Temmuz 13, 2024

Sunday Morning Delight

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It was a quiet Sunday morning and we had stayed in bed reading the papers and talking quietly sharing our thoughts and opinions, along with a box of sticky buns. You looked so tempting lying there in your naked glory that I couldn’t help myself from admiring your sexy physique.

We finished the paper and were just lying there close together, not really entwined but you were on your side with one arm thrown over me and you were absent mindedly massaging my breasts as you talked. I was just lying there listening and enjoying the soft caresses while offering an occasionally comment.

One minute you were telling me about something you had read in the paper and the next you were quiet. When your hand quit moving and you stopped talking, I glanced up and could see your eyes shutting and opening slowly as if you were fighting sleep. You looked so relaxed and ever so tempting, I couldn’t help myself from taking advantage of you in your weakened state.

I lean over and give you some butterfly kisses on your mouth, almost tickling you. Your lips start twitching and the corners turn up into a smile. When you start to stir a bit I lick your lips softly, letting the tip of my tongue trace the edges of your full lip. Then I deepen the kiss knowing you are fully awake again escort bostancı and probably ready for whatever I care to offer.

I can taste the sugar from the pastries on your lips and tongue as we kiss deeply. I can feel your heart beat racing against my chest. I take your bottom lip into my mouth and suckle gently, closing my eyes and savoring the moment. Releasing your lip I trail butterfly kisses across your face, your cheeks, brow, eyes, then on to your neck, finally sucking on your earlobe.

You ease back into the pillow and give yourself up to my tongue and lips as I continue to explore and taste my way down to your chest and nipples. My tongue swirls round and round flicking your taunt nipple, my teeth nibbling it gently between tongue flicks. Resting my head on your chest for a minute I listen to your heartbeat before going on to your other nipple. I slowly drag my tongue across your nipple, long laps, tasting the salt accumulated from last night’s ministrations to my pleasure.

Letting my tongue glide down your body, it then darts into your naval. I start kissing little rings around your lower belly and feel you tense as I get closer to your hard shaft. I cup your balls in my hand, laying my head against your belly and with my other ümraniye escort hand guide your hard shaft towards my mouth. Massaging your balls, I let my tongue slowly capture the drop of pre-cum, rolling it around my mouth, savoring the taste.

Using my hand to guide you, my teeth graze the head, as I slowly move it in and out of my mouth. My tongue starts to flick the little opening, trying to delve for more pre-cum. After sucking on the head for a minute or so, I ease down to your inner thighs licking and tasting your hot flesh. Sucking one of your balls into my mouth and letting it roll around my tongue, then the other. My tongue takes long slow laps, wetting them with my saliva and then I blow on them allowing them to cool a bit.

Looking up between your thighs, I can see your smile of contentment as our eyes meet. I can see you are enjoying the sensations I am giving you as well as the sight of me pleasuring you. You are quite hard by this time as I let my tongue start at the base and slowly run the underside length of you. I let my tongue swirl around the tip as my teeth gently hold you steady by the rim.

I glance up again when I hear you moan softly and see you clutching the sheets, your eyes closed and your body tensing. I let your cock slide kartal escort bayan into my wet mouth, guiding it with one hand, while my other hand rolls your balls gently. Taking more and more of you into my mouth, I let it slide in as deep as it will go, then letting it slide almost out before grazing the rim with my teeth. I finally suck you deep into my mouth and start to pump your shaft up and down with my mouth, sucking you harder and fast.

I let my hand stroke the part of you that won’t go into my mouth and try to get a rhythm going. Your hips are starting to rise up to meet my mouth as I suck and stroke you. Your balls are starting to tighten in my hand. Your cock seems to be enlarging in my mouth as I pump you in and out sucking ever harder and faster.

When your first spurt hits the back of my throat I swallow convulsively and release you letting my hand continue to stroke you as you spurt more gobs of cum. I can see it falling back on your belly and my hand. It helps to lubricate my strokes as I pump you a couple more times before I lean down and suck the tip gently. I savor the last drops as I look up into your smiling face.

I lay my head down on your belly and suckle your slowly shrinking shaft in my mouth. I can hear your soft sighs of contentment and feel your hands on my head as you smooth my hair in a petting motion. After awhile I crawl back up to snuggle in your arms and share a deep kiss with you, letting you taste yourself on my lips and think to myself, there is nothing like Sunday morning delight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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