Mayıs 30, 2024

Supermarketing Ch. 01

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A few weeks ago I met a very glamorous woman of about 35 at the supermarket where I work as Assistant Manager. She asked me to take down a packet of washing powder from the top shelf, as she could not reach it herself (she was only about 5″2′). As I gave it to her our fingers touched and she looked me in the eyes and slowly licked her lips. I felt heat rising in my groin and after a moment she looked down and saw the swelling in my trousers. She smiled at me, looked at the name badge pinned onto my shirt, and whispered “You should be careful Martin, who you show that to. Some people might be offended.” Then she leaned towards me and brushed her fingers lightly along my erection finishing by gently squeezing the head. I almost came in my pants!

“I can see that you are not offended” I replied to which she said “Oh no, I look upon that as a compliment. I have rather a lot of shopping here, can you help me load it into my car?”

I helped her take her goods across the car park and we loaded them into the back of her Datsun. While we were leaning into the back of the car she once again moved her hand down to my crotch but this time she took hold of my rod firmly and squeezed it so tightly that it almost hurt.

“Come round to my house this evening if you want some more of this” she said and gave me a slip of paper out of her purse which had her address written on it, then she gave me a quick kiss and climbed into her car and drove away.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of semi-arousal as I could taste her lipstick and smell her perfume on my mouth. I am afraid that I made quite a few errors in my stock order that day.

Before going to her that evening I had a good shower and washed everywhere as thoroughly as possible and changed into my newest outfit. When I arrived at her house I found that it was a medium sized detached set behind a high hedge so that it could not be seen from the road. As I drove up to the door I saw that all the curtains were drawn and there were lights on in several of the rooms, upstairs and down.

She opened the door almost as soon as I rang the bell and drew me inside with a smile. She was wearing a towelling bathrobe and her hair was damp as though she had just stepped out of the shower. “I knew that you would come for me,” she said, “and I hope that this will be only the first come of many!” then took me into the living room and sat down on a white leather chair. “My name is Betty” she said “and I have been divorced now for four years. My husband was a nice enough man but he had no idea of how to treat a woman sexually. Now I decide what I want to do, and who to do it with. And I want you.”

I was so overjoyed at this that I couldn’t do anything but kneel down in front of her, take her hands in mine and say “I’ll do anything that you want me to do, just tell me!”

She laughed and then lifted my hands to her face and tuzla escort sucked my fingers one by one into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue flicking round my finger tips roused my cock into a painful erection.

“Will you do exactly as I tell you?” she asked, “No questions asked and no drawing back? I promise that you will never regret it.”

“Anything at all” I answered, “Just as long as it pleases you.”

She stood up and, still holding my hands, led me up the stairs into a room at the back of the house which looked as though it had been fitted out as a workout room with benches, bars on the mirrored walls and padded mats on the floor.

“This is my playroom” she said. “Take off all of your clothes and then sit down on that bench.” She pointed at a padded bench in the middle of the room. “I will be back in a few minutes.”

She then went out of the room and I lost no time in stripping off my clothes, releasing my erection at last, and the sat on the bench. After a couple of minutes she came back into the room carrying a red holdall. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw that she had taken off the bathrobe and was wearing a skin tight open tip bra, brief hotpants and thigh length boots, all in black rubber! The bra compressed her breasts so that their creamy flesh, crowned with nipples like ripe strawberries, bulged through the open tips.

She knelt down on front of me and took from the holdall a set of straps fitted with metal rings and buckles.

“Let me help you put this on.” she said as she slid it up over my feet. I stood up and she pulled it up to my thighs, then fastened the buckles so that I was wearing what looked like the bottom half of a parachute harness fitted around my waist and the top of both thighs with my cock and balls jutting out between the straps.

I started to put my arms around her but she gently pushed them down saying “You only do what I tell you too – remember? Lie down on your back and close your eyes.”

I lay down and waited with my eyes shut to see what would happen next. I could feel her hands doing something with the rings fitted on the sides of the harness and as she did so it seemed to pull me down onto the bench. After a couple of minutes she told me to open my eyes and see what she had done. I saw that she had fitted metal links through the rings and these were clipped onto studs on the bench. The result was that I was held down so firmly that I could not move my hips at all – I might as well have been stuck down with super glue! My cock stood up further and harder than I had ever known it to and I was feeling a bit panicky. What had I let myself in for?

She could see from my expression how I was feeling and she laughed and said “I’m in charge now, and you are going to be fucked like you’ve never been fucked before!”

She then reached down to the holdall again and took out an aerosol can without göztepe escort a label. She then straddled the bench, with her back to me, and began to fondle my balls with her finger tips. Then I heard the spray can and gasped as the icy spray enveloped my cock. For a moment I thought that I was going to wilt down to nothing but then I realised that I was getting even harder. Then she stepped back until her beautiful cunt was poised over my face, hidden only by the thin sheath of rubber.

“Unzip me” she said “but no hands!” I saw that there was a small tab halfway up the back of her pants so I stretched up and took it in my teeth, then started pulling it down. As I did so the rubber spread apart and began to expose the cleft between her buttocks gradually bringing into sight the tight pink rose-bud of her anus. To show that I was entering into the spirit of the occasion I pushed my tongue through the rubber slit and slid it around and then into the tight little hole, but pulled it out sharply when she squeezed my balls and said “Only what I tell you to do – remember?”

I carried on pulling down on the zip, watching as the rubber gradually revealed more and more of her cunt lips, until I couldn’t reach any further and then she gradually moved her hips back and leaned forward until the zip was fully open and the rubber had pulled her cunt wide open.

“Now lick me” she said. “Give me all the tongue you’ve got!”

As I pushed my tongue up inside her, her juices began flowing down onto my face and into my mouth. She leaned even further forward until her clit was pressing hard onto my chin and then she began moving back and forth, rubbing herself off on my face. “Suck me, suck me” she shouted, pressing her cunt even harder onto my face and squeezing and scratching my balls. As she began to build toward a climax she lay right down on me and I felt her hot lips slide down onto the head of my cock. The heat of her mouth after the icy spray was incredible and I almost shot my load then and there but she abruptly sat up and ground her clit down on me and cried out as she came.

My cock was throbbing and my balls felt as if they would burst, but I couldn’t even move a muscle because of the straps holding me down. Betty shuddered and collapsed onto my body and I licked all around her pussy until I had sucked in all of her cream.

“That was fantastic” I told her, “but what about getting me off?”

“You deserve it after that marvellous tongue job you gave me” she smiled, “but first I want to get you really aroused!”

I couldn’t believe my ears because I felt harder than I had ever done and I felt that I was ready to come with her first lick, but she pulled away from me and, leaning over to the holdall, picked up a twelve inch black vibrator. I really did panic then because there was no way that I wanted that monster pushed up my ass, but she must have üsküdar escort guessed from my gasp what I was thinking because she laughed and said “Don’t worry, I’m not wasting this on you. It’s for me!”

She also took out a smaller vibrator and a pot of cream, which she put down on the bench beside her. Opening the pot she took out a generous scoop of cream and spread it all over the black vibrator and the switched it on. Next she gave my cock and balls another spray from the can, making my cock feel like a rod of steel and my balls tightened up until they began to ache. Placing the butt end of the vibrator on the bench between my legs she straddled it and eased the tip into position against her tight little arsehole. Then, as she began very slowly to lower herself onto it, she guided my knob into her red hot pussy. I could see our reflection in the mirrors on the walls and the sight of her sinking onto that great black shaft and my rigid cock blew my mind.

I tried in vain to push up into her pussy but the straps held me in a vice- like grip. It seemed like an hour before she was finally right down onto my cock and I was so big that I could feel my knob tip forcing its way into the mouth of her womb. The throbbing from the vibrator up her arse was tickling the whole length of my cock and the butt end was pressed firmly between my balls. Even so, as Betty had completely stopped moving, I was getting no nearer to my release.

She leaned forward over me and began to stroke my nipples with the other vibrator, then her own which were bright red and filling out like a couple of plums. Then she sat up straight again and started stroking her clit with the tip. As she did so the muscles of her cunt began to rhythmically squeeze my knob. Her eyes were shut and her head thrown back in ecstasy and she was moaning in time with the contractions of her cunt. After a few minutes she suddenly began to pump up and down on my cock, each thrust driving me deeper into her hot, silky depths until finally her cunt clamped onto my cock and as she screamed in her orgasm I felt the spunk surging up my shaft into her womb. It felt as though it was pumping out of my spine, the feeling was so intense.

At this Betty collapsed onto me and her greedy mouth devoured mine, her tongue pushing deep into my throat, her nipples pressing onto my chest. I held her tightly to me and pumped and pumped until I was completely drained. In the mirror I could see Betty’s firm buttocks, glowing pink with her exertions, and the black vibrator was slowly sliding out of her anus as she relaxed on me. This looked so sensuous that my cock gave a few more involuntary throbs and she gasped as she received the extra bonus of even more spunk.

When we had recovered our breaths, she sat up on me and said “Martin, you are even better at sex than I had hoped. Please will you say that we can play again, as often as we can? Next time it will be your choice of what we do.” I grabbed her and kissed her and said “You’ll never keep me away from you as long as you will let me come.” In my mind I was seeing my cock in the place of that twelve inch vibrator, sliding up her ass to heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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