Mayıs 30, 2024

Summer Fun with Friend’s Mom

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I was down from university for the summer, and like most students, I needed money. From all the experience I had picked up doing our garden at home for my mum, I had managed to get various gardening jobs from friends to keep me busy through the break. The main plus to the job was it was good money, and being a twenty-year-old athletic guy, it helped me stay active in the summer heat.

One ‘client’ shall I say, was a friend of my mum, who lived across the road from where I grew up. We moved house six years ago, but still stayed in touch. I had been working on her garden for several weeks now, and it was really starting to take shape. It was a Sunday morning, and the sun was beaming so I had no shirt on, I might as well make the most of the weather I thought, and continued the work. Every now and again when taking a breather, I would glance around, and allow memories to flood back on my childhood. I found it interesting to see what changes had been made to my old house, and saw a neighbour that I never really liked. Nearing the end of mowing the lawn, I heard a door open, and glanced up. Standing in the next garden was Judith. I remembered her, as she looked me up and down. Judith must have only been around thirty-five, she had a kid when she was quite young, Dean, who was a year or two younger than me who I used to play with. I remember them moving in, going round for tea, and just hanging out with Dean. I wasn’t certain but I recall her with a partner, I think his name was Andy, but I wasn’t sure.

“Adam?!” She finally asked, still a little shocked.

“Hey! Remember me? Long time no see ey,” I replied quite confidently as I now gave her the once over, and man was she fine. She had barely changed from when I was growing up, but I guess I appreciated the sight a great deal more now. She had dark blonde hair, with fair skin, and a slim body. I managed to check out her reasonably sized breasts as well, but made my look quick to try and avoid her noticing.

“It certainly has been a long time, I remember when you used to come round and hang out with Dean! You sure have grown up! I tell you what, Dean is at university right now, but when you have finished here, pop round and have a drink maybe?” she responded with a smile.

“Great, I’m almost done here for today, I just need to clean the mower, I’ll be over in 10” I ended, as she agreed and turned to go inside.

The next ten minutes went agonisingly slow, and my mind just was fixed on how gorgeous Judith looked.

I finally had packed my tools away and jogged over into the garden next door and rang on the bell.

It was not suprising that Judith answered the door, and invited me through. I brushed past her deliberately as a looked around at her place.

“Look familiar?” Judith bağdatcaddesi escort asked as she handed me a drink.

“It sure brings back lots of memories, although a bit quieter this time” I joked.

“Yep, I’m home alone! Dean is at Uni. and Andy is on a business trip” she explained.

Andy! I knew that was his name I thought, but was relieved that he was out of town.

“You must be getting bored being on your own on days like today” I stated, gambling on a reaction from her.

“It does usually, but you are here now, I’m sure you can entertain me” Judith countered, looking straight at me. I grinned, and decided to hit for six and risk it.

“Well, I’ve got the afternoon free, what did you have in mind” I replied standing up and walking to where she was sitting. Without saying anything, she pulled at my shorts and released my cock. As she started to lick my shaft, it responded as usual and grew rapidly. After only a moment, Judith now faced my throbbing 9-inch cock, which she now begun to suck on. I grabbed the back of her hair and continued to fuck her throat. I was a young fit man, and with this awesome blowjob felt my balls about to let loose after only five minutes. I held her head tightly as I shot my load down her throat. Judith tried to cope with the sheer volume of cum, and just about controlled it, without choking.

With a mature lady as sexy as Judith I sure as hell was not finished here. I stood up, guided her down to the floor as I lifted her dress up around her waist. Wasting no time, I moved her panties to one side and straight pile drove my still rock hard knob into her waiting pussy.

“Ahhhh, Fuck! It’s ripping me!” Judith screamed. I still had a couple of inches to go, but held my position for a moment, to allow her to adjust. Her breathing rate increased, and I lost patience, as I gently drove the rest of my organ into her. She really was tight, Andy must either have a pretty pathetic cock, or doesn’t fuck her properly, but either way, she was going to get the fucking of her life today. I used the time for her to adjust to my size, by pulling the top of her dress down, to reveal her naked tits. They were bigger and rounder than I thought, and I immediately took a nipple into my mouth. I had begun a slow deep rhythm as she squeezed her legs around my hips. After about twenty minutes of this slow gentle sex I decided I wanted more.

“Fuck me, fuck me Adam, pound me hard, now” she whispered looking into my eyes before she let her head back and shut her eyes again. I needed no further encouragement and begun to increased my pace. I scooped her legs up and over my shoulders to allow more penetration as I begun to really go at it with this horny woman. Her tits rocked up and down as a result beykoz escort of my powerful fuck, as she moaned through another orgasm. I had been really pounding her for a further ten minutes now as I felt my balls tighten once more. With a final thrust I buried my cock deep in her and begun spurting jizz after jizz of my cum into her womb.

“That’s it baby, cum in my pussy, spray me” Judith encouraged as she hit her final thunderous orgasm, as her body tensed up and her back arched up. As cum seeped from her pussy, I collapsed onto her for a moment, before rolling off and standing up to get dressed.

I had cleaned up and was ready by the time Judith sat up.

“I can’t believe I just did that, I just cheated on Andy, but that was mind blowing. I have never felt so sexy and filled in my life” she spoke, quietly. I wasn’t sure what to say, I just sat there.

“Listen, I should go, I’ll see you around” was all I could come up with as I left her house.

As I drove home, I was still a little shocked at what had happened but realised as I pulled into my drive I had a huge smile on my face.

Things were pretty uneventful for the next week, and I continued to make some money with other gardening jobs. The following Sunday came, and I set off for my usual job next door to Judith.

I clipped the hedges, and watered the plants, before setting the lawn mower up to trim the grass.

As I finished the mowing, Judith popped her head out her front door, and asked if I could pop round there after.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how she would be feeling, or even if Andy or Dean would be home, but I was soon to find out. I walked out of the garden I was in and through the front gate to Judith’s house. I was about to knock on the door when I realised it was left ajar. So I pushed it open at entered the house.

“Hello?” I called out, a little confused.

“Hey there big guy!” I heard from a mans voice, as I cursed in my head. It was Dean; he must have been back from university.

“Mum said she saw you last week, how you doing buddy? Listen, I have to dash, I’m picking up my girlfriend from the airport, but mum is having a quick shower, she told me to tell you to make yourself at home, and she’ll be down shortly” Dean explained, as we shook hands and he ran out and drove off.

I was slightly confused, but snapped back to reality when my next plan came into my head. I walked up the stairs and checked Andy wasn’t in. I was in luck, and quickly stripped off my clothes and very quietly entered the bathroom. The water was hot which meant the small bathroom was quite steamy, and the radio was on so Judith had not noticed I was there. I silently approached the shower cubicle. Judith had her back to me, and in one caddebostan escort quick motion I put my mouth over her mouth so she couldn’t scream, and thrust forward, pinning her against the shower wall.

She tried to scream but soon realised who it was as she felt my big hard cock push into her wet pussy from behind.

“Relax sexy” I said, as I released my hold from her mouth to hold her hips and I started to fuck her standing up from behind.

“Oh shit, you nearly gave me a heart attack! I’ve been thinking about you the entire week. I hmmm” she began as I cut her off, by thrusting deep into her and kissing her neck.

She was really getting into it and really started rocking back to meet my thrusts as my hips slapped her ass. I reached round to fondle her big tits, and her nipples soon hardened as I continued my sexual assault on her tight pussy.

I was proud of my staying power, and had been fucking her for around twenty-five minutes before I felt my balls tighten and erupt deep into her cunt.

“Oh fuck!! I’m in fucking heaven! Keep pounding me, please! Don’t stop!” Judith moaned as she continued to bounce her ass back at me and squeeze my hard pole. This insatiable woman was keeping me going. Instead of going soft and collapsing I just continued to drive my rod into her begging pussy.

“You are a horny bitch aren’t you! You love my cock fucking you like this!” I sneered confidently, under the steaming water.

“I can’t help it I just need it, I need your dick in me! I need your cum in me, drown my cunt in your hot cum!” Judith exclaimed. I was shocked, but further turned on and encouraged to pound ever ounce of this sexy milf. I pulled out of her, spun her round and lifted her onto my waste, with her back to the wall. I grabbed the bottom of her tight ass and lifted her onto my pole.

“Urgh! I’m so full! Fuck me now, please” she continued, as she bounced up and down on my pole. Despite my gardening and hard fuck from behind on Judith, I kept going, and continued to meet her thrusts. After surely over an hour of fucking this sex starved vixen my balls tensed for the last time, as we both met with a powerful orgasm. My cock once again shot a huge load of hot fertile sperm into her craving womb as we both collapsed on the floor of the shower.

We must have stayed there for a further half-hour before either of us could move. Finally though, we got up and dried off.

“That was unbelievable! I didn’t know sex could be like that, I have never been fucked so deep or for so long in my life! I love you fucking me Adam, I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it, I need you” Judith calmly explained.

“Well your not too bad yourself Judith!” I joked as she playfully whacked me.

“I mean it Adam, I need to be fucked by you, I will do what you want, I just feel twenty-one again, I’m yours…” Judith further exclaimed as she kissed me. I just smiled, and kissed her back.

“I think we are going to have a lot of fun together…” I ended with a grin, as I slapped her ass before leaving.

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