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Sunny – A Lonely Wife

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Hi my name is Sunny, a housewife since 20 years, well, really a long time to be with one man. My husband Tedd is a business man. He has no time for me, due to his busy schedules and meetings and new plans to extend his business. I take it as fine. As what ever he is doing is for us, his family. We have a son 18 years old, Bob. Bob is a sweet heart, very loving and caring, most of my life, I have only him in my mind, I am proud to raise such a decent and well mannered son. Bob went to high school last year. I was all alone to myself, in our huge house, as Tedd is mostly on trips. Half of the month he isn’t available for me and the rest half is mostly arguing. Anyways, It started Last year, just after Bob left for his high school. I was 36 then, with 5 feet 7 inches, reasonably attractive for almost men of all ages, with a measurement of 36-26-38. Frankly speaking, I have started to feel the loneliness, which was eating me out. I joined the local gym. Just to, in a way maintain myself. There I met new people from different ages and genders. In two months things started to change so did my shape. I used to get many flirty complements; some were really bold, mostly by my gym mates. Then one morning I received a call from Bob….

Me: “Hello”

Bob: “Hi Mom! How’s life? Missing u like Hell”

Me: “Oh Bobby! I am missing u too!! How are u doing My boy?”

Bob:” Mom, I am great! In fact I wanted to inform you, that I will be coming home tomorrow, I hope every one is home.”

Me: “Oh, that’s so good; I would love to see you. But your Dad is on tour, just left day before yester and will be back after 14 days. But I’ll be there for you… Come Soon.”

Bob: “Oh mom I would love to get home ASAP. But!?

Me: “But what dear? Are you ok?”

Bob: “Oh yeah Mom, Am Fine, Perfectly. Actually I won’t be alone, I will be bringing one of my friends, I hope you won’t mind.”

Me: “Come on Bobby, it’s your house, bring you friend with you.”

Bob: “thanks mom you are a sweet heart. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

Me: “Bye, have a safe trip.”

After hanging up the phone, I went for shower, I came out of my purple gown, under which I was wearing a pair of red bra and red panties. I noticed myself in the mirror, “Not a bad sight at all” whispered to myself. I undid my bra and got out of panties, standing under the shower, I thought about the non-satisfaction, which I was getting in bed, after all I am a woman at her prime, be it parties, malls or gym, every one who meet me gives me a look which mean that he need me rite then, some focus on my breast and some fix their eyes on my ass, when I walk past them. I insert one of my fingers in my mouth and the other on my nipple. Within no time, my nipples got erect and my finger is running deep in my pussy. Soon I had an orgasm. I don’t know why, but it was really fast.

Next morning my son Bob visited home, with his friend.

Me: “Hi bob! Darling I missed you.”

Bob: “Mom me too!! Here meet my friend Pete.”

(Pete definitely looked suadiye escort like a 26 year guy at least. He was really tall, 6 feet 4 inch, I suppose and Black.)

Pete: “Heya Ma’am… Am sorry for coming like this, but Bob really wants me to visit his house.”

Bob: “Oh Come On Man! Its fine, After all I have been living at your home all this time, now I should return some favors! Rite Mate?”

Me: “Oh Pete Its so nice of you to come here, After all, you are my son’s friend and I would appreciate your presence in here as you are giving my son the shelter back there.”

Pete: “You have a beautiful voice to complement your personality and I must say, bob is lucky to have you.”

The way Pete said these lines, by noticing my physical angles and attributes; I can sense a wild man inside him. It wasn’t nice to think about my son’s friend in such manner, but he being so gentle, tall, manly and behaved made me feel some tingles, and as they say Black men are well gifted, so I had some thoughts coming to my mind constantly. Any ways, the boys went to their room.

Bob yelled out “Mom, why don’t we go out for the Lunch, Lets show Pete some nice places.”

“Ok Honey, Will be ready in an hour, I also need to get some grocery”

I don’t know what came to my mind and I rush towards the shower, I chose to dress pretty bold, by selecting a red bra, white T-shirt, and a black skirt, which is a bit tight as its one of those skirts which I used to wear years back….

As I came out of my room, I saw Pete staring at me.

“You don’t look like a mother of 20 year old boy” Pete complemented.

“Thank you Pete, you know how to praise an old woman” I managed to play with words.

“Old? Hell no, you are just a Fantasy for any one” Pete got interrupted when Bob

stepped out “OK Guys, Lets move”

On the Lunch, I was quite, just observing Pete, his tone, his gestures, his way of talking. There was something magnetic in him, but I could not figure it out. He excused himself for a minute and asked Bob whether he like any Soft Drink or not! Bob said he will have one.

Pete returned in 5 minutes with 2 glasses of soft drinks in his hand.

“Here you go” he handed one glass to Bob.

Bob drank it in a gulp, Pete on that responded

“Oh man, you sure were thirsty. Here take mine too, am not feeling that needy”

Bob took his glass and swallowed again, but this time sip my sip. After some time, I need to go to wash room, I excused myself, when I walked away, I turn around to see what was Pete doing, curiosity, to my surprise, he was looking at my hips, I was a bit confused by his behavior, so so bold then our eyes met. He gave me a smile and I don’t know from where I managed to return him the smile. When I returned, bob complained about the head ache and he need a sleep, probably he must be tired from a long journey and no sleep. Bob stood up and lost his balanced and Pete hold him in his arms.

” I am really tired, cant even focus” bob complained. yakacık escort

“Come on mate let me guide you” Pete made him sit in the car and we got back home.

After Making Bob lie on his bed, Pete asked me whether I can make some coffee for Bob or not? I said ok. In some time I handed Pete the coffee for Bob, he made him drink that, while I went to change in my room.

When I stepped out of my room, wearing a lower and a t-shirt, I noticed Pete watching TV, he was in his white shorts and yellow t-shirt.

ME: “Hope bob is Fine now.”

Pete: “yeah dozed off”

Me: “Aren’t you tired!? Cont you need any sleep or nap?”

Pete “Naah! Am fine after all, it’s a waste to sleep when some one so gorgeous in the home is all awake”

Me: “you are sure a charmer! Need anything to drink?” (Smiling)

Pete: “Nothing, Just need a good conversation, If you are free”

Me: “Oh yeah! Why not, am free like a bird” I sat next to him on the couch.

Pete: ” well you sure are a bird in the cage Sunny, it must be terrible, for you to live here all alone… I can understand, I have been through this phase of isolation, my parents divorced at an early stage.”

Me: “Oh am sorry Pete”

Pete: “Its Ok, now am fine, I have a good friend and also You, Would you like me to be your friend? Plz!”

Me: “sure dear, you are such a nice guy, I would love to have a friend like you,”

Pete: “Thanks Sunny, you are so sweet,”

Me: “So what d you do Pete, Apart from studies?”

Pete: “Am into football”

Me “No wonder why you are so muscular, girls would be hitting on you”

Pete “Am not into girls Sunny am way too ahead.”

Me: “Don’t get you!!”

Pete: “I like mature women, older ones, they just attract me the most, That’s why I am spending time with you, Bob showed me your picture, I was really looking forward to meet you, I think you are so sexy, but very alone, U need some one who can prove to you that you are alive, your veins are still hot”

Me: “Pete, you shouldn’t be talking like this to me! Am your friends’ mother”

Pete: “Aren’t you a woman?”

Me: “Yes I am.. but”

Pete: “don’t you like to be loved? Kissed? Or wouldn’t you like if I kiss on your neck? Or slide my hands on your soft legs all over while sucking your breast?”

Me: “Oh Pete Stop it!” ( I could feel myself getting wet, to his Comments)

Suddenly Pete took my hand and dropped it on his fly, I was stunned by what I felt against my hand, one hard, rock hard long tool. My eyes fixed on his Fly.

Pete “You caused it Sunny, the moment I saw you, You had this effect on me.”

And He kissed me On my Neck! “Ohh” what a soft kiss that was, he was kissing me on my neck, licking my ear while my hand was on his hard dick. Suddenly I realized Bob is home and what I am doing is not rite, but I want Pete, its been ages since some one has touched me, make me feel like a woman, praised me and make me feel important,

“Bob is home, Oh şerifali escort I meant Please stop. I can’t” I resist,

Bob said “Sunny, I mixed alcohol in Bob’s drink, that’s why he got tipsy, and he isn’t a dinker. More over I added some sleeping tablets in the coffee which you made for him. He is in sound sleep till 8-10 hours. I knew what to do, and you like it, don’t you, don’t you like to see this rod pressed inside you? Don’t you like my hands cupping your breasts? And my lips pressed tight against your lips? Hold IT”

H took his dick out from his shorts and made it rest on my palm. I was Stunned by his size, He kissed me on my neck again, and now one of his hand pressed one of my breast, and his hand was like….ohhh.. Anything… he was very gentle yet dominant in what ever he does. He bite me on my neck, which caused me to grip his dick harder. He removed my shirt and pressed his mouth on my hard nipple to suckle Ooohhh Pete!!! Yeassss I moaned,

Pete Responded “Nipples Don’t Lie, I know you need me.”

He got back on sucking my nipples, and his one hand was on my neck while other was cupping the same breast. I felt as if I am in heaven. He kept sliding his tongue on my breast and nipple, suckling them as if he has nothing else to pay attention to, I was loving his mouth on my bare breast. Hot tongue pressed on my skin and lips squeezing them. I moaned and sighed, as his tongue moved. Then he removed my pants, and got rid of his too!!! Rite there on the same couch, He Kissed me on my lips, pressed his tongue with mine and with one hand on y hip and the other on my breast, he Inserted his Dick slowly and gently in side me,

Me : “Oh my Gawd!!! Yeah!!!”

I cried in the pleasure which I was need for ever. He slowly kept on making his way deep in me, I was constantly crying in the pain of pleasure ” oh yeah, Pete!! Do me, Do me, Rite now..!!! Ohh Gawd!! Stick this cock in me!!”

“You like it? Don’t you? “Pete

“Fuck yes!!! I love it, Deeper!!! Insert deeper Pete! I haven’t had it since ages..” I shouted…

He constantly moved his hips back and forth now with a bit more speed, and he started to kiss all over my face and on my forehead. At times he was kissing on my face, at the other biting on my neck and suddenly inserting his tongue in my ear and sucking them,

“Ohh Gawd!!! Ohh” I just came lying under him!!!

He kept on fucking me like anything, like a teenager I was shouting under him “Ohh Pete, Plz don’t stop, Oh please!! Yeah, just like this… oh Gawd yes”

“Oh Gawd Sunny, Am about to shoot inside!” Pete shouted.

As he tried to pull his self from me, I crossed my legs behind him!

And Shouted ” Pete I want your load inside me, Fuck me harder and make me feel you jism against me”

With my hands around his neck crossed I dragged him to myself and kissed him on his lips.

He kept on fucking me and suddenly he came inside me “Oh yeah Sunny, here you go!!! I am Cumming, feel it”

“Oh, yeah ”

“Just feel it…” he came inside me

As his sperm hit me, at the same moment I orgasm.

We were both breathing heavily, lying in each other’s arm on that couch! He was smelling me and I was still feeling his dick between my thighs and deep in my pussy. (To be continued)

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