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Summer Lovers Ch. 01

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When Bill first suggested they visit a strip club together Julie thought he had lost his mind. “Seriously, Bill. Us, me, at a place like that?” she had replied in shock. “You’ve got to be out of your mind!”

Julie and Bill had been high school sweethearts and were married very soon after graduating. Julie had just recently turned 38 a few months after Bill. When they got married everyone said they were going too fast and making a mistake, but here they were nearly 20 years later still going strong.

Soon after getting married Julie got pregnant. She gave birth to Mike when she was 20 and still couldn’t believe that her baby boy was now 18 years old and a man. The delivery had been especially hard on Julie and she had barely survived, so immediately afterward her tubes were tied so she would never get pregnant again.

There was no denying that Julie and Bill had been through their share of hard times, but they always worked through them together and seemed to come out stronger than ever. A few years earlier Julie and Bill went through some marriage counseling to work through some problems. At the time both were feeling a little unfulfilled but weren’t sure why. The counselor helped them realize that they both were feeling, on some level, like they had missed out on some things in life by getting married and having kids so early.

On some level for both of them this was expressed sexually. At the time their sex life had fallen into a definite rut and neither worked very hard to keep things exciting. One result of the counseling was the realization that they needed to be more adventurous about their own desires and fulfilling each other’s. “After all,” the counselor said, “why waste time dreaming about your fantasies when you have the love of your life to live them with?”

Their relationship grew stronger again after the counseling. Also, Julie happily noticed that their sex life became much improved. Both she and Bill were much more vocal about what they wanted and were more willing to be adventurous. At first Julie felt a little awkward, but when she released the immense satisfaction she felt from their improved sex she became a very willing partner.

Over time, Julie and Bill explored several kinks together. They played with light bondage and found it very erotic and satisfying. They tried fucking in public locations but still weren’t sure if they really enjoyed it or not. They played with an array of sex toys and had been renting porno movies to watch together.

In addition, they had now tried fucking in about every possible position they could imagine. They no longer contained their fucks to bed and tried just about anywhere else in their house they could from the kitchen counter, to the living room floor, to the garage on top of their car.

Still, the idea of going to a strip club didn’t immediately excite Julie. Bill let it drop initially but continued to bring it up over the next few days and weeks. Finally, they discussed the subject and Bill confessed that he was really turned on by strippers. “Nothing would be more exciting than being with you at the club,” he said. Ultimately she agreed to go with him but was still unsure of how to feel about it.

She made up her mind very soon after they took their seats at the club during their first visit. She loved it! She was shocked by her reaction but she became wildly excited at the scene before her. The dancers, for the most part, were very good looking and watching them dance and play with their tits as they teased the audience made Julie’s pussy very wet. The raw, animal sexuality they displayed as they slithered across the stage really turned Julie on.

Additionally, watching Bill’s own lust grow wildly turned her on. She watched his face and his reaction and looked at the other men in the club. As the night continued she could almost feel their lust filling the air. She couldn’t remember ever being somewhere with such a tangible raw sexuality and was surprised at how excited she became.

After leaving the club and getting into their car after that first visit they starting kissing wildly and almost ended up fucking right there. Bill would certainly have fucked her in the parking lot but Julie gasped, “Not here,” between their frantic kisses as he groped at her tits through her top. If he had insisted she knew she was so horny that she wouldn’t have been able to resist and they would have fucked right there.

Instead Bill hurriedly drove home. As soon as he pulled into the garage and stopped the car they began to wildly grope and kiss each other. Julie immediately felt for his crotch and fondled his hard cock through his pants. Bill reached under her shirt and began to lustily feel her tits through her bra.

They both started to tear off each other’s clothes until she wore only her bra and wet panties and he wore only his boxers. “Follow me,” she said as she crawled out of the front side and got into the wide back seat. As she moved she removed bahis firmaları her last pieces of clothes so she was naked and waiting for him as Bill pulled off his boxers and joined her in the backseat.

“We used to do this all the time,” Bill whispered as they started to kiss and hungrily fondle each other. Julie easily crawled over his lap and straddled him as they kissed one last time. When the kiss ended she lowered herself down until his hard cock entered her pussy.

They moaned simultaneously as the rest of his length entered her. She began to ride up and down on his cock as their fuck quickly became wild and frenzied with both of them moaning loudly. The car soon was bouncing up and down on its shocks as Julie wildly fucked Bill.

Julie was surprised when she started cumming first. She clutched at Bill’s head and pushed it against her tits as her whole body trembled from the power of her orgasm. Bill responded by hungrily sucking her tits and nipples until he started cumming a few moments later. By the time their animal fuck ended they sat holding each other giggling in their own happiness and release.

Bill made a quick check for Mike and when he determined that the coast was clear they rushed to their bedroom naked. Once there they enjoyed a second fuck. This one was much slower and more tender than their wild release in the car. When Julie came this time it was from Bill softly licking at her pussy. When Bill came he was fucking Julie missionary style and staring excitedly as Julie played with her own tits.

They made several return trips to the strip club and each time the night ended with them fucking wildly. At the end of one visit to the strip club they returned home drunk and horny as ever. They took a cab this time as both were in the mood to drink and quickly went inside after Bill paid the driver. Julie thought to herself that they were lucky to get home alive since the driver spent nearly all of his time staring at them in the mirror rather than looking at the road.

Of course, with the show that she and Bill had given him it would have been difficult for him not to watch. As soon as they got in the cab they hungrily kissed and fondled each other completely ignoring the fact that the driver could easily see them.

On their way in they saw Mike’s car but didn’t think anything of it as Mike had been picked up by his friends earlier and would certainly be out until all hours of the night. Bill and Julie went into the house and went up to their bedroom without noticing Mike’s keys sitting by the front door.

Mike had planned on being out late but the night didn’t quite turn out as he imagined. At the movies his one friend met a girl and ended up ditching them to go out with her. Mike didn’t blame him as he would easily have done the same thing if given the chance. Mike and his other friend went out to the pool hall where they normally hung out but his friend soon complained of being tired and said he wanted to go home.

Therefore Mike had returned home far earlier than he expected. With nothing else to do he put on a pair of shorts and crawled into bed. He wasn’t particularly tired so he lay there reading quietly for a while until he heard his parents arrive home. They clearly didn’t think he was home as they drunkenly made their way past his room toward their own.

Unlike most of his friends, Mike had a pretty good idea that his parents fucked often. They were usually careful and tried to make sure he could never see or hear them, but still he would sometimes hear heavy breathing or the creak of the bedsprings from their room late at night. One time, he went out to the garage in the morning and found their clothes strewn all over the inside of the car and on the garage floor.

Despite this knowledge Mike still felt the idea of his parents fucking was pretty gross. Like all kids his age he couldn’t imagine his mom and dad fucking or sucking each other the way he wanted to do to several of the girls from school.

After they went into the bedroom Julie got a kinky idea. She turned on the radio to the station that always seemed to be playing an endless mix of hip-hop music and told Bill to sit down. Bill sat on the bed and gave her some whistles and catcalls as she started to dance for him.

As best as she could in her drunken state and with no practice or planning she stripped for Bill. She leaned close to him and shook her tits from side to side teasing him often. When she was completely nude she continued dancing for him until he practically leapt off the bed with an animal lust and brought her down to the floor under him.

He lowered his face to her pussy and frantically licked and sucked bringing her to a screaming orgasm very quickly. She was surprised at how excited stripping for him had made her and eagerly gave herself over to his experienced tongue.

As soon as she finished cumming Bill tore off his own clothes and immediately started fucking her missionary style on kaçak iddaa the floor. She spread her legs wide and let him wildly fuck her pussy in a lust filled frenzy. Feeling him this excited for her made her very horny and she watched his eyes burning with passion as he drove inside her over and over.

When he finally came it was with a loud groan. He pushed all the way inside her and held still as his cock pulsed many heavy loads of cum into her waiting pussy. When he finished he lay down next to her and held her tightly.

She could already feel the spots on her lower back just over her ass where the wild fuck had given her two small rugburns. She smiled to herself thinking that it had been a long time since she had felt those particular rug burns.

Soon they climbed into bed and softly fondled and kissed each other over and over before finally falling asleep. In the middle of the night they woke up and fucked each other again.

Mike didn’t hear their second fuck but had only just fallen asleep a few minutes earlier. After they went to their bedroom he heard the hip-hop music and assumed his mom had put on the wrong channel, she seemed to do that all the time.

However, the music continued and then he heard his dad’s whistles and catcalls. Despite knowing he shouldn’t, he let his curiosity get the better of him. He slowly opened his door and crept down the hall toward his parent’s room. They hadn’t bothered to shut their door as they thought they were alone.

He peeked around the corner and immediately saw his mom swaying her hips exaggeratedly in time to the music as she slowly pulled her top out of her skirt. She then started to slowly unbutton the front of the shirt before teasingly pulling it down off her shoulders and tossing it at Bill.

His dad sat on the bed staring wildly at her as she continued her striptease. Mike also watched as she removed her shoes and skirt until all she wore were her bra and panties.

His mind was a jumble of conflicting thoughts and feelings as he watched. Part of him was screaming that this was wrong, very wrong and he should leave. “It’s your fucking mom!” his mind screamed. However, Mike was nothing if not your typical, eternally horny 18 year old. Seeing any woman dance like this, even his mother, generated a deep response from him that overpowered any rational ideas or plans. His cock pressed so tightly against his shorts it almost hurt and he knew that, even if this was his mom, there was no way he was moving.

Mike had to stifle his moan of lust when she removed her bra and rubbed her tits back and forth over his dad’s face. Her panties soon followed before she danced naked for Bill, and unknowingly for Mike, for the next several long minutes.

Immediately Mike was struck with the notion that he was very turned on by his mom’s body. He had never paid any attention to her prior to this as anything other than mom. But now, as she danced the most erotic dance he had ever seen, he couldn’t deny that she was hot.

All through high school and college Julie had been a competitive tennis player. Even after college she still played tennis often and worked out regularly. She was always proud of how well she kept herself in shape and managed to keep away most of the extra weight that other women her age seemed to carry.

Mike was shocked as he watched his dad push his mom to the floor and start to lick her pussy. As she writhed and moaned on the floor Mike couldn’t tear his eyes away from her excited tits and body. Watching her cum almost made Mike cum in his shorts. The complete release she seemed to have and the way her whole body seemed to react drove him crazy.

When his dad started to wildly fuck her it was more than Mike could take. He watched her tits dancing over her chest. Her face was a mask of lust and desire and her expression burned of a sexuality Mike didn’t imagine possible. He barely had touched his cock before he shot a big load of his cum all over the inside of his shorts.

When he finished cumming he took one more look at his parents as his dad started filling his mom’s pussy with his cum. Mike hurried back to his room and cleaned up before lying in bed with his mind reeling.

What had just happened? Had he really just watched them? How could his mom be that hot and he never noticed? Millions of questions raced through his head and he was deeply conflicted about how he felt. Despite how it made him feel he kept coming back to the idea that he wished it had been him fucking her instead of his dad.

Sleep finally overtook him but when he woke the next day he was immediately gripped with fear and shame. What if they had figured out he had seen them? Was he a pervert for feeling this way? How could he still be so turned on by his mom?

For most of that morning he avoided his parents but finally came face to face with his mom when she knocked on his door before poking her head inside. “You all right?” she asked. Mike felt his stomach kaçak bahis knot at the mere sight of her.

“Yeah,” he mumbled from behind his computer screen.

She told him they were having some lunch and had made him a sandwich. She waited for him and it was obvious she expected him to go down with her. He hoped his cock wouldn’t tent out his shorts in his own excitement.

He followed her down the hall and couldn’t help but let his eyes stare at her ass. It swayed so temptingly before him in her short tennis skirt. Her legs suddenly looked so smooth and tempting. He had to fight to pull his eyes away as they stepped into the kitchen where his dad sat.

He ate in silence afraid they already knew. “So when did you get home last night?” his dad asked.

“It must have been really late,” Julie added, “I didn’t even hear you come in.”

“Really?” Mike asked. They looked at him with puzzled expressions before he quickly added, “Because I, um, tripped on my way in and was sure I woke you up.”

“Nope,” his mom said. “We were out like lights.”

Mike felt a wave of relief as they clearly had no idea he had spied on her little show the night before. After lunch Julie and Bill got up and left to go to the tennis club and play a match. Mike again stared at her ass and legs as she left and after they pulled out of the garage he hurried up to his room.

He pushed off his pants and began stroking his cock. He immediately began thinking of his mom’s body and her striptease. In his mind she was dancing for him and it was him who fucked her wildly on the floor. It didn’t take long for Mike’s cum to explode out of his cock and soak into the towel he held to catch it.

“Dammit, what’s wrong with me?” Mike said, scolding himself for having those thoughts. For the rest of that day and the next few he alternated between berating himself for having those thoughts and desires and stroking his cock as he dreamed of his mom’s body or of them fucking.

Julie’s striptease for Bill seemed to charge their sex life up several levels in intensity. Each of the next several nights they couldn’t wait to get up to bed and fuck. They started going to bed earlier and earlier and tried to keep their noise level to a minimum so Mike wouldn’t hear them.

Each night they fucked with the urgency and lust of newlyweds. Julie felt Bill’s hard cock filling her pussy and mouth on many different occasions. Ordinarily, she would pull his cock out of her mouth before he came but on these nights she eagerly took as much of his cum as she could in her mouth.

The first time she let him cum in her mouth Bill moaned wildly and became so excited that he needed almost no recovery time before he immediately started to wildly fuck her. That night she orgasmed twice before he filled her again with his cum.

It was about three nights after he watched his mom strip and his parent’s fuck when Mike began to become suspicious. They typically went to bed well before him but something had seemed a little odd the past few nights. They seemed almost a little too excited to get to bed and after they again said goodnight earlier than normal Mike decided to find out what was happening.

In truth, he thought he knew what was happening and the very idea of witnessing his parents fucking again made his cock grow. Actually, he didn’t care about seeing his dad fuck as it was his mom that interested him. The idea of just seeing her naked now was wildly exciting in spite of his lingering feelings of guilt and knowledge that it was wrong.

He let them get several minutes head start before he followed them. He slowly crept down the hall being careful to avoid the various spots he knew creaked. A few feet shy of their door Mike stopped suddenly, struck with the idea that he shouldn’t do this. He stood still wrestling with what his lust wanted him to do and what his mind told him he should do. The decision was made as soon as he heard his mom’s soft moan.

At that point all Mike knew was that he had to see her fucking and didn’t care if that made him a pervert. Mike was familiar enough with the house to know that his parent’s bedroom door never latched closed. In their old house none of the bedroom or bathroom doors latched securely and most of them didn’t latch at all.

His parents had closed the door behind them and Mike held his breath as he reached out to the door. His fingers lightly touched the wood and he was overtaken by the knowledge that what he was doing was very dangerous and wrong, but he couldn’t stop himself from applying soft pressure to the door until it slowly opened several inches.

It took a few moments for Mike’s eyes to adjust to the darkness of the bedroom as he peered through the small opening. He immediately heard rustling and movement and just about the time his eyes began to focus on the images in the room he heard his mom utter the most sensual, sexy moan he could ever imagine.

As his eyes focused completely he saw his dad fucking her missionary style. He eagerly watched with his hard cock pressing painfully into his pants as their fuck soon reached a frantic level. His dad seemed to cum first and let out a long gasp as he came.

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