her dad now? I just walked in on her, thinking it was you Anne. I was going to…ummm…well you know, touch you and maybe give you a hand showering. I didn’t realize it wasn’t you until too late.”

“It’s all right Bill. I understand. You thought kaçak bahis it was Anne not me.”

Julie had walked in behind us as I had been talking to Anne. She had a towel wrapped around her body. Her legs were still a bit wet and the towel barely did anything to cover her.

I averted my eyes and looked into Anne’s. She had a smirk on her face.

“Hey…it was an accident Anne. I didn’t know it was Julie in the shower. I thought it was you.”

“Oh yeah…sure you did. It’s all right Bill. We are all adults here. Julie has a great body too, don’t you think?”

“Yes. I mean No…well…I meant…Julie has a nice body and she’s my daughter. For a daughter her body is…damn…uh…shit…I gotta get out of here…excuse me”

I started around Anne and past Julie. Anne reached out and grabbed my arm. Holding me tightly, she stopped me from my escape.

“Bill…I was just teasing. Don’t get so flustered. I was just teasing you.”

Julie had a twinkle in her eyes and was smiling as Anne held me. It was then that I realized I was still naked from earlier. I was naked in front of my daughter and Anne. I also had an erection. Hard and bobbing around.

Julie stood back a bit and kept smiling at my predicament. Anne meanwhile had taken my cock in her warm hands and was softly stroking it.

“Ummm…looks like something just came up. I think we need to take care of this…before it becomes a huge problem. Don’t you Bill?”

“No…I mean…you and I can do something about it Anne.”

“Oh no…I think we need to take care of this problem. Come here Bill.”

Leading me by my cock Anne took me over to the bed. She pulled and pushed me onto it and then pushed me onto my back. One of her hands was always on my cock.

Anne moved up and sat on my chest. Her back to my face, her hands working on my cock. Suddenly I felt soft feather-like touches on the head of my cock. Then lips. Then tongue.

I looked up and realized that Anne was still sitting upright on my chest. What I was feeling was not Anne’s lips and tongue. Looking around as best I could I didn’t see Julie anywhere. I began to panic. I couldn’t do this. I could not have sex with my daughter.

I began to struggle a bit harder and Anne just moved up my chest a little more. Her weight was just enough to keep me pinned in the position I was in. Then I felt a mouth engulf my hardness. All the way to its base. Lips locked around me. Tightly gripping and tugging as those lips traveled up the length of my cock.

That is when I noticed Julie standing alongside the bed. She was still naked and her towel from a bit ago was gone. Her breasts stood out firm and perfect. Her nipples were hard and extended outwards like little beacons. She was watching someone suck on my cock.

If that wasn’t Julie…then who was giving me such a superb blowjob? The skill I felt was unlike any oral sex I had ever had before. It felt like there was a thousand things going on down there. I relaxed once I knew it wasn’t Julie. I let the feelings flow as they may.

Julie moved around some more and crawled up on the bed. She got over my head and I saw her tight dripping pussy moving towards me. Getting closer and closer to my face.

I struggled a bit to turn my head but Anne moved a bit and trapped my head with her feet. Julie lowered her pussy down onto my lips and nose, rubbing all around. Soon, god help me, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her sweet young pussy.

I was in a trance. The blowjob combined with Anne’s caresses and now Julie’s pussy in my face, I just couldn’t help myself at all. I licked and sucked at that beautiful pussy as she slid it up and down my face. At times I couldn’t breathe since she was fully on me.

My blowjob had changed. I could feel warm soft lips and muscles working on my cock. I was throbbing and so hard it almost hurt. I was close to exploding and I had Julie real close to orgasm also.

Anne moved off of my body and began to lick my belly and down. Down to where May was posting on my cock. It had been May giving me that exquisite oral delight. Anne’s tongue was soon behind May and on my balls as May fucked up and down on me.

My senses were going into overload at this point. I needed to release and release is what I did. As I shot off my load, May started to shake and clinch up on me. Julie was already squirting all over my face and I had been sucking and licking up as much of her juices as I could.

We all collapsed into a big pile. Anne kept on licking my balls and soon was sucking on my cock. May had fell to the side as Anne worked on me. May and Julie watched Anne as she took me all the way into her throat. Her technique was very good. I was still soft, but Anne was bringing me back to life quickly.

Julie moved to put her head close to Anne’s and soon I had two tongues on me and hands all over. May moved up and straddled my head. I was once again licking and sucking out a very wet, hot pussy. May was rubbing on my face and playing with my hair as I sucked on her pussy.

The lips on my cock had begun to work their wonders and I had another erection. Anne moved to straddle my hips and soon I felt her pussy envelope my cock. She started to stroke slowly up and down. Relishing the feeling of my cock in her depths.

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