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Summer ’96: Sense of Henry

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Note: This is part 2 of the “Summer ’96” series. In part one, Adam and Sammi had a chance encounter during a hike in the woods which leads to sex in a canefield.

“There they are…alive, on the move, pretty young, Still unproven though they love… Restless young zeroes in a haze of reckless blind faith taking their own sweet time to write and rhyme their ending.”

Since our encounter in the woods, I had spent every spare moment with Sammi. And while I wished I didn’t have any responsibilities for the next three months and was able to never leave her side, college was close at hand and I already had assignments.

I planned to go to an in-state liberal arts college and major in English. Before attending in the fall, I had a list of 20 books that had to be read. I’d already read or finished The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, Beowulf, Pride and Prejudice (ugh), and most of the other books on the list, but I still had 5 more to go. Today’s “assignment” was Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady. I was more than halfway finished, so I figured I’d be able to push through it in a few hours.

Since I had access to my own car, I liked to go to the local library to do my schoolwork and to read. The library was quiet enough that I could concentrate on my studies or lose myself in a novel. Plus, I just liked being surrounded by the books and the history, mystery, and ideas contained within. So my plans were to spend the day at the library, finishing book


I had spent the morning with Sammi at her grandmother’s, which is where she was staying with her mom for the summer, and was getting ready to leave.

“I’m sorry I’ve got to do this reading, but if I wait till the last minute I’m more like to not get it finished and screw myself,” I said to Sammi.

“Well, I do like to watch you stroke your cock, but I prefer to be the one to screw you.” Sammi smiled. “It’s really not a problem, though, Adam. You have to do what you have to do. It’s not like I can’t occupy myself for a few hours.”

I gave her a peck on the lips. “I love you, ya know.”

“I love you too.”

I packed up my backpack and said, “I wish you knew what you were going to do in the fall…wish you were going to school with me.”

“I know. Me too.” Sammi looked away gloomily. “I wish I hadn’t fucked around so much after my mom and I left town. Once she finally left that abusive asshole, I spent the rest of high school screwing up my life and fucking around. Both literally and figuratively, I guess.”

I hugged Sammi.

“If I had worked harder at my grades, I could go to school with you.”

Unfortunately the school I was planning to attend was hard enough to get into with great grades. There wasn’t any way Sammi could get accepted. I had considered finding another school that we could both get into, but it seemed like a huge life decision to make when we had only known each other a couple of weeks. So for now, I was putting that decision off and doing what I had to for my current plans.

“I guess it’s community college somewhere for me,” Sammi continued. “Or maybe I’ll come flip burgers while you take classes down the street.” Sammi smiled when she said that, but I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. Sammi could do so much more than work fast food. She was smart and deserved to go to college; she had just fucked up for a couple of years.

“I’m sure we can come up with something better than that,” I said. “It’s a college town after all. I’m sure you can make good money with your dick sucking skills.” I smiled really wide.

Sammi punched me in the side and laughed. “If I was you, I’d watch your mouth or you won’t me watching mine full of your dick any time soon.”

“I’m sorry,” I begged off. “I take it all back.” We laughed, hugged each other, and after one more kiss, I headed to my car.

“I’ll see you tonight. Stay out of trouble and don’t suck any dicks,” I yelled.

“I know one I’m definitely not sucking,” Sammi shouted back.

I rolled down the window. “Love you,” I yelled. Sammi waved and I sped off to the library.

Our town library was an older building, two stories with a basement and a stone exterior. To look at it from the outside, you would have thought it was drab and dated inside, but it had undergone an interior restoration a few years earlier. The two top floors were now brightly lit and filled with a meeting room, tables and chairs, and row upon row of books. There was even a media room filled with the microfiche and copy machines. The basement was another story, though.

The lower floor had the old shelves that used to be upstairs, and they were stacked in rows so close you wouldn’t even be able to get a wheelchair through. These shelves contained reference books and the books removed from the upper floors during erotik film izle the remodel. To one side of the basement were study carrels, desks attached to the walls and surrounded on two sides by walls about four feet in height.

I took the stairs down into the basement and headed over to my familiar carrel the farthest back in the corner. I put my backpack on the desk and took out my bookmarked novel. While I didn’t find James very engrossing, it was easy to concentrate in the solitude of the library and soon time slipped away as I read.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but I was roused from my reading by noise coming from the middle of the shelves. I had come down to read in this basement ever since the remodel and had discovered its seclusion, so it was odd to hear anyone else down here.

I turned to look in the direction where I thought the person would appear and was surprised when Sammi exited the stacks. She looked around until she found me and smiled as she sauntered in my direction.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” I said, as I turned my chair fully around to face her.

“I thought you might need a break,” Sammi said as she walked over to my carrel. Without hesitation, Sammi straddled my lap and pressed her lips down hard on mine, snaking her tongue as deep as it would go. I returned the kiss, put my hands on her ass and squeezed roughly.

Sammi broke away from my mouth. “And I needed to be stretched.”

Sammi ground her pelvis down on my rigidity. (My cock had started hardening the minute I saw her and had taken no time to fully engorge upon our deep kiss.) At the same time, she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it onto the desk.

She pulled my face snug against her chest, guiding my mouth to her breast and her hardened nipple.

“Chew,” Sammi ordered.

I took her nipple between my teeth while sucking as much of her breast into my mouth as possible.

“Grind your teeth on me. You know how sensitive they are, how my nipples harden when I get moist, how I need to feed you my tits, to feel your tongue and teeth on them. Use your mouth to make them as wet as my cunt. Give me what I need.”

I’ll admit I could only try my best, and while I did, I constant them the past two weeks running through my head was that I didn’t feel I could ever match Sammi’s passion.

I pulled my head back and looked into Sammi’s eyes. “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You are beautiful and sexy and intoxicating and wanton and fire. I don’t think I will ever be able to match your heat.”

Sammi kissed me again, only this time, lightly, letting our lips softly touch. “I only need you to try,” Sammi replied.

We kissed deeper, and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, a kiss slower and more loving than the one moments before. Sammi reached between us and began unbuckling my belt.

I pulled slightly back. “Are you sure you want to do this here?”

“You seem to love this library and I love you, Adam. It only makes sense that I should love it too,” Sammi answered. “And I love places where I fuck.

“Plus someone could come by at any time. That turns me on.”

I wasn’t going to argue and Sammi was done explaining anyway. With one smooth motion, Sammi pulled my pants down and slid down my legs, dropping her mouth onto my straining cock. She buried herself to the root, sucking hard while rubbing her tongue along the base of my prick. She began to gag, but when I tried to pull Sammi up, she seemed to somehow push her head down even farther. Sammi rocked her head up and down, causing the top of my cock to rub against her soft palate and the head to stab at her throat.

“Too much,” I said, finally pulling Sammi’s head off my cock. Saliva dripped from both her mouth and nose, and for the moment, it was the sexist thing I had ever seen.

Sammi wiped her face with her palm and I lifted it to my mouth, licking it clean and swallowing her fluids.

“If you need to get stretched, better your cunt than your mouth,” I said.

Sammi stood from her kneeling position while dropping her shorts. I grabbed her hips and turned her around, her back towards me. Staying in my chair with my legs straight in front of me and Sammi standing between them, I tilted my pelvis, aiming my cock towards Sammi, and pulled her down. We were both so wet, me from Sammi’s saliva and she from her arousal, that I smoothly slid inside with one movement.

Sammi spread her legs about shoulder width apart and bent her upper body forward, resting her hands on the floor. Then she pushed her ass back, skewering herself and taking my cock deeper in her cunt. In this position, she kept her balance with her hands and used her strong thighs to drive her pussy up and down my cock.

“Uuuugggghhhh,” film izle Sammi moaned. I let her ride me like this, taking complete control of her pleasure. It didn’t take long for Sammi to reach orgasm.

“I’mcummingI’mcummingI’mcumming,” she blurted, running the words together almost like nonsense. She lifted herself up in a jerk, sitting straight in my lap again, and thrust down once more, while her orgasm ripped through her. “Yyyeeessss!” Sammi screamed. I actually felt her vagina spasming around my prick, something I had never felt before. I lightly traced my fingers up and down her shoulder blades and spine while Sammi kept me buried deep and stayed completely still.

When her body relaxed, I pulled Sammi back against me, turned her head to the side and kissed her.

“Fucking in the library is a fantasy come true. You are the most amazing girl,” I told Sammi.

Sammi kissed me again. “Usually people save the sweetness for the end. Is this the end of this round?”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ve finished stretching yet today. You’ve still got some openings to work out,” I said.

“I told you before that hole is just waiting for you to finally plant that tree,” Sammi replied.

I slid forward to the edge of my chair. I put my hands under Sammi’s thighs and pulled her legs back against her breasts. In this position, I was able to lift Sammi off my cock, rock her weight back against my chest, and line myself up with her asshole. My cockhead nestled into her rosebud. I felt Sammi unpucker and let my tip slowly slip in.

“I’m no anal virgin,” Sammi whispered. “I’m a three hole slut for you; I’ve just been waiting on you.” Delivering her confession in such a quiet manner while only moments ago Sammi was waking the dead caused my cock to twitch.

“You don’t need to be gentle. You know I like to hurt. Hurt me with your prick. Shove your cock in my shithole and make me cum.”

There was nothing left to do but follow Sammi’s orders. I let her weight go and her ass engulfed my cock.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiii,” Sammi screamed.

I put my mouth again her ear. “They’re going to hear upstairs.”

“I don’t care,” she whimpered, her ass full of my cock. “I want them to see. I want them to know what it looks like when you fuck me. I want them to know I take your cock in my ass, that I love it, that I need it. I want them to know I stretch all for you and cum all for you and love all of you.”

Sammi’s legs were still against her chest and I wrapped my arms tightly around them. Her weight already had her impaled to the base of my cock, so I rocked my pelvis back and forth. I wanted to build up to the hard ass fucking I planned to give Sammi. Each lurch upwards had her making mostly indistinguishable sounds.

I ground my prick as deep as it would go, my cock widening her ass, and a whimper escaped Sammi’s lips.

“Ohh, that hurts so good,” she said. “How does my ass feel?”

“Nothing has ever felt better than my cock inside you anywhere,” I answered. “But this…your ass is so tight. So fucking tight.”

“And your cock is gaping me so wide,” Sammi returned. “Never think you have to match my heat, baby. You are my heat. I’m burning for you. Oh, god, Adam, my ass burns so good, babe.”

After burying my cock a few more times, I said, “I don’t think I can keep fucking you in this position. Let’s move to the stacks.”

Sammi planted her feet on the floor and lifted her ass off my prick.

“I fell so empty. Hurry and get back inside me.”

“Get on your hands and knees,” I ordered.

Sammi got between two of the bookshelves and dropped down. “You want me doggystyle? Am I your pet now?”

“You certainly are an animal at sex,” I replied. “You know every pet dog has a master.”

“Be the master of my ass,” Sammi said, turning her head to look at me.

I stood behind Sammi. “On your elbows.”

Sammi dropped from her hands to her elbows and I bent over her body and pushed Sammi’s face to the floor, causing her rear to tilt higher in the air. I bent at the knees and straddled Sammi’s body. Her perfect ass looked so deliciously inviting. I pushed the base on my prick down so that I could guide myself, and I lurched forward, filling Sammi’s ass with every inch of my cock.

“I’ve never seen anything as hot as my prick disappearing in your beautiful ass.”

“Just keep reaming me. I love the pain, the pleasure, the delicious fullness,” Sammi replied.

I thrust as deep as I could, making long slow strokes in her ass. Sammi provided a soundtrack, a mixture of moaning and whimpering, getting used to the cock in her ass.

The basement aisles were so close together that it felt as if we were practically touching the books, the cramped space isolating us from the rest of the world and muffling our sounds. seks filmi izle Fucking Sammi in the canefield had been awesome, but fucking her in the library was an actual fantasy come true. I reached out with both hands to touch the books and pulling with my arms, used the leverage to drive myself harder into Sammi’s ass.

“Oh, fuck. Yes. That’s good,” she said in response. “Get deeper. I always want it deeper.”

I propelled my cock into Sammi, her body bouncing forward with every stab.

“I love the way your balls are bouncing against my cunt.” With every forward lunge, my balls were getting wetter and wetter from Sammi’s dripping pussy.

I needed a quick break, so I pulled all the way out, resting the tip of my prick against Sammi’s anus and watching it open and contract, eager to be refilled.

“Stop teasing me. Put your dick back in and hammer my ass,” Sammi ordered.

“You’re so demanding,” I admonished, jokingly. “Fucking you is tiresome work.”

Sammi looked back over her shoulder, grinning. “Either do your job properly, or you won’t be working here anymore.”

I thrust my prick back home, and Sammi began to bounce back against my cock. “Don’t stop. Never stop. Never stop stretching me,” Sammi mummbled.

After a few more strokes, Sammi said, “I need to cum again. Make me cum. Bend down and rub my clit while you sodomize your slut.”

I pulled back, stepped between Sammi’s spread legs, and got down on my knees. I laid my chest down on her back and wrapped my arms around Sammi, my left arm holding her chest and my right arm reaching down between her legs. My fingers slid through her bush and found the bud I had become so familiar with in the past couple of weeks. My fingers were already slick and I pushed against her clit.

“Yes,” Sammi said. “Rub it harder and give me all of your cock. Put it where it belongs and give me what I need.”

Only my cockhead had been nestled inside her as I repositioned, so at Sammi’s insistence, I plunged forward while rubbing my middle finger on Sammi’s clit. I knew we were nearing the end of this fuck session, so I thrust in and out of Sammi’s ass with as hard and deep strokes as I could muster.

It took no time for Sammi to begin to cum. “Oh god, oh god. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. So good,” she babbled as I insistently rammed into her ass, all the while rubbing a steady rhythm on her clit.

“Cum with me,” Sammi said. But she didn’t need to ask, I couldn’t hold back any more.

“Uuuggghh,” I blurted out, feeling my orgasm move from the base of my balls through my cock. I pushed as deep as I could, straining to reach new depths in Sammi’s rectum as my ejaculate shot out. Sammi’s orgasm was ripping through her as well, and her asshole contracted around my cock, seemingly milking my prick. I shot rope after rope, the new sensation of being inside Sammi’s canal and the realized fantasy of fucking in the library draining me completely.

Having cum, Sammi slid off my cock and fell forward to the floor. Seeing her lying spent on the floor among the shelves, my cum leaking out of her anus, was the hottest image I had ever seen. I laid down beside her and lightly rubbed my fingers in my leaking jism.

“That was awesome,” Sammi said. “You made me a mess, though.”

“Sorry about that. I seem to have trouble keeping my cum out of you,” I joked.

“Well, I guess it’s okay.” Sammi reached down to grab my hand and brought it to her mouth, licking my cum from my fingers.

Sammi rolled to face me, looked into my eyes, and put her right hand on the side of my face. “I’m sorry if I interrupted your school work,” Sammi said.

I stroked her hair and said, “Today was far better than reading half of a Henry James novel that I don’t even like. I love you. You’re more important than homework.”

“I don’t ever want you to regret the time you spent with me. You’re too smart to let something detract you from school.” Sammi looked away from me, as if looking at something in the distance. “I don’t know that we have a future,” she said.

I put my hand on the sides of her face and turned it back towards me. “I don’t know either, but right now that doesn’t matter,” I said. “A month ago neither of us imagined where we would be now. Who knows where we’ll be a month from now, much less two. We love each other now. That’s what’s important. We’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes.”

Sammi leaned her head against my mouth and I kissed her forehead. I lifted her chin and kissed her softly. August seemed to be rushing towards us so fast, but for now, we had today. I was determined to make the most of our tomorrows.

Epilogue: The librarian really glared at Sammi and I as we left. I guess I’m going to need a new space to study.

“They’ll drift and flow and take their chances…all white humming flesh and bone in souls they don’t own. How can they not know it ain’t good being old with nothing left to show? But they have each other.”

Quotes (c) “Sense of Henry,” I Mother Earth, 1996.

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